One Hundred Things in a Jar

One Hundred Things in a Jar

Michael & Megan gather in their kitchen with a microphone, some booze and a big glass jar on our counter filled with strips of paper. Each piece has something on it—we’re not sure what. Could be a question, a comment, a word, a quotation, part of someone’s grocery list. We’re totally at the mercy of the friends and family who, at our request, sent us the pieces of paper over the last month. Whatever we pick is our topic. We don't know what it is our where it could go, so join us for laughs, awkward moments, deep thoughts and fun.

Michael & Megan Monforte Comedy 1 évad 62 rész Michael & Megan gather in their kitchen with a microphone, some booze and a big glass jar on our counter filled with strips of paper. Each piece has something on it—we’re not sure what. Could be a que
77 perc 1. évad 60. rész Michael & Megan Monforte

Episode 60 begins with Mike announcing a shocking discovery made in the home that confuses Megan. Or does it really ? The whole fishy , strange conversation shifts to a dream Mike had that has him a bit rattled before moving on to the tougher aspects of being a parent and letting go. Things lighten up on the subject of selfies and how bad Mike and Megan are at taking them, the importance (and sexiness) of listening , and  focusing on the good parts of tough times. With so many topics the jar is almost forgotten but offers up a question on the future of technology which instead leads to nostalgic memories of past breakthroughs  like VCRs, tape decks and rotary phones as the two ponder what the future holds in terms of constant email , virtual reality and the future man vs robot wars. Maybe Teleportation Man™️ will be the hero we all need to show us the way and save us all! Only time will tell on this packed episode of One Hundred Things In A Jar! 

81 perc 1. évad 59. rész Michael & Megan Monforte

Mike is wearing his “safety coat“ in an attempt to feel more secure while letting his deepest thoughts out. It doesn’t really work. Megan gets to play therapist (again) for the first 20 minutes of the episode until the mood gets lighter when the conversation shifts to the royal family, television finales and true crime television. Megan’s joined a writers guild and  doesn’t want  Mike to join it. There’s some banter about not so great sex dreams, the Muppets and some more therapy talk before Megan voices her aggravation concerning the recent Dr Seuss controversy. The jar gives the opportunity to discuss embarrassing bad habits. Mike uses the opportunity to call Megan out for mean-girling him  back in college regarding some of his former habits until he zeroes in on Megan in an attempt to even the score. Once again it doesn’t really work. There’s plenty more in this double length episode , so don’t break the habit - give the latest episode of 100 Things in a Jar a listen today! 

64 perc 1. évad 58. rész Michael & Megan Monforte

It’s another snowy day in Mike and Megan’s neck of the woods, and the squirrels continue to lurk. What does it all mean? Are the squirrels actually communicating? What, exactly, was Mike feeling while watching that spooky Netflix show about the afterlife? Will Megan find a way to quiet her husband's snoring forever? And how, praytell, did Mike ever survive three rounds of pregnancy? Your faithful hosts try to answer these burning questions and more in episode 58 of 100 Things in a Jar. 

A Whole New (Disney) World
63 perc 1. évad 56. rész Michael & Megan Monforte

Megan kicks off the latest episode of 100 Things In a Jar with a startling hygienic admission before the conversation shifts to Mike's 43rd (but 1st in quarantine) birthday celebration and all the good things that came from it. All is going smoothly until Megan shames Mike regarding a discovery she made behind the couch which segues into a discussion on some very strange and weird bad habits of the past. Mike feels the need to explain that he doesn't hate people and what makes him most uptight and depressed about the pandemic and quarantine before the jar slaps the pair with the fact that if not for COVID-19, they would be celebrating a wonderful family vacation in the happiest place on Earth instead of getting sappy watching fireworks on TV. Will a Disney family vacation be the same when the moment comes? Will anything be the same? These topics and more are all discussed in Episode 56 of 100 Things In a Jar.

Note: This episode was recorded April 28

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55 perc 1. évad 55. rész Michael & Megan Monforte

Mike and Megan are back with their second "Quarantine Edition" of the show, and the natives may be getting a little restless. Mike has been eating better and become more self aware after listening to himself in the previous episode, but too much awareness may have caused a disagreement about the location of their workout earlier in the day. The workout never happened which led Megan to painting a new esoteric lawn sign further confusing Mike. Luckily the increased time together is allowing the two to settle their bickering and "level the mountain". After some conversation on pandemic related anxiety, taxidermy and tales from Mike's delivery boy past, the jar poses the age old question of Philly vs. New York. Whether your name is Jen, Joan or John we hope you jawn...make that join us for Episode 55 of 100 Things In A Jar! 

CLOSING SONG - "Philly Dog" The Mar-Keys

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57 perc 1. évad 54. rész Michael & Megan Monforte

Along with the rest of the world, Mike and Megan find themselves quarantined and have been cooped up so long they finally have no choice but to return with a brand new episode! The show predictably starts off with some pandemic conversation and quarantine predictions before taking a hard turn into the different ways Mike and Megan are spending their time while stuck in the house, which includes Mike's hilarious attempts of hiding his overeating while Megan continues to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle. Further conversation leads Mike to accuse Megan of being in love with one of their kid's teachers as the two pick their dream Quaran-teams. The jar presents the two with the topic of vacation far from home or ironically right where you are. Wherever you are and whomever you are with during this time, we hope you find listening to Episode 54 an essential part of your time indoors. 

