Bea Amazing

Bea Amazing

Beatrix's podcast about stuff she likes

Beatrix & Nicholas Kids & Family 6 rész Beatrix's podcast about stuff she likes
6: Sports
30 perc 6. rész Beatrix and Nicholas

Beatrix gives her take on various sports.

5: Music
25 perc 5. rész Beatrix & Nicholas

Bea runs down her favorite songs. Click the link below to open the Apple Music playlist of the songs from this episode.

Bea Amazing playlist

4: Movies, Pt 2
19 perc 4. rész Beatrix & Nicholas

A short one this time as Bea finishes up her favorite movies.

3: Movies, Pt 1
32 perc 3. rész Beatrix & Nicholas

Beatrix starts the rundown of her favorite movies.

2: Video Games, Pt 2
49 perc 2. rész Beatrix & Nicholas

Here is part 2 of our discussion of Beatrix's favorite video games.

1: Video Games, Pt 1
31 perc 1. rész Beatrix & Nicholas

Thanks for listening to the first episode of Bea Amazing!

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