The GDA Radio Show

The GDA Radio Show

Global Detection Adventures brings to you an informative and often times humorous collection of metal detecting news, information, reviews, tips, tricks and interviews with many popular metal detectors from Youtube, television and people who just enjoy the hobby. This is a weekly news and information podcast covering the weeks best finds from around the world. Hosted by XLII and Founded by Lance Goolsby of the Global Detection Adventures group, we will dive into historic and amazing things found metal detecting or by archaeologists around the world. Support this podcast:

Lance Goolsby Leisure 60 rész
068: Is Detecting an addiction?
37 perc 60. rész Lance Goolsby

Lance is back, lots of bad things happened in this year forcing him to put the show on hold, but now he is back!!! Enjoy

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Gary Cook Full Interview, The Rodney Cook memorial Founder
92 perc 59. rész Lance Goolsby
This is the full episode of the talk with Gary Cook, Founder of the Rodney Cook Memorial Rally in the U.K.
We discuss our mutual adoration for XP, our mutual friend Gary Blackwell, as well as finding out that XP Gary is actually a goofball in real life and really enjoys a good laugh.

This is a great and fun talk. A must listen to.

#Be sure to check out
to find all the links for the donation and charity. --- Support this podcast:
Rodney cook memorial hunt episode
70 perc 58. rész Lance Goolsby
We discuss the coming Rodney Cook Memorial hunt, that will take place in September 2019. We invite Gary Cook, the founder and Professor Mark Beresford from the Bath Cancer care center. We discuss the charity and what the money is used for. This is a must listen to show. Please help spread the word and lets break the 30K goal they have set for the fund raiser! --- Support this podcast:
Secrets of Oak Island (Part 3 of 3) Guest James McQuiston
80 perc 57. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance welcoms special guest, Historian, and author James McQuiston to the show this week, and his in depth study of the secrets of the famous Oak Island. Its connections to Scotland, the Knights Templar and the First Order of the Free Masons in Edinburgh Scotland. This is a deep dive into a theory that has held more evidence, than any other on the islands deadly and crazy past. --- Support this podcast:
Secrets of Oak Island (Part 2 of 3) Guest James McQuiston
54 perc 56. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance welcoms special guest, Historian, and author James McQuiston to the show this week, and his in depth study of the secrets of the famous Oak Island. Its connections to Scotland, the Knights Templar and the First Order of the Free Masons in Edinburgh Scotland. This is a deep dive into a theory that has held more evidence, than any other on the islands deadly and crazy past. --- Support this podcast:
Secrets Of Oak Island (Part 1 of 3) Guest James McQuiston
54 perc 55. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance welcoms special guest, Historian, and author James McQuiston to the show this week, and his in depth study of the secrets of the famous Oak Island. Its connections to Scotland, the Knights Templar and the First Order of the Free Masons in Edinburgh Scotland. This is a deep dive into a theory that has held more evidence, than any other on the islands deadly and crazy past. --- Support this podcast:
41 perc 54. rész Lance Goolsby
This is the first special episode that is a Facebook Driven episode, I will interview a member of a Facebook metal detecting group and talk about whatever the group wants, Only the group will have access to the live recording, and lead the conversation. The next Monday the episode will be available for download for everyone else. --- Support this podcast:
GDA Live, Big GDA News, and Guests, XP Gary and Kevin Whitmore
70 perc 53. rész Lance Goolsby
The GDA Live show, Air Metal Detectors, and Detectival News with Scott D Scotty B and Pete Turrell
64 perc 52. rész Lance Goolsby
Covering 2 exclusive firssta, Detectival and the coming Air Metal Detector --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E10 Hallmark Greetings
49 perc 51. rész Lance Goolsby
This week XLII and Lance discuss how to date items, especially silver and gold, if there are hallmarks, and also how to date jewelry which have no hallmarks.

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in the links section.

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Metal detector --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E09: You've Got Permission
66 perc 50. rész Lance Goolsby
XLII and Lance talk some movies, and then dive into the importance of Permissions. What to look for, what to avoid and how to prepare for your sites. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E08: What detector should I buy?
33 perc 49. rész Lance Goolsby
Have you ever asked someone, "Which detector should I buy?"
Well give a listen to this show, and find out if asking is the right answer, and what questions you should ask yourself before buying a new or used machine.

