Sounds From The Abyss

Sounds From The Abyss

We explore the paranormal, the weird, and the unexplained. Join us into the unknown, deep into the abyss and let's discover what is lurking in the dark.

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Paranormal Stuff
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You ever click on a youtube video and it leads you down a rabbit hole. Well, this is what happened in this episode. We decided to look at one article that leads us to another and another and another. Before we knew it we had so much to talk about, we just made it an entire episode. 

Aliens and More!
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Part two of another alien episode. We have been having these second encounters more and more often. We need to be careful we might catch the MIB attention and they might come on knockin. 

Aliens, here we go again!
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As much as we love ghost and horror stories we do love our alien friends. In this episode, we talk about new sightings that just happened this year. Also, we wanted to help our listeners on how to avoid or act if you get abducted by aliens. 

Into the Woods
55 perc 3. évad 59. rész

What do all those subtitles have in common, just like this episode it all started with a wrong turn. We wanted to talk about the dangers that lurk in the woods at night. We just ended up going from one crazy myth to another. We just hope when you listen to this episode that you don't get turned around, enjoy. 

Zodiac Killer
57 perc 3. évad 58. rész BAT

How many people have you walked by in your life that could be the zodiac killer. Imagine your next-door neighbor your friend your gardener. Who is a killer who else is a serial killer, how many murders happen that we don't know about. How many killers are walking free around right now. 

53 perc 3. évad 57. rész BAT

Spells, curses, witches mumble jumble, no matter what you definitely don't want any of that bad juju on you. In this week's episode, we talk about what a spell really means. Just remember next time you are opening some mummy's tomb be careful for the scarabs.  

Kelly Kentucky Encounters
40 perc 3. évad 56. rész BAT

In this week's episode, we talk about an encounter that still has not been solved. We talk about an encounter that happened back in 1955 a small family had an encounter of the third kind. They had an all-night battle and 10 witnesses can't believe their eyes. 

53 perc 3. évad 55. rész BAT

This week we have Mandy back on the podcast and she shares her experience at the Olde Park hotel in Ballinger Tx. We get to hear the voices she heard and see some of the cool rooms they got to visit. If you ask enough questions sometimes the ghost might answer back. 

Christmas Legends Among Us
34 perc 3. évad 54. rész BAT

We know of Santa clause and we know that he is the jolly fat man. But did you know that he has several counterparts. We talk about Krampus, and a few more legends that don’t hand out gifts for Christmas. Everyone tells their kids they will get a piece of coal if they are naughty. These other guys either will eat you take you or whip you until you become a good little kid. 

66 perc 3. évad 53. rész BAT

Join us on this weeks episode, we dive into what is Hell, what culture and religion believe is lurking down below. What do you believe in is it a fiery pit with demons torturing everyone. Or is hell everyone's own worst nightmare. 

Angels and Demons
49 perc 3. évad 52. rész BAT

In this episode, we talk about some experiences that people have had dealing with angels and demons. What is a demon what is an angel and are they real. If we only knew how many spirits are surrounding us, I doubt we could stay sane if we actually knew.

Indrid Cold
54 perc 3. évad 51. rész BAT

This weeks episode we talk about Indrid Cold, the alien with the creepiest smile in this universe. Imagine being visited by a being that’s not from this earth and he looks just like you. Join us this week as we talk about one of the craziest encounters ever recorded. 

Miss Molly's Hotel
38 perc 3. évad 50. rész BAT

Who said you need a time machine to travel back in time. All it took was a few hours drive and bam, we were back in 1914. Miss Molly hotel was such a cool place, we wanted to see if it was really haunted. Well we had some laughs, some scares but most of all we had a good time. Legend has it if you stay still at night you can still listen to the howlings. 

Sand Down Clown
38 perc 3. évad 49. rész BAT

In the UK back in the 70s a mysterious being came down and visited two children. What is, what did it want, is it still here, did it really happen. Help us find out if this really happens, or let us know what you think Sam the clown is. 