77 perc 1. évad 53. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 53—make that LIII—begins innocently enough with the revelations that Mike is a leaf (or is it a feather?) floating through life, and Megan has been keeping a secret book of amazing thoughts (not really). But the episode soon takes an unfortunate turn into what TED talks are and what big ideas Mike might share if he gave one of these so-called TED talks. Mike protests Megan's answer, but then proves his co-host's point when he almost unwittingly shares a story involving a public park, a well-placed copy of the New York Daily News and a gastrointestinal emergency. Oh shit! The jar saves the episode from going completely down the toilet—at least momentarily—with a question about whether aliens exist. All Mike and Megan know is that E.T. was awesome and David Duchovny was pretty hot on the X-Files. In the spirit of solidarity, Megan closes the episode with her own unhappy memory of pooping in public thanks to an ill-timed bout of food poisoning. Hopefully you don't think this episode stinks, but we promise you it will be your current number one favorite. Or maybe number two.EPISODE WINE - Menage a Trois Midnight Dark Red BlendCLOSING SONG - "Mississippi" Dixie ChicksLISTEN TO 100 THINGS IN A JAR ON ITUNES, STITCHER, SPOTIFY AND GOOGLE PLAY! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or wherever you enjoy our show.Follow us and get in touch on FACEBOOK at 100 THINGS IN A JARE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at Thanks for listening!

63 perc 1. évad 52. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 52 begins with a quick apology to the listeners for not being able to produce an episode last week. At first the usual suspects—namely exhaustion and busyness—are blamed for the lapse, but after further discussion it’s revealed that Mike and Megan haven’t really been talking. (A typical phase for married couples, that makes for some real awkwardness when you’re married to your podcast partner.) Thankfully, they could now laugh about it and the conversation is flowing again. Your hosts get into a discussion about uncomfortable commutes, trading places, and Mike’s outdated and very sad pants before Megan reads a new Journal Kernel. In other news, Megan’s in the market for tap shoes and Mike is looking to build miniature houses. The jar wants to know about preferred pizza and ice cream flavors, which leads to an impromptu round of Newlywed Game and a painful pronunciation of the word "ricotta". Whether you enjoy mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream or whoopie pie, we think you’ll all enjoy this sweet edition of 100 Things In A Jar.EPISODE WINE - CARNIVOR CABERNET SAUVIGNONCLOSING SONG - "SO MUCH TO SAY" by Dave Matthews BandLISTEN TO 100 THINGS IN A JAR ON ITUNES, STITCHER, SPOTIFY AND GOOGLE PLAY! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or wherever you enjoy our show.Follow us and get in touch on FACEBOOK at 100 THINGS IN A JARE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at Thanks for listening!

78 perc 1. évad 51. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 51 kicks off with Megan giving kudos to Michael for "getting it" when it comes to her emotional labor. After Michael is more than happy to accept this praise, the talk shifts to Mike's progress so far in the New Year and what he has been learning in the process. Despite his Grandma's advice, all seems to be moving along nicely. From there, the talk shifts to Marie Kondo, the dangers of HGTV and Mike's fear of public speaking. Megan's case of the Januarys has her writing pithy journals, searching for her old drama high school VHS tapes, buying some tap shoes and giving into some flights of whimsy. The jar gives one of the most ridiculous topics to date which leads Mike and Megan to ranking Pixar movies, debating proper bed making techniques and how to correctly enjoy bread and butter. In case you're wondering who is writing the synopsis - my way is the right way. There's that and a whole lot more so when you're done kissing your clothes and you're allowed to use your phone again, remember there's no wrong way to tune in, download and enjoy Episode 51 of 100 THINGS IN A JAR!!! EPISODE WINE - RYAN PATRICK REDHEAD RED CLOSING SONG - "GOLDEN STATE" by Eddie Vedder and Natalie MainesGOOD NEWS! IN ADDITION TO ITUNES AND STITCHER, WE ARE NOW ON SPOTIFY AND GOOGLE PLAY! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or wherever you enjoy our show.Follow us and get in touch on FACEBOOK at 100 THINGS IN A JARe-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at Thanks for listening. 

78 perc 1. évad 50. rész 100thingsinajar

The holiday hiatus is over and Mike and Megan are back for their first new episode of 2019. While they may not fully buy into the concept of “New Year, New Me” there is plenty of talk about renewed outlooks and making changes. Mike’s late night panic attack leads him to discovering a brand new podcast he loves and is worth sharing - other than this one of course. Megan is wild about her latest read but doesn’t plan on taking any soul searching hikes in her quest for authenticity. There’s some talk about false termite frass, how not to handle a potential intruder and some of Mike and Megan’s latest recommendations before heading to the jar. This week’s offering is a somewhat loaded topic about getting drunk with your spouse. While that may not always be a great idea, a bottle of good wine while recording or listening to a podcast never hurt anybody. So sit back, pour a glass and enjoy this latest offering of 100 THINGS IN A JAR!EPISODE WINE - 2015 PSI Red BlendCLOSING SONG - “Mythological Beauty” BIG THIEFE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or wherever you enjoy our show. Thanks for listening.

