Kirill's House Party

Kirill's House Party

After being exiled from all social media platforms, Kirill returns to podcasting to complain about the world.

Kirill Was Here Comedy 20 rész
Episode 20: Bongolian Shmeast Show
97 perc 21. rész Kirill Was Here

I got Estée and Matt stupid high and we discussed everything from yeast infections, shmegma, shmeast, Albania, Mongolia, Bongolia, cheating, love, music, life, etc... Just trust me... get high and listen along. It's a good one.

Episode 19: The Wolf of Skateboarding
96 perc 20. rész Kirill Was Here


Nick Tucker is a professional skateboarder who for some reason likes me and agreed to come on the podcast. We smoke weed and ramble about our jobs, not dying at 27 and other fun shit.

Episode 18: Getting Killed Off
93 perc 18. rész Kirill Was Here


Alexa Mansour, star of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond, comes by to chat with me about getting fired from a TV show, guys named Timothy, catching pedophiles, fucking hot guys, wigs, bad fathers, immigrants moms and so much more.

Episode 17: Accidentally Becoming Famous (in Spain)
117 perc 17. rész Kirill Was Here


Aly Eckmann comes by to tell me why and how she became famous in Spain. We discuss her moving to Mexico, teaching Spanish, our shared hatred for lisps, filming reality TV shows, sending butthole photos for cash, doing shrooms and all that while we spend most of the time shitting on her sister.

Episode 16: Sucking Dick for Coachella Tickets
109 perc 16. rész Kirill Was Here


Kendra Sunderland is my guest along with my pot dealer Jordan. We discuss her famous library video, porn scenes in regular movies, drugs, ways we would like to die, sucking dick for Coachella tickets, finding a rich white Jamaican man to marry, Bella Thorne joining OnlyFans and Ron Jeremy being a creep.

Episode 15: Deflated Tits & Swallowing Balloons
71 perc 15. rész Kirill Was Here


Blair Williams is back! We spend way too long talking about her deflated tit, getting naked in a church, fucking tall guys and I ask her if she would fuck one of my fans for a contest... At the very end she deepthroats a long balloon. Worth the watch.

Episode 14: A Pornstar Drinks My Pee
120 perc 14. rész Kirill Was Here


During the pandemic I started a podcast to just vent into a microphone after having abandoned several other old podcast projects years ago… I felt the itch again. I recorded the first 12 or so episodes of my podcast at home during the pandemic and it finally came time to take it out of the Dark Ages. I have spent the last few weeks building out a proper studio for what will probably be more for a visual medium than just the auditory nature of podcasts. I don’t know why I’m using big words… basically: more tits and weird shit will happen because we’ve got video capabilities now AND most importantly ALL the content on here is hosted on MY servers so it can’t ever be taken down.

This is the first episode in the new format. I asked Jane Wilde & Rocky Emerson to come help me test out the new studio. They showed me what a standing 69 would look like. Rocky drank my piss. Jane tried out our new buttplugs. It’s a mess of a first episode. Enjoy!

Episode 13: The Drinkin' Bros
78 perc 13. rész Kirill Was Here

I crash The Drinkin' Bros ( podcast house to record this episode. It's a week late because they took forever to send me the files... Anywho... Ross, Dan and I discuss my awful production value, the business of podcasting, being nice to fans, hunting pedophiles, you can't molest teenage boys, terrible business ideas and how I should sell fake military merch so guys can get laid more.

Episode 12: Fedoras Save More Lives Than Masks
83 perc 12. rész Kirill Was Here

My friend Steve and Estée hang out in our backyard as we discuss the history of the fedora. Steve also claims you can survive an underwater bullet being fired at you from 3 feet.

Episode 11: It's Easy to Be an Asshole on the Internet
104 perc 11. rész Kirill Was Here

My manager Yoni Goldberg (of dGi Management) and I talk about the history of Kirill Was Here, how we met, how we navigated my career, how I got fired from gigs, how the world is ending, Yoni's OCD and when will we party again?

Episode 10: Not Cheating Is a Full-time Job
57 perc 10. rész Kirill Was Here

Estée and I complain about finding a place to in LA, she tells a story about blacking out and waking up on a tractor and I make an argument for why cheating isn't THAT bad.

Episode 9: Sucking a Guy's Nipples for $3,000
86 perc 9. rész Kirill Was Here

My friend Hannah ( comes over right after she got done sucking a guy's nipples for $3,000. The story takes over an hour to tell because we went on too many other tangents.

Episode 8: Selling Cocaine in Hebrew School
89 perc 8. rész Kirill Was Here

I've always wanted to talk to Mike Finn and record it. He's a tour manager and one of the nicest humans I know. He's also lived a very strange life... from smoking weed at age 9 at a Puff Daddy concert, to selling cocaine in Hebrew School, to beating up homophobes, to visiting the world's most dangerous street... his stories don't even seem real.

Episode 7: Broke Celebs, Midgets, Blowjobs and a Racist Mattress
74 perc 7. rész Kirill Was Here

I've run out of physical guests so I called my best friend Silent Dan ( We've known each other since 2003 and he's one of the smartest humans I know. He gets very cerebral really quick and I ask him to dumb the podcast down a bit and in turn we end up discussing how broke the cast of "Saved By The Bell" is, getting the best blowjob in LA, going to the emergency room in LA, dancing at nightclubs, midgets and a mattress I saw on the side of the road.

Episode 6: Estée Has No Shame
92 perc 6. rész Kirill Was Here

In honor of our 3 year anniversary of dating (and because I can't get any better guests during a pandemic), I invited Estée to come tell her most embarrassing stories like being tricked into being on Tyra (the talk show) or having explosive diarrhea on a romantic boat ride. We also explain how we met and go on a hundred different tangents as I push through to get her to focus.

Episode 5: Molly Needs an Orgasm
100 perc 5. rész Kirill Was Here

Molly ( our merch model is leaving LA to go back home (because she's a moron) and we found out that she has history/drama/beef with her replacement model. I sat down with her 2 days before her scheduled departure to get the dirt. We also discuss creepy photographers, regrettable sex, rape, making millions of dollars and Molly admits to never masturbating and so much more I'm sure I forgot about.

Episode 4: How to Clean Uncircumcised Dicks
72 perc 4. rész Kirill Was Here

Val is back. Remember the adorable Russian kid? ( Good news: he wasn't in jail. I get him super high and we discuss what it's like filming a reality show, how to clean uncircumcised dicks, getting our moms to do OnlyFans, I cum quick and other tangents that the weed took us on.

Episode 3: You Don't Need Nightlife to Get Laid
69 perc 3. rész Kirill Was Here

My best friend & nightlife veteran/operator Greg Bach comes by to talk about the state of nightlife during the pandemic, we reminisce on the better days of partying together, getting roasted by NYC nightclub doormen, shaving my eyebrows off for charity and yes, I'm still annoyed that Greg didn't write me into his TV show he's been writing for 3 years.

This is the link to the charity for his employees that Greg plugged:

Episode 2: Being Paid to Poop on People
45 perc 2. rész Kirill Was Here

My friend Blair Williams infuriated me when she told me that she left porn to sell insurance because she fell in love. She also explains how pooping on people for money works. And she's back to doing porn again. Visit my YouTube channel ( to see the end of the podcast where Blair deepthroats a cucumber in my kitchen.

Episode 1: State of the Union
56 perc 1. rész Kirill Was Here

It's a pandemic. I'm on lockdown with my girlfriend, Estée. It's been 2 hours since I got kicked off Instagram and I wanted to record or make something that was mine that nobody can control. So this is it. Episode one. Hope you like it.

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