53 perc 3. évad 48. rész BAT

EVP, Electronic voice phenomenon what is, how does it work, and is it real. Let's listen to this weeks episode and see if we hear anything from the paranormal world. How many times have you asked who is there, how many times have you heard a response? 

Hallows Eve
44 perc 3. évad 47. rész BAT

Our favorite time of the year is here, Halloween is amazing and we love everything about this month. We talk about how Halloween started and what made it the amazing holiday it is today. We also go into Halloween traditions and the weird candy we received during this time of the year. Get your popcorn and sit down by the fire place a d enjoy this weeks episode. 

A Child's Creepy Tale
40 perc 3. évad 46. rész BAT

Part 2 of Black-Eyed Children is back, we decided to add some additional stories. I don't know why when it comes to hauntings or possessions when it involves kids its always way more scarier. It takes away the innocence and makes it so scary. Come join us on this weeks episode and hear why kids say the darndest things. 

Missing Time
50 perc 3. évad 45. rész 45

Ever get to a place or ask yourself how did I get here. Well in this episode we talk about the missing time in life. How many times have you wondered what caused it, aliens, government, mental disorder or maybe you just got distracted. 

Fan Talko Thursday pt 1
58 perc 3. évad 43. rész BAT

We are back again with another fan, actually two fans on this one. Two friends that have known each other for over a decade come on the show and tell us some of there scary moments in life. We love hearing what others have to say especially when it involves the paranormal. Tune in on part 1 of a two part special FAN TALKO THURSDAY or TUESDAY episode. 

Ufo's: Hollywood edition
40 perc 3. évad 42. rész BAT

Who says that aliens don't get star struck as well. In this episode, we talk about the famous people who have seen the little green men.

Black Eyed Kids
46 perc 3. évad 41. rész BAT

You and your significant other are out driving around taking a scenic drive, and out of nowhere, you see two small children. You stop being a worried adult and when you get close you start to get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you should just keep going. One of the kids ask if they could get a ride, your wife looks at you and having that motherly nurture personality she is about to open the door. When you realize that the kid's eyes are completely black, you can't see any white in their eye. At that moment the young child starts to get aggressive and demanding you let them in. What do you do, open the door or just step on the pedal and get the heck out of there? Join us on tonight's stories to learn more about these black-eyed children.

Fan Talk Thursday pt 2
57 perc 2. évad 44. rész BAT

Part 2 of Fan TALKO Thursday is here, I hope you all are just as excited to listen to this as we were recording it. We decided to split this into two-part because we wanted to make it like a movie. You watch the first avengers and how excited were you all for the second one. That is the same feeling we want to give our listeners so thanks for coming back.

Legends and Tales
49 perc 2. évad 40. rész BAT

Every culture has there own legend or tale that has been passed down from generation from generation. How do stories travel from one part of the world to another? We all grew up hearing about our own urban legends but what if they all have one origin. Why and who started the legend, we may never know. Come join us on this weeks episode to learn more about the legends that keep us up at night. 

55 perc 2. évad 39. rész BAT

Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies oh my! In this episode we talk about all three and the legends that came from these three monsters. Imagine carrying a wooden stake a silver bullet and a good pair of running shoes. We talk about how they were created and how they started as myths but became legends. 

Mysterious Sounds
43 perc 2. évad 38. rész BAT

Have you ever been in bed at night and heard a weird sound, and no I'm not talking about a fart. A sound can be low or high, loud or quiet, but sometimes they can be scary. Imagine hearing a loud horn outside and not have a single clue where it came from. What if there is a sound so high pitched that only a few can hear it. What if it drove you insane, well in this episode we talk about sounds and how they torment some people. 

Dealing With Ghosts
44 perc 2. évad 37. rész BAT

Some call a medicine man, some use witch doctors others call a priest. What to do when a ghost comes and visits you, we dive deep into other beliefs and cultures on how to deal with a ghost. The one thing I can say is you better make sure you believe in something, or just make sure you have an egg. 

Men In Black
44 perc 2. évad 36. rész BAT

We have hundreds if not thousands of alien sightings every year. What if people actually had more proof but the government stops them from showing us. Do men in black really exist, do they really go after people who research aliens or maybe uncover something great. If you are reading this you might want to watch out, what if the men in black are the ones writing this. 

