Ant Farm

Ant Farm

Yoho Motherflutters!Welcome to the Ant Farm Ants!! This is a podcast dedicated to the greatest podcast in the land Tell 'Em Steve Dave specifically the listeners in TESDTown ....The  Ants.. This is a Podcast for ants by ants so every episode we will feature another ant in the hill!! Hosted by Four Color Demon #843Get to know your neighbors in #TESDTown ! Let's get to know each other ants!

The Ant Hill Comedy 6 rész Where the Ant hill gets together for a chat  Explicit
It's Ridiculoussssss
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In this episode I get to meet and have a fun conversation with Mr Chris Ridiculous! It falls off the rails a time or two but its a good listen.. Hope you enjoy!

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Senorita Ant!
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I'd Like to thank my guest for this pod @tesdgroupie !! She is an OG Ant who many if not all of us know!! Today we talk TESD amongst several other things.. No minecraft..... Promise! 
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Curating The Ant Hill
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In this episode I sat down with @smodfan the Curator! As per usual with me the topics are everywhere . Mostly TESD and video games.. 
Hope you enjoy!

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Walken About
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Greetings Ants!! In this episode we have Luke H Brown on and we have a blast!! I wanted to give a description of topics but honestly it varrie so much its better to just listen lol... Listener questions answered as well..
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Episode 2
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I'd like to thank @theJSarge for sitting down with me for a second time!! JSarge pt2 is here! sit down and enjoy the ride? yoho motherflutters
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On his sound cloud remedialm-theory
Welcome to the Ant Farm
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Episode 1 we check in with the one and only @thejsarge !! There were a few recording hiccups but i think it turned out great! 

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