86 perc 1. évad 49. rész 100thingsinajar

HO HO HO !!! Mike and Megan are in a festive mood for this special Christmas themed episode of 100 THINGS IN A JAR! M&M kick off the episode discussing some non-holiday topics like bagel toasting fees, ancestry and fun facts concerning redheads but in no time at all they shift to all things Christmas !!! It's all about Christmas movies, Christmas songs, Christmas shows , Christmas cards. There's also talk of Christmas shopping - specifically Mike's mom and her method for finding the perfect gift (you want hats, gloves, scarves???) .The jar provides a brief detour from all the holiday talk and has Mike and Megan bravely looking towards the future. Speaking of the perfect gift idea, Mike and Megan close the show with a little present for the audience. Sorry, but there's no returns!!! There's all that and much more on this expanded special Christmas edition of 100 THINGS IN A JAR! And on that note, they'll be back in 2019!EPISODE WINE - LaMarca ProseccoEPISODE SONG - "FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK" by The PoguesE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or wherever you enjoy our show. Thanks for listening.

63 perc 1. évad 48. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 48 finds Megan officially one year older, which sets she and Michael off on a slew of birthday-related topics and a recap of their weekend, which included a pooping Santa and a trip to Dutch Wonderland that nearly turned into Blunder-land. The show shifts to more talk about birthday stress and Megan's realization that sometimes you just need the people who brought you into the world in the first place to salvage the day (and spring for the wine). The jar offers up a song lyric this week, which leads to a discussion about color invention, poetry writing and how there are just too many damn quotes. Somewhere along the way a humorous moment causes Megan to unleash a new disturbing laugh which may ring in your ears long after this episode ends. There's all that and a whole lot more on Episode 48 of 100 THINGS IN A JAR!EPISODE WINE - 2012 Sterling Vineyards Cabernet SauvignonCLOSING SONG - "Happy Birthday To Me"  CrackerE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or wherever you enjoy our show. Thanks for listening.

76 perc 1. évad 47. rész 100thingsinajar

The latest installment of 100 Things in a Jar begins with an exhausted Michael ,which leads to a lengthy discussion on manspreading, the changing human brain and the anxieties associated with becoming first time parents. An upcoming party has Megan cleaning the basement while listening to podcasts she highly recommends as well as some books she thinks are nightstand worthy. Speaking of worthy reads, she also unearths some of her writing from circa 6th grade which leads to the triumphant return of Megan's Journal Kernels where she unleashes venomous tween rage by rating her days, and ranting on being an alternate member of the Seven-Sational as well as a recitation of what is to believed her first attempt at romance novel writing. There's some brief discussion about a recent weather emergency in the area before the jar kicks off a discussion about zombie apocalypse survival techniques, the various ways to kill a zombie and a live prank phone call. So sit back and grab your food buckets because there's all that and a whole lot more to feast on in this alive and well episode of 100 Things A Jar !!!EPISODE WINE - DARK HORSE DOUBLE DOWN RED CLOSING SONG - "ZOMBIE JAMBOREE" HARRY BELAFONTE E-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or wherever you enjoy our show. Thanks for listening.

75 perc 1. évad 46. rész 100thingsinajar

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67 perc 1. évad 45. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 45 begins with Mike and Megan following up on last week's episode, with a discussion on Grandma’s in-law rankings. Mike had planned to interview his Grandma, but was unable to due to a phone bill quagmire that needed attention. Speaking of quagmire, the results may not be what Megan expected to hear. From there the talk ventures into playoff baseball, Yankee teams of yesteryear and an awkward encounter for Megan. Speaking of awkward, Mike still doesn’t have a question to ask Megan, so they go to the jar which allows them to revisit their most memorable dates. Megan goes back to a time where the two weren’t really together, but was most definitely an ideal and memorable date. Afterward, Mike finally does come up with a question which leads to a discussion on dating apps, bad dates and a letter Mike penned that just really wasn’t necessary. You’ll definitely want to swipe right on this latest installment of 100 Things In A Jar!!!EPISODE WINE - CLINE CELLARS OLD VINE ZINFANDEL AND DARK HORSE CABERNET SAUVIGNONCLOSING SONG - "NO MATTER WHAT" BADFINGERE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or STITCHER or at WORDPRESS . Thanks for listening.

70 perc 1. évad 44. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 44 kicks off with Mike and Megan trading places for a day, leading to Mike's ill-conceived business plan of starting up a daycare, while Megan's doings has her realizing that she is in fact a grownup. Afterwards, the conversation steers towards ideal dates, the sexiness of a strong-minded woman and 47 pound cocks. It's a rooster - get your mind outta' the gutter !!! There's some talk about morbid thoughts, Catholic guilt and even some fun facts about the human body (and apples) before the jar topic inquires about playing favorites, which somehow leads to a lot of fun conversation about Grandma's totem pole, lame Facebook birthday wishes and a whole bunch of interchangeable female pop singers. There's that and a whole bunch more meaningful - and sometimes /tænˈdʒɛn.tʃəl/ - banter which should leave you basking in the /fəˌmɪlɪˈerəti/ of the pure, unbridled joy that is 100 Things in a Jar!EPISODE WINE - REX GOLIATH CABERNET SAUVIGNONCLOSING SONG - "YOU'RE MY FAVORITE WASTE OF TIME" by MARSHALL CRENSHAWE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or STITCHER or at WORDPRESS . Thanks for listening.

