Night at Bea's Radio Drama

Night at Bea's Radio Drama

A Presentation Academy Senior Independent Project Production: This recording is a radio drama version of the original script, adapted to this format for accessibility during COVID-19. Synopsis: A teenager is stuck in a diner with an unlovable teacher and some odd diner patrons during a storm. While waiting for phone service, this unlikely group must learn to cope with the mystery that brought them to Bea's Diner. If you enjoyed this production, please consider following the Presentation theatre department on Instagram and Facebook @prestheatredept. Please consider donating or seeing a show!

Holly Kissel Arts 2 rész
Night at Bea's- Act 2
43 perc 2. rész Holly Kissel

Lucy's story continues in Act 2.  With a storm, a radio that turns on without being touched, and her teacher in the bathroom a mysteriously long time, Lucy continues to wait for phone service. 

This production was made possible by the Presentation Academy Senior Independent Project and the Presentation theatre department. Please check out what the Presentation theatre department is working on @prestheatredept on Instagram and Facebook. 

Night at Bea's- Act 1
41 perc 1. rész Holly Kissel

Please enjoy the first act of Night at Bea's, an original radio drama! 

Synopsis: An author faces pressure upon realizing that she has no ideas and a huge case of writer's block until a mysterious teenager enters her office with the story of one night at a diner. 

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