The DadBodBible Real Men Talk A podcast for das/men 40+ In a society where people are afraid to talk about subjects deemed risky, we stick a middle finger up to the woke crowd and discuss it anyway We talk everything dad/man related from fitness and Nutrition to political landscapes. Nothing is censored

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Procrastination - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 14 - 11/03/21
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Procrastination, the enemy of change

The Precipice Of Pain - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 11 - 08/03/21
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There are two drivers for us, pleasure and pain

Pain is the stronger of the two. We will do what’s required to avoid pain

When we reach the point were pain overrides our current choices, we are free to take the action required to change

Business Success & Body Failures -The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 8 - 03/03/21
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Why do so many successful business men fail when it comes to looking after their bodies?

What lessons can they learn from their business success that could cross over to their personal lives?

The Overwhelm Of Change - The Morning Glory Sessions Episode 7 02/03/21
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Change can be overwhelming

Figuring out strategies to help dilute the effects of change can lead to a smooth transition to success

How To Train At Home - The DadBodBible - The morning Glory Sessions - Episode 24 - 26/03/21
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Training at home should be simple, it should be consistent and it should be minimal as far as equipment goes

the less distractions you have, the easier it is to do it

The Royal Court of Home Gyms

Body weight


Gymnastic rings

You have these three items and you have a fully functioning gym that WILL build you a better body

All three of these items are fully portable and can be thrown into the boot of the car and taken wherever you go

of course you can have more items if you wish but IMO the less room required and the more portable the items, the better

If I brought a barbell, plates, bench and a rack home, I better have another home to stay in because

I am not gonna be sleeping in my bed with the wife, I can bet she will make sure of that

Of course things like macebells, val slides, resistance bands, sandbags are a welcome edition to any home gym and opens up many other options but I suggest getting the basics and build from there

I Just Want To Train - The DadBodBible - The morning Glory Sessions - Episode 23 - 25/03/21
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I get that but the question still remains.... WHY?

You have spent how many years "just wanting to train"

But you have never stopped to ask WHY you want to train?

And for the vast majority this is what is stopping your from succeeding!

It is ironic that those looking for the answer, avoid asking the necessary questions 

The DadBodBible - The morning Glory Sessions - Episode 22 - 24/03/21
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We are our children’s first love and influencers but what if we took a step back and allowed them to teach us lessons?

They intrinsically know what living is!

WE decided through logic what living is, based off our perceptions and experiences but we have forgotten that a LOT of what we THINK we know is driven by society’s definition of what normal should be, our children haven’t experienced that level of conditioning YET!

If we allowed ourselves to apply our life lessons ALONG with their natural exuberance for life, we would discover that not only will they become more confident children but we would live a less stressful, more joy filled life that benefits us all and THAT is what living is about!!

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Building Mental resilience - The morning Glory Sessions - Episode 21 - 23/03/21
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The best thing you can ever do for yourself is to build mental resistance 

We have no power over what life throws at us but we do have power over how we react

once this clicks in your mind, you are free to have more control over all your actions and ultimately your outcomes

Mental Health - The Morning Glory Sessions _Episode 19 - 19/03/21
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The mental health of our society is at threat

Why are the media and governments not acknowledging it?

Why is there such a focus on preventing COVID deaths at the expense of all others?

Denial - TheMorning Glory Sessions -Episode 18 - 18/03/21
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We live in a changing world

Waiting for things to change is futile 

If you want your life to change, you gotta be willing to take action to change it yourself

The Boredom Of Training - The Morning Glory Session - Episode 17 - 16/03/21
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Training can be boring

Deal with it princess

The Importance Of Routine - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 16 - 15/03/21
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The routine you are in will determine the results you get

What kind of routine do you have?

Is it helping or hindering?

Be Kind To Yourself - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 13 - 10/03/21
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It is really simple, the world will do its best to crush you

Don't help them

You Are Only As Strong AS Your Weakest Link - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 12 - 09/03/21
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We tend to do what we are good at, avoiding the stuff we know we should do but avoid

Over time this leads to us not feeling 100% and yet we still choose to avoid doing whatever is required in favour of the stuff we enjoy

The Comparison Trap & How It Is Holding You Back - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 6 - 01/03/21
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My daily talk on what’s on my mind and how it can possibly help you become more

Health Markers For Over 40's - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 5 - 26/02/21
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Can you touch your toes?

Can you do 10 proper push ups?

Many men struggle to do basic movements of the human body but insist on jumping into HIIT style sessions

And then wonder why they end up injured?

