Passion2Knowledge (P2K) is The Performance Motivation Experience. Founded by Christian Steinert & Zak Giese in April 2018, we strive to educate and disseminate knowledge through our own life experiences, passions & interests, curiosity, and other passionate individuals. So join us in the ride of our lives at 22 and 24 years old. The fun is just beginning! Feel the energy! Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn @Passion2Knowledge

Christian Steinert & Zak Giese Business 48 rész (P2K) is a podcast that is …
Payne White, Columbus-based Men's Hair Stylist
40 perc 48. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 47, Payne White tells his background and how his twists and turn led to an unrivaled passion for hair & style. Not only do we dive into his failures and learning moments, but how he has channeled his energy and focus in a COVID world to perform full-time entrepreneurship in his niche craft of men's hair styling (using Instagram). Furthermore, learn about Payne's influences that have tailored his unique brand experience for men's hair. 

Connect with Payne or book an appointment:

IG - payne_white & 614mezmer 


Nicholas Lowthorpe, Data Visualization & Communication in Data Science
47 perc 47. rész

Nicholas Lowthorpe is a data visualization & communication expert with extensive experience in engineering & data science while holding advanced degrees in astrophysics, mechanical & systems engineering, and analytics. He is currently a Research & Enterprise Analyst at the University of Hull. Learn about Nicholas's rise to data success, overcoming adversity and prospering to the next level of execution in data! Another fun fact is that Nicholas is currently pursuing a second master's degree in analytics from the Quantic School of Business and Technology. You're not going to want to miss this one, data nerds & beyond! Feel the energy, P2K Community!


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The Return of Diet Lite
37 perc 46. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 45, alternative punk rock band Diet Lite returns for an episode tackling their musical evolution and experiences since joining P2K in January 2019. Hailing from the Milwaukee/Chicago Areas, Diet Lite is spicing the alternative scene with their comedic approach to content, intricate lyrics and passion that has created their unique sound. Feel the energy as we dive into their band’s process during the pandemic, best memories thus far, and their enhanced band chemistry as they’ve gone deeper into music writing & performing.


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Zak's Air Force Training
37 perc 45. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 44, Zak is back to discuss his Air Force Academy training and the idea of approaching life goals one check box at a time. Furthermore, we discuss the importance of teamwork & collaboration. Combining all of these elements, this episode dives deep into a Medal of Honor winner's insights on these points and how building a foundation before execution is critical. Feel the energy, P2K Community!


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David Blakely, Custom Clothier - Vincent & West
17 perc 44. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 43, David Blakely, custom clothier at Vincent & West, joins us to discuss his passion for men’s luxury fashion, relationship selling, digital marketing, and Vincent & West’s brand mission for product differentiation. 

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Andamo H. Part II
30 perc 43. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 42, Andamo H., founder & CEO of GridLock Media, returns to discuss all the pivots and changes 2020 has brought on for his digital marketing agency. Furthermore, we delve into purpose-driven marketing, compassion and intention for those around you and creating good habits. Feel the energy, P2K Community! 


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Andamo H. Part II
0 perc 42. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 42, Andamo H., founder & CEO of GridLock Media, returns to discuss all the pivots and changes 2020 has brought on for his digital marketing agency. Furthermore, we delve into purpose-driven marketing, compassion and intention for those around you and creating good habits. Feel the energy, P2K Community! 


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The Return of Evan Freimuth
44 perc 41. rész

In episode 41, Evan Freimuth returns to discuss all the pivots & changes he has made with Venture Wisconsin throughout the pandemic. In one of the most open & honest conversations we’ve had, the discussion brings up the necessity of failure when “doing” and how you should frame your mindset around it. Feel the energy, P2K Community!