42 will be back next week, she is off trying to find a gold coin before I do this year!!! --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E07 - Spaced Out
42 perc 48. rész Lance Goolsby
This week GDA detects a find from space!!!

Check out the website for the accompanying images and video for this episode:

There is a slight audio problem this episode, the audio for XLII is too low, it will be fixed next episode!

and check out
to see the great Alter 71 metal detector --- Support this podcast:
GDA episode S05e06: Custers Copperfield
83 perc 47. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance and XLII dive into Battlefield Archaeology, and how it was developed and first put to use at the Battle Of Little Bighorn battle site in Montana. It really put a rest to the stories and rumors of what happened on June 25th 1876

The battle became a romantic notion of the Wild West, and the stories of the brave soldiers standing valiantly up to the oppression of thousands of Sioux warrior attackers.

Were the stories the natives told of chaos on the battlefield by General Custer's men real? Or the stories of the "brave, never give up 7th Calvary" the true story?

Do Douglas D. Scott, founder of tBattlefield Archaeology found out in 1983 to 1985.

Here is the story.

World exclusive first, Two songs from the musician T.G. Copperfield. One Solo and one with the band 3 Dayz Whiskey, both albums released 8 February 2019.

Hear two songs here first!!!

"They Put The Fire Out" by T.G. Copperfield (solo)
available on the album Magnolia
Released 8 February 2019
Available on these stores

"Right Time Wrong Place" from 3 Dayz Whiskey (T.G. Copperfield Band)
Released by Blues Boulevard
Available to purchase on: --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E05; Helmet Laws
58 perc 46. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance and XLII discuss the Crosby Garrett Helmet of Cumbria England, and the law changes that are being changed because of the find.
Check the new website,
and as always our friends, --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E04 A Bell a Bullet and Bacteria
66 perc 45. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance and 42 head into a time tunnel to talk about one of the first uses of a metal detector, actually the second ever metal detector! And lets welcome 42 to the show while were at it!!! --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E03 GDA Finds Stories True Crime The Nebra Disk
53 perc 44. rész Lance Goolsby
TRUE CRIME! this is possibly one of the best known True Crimes in metal detecting. And for the first time, as far as I know, the entire story, from beginning to end is laid out in a story that spans the course of 19 years.
The Nebra Sky Disk was found and sold off immediately to the black market, and lost for 2 years before a truly dedicated Archaeologist stepped in and saved it before it was lost forever. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E02 Its About Trime
27 perc 43. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance discusses some crazy historic news, the find of the week, things to troubleshoot during the new season and more... --- Support this podcast:
GDA S05E01 A 300 Year Old Divorcee
33 perc 42. rész Lance Goolsby
The unofficial official start to the brand new season. Lance talks briefly about 2018 and invites you to the brand new season, and also discusses who may be the oldest divorcee in history. --- Support this podcast:
GDA Finds Story 329AD the Mini Episode
12 perc 41. rész Lance Goolsby
In the GDA Finds Stories, Lance will develop a story around a single object each episode. Though the story of the find is made up, it reflects the times when it came from. It is devised to share the way of life that may have surrounded the object, rather than the true story of it. The name of the finder or finders will be revealed at the end of story, when the story of how it was found will be revealed.

This gives everyone who is a member of the Global Detection Adventures Facebook group a chance to be featured on future stories. Each story is chosen, Written and Narrated by Lance.

Sound Effects are gathered from
Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Browse, download and share sounds.
"I Don't Wanna Wait" By: Nana Kwabena
"End Of Time" By: Ugonna Onyekwe

