Anthony Moll and Cece discuss all things books, including awards, festivals and new trends in the publishing industry. They'll talk about the poetry, fiction and memoir on the their bookshelves. They'll also chat with fellow writers and lit educators from the local and national scene. And just like your Twitter feed, they will inject a dose of #popculture in every podcast. Think of it as a scholarly critique gumbo with a dash of ratchet. Tune in with a cup of coffee or some whiskey neat.

Mason Jar Press Arts 3 évad 31 rész A literary podcast
Ep 3.7 Place Is Our First Poetics
65 perc 3. évad 7. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!


Steven’s website:

Steven on Twitter:

The Understudy’s Handbook:

Best American Poetry 2020:

"Playing Levee" by Steven Leyva:

Billy Porter talking Kinky Boots audition:

“At Pegasus” by Terrance Hayes:

Nene Leakes retires:

Andy Cohen's Shady NeNe Leakes goodbye IG post:

National Book Award Longlist, Poetry:

National Book Award Longlist, Nonfiction:

How to Make a Slave, Jerald Walker:

Star Trek: Picard Emmy:

Star Trek trans and nonbinary characters:

Baltimore Tornado Watch:

Ep 3.6 Tell the Truth—Artfully
61 perc 3. évad 6. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!


Raising King, Joseph’s latest book:

Joseph’s Website:


NBA Strike: Protest:



Mrs. America:

Cash Cab:

Halt and Catch Fire:

Supermarket Sweep:

Smashmouth/Sturgis News:

Update: Worse News about Sturgis:

Jacquard Topper Jacket:

USPS Political Delays:

USPS Crop Top:

Designer Jonathan Olivares:

DC Poets Against the War

Roger Goodell's Kapernick roll-back

Ep 3.4 Walking the Distance Together
52 perc 3. évad 4. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Lilly’s website

Burn it Down

Publishing during a catastrophe

Santa Fe Writers Project (SFWP)

Kanye West & Chance The Rapper

Jada & Will

Correcting Hamilton

Full-Circle Donuts Alliance

Undone trailer

Terry Crews Tweet about Yeezy

Nas's Documentary, Nas: Time is Illmatic

Ep 3.3 Clean Oxygen for Intimate Gatherings
54 perc 3. évad 3. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!


Charm City Books:

CCB on Instagram:

CCB on YouTube (with Once Upon a Time:

Raven Bookstore :

Danny Caine:

Continental Breakfast:

El Dorado Freddy’s:

Book Benefactors

Amazon fires whistleblowing employees:

Vince McMahon Advising Trump:

WWE as essential business:

WWE cutting on-screen talent:

Hulk Hogan sucks:

Ultimate Warrior sucks:

Sami Zayn does not suck
(Correction: Syria, not Palestine):

SNL at home:


Grand Central:

Ep 2.11 2020 Vision
59 perc 2. évad 11. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!


Big Familia by Tomas Moniz

…. And Other Disasters by Malka Older

Continental Breakfast by Danny Caine

Out of Step: A Memoir

Lambda Literary Awards

Broken Plate Pendants

American Herstory

Amy Sherald

Misrepresented Peoples anthology

What Saves Us anthology

The Irishman


Toy Story 4



Hearts Beat Loud


“This is America”


Father of the Bride album

good kid, m.A.A.d city

“Old Town Road”

“Diddy Bop”

“Someone Like You”



Star Trek: Discovery

Game of Thrones

Black Panther

Billy Porter

Michael B. Jordan

Mahershala Ali

Olivia Coleman

Ep 2.10 The Stuff That We Inflict Upon Ourselves
66 perc 2. évad 10. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Malka Older

…and Other Disasters

Orphan Black: The Next Chapter

Clone club

Daniel Jose Older on Twitter

The Centenal Cycle



Clinton and The Duchess of Sussex meet

Frogmore Cottage

Queen Elizabeth II no longer wearing fur

The Crown, s3

Alice Munro is Alive

John Legend is the sexiest man alive

1995 John Legend

1995 Idris Elba


Ep2.9 You Are In the Game
53 perc 2. évad 9. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!


Susan Muaddi Durraj

“No Shame in Our Game” community college essay

Farrah Rocks Fifth Grade

Billy Porter on men wearing dresses

Halftime Performance

MacArthur Grant Winners

Mattel Creatable Worlds




Toni Morrison's influence on the publishing industry

Baltimore Review

Susan's Inheritance of Exile: Stories from South Philly

"Black Kids Don't Want to Write about Harriet Tubman All The Time"

Billy Porter's Emmy Acceptance Speech

Greta Thunberg

Ep 2.8 In the Mush
49 perc 2. évad 8. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!