69 perc 1. évad 43. rész 100thingsinajar

It was a dark and stormy night, not unlike this one, when Mike and Megan - a bottle of wine and a microphone by their side, the room illuminated only by candlelight - sat down to record Episode 43. As the wind howled a haunted tune outside, they told ghoulish tales about ill-fitting Merona shirts, Michael's bedtime reading materials and scariest of all - Brett Kavanaugh. Terrified by what was being discussed, they attempted to move on, but the fear fest wasn't over yet, as a seemingly innocuous question led to discussions on regret, past failures and improper use of household tools. The jar seemed to be possessed and made sure to keep the theme going by offering the chance for both hosts to share some spooky real life encounters with spirits and beings not of this earth! So be brave dear listener, because there's all that and a whole lot more, (including laughs) just in time for Halloween on Episode 43 of 100 Things In a Jar! EPISODE WINE - 2016 CARNIVOR ZINFANDELCLOSING SONG - "IS THERE A GHOST?" by BAND of HORSESE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or STITCHER or at WORDPRESS . Thanks for listening.

75 perc 1. évad 42. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 42 can be described in one word - uncomfortable. Mike and Megan discuss a range of topics that makes them so uneasy at one point they need to take a break. The conversations range from odd bathroom habits to traits they would like to change in each other and in themselves. Luckily everyone holds it together long enough to get to the jar, which doesn't do them any favors and provides the same topic they were already discussing! The episode has plenty of easygoing moments as well that won't make you squirm, plus audio cameos from Mike and Megan's dads that makes Episode 42 quite a ride, so strap in and enjoy this roller coaster of emotions.EPISODE WINE - SMOKING LOON CABERNET SAUVIGNONCLOSING SONG - "CHANGES" DAVID BOWIE

69 perc 1. évad 41. rész 100thingsinajar

Following another hiatus of undetermined length, Michael and Megan return with a new episode. After Mike gets through an early case of podcast jitters, they relive moments from their destructive childhood pasts, the finer points of wine bottle copywriting and a new segment that results in some audible gagging. The jar topic leads to a lengthy discussion on biographical movie titles, neighbors and their annoying dogs and the birth of the newest superhero of our time, PenisCat plus a whole bunch more. There may be smells outside but nothing about Episode 41 of One Hundred In a Jar stinks!EPISODE WINE - INKBERRY SHIRAZ/CABERNET SAUVIGNON BLENDCLOSING SONG - "I TRY" MACY GRAYE-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or STITCHER or at WORDPRESS . Thanks for listening.

64 perc 1. évad 40. rész 100thingsinajar

Megan and Michael sit down to start Episode 40 and in no time at all newest family member Charlie makes his presence felt. After a quick break in the action they return and reminisce about baby books, swaddling skills and lumpy heads. Speaking of lumps, Mike recounts the story of how a beautiful sunrise nearly killed him earlier that day before Megan moves on to how some serious couple issues such as disagreements on wine vinatges have driven a wedge between them. Luckily they've put their hostilities aside and the jar seems to speak to them by offering the important subject of empathy and love which just might be what they need to get things back on track and back in the kitchen to record Episode 41. EPISODE WINE – CORA MONTEPULCIANO D'ABRUZZO CLOSING SONG – “DOG” THE STRUMBELLAS

60 perc 1. évad 39. rész 100thingsinajar

After an almost six month delay Mike and Megan are back! They have the microphone,  the jar of random topics and a bottle of ..... prosecco?! Everything has changed, yet everything remains the same, in this NEW episode of 100 Things In A Jar. In addition to what has been going on the last half year , the unofficial start of Season 2 has a brand new missing purple baby saga, big family addition news and even fancy stemware Megan discovered in the basement! The mood is lightened by some unexpected visits from the kids as well as the jar topic which deals with the complexities of language ... or is it something deeper? Well they can't figure it out, so instead the talk turns to a new easier segment, "IS IT A MAMMAL?" and talk of the Royal Wedding. Mike and Megan are all in and they hope you are as well!

65 perc 1. évad 38. rész 100thingsinajar

This week's episode kicks off with Meg poking fun of Mike's Taylor Swift phone stand, which contrary to popular opinion, was not a gift for him appearing in Tay Tay's "Shake It Off" video. Speaking of doppelgangers, Megan apparently looks like a Wheel of Fortune contestant, according to some guy who Mike explains was just hitting on her. His suspicions are only aroused more after being given the details of Megan's dream in this week's Dream Analysis. Plus, there may still be Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge, but Christmas anticipation is in full swing, as some of Mike and Meg's Christmas classic faves are discussed. Speaking of classics, the movie "Beaches" is apparently being remade and the jar wants to know how Mike and Meg feel about that ! Southern accents, the 80's, cover songs - it's all here on Episode 38 so don't be like Mi and LISTEN TO THE WHOLE DAMN THING !