Signs From Below
57 perc 2. évad 35. rész BAT

You have aliens in the sky and you have aliens in the water but you also have aliens inside the earth. We uncover one of the largest if not the largest underground war that ever took place on this planet, some say this solar system. Legend has it that millions were lost, only a few brave men and Aliens survived. The man, the myth, the legend was able to tell us all about this, but you know that the government shut that up real quick. Help us spread his message, help us let you know that we know what really happened in that dark cave many moons ago. 

39 perc 2. évad 34. rész BAT

We always look up above to see if there is another life watching us, but how about we look down below in our oceans. The deep blue sea, so large and beautiful but at the same time so much mystery behind it. We might not have the technology to go underwater but what if aliens do, what if they have the technology to live and adapt to underwater pressures and the lack of oxygen. Imagine technology that is able to use gravity as a propulsion and what if they are able to travel in the blink of an eye. 

Villisca Axe Murders
47 perc 2. évad 33. rész BAT

A murder that changed a town for the last 60 plus years. An entire family murdered and to this day no one knows what happened. During the early 1900s there was a string of axe murderers, but one in particular left everyone puzzled. Come join us and try to find out who did this crazy crime. 

Fan Talko Tuesday 4.0
61 perc 2. évad 32. rész BAT

We have the pleasure to listen to Micheal and Mandy Hudgins, we love our fans and we love to hear the stories. Come join us and try to find out what mysterious lights Michael saw when he was a kid. Listen to Mandy tell us about the man with the duster and how he visited her house frequently. 

Home Phone
77 perc 2. évad 31. rész BAT

Have you ever heard of Bob Lazar, well probably not! Let's just say the government has tried several times to shut him up. Join us this week to find out do aliens exist if so are they walking around us. One of the biggest mysteries in our universe is are we alone, its the number one question millions have asked. 

43 perc 2. évad 30. rész BAT

Imagine looking at your own body and its moving and talking but your not controlling it. In one of the encounters that we talk about in this episode. The man involved new that he was possessed by multiple spirits. A demon is waiting to take over your body just so they can experience what a physical being feels like. Just like we say stranger danger to people we should say the same to those evil spirits. 

Do What Thou Wilt
48 perc 2. évad 29. rész BAT

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” This was the main rule that Aleister Crowley lived by. Imagine if society lived by this rule imagine the madness and the amount of rule-breaking that would be going on. Come find out if you make a good cult member if so, it's not too late to sign up. 



Dyatlov Pass
44 perc 2. évad 28. rész BAT

Who doesn't love camping and hiking and the outdoors? In 1959 a few outdoor lovers should have stayed home. Mountains, cold weather, yeti, avalanches, aliens, KGB... who did it? In this episode we talk about a group of hikers that ended up dying and until this day no one truly knows how. Come join us and try to figure out the who, what and why. 

When Death Knocks
48 perc 2. évad 27. rész BAT

Death comes to us all, where he takes you depends on how you treated others. Once it's your time to go there is nothing you can do to change that. Remember death does not care what your skin color is what race you are or how old you are. Death will wait days, weeks, even months for you. Death has no chorus of angels or demons singing for you, your life won't even flash before your eyes. Death will come swiftly just make sure he drops you off at the right location. 

The Black Death Cometh!
48 perc 2. évad 26. rész BAT

The black death came so fast that people literally were dropping like flies in the streets. the mid-1300s were not a fun period to be alive in, pest control was none existing, and sewage was not that much better. Disease traveled like a wildfire and the rats sure were not making it any easier. 

Elusive and Unsuspected
49 perc 2. évad 25. rész BAT

Who has ever been to a sleepover? You get there and play games and watch movies and the next thing you know your best friend is stabbing you to death. In this episode we talk about some of the horror movies  that are based off of true life events. So take out your warm blanket, get the popcorn ready and get cozy. Just hope the movies you are watching at the sleepover don't come true. 