Property GDA 2019 --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E13 Archmdmag Blues
44 perc 40. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance talks with Luke Higgins from the Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine to see what recently happened, and what is in the future. a GDA Exclusive Report --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E12 German Metal
49 perc 39. rész Lance Goolsby
The finds of the week, some news and Hunting Germany --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E11 Wayne Peterson of WWATS
57 perc 38. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance discusses the World Wide association of Treasure Seekers with Colorado president Wayne Peterson. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E10.5 News and Updates on the show, and listener finds
27 perc 37. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance talks about some of the future of the GDA Radio Podcast, and other coming podcasts, and talks about some of the finds on the Global Detection Adventures group on Facebook --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E08 Listener Scary Stories Halloween 2018
55 perc 36. rész Lance Goolsby
This time all of you, the listener, provided up the stories for the show. You shared the scariest things to happen to you, metal detecting or not. Lance will go from funny to scary ghost stories from each of you. Keep your eyes open for more listener story episodes. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E07 Dave D of XP Team USA
68 perc 35. rész Lance Goolsby
Dave D, former co-host of the GDA Radio Podcast makes a triumphant return to the show, and discusses XP Team USA. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E06 Hurricane Kimmie!!!
42 perc 34. rész Lance Goolsby
Siren Kimmie is the first guest of the new season, and she does not let us down. Still one of the greatest voices in the hobby!!! You will love the episode as we discuss weather, pirates and the Cape Fear River --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E05 Silver Hearts, Locations, King Edward VII and President Van Buren
44 perc 33. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance talks about a couple methods for finding areas to metal detect. And three great finds shared this week on the Global Detection Adventures Facebook group.

Be sure to add #GDApod to all your Instagram posts with finds as well, I will be including finds there as well in the show soon. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E04 Hawkers, Hammies, a Josh and an Isaac
49 perc 32. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance has the first "Lances Rants" and talks about hawking and the bullies threatening our hobby. He then heads over to talk about Hammered coins he found, and one in particular with a 1666 date. then he discusses some finds by his friend Josh Kimmel, of Beyond Sight and Sound the Podcast. then he discusses a very special find from an old tavern in Connecticut found by Isaac Pasette. All music copyright 2017, T.G. Copperfield, used with permission --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E03 Southern Rock extravaganza
51 perc 31. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance exposes the listeners to great Southern Rock, and talks about the Legendary Nebra Celestial Disc, the story of which has finally been revealed in a german Newspaper. --- Support this podcast:
GDA Radio Podcast S04E02: Live @ Detectival and the dubay's
52 perc 30. rész Lance Goolsby
We head over to wales first to visit Huntress Kimmie and Clodhopper Scott Dubay and talk about the 28 Hammered coins they have dug up in the last 3 weeks, then we make a small hop down to Detectival 2018 and talk LIVE with Dave Saddler of the Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine as he sits at the table handing out fresh copies of the newly printed first issue of their magazine. Visit them at

then we discuss a Yankee Civil War belt buckle found by Gregg Gensone, which was shared on the GDA Facebook group by our friend Don Westbrook.

A great episode, and better guests. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S04E01 News from the week of 2 - 8 September 2018
16 perc 29. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance discusses a lost gun and a hoard of coins. Join us for a great first episode of the new weekly news show GDA --- Support this podcast:
GDA S3Ep7 Wayne Peterson, Patrick White and Kimmie and Scott Dubay
70 perc 28. rész Lance Goolsby
This is the last regular episode of 2017. We sit down and talk the 2018 schedule with founder Wayne Peterson. Patrick White jumps by to talk about the Fenn Treasure. Then we head over to Wales, U.K. to talk with the great Kimmie and Scott Dubay, and their love of Metal Detecting.

Prospecting, Gold nuggets, a treasure and Historic relics, all in the Last 2017 Episode of GDA. Sadly without Mike or Dave around. --- Support this podcast:
GDA S03-E06: XP Sonya, XP Gary and Addicted to Bleeps
90 perc 27. rész Lance Goolsby
Wow, Lance and Dave (Mike is out of town) really dig into settings on the XP Deus with guests, GDA's Own XP Sonya and get answers directly from XP Gary of XP Metal Detectors. They discuss the Version 4 update and the update 4.1 (Coming Soon) they talk about the new HF coils and the MI-6 Pinpointer.

Then they get visited by the always humorous Addicted To Bleeps. One of the funniest metal detectors in the U.K. and get his honest opinion of the XP Gmaxx II metal detector... and the results may surprise you! --- Support this podcast:
GDA 03-05 Cpt. Robert McDonald The Halloween Special
100 perc 26. rész Lance Goolsby
This episode we get spooky as we talk about ghosts and metal detecting. BOOOOOOOO!