51 perc 1. évad 37. rész 100thingsinajar

Due to the holiday Mike and Megan are releasing this Thanksgiving themed episode a full day early. There are plenty of things to give thanks for in this episode including a wedding anniversary inspired Journal Kernel , an impromptu Love Connection segment where Megan recounts details of her date with Mike and lots more. Freak … Continue reading EPISODE 37 – HAPPY ACCIDENT ANNIVERSARY

50 perc 1. évad 36. rész 100thingsinajar

Mike and Megan are surrounded by candy in this post-Halloween episode, complete with live World Series updates, brilliant ideas for crowd sourced vacations and Mike really broadcasting in his underwear. There's a Disney inspired F, Marry, Kill, some dream analysis and the topic of what to do when your kid has a friend whose parent you despise. All this and a little bit tiny more on this sweet episode of 100 Things In A Jar!

56 perc 1. évad 35. rész 100thingsinajar

Mike and Megan are back just in time for a Halloween themed episode which leads them to discussions of their favorite costumes of yesteryear, the differences between suburban and city halloweens and Mike's healthy fear of 8 foot rabbits ransacking his home. There's another impromptu food themed F, Marry, Kill and some other silliness before the jar sways the conversation to the topic of edible underwear, which is hopefully something nobody gives out this year for trick or treat. 

72 perc 1. évad 19. rész 100thingsinajar

Guilty pleasures are the topic of Episode 19 and Mike and Megan share the foods, booze, entertainment and rituals they enjoy partaking in when nobody else is looking or judging. Also included in this episode is another installment of “Megan’s Journal Kernels”, the time Mike wanted to set up Megan with a total psychopath and how Mike transformed from a handsome, smiling high school graduate into a cheese eatin’, port swillin’ goblin who scared girls. All that and much more are featured here on this episode. Use your “me time” anytime you want, maybe have a few bowls of Fruity Pebbles, and enjoy this episode BIG TIME!!!!

61 perc 1. évad 34. rész 100thingsinajar

After a one week hiatus Mike and Megan are back and it doesn't take long before they're delving into such disparate topics like dirty talk, gross words and Megan's superstitious sports viewing habits. The jar presents a topic about having dinner for breakfast which leads to an impromptu breakfast themed F, Marry, Kill. Time is seemingly only going quicker so stop, relax and enjoy Episode 34! It's "shock"sukingly delicious! 

61 perc 1. évad 33. rész 100thingsinajar

Breaking news: Twenty-one years after he met her, Mike still hasn't figured Megan out. Is she really a hippie in suburban mom's clothing? But then why has she never smoked pot? And why didn't she tell him about those co-ed sleepovers she attended in high school? These burning questions are answered (sort of) in the latest episode of 100 Things, which also features the harrowing tale of that time Mike got asked to "go with" a girl for the first time. (Moral of the story: pizza > girls.) The jar offers a topic that made even the writer of it go "ugggggh." Are mom dates really a thing, or are some of us just missing our high school cliques? Who knows, but one thing is certain: Megan and Mike wouldn't relive THEIR awkward high school years for anything. But hey, for old time's sake, spritz a little Drakkar Noir on your pulse points and get ready to cringe. This is episode 33. EPISODE WINE: BOGLE MERLOT 2015CLOSING SONG: "THIRTEEN" ELLIOTT SMITH (BIG STAR COVER)

60 perc 1. évad 32. rész 100thingsinajar

A house fly does it's best to derail the start of Episode 32 and that just sort of sets the tone. After Mike and Megan wax poetic about the wonder that was the video store, Mike realizes his body is showing affection for Megan in a way he never even knew was possible. Next, Dr. Mike analyzes Meg’s recent dream about a hairy situation and Mike opens up about his deep need for someone—anyone!—to sit next to him on the train. Finally, the jar offers the topic of ‘setting a good example,’ and Mike and Megan have a lot to say about it. Just don’t ask them where Pinky Poodle is. They don’t fucking know. 

60 perc 1. évad 31. rész 100thingsinajar

Well, it’s back-to-school season and Megan’s brain is totally fried, which explains her struggle with language in this episode. A conversation about lingerie for men leads to her first lapse in linguistics, and it’s all downhill from there. After deconstructing the week’s chaos, and a discussion about their recent fateful date night, your hosts move on to their first-ever dream analysis* with client number one: Kerri. She’s lost her shoes and can’t move. What does it all mean? Listen and find out. (*Dream analysis is 1,000% inaccurate and unprofessional. Not meant to be taken seriously. At all.) The jar delivers a delicious topic that inspires a debate about the best kind of donut. And, hey, who exactly is getting up these days to make them? We may never know. Sink your teeth into a Boston Cream or a Jelly and devour the newest edition of of 100 Things in a Jar.

74 perc 1. évad 30. rész 100thingsinajar

Mike is in a “flowy” mood this week, perhaps because he is manstruating. Can you hear Megan rolling her eyes? After a brief lesson about life with a uterus, the conversation zips from who is more like Oprah to Megan’s recent job interview and how a pair of tube socks has apparently kept Mike employed for the last 20 years. There’s a particularly vile F, Marry, Kill (how does Darth Vader poop?) and a brief debate about which Mike has shown up to record the podcast before the jar deals a topic that’s not easy to untangle. A snippet of cryptic song lyrics takes your hosts on yet another journey into the past, this time to an ill-fated date that actually sealed their future. Does this all add up to an episode that’s compelling, or not? You tell us.

