Hardcore On Tour: Stories From The Van

Hardcore On Tour: Stories From The Van

Casual conversations from the underground DIY hardcore community. Recorded in the van as your host, Bryan (Vocalist/Drummer of RIG TIME!) travels the country and captures raw, natural conversations from other bands and members of the current US hardcore scene. A podcast for the underground hardcore scene.

RIG TIME! Music 1 évad 16 rész Casual conversations from the underground DIY hardcore community. Recorded in the van as your host, Bryan (Vocalist/Drummer of RIG TIME!) travels the country and captures raw, natural conversations fr
16 - MAUL
72 perc 1. évad 16. rész RIG TIME!

I sat down with Garrett, the vocalist of Fargo death metal kings MAUL, to chat about why North Dakota shows are so damn good, wrestling, good bands, and much more. We also talk about and play his favorite track from the brand new MAUL EP.

15 - LIVID
76 perc 1. évad 15. rész RIG TIME!

LIVID is one of Wisconsin's best exports of grimy powerviolence and they sit down in the van with me in Columbia, MO to chat about moshing, touring, the West Coast, songwriting, being a dickhead, our love for Jon Fett and much, much more in this extra long episode. 

38 perc 1. évad 14. rész RIG TIME!

One of Canada's hardest exports is Cold Shoulder from Toronto and I sat down Mike, their vocalist and one of the nicest people you may ever meet. We discuss the Canadian scene, touring the US, a strange story about my pants, great bands and we also get into deeper talks about racism in Canada and other topics. 

42 perc 1. évad 13. rész RIG TIME!

I sit down with Iowa's greatest export, CLOSET WITCH, and we talk about Iowa's great bands, venues & scenes. We also chat about touring, songwriting, influences, lyrics, rituals, favorite bands and a lot more.

12 - The Path
67 perc 1. évad 12. rész RIG TIME!

THE PATH is one of Vermont's finest hardcore punk exports, and I sat down with Vocalist Jon Berg to talk about all ages shows, Long Island hardcore history, the Vermont scene, amazing bands, political and moral issues, lyrical content and a lot more.

45 perc 1. évad 11. rész RIG TIME!

The boys in DISTINGUISER sit down in the van to talk about their newest album, the Las Vegas scene, best buds on the road, touring and so much more.

49 perc 1. évad 10. rész RIG TIME!

In Lincoln, Nebraska talk with the vocalists of BOUNDRIES, ORTHODOX and REGIME in this Triple Play Episode with lots of surprises including beeps, real life tour mishaps happening during recording and a guest appearance from some fried rice. Adam, Matt & Nathan share tons of bands to listen and their recently played on Spotify. We chat about touring, crazy show stories, their hometown scenes, social anxiety, how they met, and more.

54 perc 1. évad 9. rész RIG TIME!

In the middle of a hot, humid night in Tulsa, OK I sat down with Duston from PIECE OF MIND. We chat about booking at The Vanguard, booking Integrity, the Tulsa scene including Fly Over Fest/Promcore/Fuck You We Rule OK, venues around the country, social media, wearing your own bands merch, hard working bands, cool guy asshole attitudes, behind the scenes of booking all level tier bands, and so much more. 


56 perc 1. évad 8. rész RIG TIME!

INSVRGENCE (TX) and PORTALS (IL) chat about tour stories, venues, locals, and many more topics crammed in this double hitter episode.

18 perc 1. évad 7. rész RIG TIME!

St. Louis heavyweights POLTERGUTS get sweaty in the van as we chat about being the band in the world, the St. Louis scene, van theft, Pickwick Commons, Top 3 bands, sketchy places on tour and more!


50 perc 1. évad 6. rész RIG TIME!

Alabama's HEEL TURN talks about the dark side of wrestling and it's influence on their music. We also chat about mixed genres, Milo's Sweet Tea, the Alabama scene, progression of human rights, accents, and what's coming in the future.

5 - The Obnoxious Boot (aka Q)
54 perc 1. évad 5. rész RIG TIME!

Cincinnati's hardcore king, Q, talks about his solo project, The Obnoxious Boot, being the hardcore scene for 20 years, favorite bands, scene ethics, and more as we talk shit to each other and get rained on by a massive torrential downpour. 

4 - D!PT
30 perc 1. évad 4. rész RIG TIME!

I sit down with Jon from D!PT to talk about the Fort Wayne scene, being a father, grind, Livid, In The Face of War, being naked at shows and much more.

3 - The Cambion
43 perc 1. évad 3. rész RIG TIME!

CJ, drummer for The Cambion, sits down in the van and talks about the Indiana scene, their recent tour with Oceano/Angermaker/Prison, being chased out of town by a tornado and much more. 

19 perc 1. évad 2. rész FILTH

Episode 2 features North Carolina heavyweights FILTH. Recorded in Des Moines,IA outside of Lefty's Live Music on June 3, 2019. 

1- Albert The Cannibal
44 perc 1. évad 1. rész Kevin (Albert The Cannibal)

Episode 1 features Kevin from California's ALBERT THE CANNIBAL. Recorded in Osgood, IN outside of South Indy Ink on June 2, 2019. 

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