Into The Bayou
47 perc 2. évad 24. rész BAT

You have witches, wizards, warlocks, but then you have voodoo. Practitioners are called "vodouists" or "servants of the spirits", so what kind of spirits are they messing with. But be careful because in some cases they are known to bring back the dead and have control over them.

Sea of Trees
40 perc 2. évad 23. rész BAT

Imagine yourself on a camping trip, a beautiful spring afternoon. The wind is nice and cool, the campfire is all ready to go and you have your smores all set up. The tent is pitched and you are enjoying your delicious foil dinner. Then all of a sudden your campfire goes out, the wind becomes stronger and you start to hear voices. You realize that your miles from any other human but all you see around you are eyes staring back at you from the pitch darkness of the trees. 

Come Out and Play
50 perc 2. évad 22. rész BAT

How many of you with kids have heard your children talking to an imaginary friend. Well, sometimes those imaginary friends could be your friendly ghost, Casper. We talk about Sallies house and the ghost that never left or is this ghost a daemon. 

We're Back!!!
48 perc 2. évad 21. rész BAT

We're back folks, it's been a good break but we are well-rested and ready to get back into action. We are excited about this season and hope you all are ready to laugh, cry and stay scared with us. 

Going Up
51 perc 1. évad 20. rész BAT

What if you are being chased by something you can't see or something that you are imagining. In this episode, we talk about Elisa Lam what exactly happened to her. Why was she acting so weird, how did she end up in the water tank? Sometimes no matter how much you investigate you might never get the answers you need. 

World Sightings You All!!
69 perc 1. évad 19. rész BAT

Some call him bigfoot, some call him yeti, the sasquatch, the Australian yowie and many more. But whatever you call him, don't call him late for dinner. What if I told you that leprechauns or magical gnomes were real? The only downside is that you won't be finding any pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

The Lost
74 perc 1. évad 18. rész BAT

Who loves the outdoors, well after listening to this episode you may think twice before going out to the wilderness. There are 419 national parks in the United States, some experts say that around 1600 people go missing each year. In this episode, we want to find out why are they vanishing, where are they going or who is taking them. Is it bigfoot, aliens, forest people or is it all a big conspiracy. All I can say is this, if you go out with your loved ones, just make sure to keep an eye on them.

Sounds From Hollywood
64 perc 1. évad 17. rész BAT

When we watch scary movies, we see ghosts, hauntings, paranormal activity and we know its all fake. What if what we think is fake, becomes reality to the actors on set. In this episode, we talk about real-life deaths, accidents on set. How some actors live real ghost stories after the movie is done. When the director yells cut, to the ghost that just means action. 

Fan Talko Tuesday
106 perc 1. évad 16. rész BAT

We are back again with another Fan Talko Tuesday episode and we have the pleasure of hearing from one of our fans. We get to talk haunted objects and how sometimes sleep paralysis is a little more then what you think it is. What if you had a spirit haunt you all night? What if it keeps coming back no matter what you try to do to get rid of it? Our fan Oz, goes into details on one of his scariest nights ever.

Find An Alternate Route
56 perc 1. évad 15. rész BAT

How many times have you been out on a road trip and you get completely lost? Or you are driving down a long road and see that lonely hitchhiker, how many times have you thought about picking them up. Remember that once you give a ghost a ride, they might not want to leave your car. Sometimes the road not taken is the best road to take.

San Antonio Road Trip
50 perc 1. évad 14. rész BAT

What can I say about this weeks episode, we were able to experience some really interesting experiences. We heard voices, captured some amazing images and even had cameras stop working. We decided to visit the Manger hotel and see if it truly is haunted. At the end of the day, we all felt that some of the residents in this hotel have never left. Being in San Antonio we decided to check out a few more areas and we promise you won't regret listening to this episode.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skin-Walker
55 perc 1. évad 13. rész BAT

They said "lets go camping", they said it would be fun, they said we would make s'mores. But they forgot to mention the freaking skin-walkers. Imagine seeing a 6ft tall wolf or seeing a man/animal run 60 miles an hour. Well we talk about all of that and more this week. Make sure that next time you go to the woods, you are not alone and hope you run faster then your friend. 