68 perc 1. évad 29. rész 100thingsinajar

Mike breaks with tradition and drinks beer instead of wine during episode 29 - and that's just the first scandal this week. From the girl in short shorts who caught Mike's eye that afternoon to the Valentine's Day 18 years earlier when he crashed Meg's pity party for one, there is no shortage of controversies this week. But your hosts eventually put aside their sparring to tackle a serious subject from the jar: farts. Specifically, euphemisms for farts. Whatever you call them - toots, cheek squeaks, stinkers, et cetera - we're pretty sure you'll agree that this week's installment of 100 Things doesn't stink. 

74 perc 1. évad 28. rész 100thingsinajar

Warning: Megan had a stubborn cough when this episode was recorded. We're pretty sure germs don’t permeate podcasts, but if you’re a hypochondriac, have the Purell handy. AHEM. Number 28 starts off with a whoosh (or is it a wish?) because Meg and Mike still don’t have central air. But they persevere through the heat to discuss things like the “fit mom” phenomenon, double dating with parents and—courtesy of a journal kernel—the particular loneliness of a Sunday night in one’s twenties. After a 90210 F, Marry, Kill, your hosts pluck a topic from the jar that’s initially tough to decipher and requires a call to Michael’s mom for clarity. The conversation soon turns to fear of the unknown, and how hard it is to take your own advice. But it’s easy to take this advice: grab a few Halls and settle in for the latest episode of 100 Things in a Jar.

65 perc 1. évad 27. rész 100thingsinajar

Michael doesn’t bring Megan flowers anymore—but thankfully there’s someone who does. That guy, and Megan’s other “suitors” are among the things discussed at the top of this episode. Also included: the unfortunate end of Megan’s last job, what’s going on with Mike’s nose, and a journal kernel from the vault that inspires Mike and Megan to revisit some of their more…complicated times. The jar saves Mike from further douche chills (just Google it) with a very calming topic. Not that your hosts can stay focused on it for very long. Maybe you’ll do better—so get comfortable, close your eyes, picture a cascading ocean wave and relax with the latest installment of 100 Things in a Jar.

70 perc 1. évad 26. rész 100thingsinajar

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's a podcast! Before the jar poses a question about the geometrical incongruities of pizza, Mike and Megan touch on some very deep philosophical questions, like why certain sounds are more pleasing than others, why a work week is 40 hours and which Spice Girl or New Kid they would they sleep with first if given the chance. There's a Lost-centric F, Marry Kill and a very cringe worthy tale from Mike and Megan's past. So call your favorite delivery place, grab your favorite toppings and enjoy this episode of 100 Things In A Jar because even when it's bad, it's still pretty good!

65 perc 1. évad 25. rész 100thingsinajar

Bette Midler was right: Ya gotta have frieeeennnnds. Especially the kind who send in quizzical topics like the one Michael and Megan pull out of the jar this week. But before that little piece of paper inspires a wide-ranging conversation about everything from erotic wedding dance lessons to the pleasure of impromptu dinner parties, Megan shares a Very Special Journal Kernel that prompts Mike to call for a drunken fight with a villain from her past. Whether you’re a Janet Jackson on the dance floor, or more of an Elaine Benes, you’re plenty cool enough to join your hapless hosts for another episode of 100 Things in a Jar.

70 perc 1. évad 24. rész 100thingsinajar

The jar offers a compelling question about music, but episode 25 quickly delves into the murkier waters of first loves, teenage dreams and the advice Mike should have given Britney Spears but never did. For good measure there’s also a listener-submitted F, Marry, Kill (plus a bonus “Walking Dead” edition), a sad-but-promising Journal Kernel, and the horribly awkward line Megan uttered when she finally met the object of her prepubescent obsession (hint: he was in a 90s boy band). Quick, someone call Sarah from Honda. We need help!

62 perc 1. évad 23. rész 100thingsinajar

The moment Mike and Megan always feared finally happens on Episode 23 as the jar gives them a topic related to the current political landscape. The timing couldn't be worse as Megan starts the episode by announcing she has given up reading any and all news having to do with the state of the world in an attempt to stay positive. That leads Mike to put his minor in psychology to work as he plays armchair therapist while being sure not to interrupt and just listen, so as not to be punched by Antoinette. Listen, they don't have all the answers and they sure as hell don't know what Trump whispered to Michelle Obama (nor do they care) but they do have lots of other things to say in this episode, so perk up your ears and listen closely to this latest installment of 100 Things In A Jar.

65 perc 1. évad 22. rész 100thingsinajar

Let's talk about sex, bay-bee. Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things—like doing it when your kids are in the room. Wait, WHAT!? After discussing Mike's new professional ventures, the subject of mindfulness, and a Journal Kernel from Megan's first day of college, the jar deals a legit R-rated Mike and Meg are all too happy to delve into. That is, assuming Meg's dad skips this one and goes right to episode 23. (SERIOUSLY DAD.) The rest of you should dim the lights, slip into something more comfortable and enjoy this installment of 100 Things—which is possibly sexier than Real Sex on HBO. Possibly.  