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - 

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SMART Goal Setting & Meditation
21 perc 40. rész

In episode 40, Christian runs through a few tips to "create your stability" in the tail end of 2020. This year has been brutal for all of us and we thought we'd be doing you a disservice not to share the power of SMART goal setting and meditation Christian learned about in his mastermind group. These two critical pieces will revitalize, motivate and center you amidst all this craziness and uncertainty. 

if found - Melodic Bass & Midtempo Producer
34 perc 39. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 39 we had the privilege of talking with Carson, known by his stage name if found, a rising Melodic Bass & Midtempo producer based out of Austin, Texas. Coming onto the scene in early 2019, his debut remix of "Morgin Madison - Count On You" eclipsed 400,000 plays and with his continued success is actively writing, producing and deploying his new singles in 2020 to the masses. This is the first inside look into his creative process and music journey. We also dive into discussing technical backgrounds and how it relates to producing top quality EDM music. This one is off the charts, literally! #FeelTheEnergy

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The Return of KEAG
33 perc 38. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 38, KEAG joins us for an epic follow up to episode 8! We discuss his travels to Thailand, his break away from music, and diving deep into his creative process for writing music! #FeelTheEnergy


KEAG’s 2020 single releases are “Summer Fling” and “Join the Team” - check him out on Spotify -


Instagram - @imkeag

Lily Proudman - Relationship Building & Impactful Work in Education and Digital Strategy
33 perc 37. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - In episode 37, we dive into digital content strategy, education & highly intentional non-profit work by Lily Proudman. Lily graduated from American University in 2016 and has a diverse range of global experiences in digital content strategy, marketing & education-based relationship building. We delve into her experience with Outward Bound and City Year and discuss her interests for working in digital strategy, education & building relationships with a student body. Follow P2K on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn @Passion2Knowledge #FeelTheEnergy

Quarantine Conversation w/ Christian & Zak
29 perc 36. rész

Passion2Knowledge – The Performance Motivation Experience – Christian & Zak sit down to discuss quarantine and the lessons learned during this trying time. Take action now and frequently ask yourself what you are taking for granted. Feel The Energy!

Jordan Robinson - Start-up Strategy & Operations
36 perc 35. rész

On episode 35 of The Performance Motivation Experience, Jordan Robinson - Director of Strategy & Operations at Updox takes us through the start of his career in nonprofits and his transition into the Silicon Valley start-up environment. Learn about the differences between non-profits and a start up environment. Furthermore, we delve into the complexities of organizational operations, automation and resource management. Follow Passion2Knowledge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. #FeelTheEnergy

Michael McGovern - Columbus-based Real Estate Investor & Body Builder
44 perc 34. rész

P2K  –  The Performance Motivation Experience – In episode 34, we have a passionate conversation with Michael McGovern, Columbus-based real estate investor and body builder. Mike dives into his come up, career path and future aspirations with tremendous energy and authenticity. He brings a large amount of adversity and variety to his storytelling that makes this episode truly inspiring. Mike also talks about his start in body building and current goals to become an IFBB Pro in the next few years. We know you’ll love this one, P2K Community! #FeelTheEnergy

Follow Mike on Instagram @mcgovern19

Dominic Ryan Brogsdale - Power Builder, Certified Trainer & Writer
31 perc 33. rész

P2K – The Performance Motivation Experience - Episode 33 highlights Dominic Brogsdale - Power Builder, Certified Trainer & Writer. Dom’s upbringing was nothing short of intense and full of hardships growing up in the Columbus, Ohio projects. He has channeled his personal childhood experiences into a life vision that entails an unrivaled work ethic, positive energy and creativity that has taken his physical fitness and storytelling to the next level. #FeelTheEnergy BIG TIME in this one, P2K Community!

17 perc 32. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - Christian briefs on his major life changes in the last few months. He discusses his challenges, learning and getting out of his comfort zone to inspire the P2K Community and inform! #FeelTheEnergy

Dan Rosu - Founder of State of Mine Apparel and Restaurant Owner
49 perc 31. rész Christian Steinert & Zak Giese

In episode 31, we focus on being intentional in everyday life with Dan Rosu, Founder of State of Mine apparel and co-owner of Ringside Café, a legendary local Columbus-based burger joint. Our conversation focuses on the importance of intentionality and the complexities of being in a quality hospitality business. Furthermore, we dive into Dan’s creative process for his Ohio-based apparel company State of Mine.

