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History is too important to be left to the left. The Conservative Historian provides content and opinions on conservative thinking through the prism of history.

Bel Aves History 69 rész History is too important to be left to the left. The Conservative Historian provides content and opinions on conservative thinking through the prism of history.
A Brief History of "Media"
31 perc 69. rész Bel Aves

Media is intended as a conveyance of information in the form of news, facts and data.  Opinion is a judgement not necessarily based in fact.  Which do you think our media practices today?  Has media ever really provided news.  

Meghan and Harry and the Monarchial Presidency
22 perc 68. rész Bel Aves

We get it - you are probably on Meghan overload but we explore two aspects of this interview that have been lightly covered. What is the relationship of our government to the concept of Chief of State, a role in the UK held by the monarchy.  And why so little comment on the relationship of racism to the billionaire who conducted the interview?  

Presidential Priest Kings
31 perc 67. rész Bel Aves

In just the past 10 years, those who claim a religion has dropped precipitously. But who needs religion when we have politics to fill the spiritual gap.   

The CH Fixes Seven Liberal Movies
34 perc 66. rész Bel Aves

Hollywood movies tend to be dominated by liberal thought.  We are changing that with fixes to seven movies, including Avatar and Good Will Hunting that will speak to the conservative in all of us.  

Cleveland Trump and Teddy and the Hard Math
31 perc 65. rész Bel Aves

Both the Republican Party leadership and a good chunk of its base still adheres to Donald Trump.  This podcasts explores how history, and simple math, make this a dire prospect.  

Mansa Musa - African Titan
20 perc 64. rész Bel Aves

There is lot of American History, innumerable Lincoln biographies and a bunch of "America is bad" canon.  We leave the shores of the U.S. to Sub-Saharan Africa to learn about Mansa Musa, and what this subject means to today's historical debates.  

Washington vs. Du Bois: The Fight for the African American Identity
33 perc 63. rész Bel Aves
GameStop and the Ghost of JP Morgan
28 perc 62. rész

Amidst a financial crisis, banker JP Morgan stepped in solved the issue preventing financial calamity.  Since, then, any crisis, both real and made up, have been conjured to justify governmental intervention.  Will the GameStop short squeeze be different?  We talk about everything from short squeezes to Roman banking. 

Activists - The Running Sore on the Body Politic
27 perc 61. rész Bel Aves

A central pillar of conservatism is the preservation of freedom of speech, in all its sometimes ugly aspects.   But we also believe that as a republic, officials elected by the people should be the primary determinants of governance.  Activism often subverts this principle and lately, is having a perverse affect on our politics.  

Augustus Caesar - What History has to Teach
22 perc 60. rész

There is a movement afoot among the progressives who run Big Education to try to omit ancient history from the curricula to make room for Critical Race Theory and programs like the 1619 Project.  Ancient History has a lot more to teach us and in the podcast, we learn from one of the most influential figures of that, or any other time.  

A Peaceful March on Washington
20 perc 59. rész Bel Aves

In 1894 Jacob S. Coxey led a march on Washington.  Coxey wanted to compel the national government to provide unemployed workers with jobs, and do so in a peaceful manner.  This was the first time that such a march had been conducted as most protests of this type was aimed at local governments.  Additionally, to ensure a peaceful protest, Coxey dressed his own 17 year old daughter as the Goddess of Peace.  Though initially unsuccessful, many of Coxey’s goals were later enacted.  Contrast this with the protest on January 6, 2021.  Learn more in this podcast.  

Ida Tarbell, John D Rockefeller, and the Falsity of Progressive History
20 perc 58. rész

Ida Tarbell has been continuously celebrated by her attack on John D. Rockefeller and his Standard Oil Corporation.  Her narrative, which set a "standard" for journalism and history, was based on half truths and personal bias.  

Conservatism at the Crossroads
32 perc 57. rész Bel Aves

When Lucius Cornelius Sulla marched on Rome, he set a precedent but the seeds of his march were sown before his decision.  When thugs invaded out capitol building on January 6, 2021, it was unprecedented but the seeds were sown before Donald Trump's incitement.  