Room Service From Hell
60 perc 1. évad 12. rész BAT

When you leave a hotel you have the chance to check out, but in this episode, we talk about all the people who have never left. We are excited to talk about the Menger hotel in San Antonio. One of those reasons being is that it's pretty much the most haunted hotel in Texas. Second, we are going to be visiting this hotel in a few weeks. While listening to this episode make sure to lock your doors and if you hear some say room service. Make sure you don't answer, you might be surprised if you end up with a permanent guest.

Haunted Watchamacallits
42 perc 1. évad 11. rész BAT

Buying a haunted box from eBay may not be the best idea, but sometimes the curiosity is more then we can handle. We talk about haunted objects and how some coins actually don't bring us good luck. We are also excited to start sharing more of our fans emails, we look forward from hearing from our fans in future episodes.

From The Shadows
54 perc 1. évad 10. rész BAT

As a child I remember being afraid of my own shadow, they told me that I would grow out of that. Why is it that as an adult my shadow visited me in the dark. In this weeks episode, we talk about the old hag, the hat man, and many other shadows that won't let us breath. So remember when you are asleep at night and you start to see shadows, just hide under the covers, they'll go away, maybe. 

Fan Talko Tuesday pt.2
102 perc 1. évad 9. rész

In this week's episode we decided to continue letting the fans tell us what keeps them up at night. We go into some local stories as well as why hunting in the woods alone could be bad idea. We get to hear about how one of our listeners has constantly experienced the paranormal for over 10 years. But the best part of all this is that we have a chance to give you all a voice. 

Fan Talko Tuesday
51 perc 1. évad 8. rész BAT

Our listeners want to be heard and in this episode we talk to our number one fans in life, our mom's. Not only do our mom's support us, but they have lived through a few scares as well. We decided to split this episode into a two part series. Next week we get to hear from a few of our other fans. 

Signs From Above
62 perc 1. évad 7. rész BAT

Have you ever stared up into space and wonder if someone is staring back? Well in this week's episode we talk about our space friends. Uncovering the truth behind Area 51 and how Roswell helped get aliens on the world map. “We come in peace” is the statement that makes you think what are the intentions of our extraterrestrial friends? The biggest thing we want to share with our listeners this week is to make sure you don't climb into any strange spaceships, only friendly ones.

Hello Poppet
55 perc 1. évad 6. rész BAT

Some dolls are cute some are fluffy, unfortunately in today's episode, none of these dolls have those characteristics. This week we talk about how the legend of haunted dolls and their early beginnings. We even bring back some of the cult classics, remember not every doll was created to make children happy. So next time you are in your kids room and they have a corner full of stuffed animals and dolls, they could be watching you.

The Witch's Cackle
49 perc 1. évad 5. rész BAT

Being a witch in the 21st century can be cute and sexy especially during Halloween, not so much during the 17th century. In this time period sneezing the wrong way could get you accused of being a witch which meant certain death. These witches weren’t your scantily clad  witches, these witches be crazy! 

It's all fun and games
53 perc 1. évad 4. rész BAT

There are some games for children, and some games for adults, but then there are some games that should never be played. In this episode, we uncover the "joys" that the Ouija board brought to kids from all ages. We talk about some of the spirits the game has summoned, as well as the impact of the game on those who played it. Just like the game warns you to play with others and not alone, you might want to grab a buddy to listen to this story.  

Texas Sightings, Ya'll
44 perc 1. évad 3. rész BAT

Not only is everything bigger in Texas, but our monsters are definitely more creepy. In this episode, we talk about some of the more popular creatures and not so common ones. But if you stay and listen to the end, I promise the last one will have you weeping.

41 perc 1. évad 2. rész BAT

People always want to know what is lurking under their bed, but we decided to go down a little deeper. In this episode, we want to explore the mysteries of the catacombs around the world. We will also talk about some of those spirits that never decided to leave. 

House on Flower Hill
33 perc 1. évad 1. rész

We share our experiences that brought us together to make this podcast. It all started in a house in Rowlett, Texas and since then, our curiosity into the paranormal has never stopped. 

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