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Andy Spessard - Columbus-based Architectural Photographer & Entrepreneur
37 perc 30. rész

P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - Andy Spessard is a Columbus-based photographer and entrepreneur, graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design, and an award winning nationally recognized architectural photographer. Feel the energy as we dive into his academic background, business come up, and passion for the arts and photography. You will learn how Andy blends his creative skills with business acumen that is a pertinent combination for any aspiring entrepreneur. 

Inside Out vs Outside In
10 perc 29. rész Christian & Zak
P2K - The Performance Motivation Experience - A few months back, Christian became inspired at 4 AM laying in bed unable to fall asleep and decided to record an episode. After a scary and adverse family health scare - this episode touches on gratitude and trying to live life from the inside out. Feel the energy!
Perfection vs. Excellence
35 perc 28. rész Christian & Zak
Episode 28 is here! P2K – The Performance Motivation Experience – Enjoy this deep conversation about the idea of perfection versus execution with Zak and Christian. Let this Passion2Knowledge episode serve as today’s reminder that perfection is impossible and the ultimate limiter in life. Focus on what you can control, do your absolute best, and strive for excellence in everything you do. You do not have to be perfect! #FeelTheEnergy!
Alex Redmond, MBA: Fitness Influencer & Body Builder
19 perc 27. rész Christian & Zak
Passion2Knowledge: The Performance Motivation Experience - P2K Community, we are proud to release episode 27 featuring Instagram fitness influencer & body builder Alexandra Redmond, MBA! Join us as we dive into her backstory on getting into fitness, her training regimen, nutrition, the challenges she faces being a full time sales professional while training extensively, and how she executes content marketing to create an engaging social media following. #FeelTheEnergy in this episode as Alex takes us on an experience into the fitness world!
AndamoH: CEO & Founder of MyDNAMedia
30 perc 26. rész Christian & Zak
Episode 26 is here, P2K Community! Andamo Hondo is a multi-faceted entrepreneur. CEO/Director of MyDNA Media, a full-service creative agency. Accomplished photographer & videographer. And Social Media Marketer. Christian and AndamoH discuss his background, the process of starting an agency, client success stories, and we even dive into how social media analytics drive conversion. For anyone looking to freelance social media marketing or work for an agency, this episode will be your ticket to getting the insight needed for massive success! #FeelTheEnergy!
Kyle Harris, Social Media Marketer and Vlogger Joins P2K
34 perc 25. rész Christian & Zak
Episode 25 is here, P2K Community! We had the privilege of bringing Kyle Harris on. Kyle is a social media marketer, vlogger, entrepreneur, and branding expert who has a large following on Twitter at about 29,000 followers. Being a verified Twitter user, Kyle discusses the challenges that come with it, the process of taking his following to the next level, and the importance of being authentic and grateful. We also dive into vlogging, the importance of non-profit and value-added work, and a multitude of digital marketing topics. We are thrilled Kyle got to #FeelTheEnergy and we can’t wait for you to experience it!
The Return of Alex Goodman - CEO & Founder of Franklin Morrow Exclusive Mens Fashion
30 perc 24. rész Christian & Zak
A milestone episode is here, P2K Community! Episode 24 is the first to feature our new studio microphone! More importantly, Alex Goodman joins us for @Passion2Knowledge’s first ever follow up episode. Back in August 2018, we featured Alex and his men’s luxury clothing brand @Franklin.Morrow. This episode channels the progress he has made and we get dive into the company’s growth, pivots, and value-added mission that has already changed the lives of THOUSANDS of people in the community. #FeelTheEnergy!
Phillip Leibham: Sports Analyst & Founder of Analytics4Athletes
44 perc 23. rész Christian & Zak
Passion2Knowledge proudly presents our 23rd episode! Join us as we discuss sports analytics and entrepreneurship with Phil Leibham, Founder of Analytics4Athletes. Phil is an experienced NCAA D1 sports analyst and we dive into a plethora of different analytics projects he works on with the NCAA and NBA. P2K Available on Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts
A Perspective on the Wright Brothers Beyond the History Textbooks
43 perc 22. rész Christian & Zak
