UnBroken Jars Podcast

UnBroken Jars Podcast

“UnBroken Jars” is a podcast where we explore Real stories of Real Life and Real Faith. The light of Jesus shines through the darkness. We carry this light in “UnBroken Jars” of clay. We have a life story. In that life story is our faith journey. We are not struck down or destroyed. Our life stories shine the light on Jesus and his power. Jesus continues to use real stories of those around us to mold us into his image. Doug Smith and Randy Fowler dive into this world by investigating, interviewing and walking alongside real people who share their stories. These faith stories, of struggle, sin, joy and victory and how God is leading them will help shape your faith journey in “UnBroken Jars” of clay.

unbrokenjars Religion & Spirituality 10 rész Offering strength and courage knowing all people have a story
Episode 10 "A Real Life Faith"
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Episode 10 we invite Micah Cobb the campus minister at Auburn University to join us and share his faith journey. He also shares his thoughts on a real life faith in college student that he works with. Micah has great insight! It's worth a listen. 

Episode 9 "An Unwanted Journey"
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The thought of losing a child at any age is an overwhelming nightmare! Bob and Cindy Rieder after losing their son share their journey and faith walk through grief and life. Your heart will be touched by their story and encouraged by their faith! 

Episode 8 "Finding Peace in Great Loss"
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In Episode 8 Jason Bybee shares his story of growing up. The great loss that he experiences will break your heart, but allow you to see the peace that God can offer in the middle of that great loss. Join us as we walk with Jason through some of his faith journey. 

Episode7 "Loving the Forgotten"
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Our conversation with Andrea Williams will pull you in and warm your heart as she shares her love and passion that God placed in front of her for working with the mental and physical challenged individuals at 305 8th street.

Finding "HisWay" after finding the bottom
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Episode 6 has us in a discussion with Tom Reynolds  the executive director at "His Way" a christian recovery treatment center for men. Tom shares his story and how his faith journey brought him into contact with God working on men stuck in addiction. Join us as we hear his story and hear a challenge for our lives to live out our faith opportunities that are right in front of us. 

Saving Our Sons (SOS)
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Episode 5 introduces our friend April Bodie. She's a mother to 5 and a momma to many. You will want to hear the passion for God and her community. Saving our Sons is about education and open minds. 

Showering Grace, Hope and Love
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Episode 4 We interview Taylor Reed who volunteers with "Shower Up". "Shower Up" is a community based project that reaches into the homeless community with the goal of offering the basic opportunity to get clean. The Mission is simple "to build relationships, restore hope and dignity, and show the love of God with those in need by providing them with shower services and personal care." 

Episode 3 "Faith Feeds Others"
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In this episode we interview Fran Fluhler and get to hear how God led and she followed. Now she runs a nonprofit food distribution known as "Manna House" were each week she helps feed people who are hungry in our community and that's not even her full time job. Her story will encourage, inspire and challenge the Spirit in you to do more with the gifts you've been given!

T-shirts impact community
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(Updated Sound So Interviewer Can Be Heard. Sorry New to Podcasting)

Episode 2 leads us into a discussion with Jon Fowler about his creative t-shirt ideas and the impact they have had on our local community and his faith. Join us and take a peak behind the creative brain of FowWow designs. You'll love the Jesus in this guy!

Board Games and Mission
30 perc 1. rész unbrokenjars

Join us as we discuss with Dean Dunning about his interest in board gaming and how he's taken that interest and turned it into something that honors God. 

In world where so much time is filled with screens  the idea of board gaming is a refreshing move toward simplifying life and building community. Join us on this podcast and you'll find yourself thinking about how to simplify your life and what hobbies or interest of yours you can use to glorify God. 

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