73 perc 1. évad 21. rész 100thingsinajar

The podcast is 21 episodes old, but there's a case of arrested development as all of Mike and Megan's technology has failed forcing them to record with limited resources. After recapping what was a wonderful vacation spent together at Wilco's Solid Sound Festival, a round of F, Marry, Kill and another stellar installment of Megan's Journal Kernels, the jar gives a crappy joke. Mike suffers a mini panic attack, but Megan calms things down as the conversation goes into weightier topics like trying new things, dreamers dreaming and how much time they have to become as famous as Megan Mullally and Vinny Pastore. Whether in the jungle or at a bruhrerry, coloring with crans, or hanging with the mare, fire up the grill (but don't burn the house down) and enjoy this adult aged installment of 100 Things In A Jar. 

73 perc 1. évad 20. rész 100thingsinajar

Episode 20 starts with an embarrassing admission from Megan and quickly spirals into Mike singing a variety of songs and testing out some lyrics for a new musical. After an impromptu  game of F, Marry, Kill the jar brings up the issue of thank you notes and cursive, topics Megan the writer are very passionate about. Mike attempts to refute her, but is so blown away by the strength of her argument he winds up wanting to become a hippy who writes random thank you notes to people he doesn't even know. There's that and much more, so put down your newfangled technologies, grab a meatball sandwich with your favorite UPS delivery man and hey, don't worry about your lawn FFS.  You're doing the best you can so thank you!

72 perc 1. évad 19. rész 100thingsinajar

Guilty pleasures are the topic of Episode 19 and Mike and Megan share the foods, music, tv shows and rituals they enjoy doing when nobody else is looking or judging. Also on this episode is another installment of Megan's Journal Kernels, the time Mike wanted to set up Megan with a total psychopath and how Mike transformed from a handsome, smiling high school graduate into a cheese eatin', port swillin' goblin who scared girls. All that and much more are featured here on this episode. Use your "me time" and enjoy this episode BIG TIME!!!! 

70 perc 1. évad 18. rész 100thingsinajar

In this episode Mike and Megan tackle the subject of turning 40 and all it entails, such as realizing your mortality (or not), becoming more sure of yourself, feeling a greater need to connect and the simple joy of  watching kids singing. Aging isn't all bad as Megan and Mike look back on younger days when Mike looked like a lesbian woman and Megan appeared to be a gay man. The hosts also get to play their first listener generated F, MARRY, KILL game! It's all part of life's rich pageant. Oh by the way, hey John, give Mike a call!

69 perc 1. évad 17. rész 100thingsinajar

Nostalgia, the evanescence of childhood, and sex with celebrities—this episode is a mixed bag if there ever was one. After a meaningful discussion on the passage of time, Mike and Megan revisit Episode 14, and finally name who is on their free pass list. While Mike is quite interested in the bare tush of a gal on "Fargo," Megan recounts the time she bought John Krasinski a Guinness. Finally, the jar brings them on a trip down memory lane, to summers spent at the beach and a bittersweet reminder that those days are gone forever.

65 perc 1. évad 16. rész 100thingsinajar

It's down to the wire for Michael and Megan, who recorded this episode a mere 12 hours before its release. Adulthood and all its trappings - exhaustion, depression, lawn maintenance, beach getaways - have gotten in the way of recording. But nothing would prevent them from episode 16. And thank goodness, because the topics that come up are nothing to sneeze at: the meaning of life and the point of paying taxes - with a little covfefe thrown in for good measure. 

64 perc 1. évad 15. rész 100thingsinajar

Our "hero" Mike is tired after doing some manly chores, but he soon perks up as the the conversation turns to table manners, some off key Frank Sinatra tunes and Megan's latest writing. The topic is comedy or drama which leads to tales of Megan's acting days, the lullabye of Broadway and our favorite movies in each genre. Just like life, there are laughs, there are almost tears and a little singing. Whether you're alone or where everybody knows your name, we hope you enjoy it. 

66 perc 1. évad 14. rész 100thingsinajar

It's suddenly sweltering in this neck of the woods—but this episode ain't about the weather. Michael and Megan are talking about celebrities: meeting them, shouting the C-word with them, and maybe, who knows, someday getting a free pass with a few. Meg's friend Sarah provided this week's topic and though no consensus is reached about Julian Edelman, plenty of other famous names are bandied about. But here's the real question: who's on YOUR get out of jail free list? 

50 perc 1. évad 13. rész 100thingsinajar

After a long and tiring month, Mike and Megan could use a little luck to get through this week's episode. Untimely Costco trips, turning 40 and losing their bed and breakfast virginity are all discussed, before the jar steers the conversation to tales of getting fired by a mouse, obsessive compulsive list making and some random singing until Mike and Megan attempt to finally escape this episode and say goodnight. 

65 perc 1. évad 12. rész 100thingsinajar

After a false start that was scrapped 10 minutes in Michael and Megan rebound with a jam-packed episode all about travel. Where have your hosts been? Where do they want to go? And has anyone else heard of something called Airbnb? Michael is intrigued! Also this week: Megan reads aloud from her old journals, and Michael weighs the perks and perils of becoming a firefighter. 

65 perc 1. évad 11. rész 100thingsinajar

A late 90s one-hit wonder is the inspiration behind this week's episode - and some inspired a capella from your happy hosts. After a little topic-hopping (destructive children, fitness goals and a small ode to Deep Blue Something), Michael and Megan delve into some of their not-so-great life moments, and how they bounced back. So grab your whiskey drink, or your vodka drink, or your cider drink or whatever the hell you drink, and enjoy this week's reach into the jar. 