Lance is joined by Captain Robert McDonald, holder of more than 50 world records, Treasure hunter, Ghost hunter, Ship captain and someone who likes scaring the French Navy... :D

Dave and Mike call in from a joint metal detecting hunt on Dave's great relic field with a couple brand new GDA members.

There is so much in this extended episode that I can't write it all here... Happy Halloween Y'all!!! --- Support this podcast:
GDA S03E04 Frank Lopergolo, John Ruth Whites Detector Rep and Jerry "The Power Chair Detector Guy" King
64 perc 25. rész Lance Goolsby
Mike, Dave and Lance sit down with Frank Lopergolo from Detect America, to discuss an interesting effect to most all detectors, We talk with John Ruth, the Whites detectors representative and discuss their machines, and his love of the hobby, and have our first live caller give away... --- Support this podcast:
GDA Q&A With Lance 1 October 2017
38 perc 24. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance talks about the Garrett AT MAX and the news from around the world. He also hints that the GDA Black ADA studios may be getting an upgrade. --- Support this podcast:
GDA Radio Podcast S3-E2 A Frank, A Sonya and a Siren
72 perc 23. rész Lance Goolsby
This episode DA Frank Lopergolo from Detect America and talks about researching permissions. XP Sonya join us and talk about the XP Deus and how a person new to it can use it right away. Then Siren Kimmie comes in and surprises Sonya, and announces a very special give away.

Songs in this episode:
Opening and closing songs:
Opening: T.G. Copperfield "Spoon Full Of Blues"
closing: T.G. Copperfield " Motorcycle Bandit"
From the Album: "T.G. Copperfield"
Available on iTunes by Timezone records

The Native Howl "Doomed From The Start"
From the Album: "Thrash Grass"
Self Released by The Native Howl

The Gasoline Gypsies "Under The Weather"
From the Album "The Gasoline Gypsies"

THUMBS "Useless Together"
From the Demo Tape
Not yet available to purchase.

All songs played with permission from the bands.
We do not claim ownership of any part of them.

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Siren Kimmie
Detect America --- Support this podcast:
GDA Q&A Show with Lance: Sep 23 2017
49 perc 22. rész Lance Goolsby
Join lance as he preps for the Sunday Live show on September 24th.
Joining him is Niall Bailey live from the GDA UK-DF Rally in East Hoathly U.K.

and Dave jumps in to talk with Lance as well... --- Support this podcast:
GDA Ep 06-02 Guest Host Digger Dawn
50 perc 21. rész Lance Goolsby
The great, funny, vibrant and overly excitable Digger Dawn joins Dave and Lance in the hosting seat. She joins us in conversations about best finds and even Why are there so many people causing strife in the field of Metal Detecting.

This is an excerpt from the Live show which aired on May 14, 2017.

All shows are aired live for people to be able to call in or leave messages for us or the guest. It is an interactive show, lead by Dave and Lance and also guided by You, the listener.

to view the live show, become a member of the GDA Facebook group at:

Digger Dawn's group is at:

And her video channel is at:

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GDA EP 05-02: Digging with Matty
43 perc 20. rész Lance Goolsby
In this episode, we talk with the youngest guest we have ever had on the show. The Powerhouse metal detecting phenom, Matty Tomaini.

Matty is only 11 years old, but he has been metal detecting already four years. Be sure to check out his great Youtube Channel:

Be sure to visit: --- Support this podcast:
GDA Ep 04-02: Anniversary episode with XP Gary
75 perc 19. rész Lance Goolsby
in this episode, we celebrate 2 years of GDA. we talk with XP Gary about the new products coming out, the MI6 Pinpointer, and the two new High Frequency Search coils. We also discuss the Version 4 Software for the XP Deus and what it means to users with new settings and updates.

Be sure to visit: --- Support this podcast:
Episode 03-02 The GDA Belles
58 perc 18. rész Lance Goolsby
In this episode we bring in 4 of the women who are the largest hitters in the GDA Facebook group, Georgia Cronin, Aggie A Hall, Sonya Harshman and our very own Siren Kimmie. We "Dig" deep into their love of the hobby, and have a very fun conversation with them.