Last week Zak had the privilege of touring the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan. Join Zak and Christian as they discuss the innovative story of the Wright Brothers and gain a perspective about the Wright Brothers and their entrepreneurship that isn’t ever talked about. This episode is a classic P2K podcast with Zak and Christian going back and forth about this fascinating and inspiring story. We are sure you will feel the energy in this one!
Christian's Trip to the California Bay Area & Silicon Valley
19 perc 21. rész Christian & Zak
Join Christian as he recalls his ultimate 4 day trip to California from March 14-18, 2019! His experience in the California Bay Area and Silicon Valley is filled with interesting stories and perspectives about California as a business hub and cultural phenomenon in the United States. #FeelTheEnergy!
Christian's Fascination with the Automotive Industry
39 perc 20. rész Christian & Zak
Christian updates the P2K Community and delves into his passion for the automotive industry. Learn some things about exotic cars and hear some epic stories from Christian’s experiences in the car culture. Feel the energy, P2K Community!
Max Hauser: Wisconsin-based Film Director & Cinematographer
30 perc 19. rész Christian & Zak
P2K sits down with Max Hauser, a Wisconsin-based Director & Cinematographer, that has a large breadth of experience in film with his direction of the WIFF 2017 award winning short "So We Bowl" and leading many music videos & wedding film productions. If you are interested in the Radio, TV, & Film industry, you are not going to want to miss this one! Don't forget to follow P2K on social media @Passion2Knowledge & listen on Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Podcasts, & Apple Podcasts!
Up and coming alternative rock band Diet Lite absolutely sucks
47 perc 18. rész Christian & Zak
In this episode of P2K, Zak and Christian interview Kelson Kuzdas & Evan Marsalli of Diet Lite, a band that is a new "alternative to alternative rock" and "absolutely sucks". We delve into the band's origin story, discuss the process for writing music, their upcoming music video launch featuring their hit single "The Remedy" on February 6, and a little behind the scenes of their production process for their first and upcoming 2019 album. They are now available on Spotify. Check their EP out and enjoy this episode, P2K Community!
Christian's Trip to Thailand
23 perc 17. rész Christian & Zak
Christian discusses his incredible trip to Thailand back in May 2018 after he has had some time to digest it all and appreciate the life lessons provided from his week in an exotic foreign country. He details some highlights of the trip and the travel stories as well. Enjoy his perspective about this fascinating country and the Thai culture. Feel the energy!
Young, Curious, and Considering a Career in Marketing? Listen in.
40 perc 16. rész Christian & Zak
In this episode, Christian gives a detailed overview about starting a career in marketing and what experience he has at this early stage of his career. He adds value by providing insight and aspects of the field not normally talked about by most people. Give this a listen if you're an aspiring marketer and/or want to learn something about this broad and complicated facet of business and how to best break into the field right out of college. Feel the energy!
Ken Steinert, Co-Founder of the Steinert Printing Company, Shares His American Dream Story
43 perc 15. rész Christian & Zak
Ken Steinert, Christian’s Grandfather and entrepreneur, co-founded the multi-million dollar Steinert Printing Company in 1947 with his older brother Warren. Together, the brothers executed and succeeded in growing their passion from the basement of their childhood home to a national printing corporation based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Enjoy this passionate discussion as Ken dives deep into the founding and growth of the business. Get an inside look at a real-life American Dream story and become inspired by Ken’s unrivaled impact and focus on making a difference in other’s lives with his career. Furthermore, enjoy the discussions we have regarding the challenges and successes of his career being an entrepreneur and salesman, the shift to the digital age of printing, and the importance of balancing your passion with all areas of life. This episode means the world to Christian as his Grandfather has inspired him tremendously throughout his time in business school at UW Oshkosh and learning about the entrepreneurial lifestyle and what it is truly all about. Feel the energy, P2K Community! You’re not going to want to miss this extremely special story.
Ben Leibham: Colorado-based Product Designer, Freelancer & Entrepreneur
