The Twelfth Grader

The Twelfth Grader

Hey! My names Q and I'm here to share with y'all my journey through my last year of high school. Get ready for a fun ass ride through burnouts, depression, self-discovery and corny but cool surprises at the end of each episode!

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Episode 1: An IntroduckTion
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How y'all doin'? Welcome to my very first unofficial episode of The Twelfth Grader. In this episode I'm sharing a tad bit about myself and why I created this podcast with you all. Tune in to get to know the person behind the microphone! My first OFFICIAL episode will be coming out on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. So also stay tuned for that as well. 

(The background music used in this episode is from Stoic Beats on Youtube, I created my opening track myself, though, lol.

Episode 11: My Rona-versary & Introspection
40 perc 11. rész Mel

Hello, hello. In this particular episode I'm rolling down memory lane and reflecting on my journey through the pandemic and looking at how my view of relationships have shifted over the last month. Grab a cup of hot cocoa or a slurpee or something and dare to listen to all 40 minutes of my rambling. 

Episode 10: Double Digits & Luv
24 perc 10. rész Mel

Hey! The name's Q and in this episode I talk about societal pressures, not feeling like I fit in, and what love is to me. Typical high schooler stuff. Enjoy if you must!! I'll see ya in three weeks.

In today's episode I do use background music so I wanted to give creds to:

Matthew May for producing "Cherry" which is the second song you hear in the episode

and Eric Godlow Beats for producing "Lovely" which is the first song you hear playing

Episode 9: Even MORE Delays, Adjusting To In-Person Schooling & Reflecting On My Healing Journey
21 perc 9. rész Mel

Hey, y'all. It's me, late with another episode again. I will explain why in this so keep ya ears open. In today's episode I'm also speaking on my thought/feelings about transitioning from online school to in-person for the first time this school year, and being in-person for the first time in almost a year. I too ponder on on my activist burnout and how far I've come psychologically since receiving help professionally with my depression for the first time ever, and where I've been at mentally since December. Time flies, this school year is going by WAY too quickly. 

Episode 8: Delayed Episodes, Wishes Coming True, & Pondering On My Journey With Depression
21 perc 8. rész Mel

Heyo, the name's Q. I'm so sorry for posting this really late episode. In today's seriously delayed bit, I'm really just reflecting on my experiences with depression in light of good news I'd received this past week. See you all on February 10th.

Episode 7: Updates, 2021 & Everything Else
19 perc 7. rész Mel

Hiya! I give different intros for each episode, it's hilarious. This episode is just an update, I reminisce a little on how the year's been for me and why I don't have time for New Years Resolutions this year. Y'all take care and I'll see you on the 20th of January. January's like, the longest month. 

Episode 6: Hopefully This Will B The Peak of My Suffering
27 perc 6. rész Mel
Hey y’all! I know... The energy of this podcast is extremely depressing so only listen if you have the mental capacity to. I recorded this using my earbud mic instead of my regular one so please bear (hehe) with the quality. You could probably listen to this to fall asleep lol. See ya in another 3 weeks!
Episode 5: Spine Acktivation
23 perc 5. rész Mel

Hey, y'all! So today's episode is a little different and I'm posting this at 12:43 am. Enjoy if you must and have a great next three weeks!

Today we talked about the dangers of passivity and I give some advice on how you can better advocate for yourself in situations where you're being gaslighted. I also discuss my theories on why some people struggle with standing up for themselves.

Episode 4: Da ENTIRE Pakkage
38 perc 4. rész Mel

Hey, everyone! The name's Q and yes I'm dropping this a day late. It's been a long and stressful three weeks but these topics I'm discussing today are even MORE stressful!!! YAY!!! I'm going to be touching on internalized oppression, misogyny, colonialism, white supremacy (a personal favourite) and everything else that falls under the sun for those topics.... Kind of... I wish I branched out a little more on capitalism... Anyway, I hope the editing wasn't too choppy because I'm uploading this at one in the morning! Have an awesome next three weeks and I'll see you on November 18th!! Time flies, y'all. Here are my sources/links I wanted to share with y'all!

Breeny Lee:

Pierre XO:

Kati Morton:


Episode 3: It's Da BreaKdown
24 perc 3. rész Mel

So this week's episode is about well everything. SO many things have happened since I uploaded that last episode. We're discussing hard truths about life and as always.. Mental illness and societal shit, I guess.

ALSO: Stay tuned for my next episode on internalized oppression! I've been working on the script since August but have been waiting on the right time to record and release it! See y'all on October 28th at 7 p.m. MST :)

Episode 2: HealTh in DA Twelfth ft. Tarot And Ms. Rona
27 perc 2. rész Mel

Hey, y'all. My name's Q and on today's episode we're discussing everything to do with online schooling during covid, the occult and depression! Ahahahahaha! If you haven't listened to my first episode I greatly encourage you to do so. Have a wonderful month, y'all! See you on October 7th at 7PM MST

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