The seeds are recent adoptions by right wing elements of the Left's playbook: victim status, grievance and anger.  So do conservatives wish to adopt these divisive and toxic attributes or is there a better way?  

Two Days that Cost Donald Trump the Presidency
30 perc 57. rész Bel Aves

Regardless of all the challenges and theories, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.  This podcast shows that had Donald Trump handled two critical days differently, he would still be president after January 20th, 2021.  

Monopolies are Very Bad - Except Big Education Part II
36 perc 56. rész Bel Aves

This is the second part to our piece about the monopolistic power of Big Education.  

Monopolies are Very Bad - Except Big Education Part I
29 perc 55. rész Bel Aves

In this two part podcast, we explore supposed monopolies such as Standard Oil, IBM and now, Facebook.  Were these entities "harmful" to consumers?  In Part II we explore a TRUE monopoly and we shall see whether it is harmful.  

Guns, Opportunities and Gender
21 perc 54. rész Bel Aves

The gun revolutionized feudal and early modern society.  The information age is having the same effect on gender roles.  Learn more in this podcast.  

Western Colonialism - A Different Perspective
21 perc 53. rész Bel Aves

The academy, many journalists and additional platforms teach that the reason nations in Africa, South America and South Asia cannot prosper is the legacy of colonialism.  This podcast provides a different perspective.  

Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News (or the prognosis)
18 perc 52. rész Bel Aves

Is Jill Biden a real doctor?  Is questioning whether she is a real doctor make one a misogynist? Is Edith Boling Wilson an archetype for the incoming administration.  We answer these questions and more! 

Walter Williams - A Different Way
20 perc 51. rész Bel Aves

For over 60 years, Walter Williams offered a different view on race, poverty, and liberty.  This past week he passed away and he will be sorely missed.  Learn more about this great man and his views.  

Top 14 Least Historically Accurate Movies
23 perc 50. rész

Some of the movies you might know (Braveheart, 300) but have you heard of Dragon Blade?  That is the movie where the guy from Say Anything who holds a boom box above his head portrays a Roman General - in China!  Smoke these movies, but do not inhale for historical accuracy.  

Barack Obama: The Promise and the Promised Land
43 perc 49. rész Bel Aves

In 2004, during a stirring Democratic National Convention address, Barack Obama made an implicit promise with the American people.  If we elected him, he would help guide nation to one that truly valued one on their character, not the color of their skin.  In 2020 he was written his third (and counting) autobiography, The Promised Land.  What is this Promised Land and what happened to the promise of Barack Obama.  

Historical Book Shelf Volume 1
24 perc 48. rész Bel Aves

Here we take a look at 14 books that are must (and entertaining) reading for any historians book shelf.  

Six Reasons to Keep the Electoral College
36 perc 47. rész Bel Aves

The Electoral College has been a part of elections in 58 contests.  In the age of Trump this 200 year old system is under fire.  Learn why it is vital to the health of our Republic to keep the Electoral College firmly in place.  

Alexander of Macedon and the Sometimes Badness of Being "Great"
18 perc 46. rész Bel Aves

We are told to be "great."  But what does this really mean?  It often entails making big things happen.  This can often be a good thing, but not always.  

NPR and PBS – A Case for Privatization
27 perc 45. rész Bel Aves

Like so much media today, the content of NPR and PBS carries a bias, a specific viewpoint.  It is not enough that we disagree with the leftist content and opinions extolled on through the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.  We oppose the government being in the new opinion business altogether.  

A Selected History of Presidential Defeats
27 perc 44. rész Bel Aves

We have now featured 58 presidential elections, and have 45 or 46 presidents (depending on the recounts).  Not all of the disparity of these numbers are due to deaths in office nor those wishing to serve one term.  Eight presidents have lost elections having served one term.  And as of this writing, it could nine.  Learn more about those who ran but came up short.  

Conservative Historian Book Excerpt Number 3
15 perc 43. rész Bel Aves

In the final excerpt from our book we provide two pieces of free content.  The first is a column on Climate Change entitled Climate Change - 200 Million Years Ago. The second piece is a slice from a ranking of the greatest admirals in history.  The book is available in hard cover and Kindle versions on Amazon.  

