Plus podcast – Maths on the Move

Plus podcast – Maths on the Move

As a free online magazine, Plus opens a door onto the world of mathematics... now, with our podcast series, we want to open your ears as well! The Plus podcasts will bring you the latest news from the world of maths, plus interviews and discussions with leading mathematicians and scientists about the maths that is changing our lives. Hosted by Plus editors Rachel Thomas and Marianne Freiberger.

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In this podcast we hear from machine learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio, who believes that creating a true artificial intelligence will only be possible once machines have something that babies are born with: the ability to interact with the world, observe what happens, and adapt to the consequences of their actions.

We'll find out how such agency helps us learn, what it could mean for computers to have it too, and hear about Bengio's work introducing it into an area of machine learning called deep learning.

And, in honour of the mathematician Ron Graham who sadly passed away in July, we celebrate our very favourite number, Graham's number, by telling you about it in just one minute.

You can find out more about Bengio's take on agency, machine learning, and about Graham's number in these articles:

The music in the podcast is by Oli Freke and the track is called Line-1. You can listen to more of Oli's music on Soundcloud:

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