Commitment & Sacrifice - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 4 - 25/02/21
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Too many men want the body they are after without having to go through the struggle of achieving it

The reality is, for you to succeed in anything, you must be willing to sacrifice things that others are not

The Damage Fitpro businesses are doing to the industry
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Where there is money to be made, there will be lies told and nowhere is this more prevalent than the fitness industry

An industry that is meant to help people, is turning into a cutthroat industry where lies seem to be acceptable as long as there is a profit to be made

The Mistakes the Average Man makes When It Comes To Eating - The Morning Glory sessions
20 perc 2. évad 2. rész Pol Explicit

The most common mistakes the average man makes when it comes to their eating, that are preventing them for achieving their goals.

Recovery & Middle Aged Men - The Morning Glory sessions
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Middle aged men and the mistakes they make in training, especially in recovery

DadBodBible Real Men Talk - Episode 9 - Toxic Masculinity , DMT & Down The Rabbit Hole With Darragh McGeown
96 perc 1. évad 9. rész Pol Explicit

We go DEEP DOWN the rabbit hole on this one

DadBodBible Real Men Talk - Episode 8 Dan McCaffery Owner Of No Limits Fitness Talks Rags To Riches & How To Do It - 17/03/21
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Today I speak to a good friend and ex business partner Dan McCAffery Dan is owner of No Limits, one of the most successful private training facilities in the North of Ireland. 

He also co-founded Primal Strength & Movement with me back in 2016. he talks about his journey from coaching his family and renting out a hall to hold circuits, to owning a facility with over 200 members

DadBodBible Real Men Talk - Episode 7 - Neil Simpson exGB Judo Team member - Judo & Why It Needs More Exposure
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I talk to Neil Simpson, an exGB Judo player about his Judo journey, the benefits, how it can help children become more resilient, the need for more exposure

DadBodBible Real Men Talk - Episode 6 - Ben Davis, Founder Of Shaolin MMA
101 perc 1. évad 6. rész Pol Explicit

In this episode I speak with Ben Davis, an Irish MMA fighter. 

One of my favourite episodes so far! 

We go DEEP down the psychedelic and spirituality rabbit hole

The DadBodBible Podcast Real Men Talk Episode 2. Paulo Guimaraes Head Coach Of Roots BJJ Australia
83 perc 1. évad 1. rész Pol Explicit

Today I interview Paulo Guimaraes, head coach of Roots BJJ in Sydney, Australia. 

Paulo is a second generation Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt who was the first black belt to settle in Australia and set up a BJJ school.  

We talk all about his journey from his days in Brazil, to where he is now with numerous schools all over Australia and the world. 

We also touch on the evolution of BJJ and reminisce about good times.

Was fantastic to catch up with a good friend who I hold a lot of respect for

DadBodBible Real Men Talk - Episode 1 - The BANNED Episode With Head Coach Of Team Rhino Limavady Andy Chapman
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In this episode that has been banned over and over, I talk to Andy Chapman, head coach of BJJ/MMA gym Team Rhino Limavady 

we talk about the subject on everyones lips that is being suppressed over and over again COVID!

The Real You - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 20 - 22/03/21
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Is the man you are today, the type of man you would be happy to date your daughters?

Is the man you are today, the type of man you would want influencing your sons?

Why You Are Probably Training Wrong - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 15 - 12/03/21
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Most men I meet, are training wrong

This leads to injury, failure and a feeling of pointlessness 

The solution is acceptance that you need to do things differently and embrace the change

The DadBodBible Podcast Real Men Talk Episode 5 - Paddy Joe Black Of Hybrid Fitness
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Paddy Joe Black Joins me to discuss all things nutrition and fitness

Why Do Our Habits Control Us _The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 10 - 05/03/21
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Our habits dictate our day to day actions

Whether good or bad, our mind doesn’t rationalise, it just does

But WHY do they have such sway over us when for so many of us, they are detrimental to our goals?

The Struggle & Why You Need It To Succeed - The Morning Glory Sessions - Episode 9 - 04/03/21
8 perc 12. rész Pol

Once you realise that the struggle you dread is the answer to your problems, you are free to take the action required 

DadBodBible. Rea Men Talk Episode 4 - Taking A trip Down Memory Lane With Andy Burrows To The Beginning Of Irish MMA
96 perc 8. rész Pol

I speak with another of the OG's of Irish MMA, Andy Burrows and we reminisce about the good old days of Irish MMA, the evolution of the sport and how we see it panning out in the future.

DadBodBible. Real Men talk. Episode 3 - Sean McGarrity Founder/Owner Of Elite Fitness & Performance
67 perc 6. rész Pol

We talk all things fitness, business and marketing related and how he applied painful lessons learnt from the car industry to the fitness industry and founded Irelands No. 1 Personal Training Academy

So if you are a gym owner, PT, thinking about getting into the industry or you just love listening to how others built their businesses, then this is for you

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