A Wariness of Certitude
18 perc 42. rész Bel Aves

Progressives make their plans on the reordering of society with total certitude.  History proves this is not a good thing.  Learn more in this podcast.  

Bruce Springsteen, Joe Biden, and Conservatism
15 perc 41. rész Bel Aves

As the election nears its conclusion (at least until the recounts begin) Biden is being supported by none other than the "Boss" himself, Bruce Springsteen.  Art can transcend the vision of the artist and this in case, it does.  Bruce's earliest, and most popular works, are anthems to conservatism.  Listen here to find out how.  

Movies, Mayhem and the Media - An Interview with Gustavus Aves
49 perc 40. rész Bel Aves

What is the secret to predicting presidents?  Why has the media become so divisive?  Was Lawrence of Arabia or Citizen Kane the best movie ever made?  We tackle these issues and many more.  I am joined in the studio by a guy who is like a brother to me.  Well actually he is my brother and his take on presidents and movies is - unique!  

Conservative Historian Book - Free Excerpt Number 2
12 perc 39. rész Bel Aves

In this excerpt from the Conservative Historian Book - Collected Works, we look at the criteria for ranking out 45 presidents.  We also offer a sneak peak at number 16 (hint, the skipper of PT 109.  

Conservative Historian Book Free Excerpt - "On History"
11 perc 37. rész Bel Aves

Our new book, Conservative Historian - Collected Works is available for sale on Amazon.  This is an excerpt from the first essay in the book called "On History."  This essay addresses the best goal for a historian and how history is used in the United States today.  Hope you like this free excerpt! 

Patrisse Cullors vs. Shelby Steele - A Tale of Two African American Voices
23 perc 36. rész Bel Aves

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of BLM,  just signed a big deal with Warner Media to produce original content.  Shelby Steele, a prominent, conservative author, and his son Eli, had their new documentary about Michael Brown cancelled by Amazon.  This is the tale of black voices in America today.  

The Post Presidential Money Grab
21 perc 35. rész Bel Aves

Jefferson and Madison died in poverty.  Barring a timely loan, John Adams might have faced the same fate.  There are questions today about Joe Biden's family making money in corrupt fashion but for Post Presidents, there is no need to cross ethical lines.  There are a myriad of legal ways to make vast amounts of money all  in the light of day.  Learn more on this podcast.  

The Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and Social Security
17 perc 34. rész Bel Aves

Fourth Dynasty Egypt was the preeminent nation of its age, then they spent their resources on the pyramids.  The Moguls towered over India, then Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal.  By contrast the Persians and Romans built roads and bridges.  So what is 21st Century America spending on today?  Buildings? Infrastructure? Or something else?  Learn more in this podcast.  

Lamentations of Our Times
23 perc 33. rész Bel Aves

According to the Left and much of our media, we must lament the scourges of systematic racism, disease, and hunger in America.  But how do these lamentations compare with the facts, both of today, and of history?  Learn more in this podcast.  

Dr. Seuss and the College Experience
12 perc 32. rész Bel Aves

The Sneetches was not just a parable about race, but about status signaling. Yertel the Turtle was not just about totalitarianism but about arrogance.  What can these stories teach us about the college experience?  Learn more here.  

Joe Biden, Henry Wallace, the election of 1944, and Kamala Harris
16 perc 31. rész Bel Aves

In 1944, Franklin Roosevelt dumped VP Henry Wallace from the ticket. Why? That was the last time that a person running for president knew they would not finish their term.  The progressive Wallace was dumped for the stalwart Harry S Truman.  2020 could be such as year because Joe Biden will not finish his term making the choice of Harris all the more important.  

The Supreme Court of United States: Selected History
53 perc 30. rész Bel Aves

Thirty years ago David Souter, nominated by a Republican president, won confirmation by a vote of 90-9. Amy Coney Barret will be lucky to get 53 votes. What has happened in the past 30 years, and over the course of the history of our Republic, that has changed in regard to SOTUS. 

Reason for Being: The People’s Party and the BLM Organization
26 perc 29. rész Bel Aves

What happens to BLM when police reform is achieved?  What about Fair Fight, Cut 50 and Know Your Rights Camp? Is the reason for being to achieve racial equality or to perpetuate its own existence?  The People's Party existed for about eight years then went away.  But that will not happen with BLM.  To learn more, listen in.  

