Young Artist Podcast

Young Artist Podcast

Young Artist Podcast (YAP) gives you a funny, energetic, and informative look into one of the best kept secrets on Broadway, the world of Young Broadway! Having experienced the bright lights, themselves our host Carly & Catherine will take you on a journey with weekly shows centered on experiences of today’s youth as they navigate their way through the great white way. Every episode will feature topics drawn from real life experiences, stories from Young Broadway stars and interviews with managers, agents, casting directors, talent coaches and much more. New episodes every Wednesday can be heard on all major podcast platforms. And, REMEMBER, enjoy the journey and success will find you!

@young_artist_podcast Arts 3 évad 7 rész Young Artist Podcast (YAP) gives you a funny, energetic, and informative look into one of the best kept secrets on Broadway, the world of Young Broadway! Having experienced the bright lights, themselv
2020 in Review
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Carly and Catherine look back on the year that 2020. The girls get in Broadway, School and some of their on experiences throughout the year.

YAP 2020
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YAP returns with a fun 2-part episode where we sit down with one of Broadway’s leading ladies, Jenn Gambatese at BroadwayCon 2020. Jenn takes us through her journey of how she became a Broadway Star. We also discuss family, working with Young Broadway kids, what adults can learn from them and much more! The second half of our 2-part episode we catch up with Aly Erario, winner of The Broadway Star Challenge at BroadwayCon 2020. Aly talks about how she continues to practice and stay focused while staying home during the Global Covid-19 Pandemic. We also discuss Aly’s experience with The Callback Challenge. 

Growing Up Broadway with Dara Bloomfield
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On this episode of YAP Catherine is flying solo as she reveals one of her biggest fears. Catherine also sits down with Dara Bloomfield, former Young Broadway star now producing Broadway Cabarets. Dara discusses her love for Broadway from an early age and everything in-between while Growing up Broadway!

Back to school with Grace DeAmicis
16 perc 1. évad 4. rész @young_artist_podcast

Back from their hiatus Carly and Catherine sit down with Grace DeAmicis from the hit Broadway Play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to YAP about a regular Wednesday in the life of a young Broadway star. Grace also shares her experiences as a TV & Film actor and her love for her dogs, AJ and Forest. 

*Bonus Coverage*
Humorous outtakes from Carly and Catherine as they try to get back into the flow of podcasting after a month away from hosting. 

Let's YAP! with Alex Brightman
26 perc 1. évad 3. rész @young_artist_podcast

On this episode 2x Tony Award Nominee Alex Brightman stops in to YAP it up with Carly & Catherine. Listen in as Alex and Carly reminisce on their School of Rock days at the Winter Garden Theater (1:45), currently the home of the Beetlejuice Musical where Alex stars as Beetlejuice and just recently celebrated their 100th performance!!! Alex goes on to give us all the "T" on his musical theater experiences covering his early days back at NYU through his "Glory Days" and now back at the Winter Garden Theater (2:30). Alex also explains how long it took to prepare his Beetlejuice voice (10:40). Having been apart of Matilda and School of Rock, both young broadway heavy musicals, Alex discusses what he has learned working with young broadway stars (6:10). In our new segment, Tips 4 Kids, Alex touches on what he is seeing from today's young inspiring artist (16:45). 

Lights, Camera, Cast Albums!
21 perc 1. évad 2. rész @young_artist_podcast

On this special 2-part episode of YAP, Carly and Catherine discuss their favorite cast albums from some of Broadway's biggest shows, Hamilton, Prom, and from the West End, Six. C&C also talk about their favorite celebrities who began their young careers on the great white way from Ariana Grande to Nick Jonas and the Stranger Things cast. On the second part of the episode, C&C get into a discussion about auditioning as they share stories of their own audition experiences. And when you're in the "Dead Zone" what's the best way to fulfill that need for Applaudience!

Hello World, We are Young Broadway!
24 perc 1. évad 1. rész C&C

Hello and Welcome to the Young Artist Podcast!

Tune in as are hosts Carly & Catherine give you all the "T" on being a Young Broadway Star and what it's like being a social media influencer. Follow along and enjoy the journey as YAP takes you along the great white way through the eyes of Young Broadway!

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