42 perc 14. rész Christian & Zak
Ben Leibham is a Colorado-based product designer and serial entrepreneur (founder of VL Mountaineering) that brings an incredible amount of insight to P2K regarding the technicalities of creating, designing, and bringing a differentiated product to market. Furthermore, learn about Ben’s entrepreneurial upbringing and how starting small is the sure-fire way to consistent success as you continue to build and grow your creations. There is so much value in this one because Ben gives you a look inside what it is actually like to execute on your ideas and the challenges and joys of doing that. To any of my listeners that are thinking about product design and/or freelancing as a potential hustle, you are NOT going to want to miss this episode! Feel the energy, P2K Community!
Christian's Cousin & Columbia University GSAPP Grad & NYC Architect Educates & Cultures P2K
51 perc 13. rész Christian & Zak
In this episode, my cousin Matt, an Ivy League Columbia University GSAPP graduate and New York City Architect, disseminates a diverse range of knowledge about his passion for the arts, global travel & culture, architecture, and business. He has toured all over the world, lived in China for a year, and has incredible academic & professional credentials. Enjoy our deep conversation regarding racial segregation in city architecture, context & analysis of every situation we are in, and his incredibly complex and unique profession living in Downtown Manhattan. I guarantee you will feel the energy in this one!
Don't Rush Your Vision, Trust Your Vision
6 perc 12. rész Christian & Zak
Just a quick message about trusting yourself, goals, and lifestyle without rushing because it can create an extremely stressful and unnecessarily urgent environment for your life. Realize you have time and that nothing good can be rushed. Have a beautiful Wednesday! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, & SoundCloud
Zak's Return: Deep, detailed, and analytical as hell
28 perc 11. rész Christian & Zak
Zak finally makes his return as a Passion2Knowledge co-host! Enjoy the conversation about his transition from small-town Wisconsin to a big city and university. Zak dives deep into many topics such as the shift from studying business administration to computational mathematics to his “just show up” mentality that drives his success and how it can help you in all areas of life, too. Furthermore, Zak discusses an inspiring story of an immigrant that made a fortune in America long ago by sticking to a positive attitude and always being grateful. Christian listens and adds his input while Zak leads this deep, passionate, and interesting conversation. Feel the energy, P2K community! P2K is Now Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, & SoundCloud. Thank you.
Evan Freimuth, Founder of Venture Wisconsin, Crushes It on P2K
59 perc 10. rész Christian & Zak
It was an absolute pleasure having Evan Freimuth, Venture Wisconsin Founder, on Passion2Knowledge for our tenth episode! Evan, a UW Oshkosh College of Business Interactive Web Management graduate, created a content-based events company from scratch and has transformed the Fox Valley, Wisconsin area through his company’s innovative events, informative and value-added content, and being the definitive guide to Northeastern Wisconsin’s lifestyle appeal. Enjoy our discussions on pivoting his business from a mobile application to this unique concept, social media marketing, content creation, branding, marketing, getting over 22,000 views on his videos, and the dedication to the entrepreneurial grind needed to run a company with as many working parts as Venture Wisconsin! We at P2K are beyond grateful that Evan was so willing to sit down and chat with us about his interesting journey growing this Wisconsin-based company and brand! I guarantee if you haven’t been to the State of Wisconsin yet, this company will draw you in! Feel the energy! Enjoy.
Nostalgic Saturday #001: The Garbage Pail Kids TAKE OVER P2K!
21 perc 9. rész Christian & Zak
What’s up P2K community?! Christian is FIRED UP for this episode! Trying out something new, Christian gives a proper run down on an incredibly interesting piece of pop culture nostalgia that originated in the 1980’s and still exists today! Get ready to delve into the history of the Garbage Pail Kids and how they took the market BY STORM in the 1980’s and beyond. Topps Company Inc.’s artists are truly SO entrepreneurial and world class and Christian is extremely passionate about this weird fad and niche audience of collectors. We hope you learn something new and gain value by understanding that people find ALL SORTS of things interesting and highly valuable. Our hope is that you gain some business value out of this as well. Find something you’re passionate about that is niche. Buy low and sell high, my friends! Although, Christian isn’t selling any of these cards. Far too much value from a childhood standpoint, but you get the idea! Feel the energy and have a great freakin’ weekend, ladies and gentlemen! Also, go check out and related social media to get the full spectrum of what these unique cards have to offer! Thank you so much.