Joe Biden and the Potemkin Campaign
25 perc 28. rész Bel Aves

Did Grigory Potemkin really build fake villages to fool his empress (and lover)? Whether he did or did not the term Potemkin Villages has come to mean a facade put in place of something real.  Joe Biden is the Potemkin candidate and his managers are running a Potemkin campaign.  Learn more in this podcast.  

The Maginot Line and American Politics
18 perc 27. rész Bel Aves

The construction of the Maginot Line was the best military decision of of 1914.  Unfortunately it was built 20 years later.  We like to use history to help us inform our decisions but we often are fighting the last battle, not the present one.  The election dates of 1968, 1972 and 2016 are batted about in regard to 2020.  Why is this wrong? Learn more in this podcast.  

The Vice Presidential Choice through U.S. History
18 perc 26. rész

Before Biden chose Harris, there was Adams, Burr and even Teddy Roosevelt.  The history of those running for Vice President is long, and sometimes tortuous.  Yet as Adams stated, "I am Vice President. In this, I am nothing, but I may be everything.” 

Vive la révolution: The French Revolution and Modern American Protests
18 perc 25. rész

The BLM protesters brought a guillotine to Washington D.C. and murdered Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos (??) in effigy.  What do we know about the real use of this terror device. What do we know about the French Revolution and its, and socialism's, intellectual godfather Jean Jacques Rousseau? Learn More in this podcast.  

What Makes Civilizations Strong
18 perc 24. rész Bel Aves

In the fifth century CE, the Western Roman Empire fell and with it we moved from the Ancient to the Medieval worlds.  What was lost an what are the lessons for America today?  This podcast features Thomas Cahill, Vince Lombardi, St. Patrick and Augustine of Hippo.  

Elections that Actually Did Change Everything
19 perc 23. rész Bel Aves

Now that election season is in full swing we will be inundated by "this is the most important election ever" rhetoric.  Is this really the case? Maybe.  But for a historical view into American elections that actually DID CHANGE everything, please listen to this podcast.  Bel Aves. 

Top 20 Historical Movies
32 perc 22. rész Bel Aves

What does 4th Century Alexandrian Professor, a 12th century English Royal Family, a 13th century Mongolian, and a 20th century Rwandan Hotel Owner have in common?  They are all part of our Top 20 Historical Movies.  

COVID Chronicles: Three Pieces about the Coronavirus
28 perc 21. rész Bel Aves

Instead of issuing three different pieces seperately, we put the following together because they are all about COVID-19.  
Story 1 - A History of Pestilence 
Story 2 - Authoritarianism and Conronavirus
Story 3 - The Link of Coronavirus and Climate Change

The Historical Context of Class Envy, Marxism and the Road to Power
16 perc 20. rész Bel Aves

The use of class envy to accrue political power is centuries old.  But even the Romans did not have to deal with Marxism.  This podcast shows why Marxism is still with us, despite the failures of its economics, and its horrific history of mass murder.  

The Four Pillars of the Academy: Is this Institution Necessary?
48 perc 19. rész Bel Aves

For millennia, colleges have served the purposes of providing instruction, storing knowledge, and creating a platform for critical thinking.  But what is the role of the university today in the United States. This podcast explores the purposes of the university and questions their relevancy.  

Heroes, History, and the Woke Left
19 perc 18. rész Bel Aves

History is rife with heroes. But what was the common thing about historical heroes?  And what does the Woke Left's self conception of their heroism mean for our society?  Learn more on this podcast.  

The Seven Deadly Sins and Conservative Philosophy
20 perc 17. rész Bel Aves

What do the Seven Deadly sins, particularly lust, greed and envy tell us about marriage, capitalism and socialism?  Learn more here.  

Never Sports: Why I am Quitting Support of Sports (At Least for Now)
16 perc 16. rész Bel Aves

It is one thing when an individual player denigrates the nation that made it possible for them to earn millions from playing a game.  It is quite another for the sports league themselves to support this. Add to this the selective condemnation of America but the muzzling of any comment about Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong or treatment of Uighers, and it is time to (SADLY) leave the support of sports behind.  