Lauren Groff

Smithsonian interview

Rumpus interview

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry donate to a pool in Mozambique

Meghan Markle and the Queen are friends

The Crown Season 3

Jonathan Van Ness

JVN's new book "Over the Top"

Barry Renewed for Season 3

Ellen Degeneres new stand up

National book Awards Non Fiction Award Longlist

National Book Awards Fiction LongList

National Book Awards Poetry LongList

Old Man in The Sea

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Infinite Jest

Doomstead Days

Ep. 2.6 A Drink for Every Season
51 perc 2. évad 6. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Cece and Anthony are joined this month by Tyler Mendelsohn , author of the new memoir Laurel (Ink Press Productions, 2019). The group discuss Tyler’s band, Cool Judy (2:30), themes in the new book (7:30), writing about family (12:30), how to name a book that is, in part, about names (16:30), and referencing other texts within a memoir (21:15). In the Pop! section, the group discuss the FX show Pose (30:15), Janet Mock (34:15), Joy Harjo (35:30), and what a potential remake of the movie, The Craft, could look like (38:15). Finally, in the Bang! section, the trio dish on their favorite summer drinks (40:30).


Tyler’s Book

Ink Press Productions

MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts, University of Baltimore

The Story of My Name Project


Billy Porter gown

Billy Porter being carried

Janet Mock on Netflix

Joy Harjo

Original The Craft film

The Craft reboot

The Craft casing call


Non alcoholic red wine and others

Pose renewed for season 3

Generational breakdowns

Tyler’s book launch

Ep. 2.5 No One Taught Me How to be a Person
59 perc 2. évad 5. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!


Horror Punk

Richard Hell and the Voidoids

Glenn Danzig

Lester Bangs’ Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung

Hanif Abdurraqib’s They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us

Jaime Fountaine’s Manhunt, part of the Novella Series by Mason Jar Press

Tattooed Mom

Novella Tour Kickoff

Tire Fire Presents

Carmen Maria Machado’s Her Body and Other Parties

Tommy Pico

Beyoncé and Nichole Curran

Meghan Markle Misses Trump Visit


John Waters’ Mr. Know It All

“Constructive Summer,” The Hold Steady

“Summertime,” Will Smith

Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You

Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”

Mariah Carey’s The Emancipation of Mimi

Ep. 2.2 Birthday of Love
101 perc 2. évad 2. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!
In this fully-loaded episode, Anthony and Cece are joined by Teri Ellen Cross Davis, Hayes Davis, Nate Brown, and Thea Brown—two literary couples. The group discuss current projects (11:30), humor in poetry (43:00), and what it's like to be in a literary couple (0:48:15). In the Pop! section, the group do some quick pop culture roundups (00:59:15), then discuss in depth about Kamala Harris (1:04:00), and end the section with a discussion of Derry Girls (1:15:15). The group then spend the Bang! section reliving their worst dates (1:24:45).
Ep. 1.10 Live from Baltimore Bookfest!
39 perc 1. évad 11. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!


FORCE Healing Hike fundraiser

Fiona Apple's Acceptance Speech at the 1997 Video Music Awards

Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

Sinead O'Connor ripping Pope picture – “Fight the real enemy”

Ego Nwodim – Baltimore Native a player on Saturday Night Live

Interstate 83

Baltimore Red Line

Lester Spence

Jaan Kapelinski

The Ultimate Volta
54 perc 1. évad 10. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Anagnorisis -

Ross Gay's "Within Two Weeks the African American Poet Ross Gay is Mistaken for Both the African American Poet Terrance Hayes and the African American Poet Kyle Dargan, Not One of Whom Looks Anything Like the Others":

Eve Ewing to Write Ironheart:

Like a Prayer Video:

Madonna "Tribute:"

Kelly Marie Tran: I Won’t Be Marginalized by Online Harassment:

Crazy Rich Asians:


Carlito’s Way (Starring Penelope Ann Miller, not Michelle Pfeiffer):

The Usual Suspects:

Escape from Planet of the Apes:

Yona Harvey, the first black female writer for Marvel

Kyle Dargan's poem "In 2016, the African-American Poet Kyle Dragan is Asked to Consider Writing More Like the African American Poet Ross Gay"

Kevin Young

EyeWear Publishing Scandal

Death of a Salesman play

Fatimah Asghar's book If They Come for Us

Ep 1.8 Our Lady of Almost Obscure Causes
65 perc 1. évad 9. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

In this special episode of Lit!Pop!Bong!, hosts Anthony and Cece are on location at the OutWrite DC with Michelle Tea. First, we hear a reading from Michelle at a reading at OutWrite (5:30), and Michelle answers some questions from Anthony and Cece (31:00). Our hosts were then able to catch up with Michelle for the Pop! section (42:00) where the three discuss 23andMe, Black Girl Magic on fashion magazines (48:15), and the diversity of the new season trailer of Star Trek (50:45). Finally, in the Bang! section (55:30), Michelle, Anthony, and Cece share lesser known historical figures they want you to Google.