EPISODE #008: Wisconsin Hip Hop Artist KEAG ( Lights It Up on P2K
31 perc 8. rész Christian & Zak
In this episode of P2K, we had the privilege of sitting down with KEAG, a Wisconsin Hip-Hop artist based out of Oshkosh! KEAG has toured all over the state of Wisconsin and gained quite an impressive following through SoundCloud, Spotify, and social media. KEAG has opened for famous artists such as T-Pain and Curren$y! He recently dropped his 2018 album “Problematic Art” and has been gaining massive momentum in the Wisconsin Hip-Hop scene! His hit single “Ok!” featuring IshDARR has OVER 115,000 hits on Spotify! He averages anywhere between 5,000 to over 7,000 monthly listens on Spotify. Please do him a favor and give his album a listen. We at P2K strongly believe you will not be disappointed with his music and the content this episode has to offer. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or P2K weekly listener, this episode has a lot of value to offer anyone looking to do their own thing and put themselves out there. Listen, feel the energy, and enjoy!
47 perc 7. rész Christian & Zak
Here at Passion2Knowledge we strongly believe this is one of the most applicable, relevant, and important podcast episodes P2K has dropped to date! Dr. Peter J. Steinert, D.D.S. joins us on this episode for an enlightening take on the current dental and healthcare practices in the United States. We are so excited for you to learn more about the state of dentistry as it relates to the corporate, disease-centered, model and what YOU can do to improve your overall health and dental experience as either a patient or practicing dentist. Furthermore, if you are or are aspiring to be a dental/medical student this conversation comes at an incredibly relevant time! Whether you’re a weekly listener or in the medical field this episode surfaces some of the key issues in today’s modern medicine that can benefit your health mentally & physically. Feel the energy!
23 perc 6. rész Christian & Zak
On this week’s episode of P2K Christian conducts our first in person discussion with Alex Goodman, Founder and CEO of Franklin Morrow – Exclusive Men’s Fashion. We have a great discussion about the logistics of starting a fashion brand and the brand’s inspiring mission and societal impact Franklin Morrow makes on the City of Columbus and beyond! Additionally, Alex gives the P2K Community some tips and recommendations for bringing your potential up a level in whatever it is you are doing. Feel the energy!
31 perc 5. rész Christian & Zak
In the second half of our conversation with Brad, we discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur, the work mandated by this professional decision, and how the media falsely portrays the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
24 perc 4. rész Christian & Zak
In Part 1 of the Brad Ploch series, P2K dives into Brad's interesting life dealing with his digital marketing freelance and entrepreneurial ventures. Furthermore, Zak infuses the discussion regarding academia compared to real-world execution into the conversation. Listen and learn about a genuine self-starter and our take on the true value of a college education. #FeelTheEnergy!
10 perc 3. rész Christian & Zak
P2K takes a turn as Christian spontaneously documents his travel troubles over a weekend heading home to Wisconsin. While enjoying an early morning on paid time off away from work, Christian had a rather unsettling connecting plane flight from Columbus to Chicago. In a matter of minutes, his life went from everything in order and going well to being at risk. Enjoy the story and keep an open mind as Christian takes you on this journey of fear, frustration, logic, and gratitude. Carpe diem. Get ready to feel the energy!
Mr. Zak Giese's Welcome to P2K: Perfectionism & Execution
31 perc 2. rész Christian & Zak
Zak has a tremendous introduction to the podcast and we discuss perfectionism and its limiting effects on us at our young and inexperienced ages. Feel the energy, P2K community! Bear with us as we progress!
Filling in the Gaps (Welcome to P2K)
12 perc 1. rész Christian & Zak
Filling in the Gaps (Welcome to P2K) by Christian & Zak
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