Follow the Dream, Follow the Money: How a Sultan and a Pope explain the New York Times Pivot
17 perc 15. rész Bel Aves

When Ottoman founder Osman dreamed of taking Constantinople he was following the money.  When Pope Urban II dreamed of retaking the holy land, he inoked the wealth that crusaders might accrue.  Both men were following the money.  This is really what the New York Times pivot from news organization to opinion provision is about.  

Why Reparations is a Bad Idea
32 perc 14. rész Bel Aves

There are several arguments for reparations. Land was promised by Sherman. Injustices have been perpetuated through the centuries.  The example of the West Germans in the early 1950s.  If we can conjure $2 trillion for COVID relief, we can do reparations.  This podcast explores all of these reasons and provides some alternative views.  

Defund the University
37 perc 13. rész Bel Aves

For decades conservatives have spent money on a university system, and been taxed accordingly, to support an institution that increasingly is more an indoctrination factory than a place where critical thinking occurs.  It is time we considered defunding the system.  

Star Trek: Race and Risk in 2020
19 perc 12. rész Bel Aves

Gene Roddenberry's creation was radical in the 1960s.  What does it have to say about 2020. And what about the new iterations of the franchise?  

Systematic Racism: A New View
31 perc 11. rész Bel Aves

Their is little argument that racism exists in the U.S., but what about systematic racism. What systems are keeping inequalities and lack of opportunities in place?  This podcast presents an alternative view on some of the systems that should looked at to create better opportunities for all Americans.  

A Revival of the Case for Term Limits
19 perc 10. rész Bel Aves

With Congress abrogating their responsibilities to either the executive branch (the ACA) or to the Supreme Court (addition to Title VII in Clayton), it is time to reconsider term limits.  Members spend their time fund raising, and avoiding critical votes, in order to keep getting reelected.  Let's make it easier for them.  

The American President Movie - 25 Years Later
14 perc 9. rész Bel Aves

When Rob Reiner's and Aaron Sorkin's The American President was released in 1995, their fictional president was to the left of Bill Clinton.  In many ways "President Shepherd" was the president the creators wanted.  Yet in 2020, the fictional Shepherd would be woefully out of date with his advocacy for Free Speech and antiquated love of country.  See just how much liberal ideology has changed by listening today.  

Trump: TV and Real Life
22 perc 8. rész Bel Aves

Democrats are very good at using crises to advance their agenda and there are a host roiling the country.  Unfortunately, Trump is not providing the type of leadership necessary to lead the country, and to articulate a conservative vision to get us through these times.  The CH is not Never Trump territory, but we are missing a voice.  Here is why.  

The Myth of Publicly Funded Infrastructure
17 perc 7. rész Bel Aves

Infrastructure! It is the answer to ...everything! Actually it often is a boondoggle for politicians to provide a governmental panacea on the economy.  

David Brooks and the American Family
23 perc 6. rész Bel Aves

David Brooks believes that affluence leads to successful marriages and strong families.  But he has it backwards.  Two-parent households lead to affluence, and strong families.  

1619 Project and the Minting of Money
33 perc 5. rész Bel Aves

What is the REAL goal of the 1619 Project? Is it offering an additional history of slavery and its impact on American History?  Or is it about about the insertion of leftist ideology and the selling of of a curriculum?  

China in the Past and Today
35 perc 4. rész Bel Aves

China's past drives much of its present and future.  Experience a brief walk through of China's past and what it means today.  

A Modest Proposal on Climate Change
12 perc 3. rész Bel Aves

Twelve Years! (Actually more like 10 years and five months) until Armageddon.  We need a solution now and this podcast has it!  

Is Healthcare a Right?
12 perc 2. rész Bel Aves

Americans have rights enumerated int the Declaration including Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  But politicians today would say that healthcare is also a "right."  We explore this issue in this podcast.  

Worst Historical Movies
19 perc 1. rész Bel

Some movies depict historical events and figures.  Other movies, that are supposedly historical, are actually ideological.  This list is the latter group.

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