60 perc 1. évad 10. rész 100thingsinajar

Grammar lessons, tales of untimely farts, a call-in from Michael's mother and an attempt to answer a question even the smartest, most insightful minds in history have failed to—all this and more is included in our TENTH EPISODE. That's right, we've made it into the double-digits, thanks to you, our loyal listeners. Come to think of it, we are here because of YOU!

63 perc 1. évad 9. rész 100thingsinajar

After a hiatus from recording due to some everyday life roadblocks like vomiting kids, general testiness and a bad case of "pepper hands", Mike and Megan settle down for another bottle of red and deliver lucky episode 9. After the usual back and forth banter, the jar offers the topic of dream careers. While Mike doesn't quite seem sure what his dream career may be, Megan's dream has the possibility of one day becoming a reality. 

77 perc 1. évad 8. rész 100thingsinajar

After 7 episodes Mike and Megan feel comfortable enough to have some guests join them in the kitchen, and as usual the friends they have invited do not disappoint. John and Antoinette stop by and sit in for what is by far our most random topic to date. Luckily a tale as old of time known as the 2014 Beerfest Debacle, provides a welcome departure from the confounding topic the jar provides and results in one of the funniest and most fun shows to date. 

59 perc 1. évad 7. rész 100thingsinajar

Lucky episode seven opens with why we love “Naïve Melody” so much, then flashes back to our wedding day and Megan’s wardrobe malfunction—which Michael still hasn’t gotten over. We also discuss life goals, fear of failure, and why, in times of distress, it’s always wise to go to your happy place. Grab a sleeve of Thin Mints, your favorite latex partner and enjoy the show. 

56 perc 1. évad 6. rész 100thingsinajar

Low-budget wine and high-end philosophy are at the center of this episode, the first we recorded since taking the podcast public. Megan's college roommate provides the topic, as well as a trip down memory lane. There are detours, too, of course—into Star Wars territory, the debacle that was this year's Oscars, just how tall Mike is (or isn't) and, hey, what ARE lady lumps anyway? But take heart: we explore some enlightening subjects, and in the end—all shall be well.

89 perc 57. rész

Well, it’s been a while. Long enough to grow and deliver another human, actually. But Mike and Megan are back, hopefully more regularly now that the dumpster fire of 2020 is behind them. This episode features your intrepid hosts covering a range of topics including the benefits of having 12 fingers, secret squirrel revolutions, the “new normal” of COVID living, and the perks of mentioning Disney World on a podcast. They also delve into weightier things, like loss and grief, perspective and the afterlife, and whether or not “soulmates” are a thing. You’ve waited so patiently—as long as it took your mama to grow you—and now you’ve been rewarded with a fresh episode of 100 Things in a Jar, new but not improved, exactly the same baloney as before. You’re welcome. PS: Disney! Disney! Disney! 

40 perc 34. rész 100thingsinajar
The deck is stacked against Mike and Megan this week. A stubborn stomach bug, our first technical difficulty and toddlers falling out of bed are just some of the adversities making Episode 4 a challenge at times. But what begins as a conversation about tattoos, evolves into Megan getting to showcase a never before heard talent that amazes Michael and saves the day.
46 perc 5. rész 100thingsinajar
Kids, you may want to listen with a parent because this week's episode deals with some serious topics such as God, religion, prayer and the many dangerous mishaps of the kids on Diff'rent Strokes. All this and more on a very special episode of 100 Things In A Jar!E-mail us comments, show suggestions and whatever else you deem appropriate at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE RATE AND REVIEW at ITUNES or STITCHER or at WORDPRESS . Thanks for listening.
40 perc 4. rész 100thingsinajar
The deck is stacked against Mike and Megan this week. A stubborn stomach bug, our first technical difficulty and toddlers falling out of bed are just some of the adversities making Episode 4 a challenge at times. But what begins as a conversation about tattoos evolves into Megan getting to showcase an as of yet unheard of hidden and amazing talent.
44 perc 3. rész 100thingsinajar
In case the title doesn't hammer it home, this episode defies description. Let's just say there's no doubt who supplied the topic. Only one person we know would use permanent marker on both sides of the paper. Topics discussed include Megan's first trip to the Captain's quarters, does anyone really die anymore and what color is your hole? For your sake we hope it isn't blue.
48 perc 2. rész 100thingsinajar
We’re back for more. And we hope you are too. But beware: Mike is grumpy! (Who knew you actually had to pay to get your garbage hauled away?) Luckily Megan interrupts an epic rant and saves the ship from sinking entirely. In this episode, we cover Mike’s desire to be Ryan Gosling for a day, the perks of aging (there are a few), developing a sense of creative urgency, and why Megan married “that idiot.”
43 perc 1. rész 100thingsinajar
Our first episode ever! Wherein we explain who we are and what in the world we’re doing with this big glass jar full of paper. Please listen! But before you listen, listen: we’re new to this. We’re winging it here. We go off topic frequently and use grown-up words. In this particular episode we cover booze, introverts versus extroverts, tips for handling adversity, and all the things you can do with a lemon.
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