Down in Cuba

Down in Cuba

Down in Cuba is a late in life coming out story about a man stuck in a routine marriage and an unremarkable career as a professor of Latin American Studies at a small California college. In a last ditch effort to save himself from the ennui of mid life, Martin heads to Cuba on sabbatical to write a book about Cuban icon, Jose Marti. With the confusing mores of modern Cuba on one side and his personal demons on the other, he meets a charismatic young artist, who leads him down a road of passion and sexual awakening. As the professor struggles with his newfound sexuality, his Cuban friend sees a way to escape the dusty streets of his marginal barrio thanks to his considerable charm and good looks. The story is set against the harsh reality of modern day life on the Caribbean island.

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DownInCuba 29
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The final episode in which Martin's frustration with Leo's latest disappearance gets him in trouble.

DownInCuba 28
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Martin tries to come to terms with Leo's behavior and what the future might hold if they are to have a real relationship.

DownInCuba 27
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It is July and Martin is in Havana again. A hurricane strikes, but worse than that is the storm inside Leo.

DownInCuba 26
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In the thread 3 years in the future from the main story, Martin goes back to the rented room in Holguin while Leo deals with Anabela's tantrum.

DownInCuba 25
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Martin travels to Holguin and comes face to face with the reality of Leo's life: a wife and child.

DownInCuba 24
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Martin is back in LA, dealing with family crises. Then he returns to Cuba for the end of year holidays.

DownInCuba 23
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Martin and Leo spemd the last few days together before Leo heads back to Holguin and Martin makes a big decision.

DownInCuba 22
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Leo continues with his alternating sweet and bad boy behavior as he and Martin take advantage of what Havana has to offer.

DownInCuba 21
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While Leo's words push the relationship in one direction, his actions make Martin have second thoughts.

DownInCuba 20
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Martin and Leo go on a road trip to Pinar del Rio, but meet resistance to their staying together. Leo's at times inexplicable behavior continues.

DownInCuba 19
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Martin and Leo navigate the choppy waters of living together. Their differences in priorities and lifestyles bring up new conflicts.

DownInCuba 18
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Five months after his January trip Martin returns to Havana to spend a month with Leo. Their living together is filled with drama from the beginning.

DownInCuba 17
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Leo surprises Martin, and though Martin has come a long way, he still struggles with his feelings.

DownInCuba 16
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Martin again struggles with the distractions that Havana offers, especially around the time of year that Cuba is most in celebration mode.

DownInCuba 15
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Martin is healed and back in Havana to do more work on his book. Leo changes his mind and says he can't meet Martin in Havana.

DownInCuba 14
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Martin at home makes progress on his book, but Leo is insistent in his desire to communicate with him.

DownInCuba 13
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Martin arrives in LA and is greeted by his daughter at the airport. He tries to settle into his old life, but finds himself haunted by memories of Cuba. 

DownInCuba 12
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The story returns to more post-accident drama. Martin has a short stopover in Havana before getting his flight back to LA.

DownInCuba 11
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This episode returns to what happened after Martin ran into Leo on the Malecon 5 years after their first meeting.

DownInCuba 10
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Martin is in the hospital in Holguin and Leo confronts him about something he discovered. Martin is ready to go home.

DownInCuba 09
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Martin and Leo rent a motorbike and head for the beach. This fateful trip will change everything and set the course for their future.

DownInCuba 08
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Martin arrives in Holguin and Leo takes him to meet the family and neighbors. What is everyone thinking when Leo brings a foreigner to visit?

DownInCuba 07
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Leo has gone back to his hometown of Holguin, but Martin continues to think about him. He gets Osmani to tell him the story of Leo's scars. Martin gets a bus ticket for Holguin.

DownInCuba 06
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As hard as Martin tries to get his focus back on the book, Leo still occupies his thoughts. A second encounter ensues.

DownInCuba 05
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Martin is now alone back at the apartment with Leo and must find a path through his conflicting emotions. The next day he takes Leo and Osmani out to lunch.

DownInCuba 04
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Osmani drags Martin out to the Malecon where every night is an open air party. He introduces Martin to Leo, and Martin is drawn into a world of rum and flirtation.

DownInCuba 03
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Martin feels uncomfortable about his reception in Cuba, but things begin to change when he meets Luka. We learn of Martin's connection to Jose Marti.

DownInCuba 02
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Martin makes his first trip to Cuba to begin his sabbatical and do research for his book. We get his first impressions of the island.

DownInCuba 01
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Martin has a chance encounter on the Malecon of Havana, Cuba. He is in town for a Marti conference and feels confident that he is strong enough to handle whatever temptations Cuba might put in his path.

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