Be sure to visit our sponsors,
XP Metal Detectors
and Black ADA

Our website will be online very soon with the shop, videos, exclusive content, and much more within the next few days after this is released: --- Support this podcast:
GDA Podcast: Ep 02-02 A Surprise in the Surprise! with Butch Holcombe
48 perc 17. rész Lance Goolsby
In this episode Dave and Lance have a talk with Butch Holcombe of American Digger Magazine. Where we talk about bad writers, good writers, his podcast, and bring in a surprise guest for him, which turns into a prank on all of us!!! This is a great talk, full to the brim and overflowing with Laughs.

Be sure to visit our sponsors:
Black ADA
XP Metal Detectors --- Support this podcast:
LIVE! GDA Metal detecting with guests Frank Lopergolo, Joey Ortega and Brian Gorby
97 perc 16. rész Lance Goolsby
Frank Lopergolo from Detect America joins us and talks about his deep involvement in Metal Detecting, and his invention the Ugly Box electrolysis cleaning machine.
We also have a talk with Joey Ortega, winner of the GDA find of the Year contest, and Brian Gorby second place winner. We talk about both of their finds, and what they are and their history.

This show is sponsored by XP metal detectors and Black ADA Advanced Digging Aides

Also be sure to visit our website: --- Support this podcast:
Episode 19: KG and Ringy from "Diggers": Part 2
67 perc 15. rész Lance Goolsby
This is the final episode of the interview with George and Tim from the massively popular National Geographic channel series "Diggers". We dig deep into their travels around the world and the people they have encountered along the way, then we discuss the possibility of a new show and so much more.

This is the last episode of the first year of the GDA podcast. We wish Y'all the best of time in the new year, and beg you all to be safe, and not drink and drive!!!

Please visit:

We will be opening a merchandise and equipment shop there soon after the turn of the new year.

From both Dave and Myself, We thank each and every one of you for a great year!!! May the next year be as wonderful!!! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 17: Black ADA, Gary Fenn "Heavy Metal Detecting" and Sean Woods of Miners Mark
90 perc 14. rész Lance Goolsby
This is the most rocking episode to date, we talk with the creators of the Black ADA and have connections throughout the music business, then we bring in Gary Fenn of Heavy Metal Detecting on Youtube, and discuss music rights in videos. Sean Woods, creator of the app Miners Mark joins us to let us know exactly how great the app is for metal detecting.
Be sure to visit all the websites

and visit the GDA website for constant updates on guests and shows, not to mention Live recordings at metal detecting rallys in Europe --- Support this podcast:
Episode 16 Steve and Jack Graap, the Dig Dudes
70 perc 13. rész Lance Goolsby
A great episode where we talk with Father and Son team, the Dig Dudes from Wisconsin. Jack is the youngest member of the GDA Facebook group and constantly, alongside with his father, find amazing relics.

This is our special Halloween episode, where we also discuss some scary detecting stories, and discuss them. From a possible mass grave, to glowing orbs and faces in trees.

Be sure to check their coming website,
not to mention our website,

and joing the fun on the Global detection adventures facebook group. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 15 - Gary from XP Metal Detectors
84 perc 12. rész Lance Goolsby
In this can't miss episode we get deep into metal detecting with
Gary from XP metal detectors on the show this week. We go over the Deus and many of the new products coming out from XP metal detectors in the next couple months.

Be sure to visit the XP classroom.

and the GDA website. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 13: Siren Kimmie from Girls Rock Metal Detecting
59 perc 11. rész Lance Goolsby
This week Lance and Dave sit down with the siren of metal detecting herself, Siren Kimmie from the Youtube channel Girls Rock Metal Detecting. Where we discuss her name, her upcoming Find of the Day Challenge against GDA friend Stephen "The Man With The Hat" Auker, and somehow we end up talking Pokemon Go... Also features Official XP Detector News from Gary Blackwell, A review of the XP Deus by Butch Holcombe, Whit Hill's original song, "This was a Battlefield" and much more. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 12: Whit Hill, singer, Songwriter and Metal Detector
88 perc 10. rész Lance Goolsby
The singer of the popular Metal Detecting song, "I Dug It Up" Whit Hill, joins Lance and Dave from Nashville, Tennessee where she talks about her roots in New York, City and how she fell in love with metal detecting. Then we discuss how she came up with the idea of combining her two passions into a single creation, a complete CD with 13 songs about metal detecting.

