Chatting with Dave

Chatting with Dave

We talk about being an entrepreneur and life in general. We will be inviting a wide variety of guests onto our show! Stay tuned.

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10. My chat with a good friend, business owner, and a professional athlete Scott Croxall
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Tru Local code - croxy25 ig - @scottcroxy business - @teamltd I hope you guys have enjoyed the show!
Episdoe 9. Talk with the GM of Final Touch Vintage!
38 perc 1. évad 9. rész david cho Explicit

Tenzing and I made a fun podcast! We hope you enjoy it!

Episode 8. Talking about Tommy Hilfiger with the man Ozz @Lostinthe6ix
38 perc 1. évad 8. rész david cho Explicit

We chat about his reselling career and the exciting meeting with Tommy Hilfiger himself! Enjoy the show! Follow Ozz @Lostinthe6ix.

Episode. 2 Get to know my mom!
13 perc 1. évad 2. rész david cho

I have the honor of having my mother as a guest on my podcast show. We keep it pretty short while learning a bit about who she is!

Episode 7. Quarantine Podcast with an OG vintage reseller Drew Heifetz!
23 perc 7. rész david cho
Drew has a helpful program designed for resellers. He has over 20 years of experience in the vintage clothing industry. For more info how you can enroll in the program, send him a dm via instagram (@drewheifetz)!
Episode 6. Chatting with Johnny Choi about golf
23 perc 6. rész david cho

We talk about our golfing career and its like on the inside!

Episode. 5 Let's learn about Earl (vintage clothing upcycling)
21 perc 5. rész david cho
We learn more about earl and what he is currently doing with reworking/upcycling textile and what he is planning for the future. 
Episode. 4 What is the point of life?
8 perc 4. rész david cho

My personal experiences and tips on how to stop asking why?

Episode. 3 Social Anxiety
12 perc 3. rész david cho

My personal tips on how to stop caring what people think and perform better at life

Episode. 1 Who is Samuel Kauffman?
28 perc 2. rész david cho

I am so happy that I got to do my first podcast with one of my best friends and the best business partner Samuel Kauffman. Lets learn a thing or two about this man!

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