Full HAGS essay:

Against Memoir:

Modern Tarot:

Time Square:

The City to a Young Girl by Jody Caravaglia


Beyonce's Vogue Cover

Tracee Ellis Ross Elle Canada Cover

Tiffany Haddish Glamour Cover

Tyler Mitchell

Star Trek Discover, Season 2

Pamela Colman Smith

Mary Ellen Pleasant

Bayard Rustin

I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin's Life in Letter

I Can't Believe You've Never Seen The Movie Hook!
51 perc 1. évad 6. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

In this months episode, Anthony and Cece are guest free. They discuss the panels they've been on lately (1:20), Anthony's new book (5:30), the Split This Rock Festival (15:50), and other going-ons (20:00). In the Pop section (26:15), Kanye West is examined as well as the White House Correspondents' Dinner (35:45). Finally, in the Bang section, Cece and Antony trade first celebrity crushes (42:15) and maybe even sing a little.

Show Links:

City Lit Project
Out of Step: A Memoir

Split This Rock Festival

Baltimore Youth Poet Laureate Competition

Mayor Catherine Pugh’s Poetry

Kanye tweet


21 Jump Street

Johnny Depp Sucks

The Wizard

“Cool it Now”

Ep 1.4 Scrooge McDuck of Poetry
62 perc 1. évad 5. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Cece and Anthony are joined by Dora Malech for our poetry month episode. In this episode, the group discuss Dora's background and what she's up to now (1:20), what Dora loves about poetry (6:50), and what she wishes she could change about it (12:30). Dora then speaks toward the sonic nature of her poetry (20:50) and what it was like publishing with a UK press (24:00). In the pop section, the group tackle the proposed cultural appropriation of Bruno Mars (28:35) and the issues with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook at large (42:30). Finally, in the Bang section, the group share their most embarrassing stories from the literary world (51:55).

Dora Malech Faculty Page 

Love poem by Dora Mallech:

Dora's blogs on Kenyon Review:

Cathy Park Hong essay:

Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder

Story about Bruno Mars

Story about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

"Introduction to Poetry" by Billy Collins

Ep 1.3 Thank God for Representation
64 perc 1. évad 4. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Recorded before news broke about the closing of the Baltimore Beat, Anthony and Cece speak with the Editor-in-Chief of that publication, Lisa Snowden-McCray. In this episode, the group discuss Lisa's path to journalism (3:00), to the Beat (10:50), and the state of journalism as an institution and business (14:45). Later, in the Pop section, Anthony, Celeste, and Lisa talk Black Panther and black representation in media (28:30) and the reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix (41:45). In the Bang segment, Anthony crowd-sources how he can find new music (52:15).

The critical review written on Black Panther from the Boston Review

The World of Wakanda

Washington Blade

Baltimore Beat

Rose McGowan confronted by Trans woman

Splendid Table

Out of the Blocks

Ep 1.2 Bring Poetry to Your Meetings
61 perc 1. évad 3. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Cece and Anthony are joined by poet and "Split This Rock" co-founder, Sarah Browning, to discuss life, poetry, and politics (0:00). Later, Cece and Anthony talk Fire and Fury (36:30), Game of Thrones hiatus (41:50). and the Olympics (46:00). Sarah then rejoins the hosts to imagine their dream literary course to teach/take (53:10).

Split This Rock

The Quarry

Killing Summer by Sarah Browning

Open Culture

 “Ballad of Orange and Grape” by Muriel Rukeyser

Astoria Books

Follow us on Twitter

Ep 1.1—No Apologies 2018
41 perc 1. évad 2. rész Mason Jar Press

Cece and Anthony talk with current and previous Youth Poet Laureates of Baltimore, Mohammed Tall and Hannah Sawyerr (0:16) . Later, they discuss banned words at the CDC (21:15), Omarosa's resignation (29:31) and the people they want to see less of in the coming year (37:10). 

Mohammed's poem Do the Right Thing

Hannah's website and book For Girls Growing into Their Hips

Letter to my Daughter by Maya Angelou

Banned Words:

Omarosa resignation:

March Trilogy from Rep. John Lewis:

Ep 0.0—The Pilot
27 perc 1. évad 1. rész Lit!Pop!Bang!

Get to know hosts Anthony Moll and Cece as they break down what to expect from Lit!Pop!Bang! In this introductory episode, Anthony and Cece discuss their current writing projects (1:05), try to define Lit!Pop!Bang (10:30), who they're reading right now (13:10), possible guests (17:30), and play Marry, Kill...Bang (20:00) to finish out the episode.

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