To buy her CD, be sure to go to her website and get it directly from Whit Hill herself, --- Support this podcast:
Episode 10 Digger Ray Digger Dawn and Twig the Dig
109 perc 9. rész Lance Goolsby
This is the big 10th episode. After having technical issues where just about all the software we use failed, we were finally able to get the show back on, and had a great time talking with Digger Ray, and then Digger Dawn and Twig the Dig. This was a lighthearted conversation with metal detector Digger Ray from Georgia, U.S.A and Digger Dawn and Twig the Dig in the U.K. This episode has been edited to adjust problems with audio that were still persistent during the live show, there are a couple issues still present, however they do not remove from the fun of the episode. Be sure to subscribe and share. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 9: David Sadler, Siren Kimmie, Bob Hope and Patrick White
100 perc 8. rész Lance Goolsby
There is a new update to the show, we have streamlined and made it even more interactive for the listeners. now you can provide audio to hear on the show... as well as making a fun and entertaining show.
This week Dave Sadler joins us this week, founder/Editor of the Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine. He will talk with us about the wall that seems to separate archaeology and metal detecting, the web magazing, and his times metal detecting.
visit his website at: --- Support this podcast:
Episode 7: PTSD and metal detecting
78 perc 7. rész Lance Goolsby
Dave is joined with special guests Ronald Bennett and Lance, who both suffer from Late Onset PTSD and use metal detecting to help cope with it. This episode we will cover the symptoms and theorapy, where to get help and living with PTSD. --- Support this podcast:
GDA the Podcast Episode 6: Stephen Auker, "The Man With the Hat"
67 perc 6. rész Lance Goolsby
Live conversation with Stephen "The Man With the Hat" Auker, from the wet east coast of the U.K. Where we hit the subjects of the P.A.S. How he began detecting, his find of over 100 Roman Denari coins with in the first 3 months of metal detecting, and find out what Wombling is, and how you can do it at home.

Be sure to visit his youtube channel at:

and like and subscribe to help him raise money for his cancer research charity.

Also visit Lances youtube channel at:

And Dave "V3I Sweeper" at:

The music for the show comes from:
Free Reign
titled "McMetal" --- Support this podcast:
Global Detection Adventures: Episode 5 Jerry King, Mobility chair detecting
71 perc 5. rész Lance Goolsby
A insight into metal detecting from someone in a mobility chair. A truly inspirational talk with Jerry King A man suffering from Body Myositis, a very rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, he has overcome his handicap to begin a hobby he really wanted to take part in. He has also overcome many obstacles in detecting in an electric mobility chair. Listen in and find out everything. If you know anyone who suffers from a disability, let them listen in and find out how anything is possible for them to do. Nothing is out of reach. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 3: Digger Dawn and Twig the Dig.
77 perc 4. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance and Dave have an in depth conversation About what to look for in a new detector and Facebook trolls. Then Dave needs to leave to take care of a troll while the show is running sadly, Lance has a great Q&A with Digger Dawn and Twig the Dig from the U.K.
Check out the website:

and please visit our sponsors at --- Support this podcast:
GDA SPECIAL: "Lets Dig It Up Y'all" Song by Lance Goolsby
1 perc 3. rész Lance Goolsby
this is the first of some specials that GDA will be releasing on their podcast. These specials will only be available for those with Spreaker or iTunes accounts. Be sure to check out the Global Detection Adventures group on Facebook, or visit --- Support this podcast:
Global Detection Adventures Episode 2: Meet the hosts
58 perc 2. rész Lance Goolsby
meet the hosts of the Global Detection Adventures podcast. Lance and Dave give the history of Global Detection Adventures and themselves for your enjoyment. Jimmy Nicola joins us in the discussion talking about why you should never give up on a permission... --- Support this podcast:
Global Detection Adventures the Podcast: Episode 1 Cliff Wyllie
29 perc 1. rész Lance Goolsby
Lance sits down with Cliff Wyllie from Goolwa, Australia and discusses Gold Prospecting, Gem hunting, cutting and setting, as well as relic hunting.
Be sure to listen to the story of the crazy beach hunt!!!

This is a test run of the podcast as it will be produced. This episode was created to get used to all the settings and levels needed for the coming weekly shows.

Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
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