Dating App Disasters

Dating App Disasters

A comedy podcast about the trials and tribulations of modern dating.

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Ep.54: “Wtf Am I Doing Here” with Oscar Aydin
52 perc 56. rész datingappdisasters

This week we get to hear our guest Oscar and Phil’s coming to NY creepy craigslist stories. We also try to determine how far is too far to fulfill your partners kink and Oscar has paid more for Grindr than Trump has paid in taxes! 

Ep.53: “Day of Atonement” with Alana Luv.
44 perc 54. rész datingappdisasters

This week we have accountant turned porn star Alana luv and she gives us a secret behind the scenes look into porn and how it’s not what it used to be. She also tells us the one thing that’ll make her walk off set...

Ep.52: “If it Ain’t Toxic I Don’t Want it” with Brendan Sagalow
44 perc 55. rész datingappdisasters

Our guest Brendan tries to make us more enlightened this week (good luck). We also discuss pre-sex guilt and that there are actually guys out there that think sex is still special...

Ep.51 “I’m a Haunted House” with Amy Cardinale.
53 perc 53. rész datingappdisasters

Our guest this week Amy explains why she’s never been ghosted. We also get into some Covid dating tricks and does putting “Vaccinated” on your profile get you more action? 

Ep.50: “My Eggs are Very Rare” with Erica Spera.
50 perc 52. rész datingappdisasters

This week our guest Erica teaches us how to effectively lay the Mack down. We also wonder if men can really handle forward women? Oh and whoever does the invite on a date is paying, period! Well, according to Phil...

Ep.49: “The Clap Brothers” with Macquell James.
47 perc 51. rész datingappdisasters

This week we go down the timeline of dating apps because our guest has tried em all. We also try to figure out why he got robbed not once but twice!  The guys also seem to think women don’t know how to flirt, so Rachel proves them wrong...or tries to? 

Ep.48: “Fool Me Once” with Shari Diaz
52 perc 50. rész datingappdisasters

Our guest this week Shari had the best tinder date of her life only to get ghosted-twice! We also discuss cheating up vs. cheating down and we ask the age old question-does sex really count if you wear a condom...?

Ep.47: “Hobosexual” with Pockets Graham
43 perc 49. rész datingappdisasters

We’ve gone off the rails a little bit this week but bear with us. There’s so many things we discussed this week that there’s not enough room in this description but Pockets said the one thing we’ve never heard or thought...Sex is boring??! 

Ep.46: “Nothing in Life is Free” with Julio Gallarotti.
49 perc 47. rész datingappdisasters

This week Phil breaks down his “Injured Gazelle” theory. We also get to hear from our guest Julio what the apps are like internationally and that shit happens when you’re dog gets jealous of your tinder date...literally 

Ep.45: “Sometimes You Gotta Touch the Stove” with Aminah Imani.
40 perc 48. rész datingappdisasters

This week Aminah shows us that “recycles” or do-overs can lead to a success story so don’t count em out!  We also chat about how we feel about people we know being on onlyfans and do we look at them just a lil different...?

Ep.44: “Call Tyrone” with Phileo Huff
51 perc 46. rész datingappdisasters

Luckily we don’t shy away from controversy cause we have the king of it joining us this week! Besides that, we try to figure out how to give constructive criticism in the bedroom and defecating on yourself probably isn’t the best way to get out of a date...or is it?

Ep.43: “I Don’t Beat Around the Foreskin Bush” with Krysti Pride.
47 perc 45. rész datingappdisasters

Our guest this week is every guys dream girl because not only is she drop dead but she also designs video games for a living, which is probably why she keeps getting kicked off of tinder? She can’t be that perfect?! She also has the best and most justified ghosting story we’ve heard thus far...

Ep.42: “You Don’t Have to Try Everything” with Peter Fowler
44 perc 44. rész datingappdisasters

So as embarrassing as it is we have a little Kardashians debate this week but then it takes a sharp turn to blood play!? We also try to figure out who’s crazy enough to move out of state during a pandemic-oh yeah, our guest Peter did...

Ep.41: “I Fancied Myself a Fucker” with Usama Sidiquee
48 perc 43. rész datingappdisasters

The podcast has taken quite a turn as we welcome our new co-host Phil in our new location AKA “Space Mountain.” We discuss many things as the guys clown Rachel on her slang like open relationships, blue checks and why are things that are forbidden so freakin hot...?!

Ep. 40: “Regrow that Hyman Girl!” With Caitlyn Peluffo
43 perc 42. rész datingappdisasters

For Sarah’s last episode we try not to get mushy by playing a fun game of would you rather. We also talk about if we lower our standards on the apps and if they are a soft place to fall when youve just come out of a relationship? 

Ep. 39: “Love in the Time of Covid” with Riley Lassin
46 perc 40. rész datingappdisasters

The theme of this weeks episode is how loooong we let bad dates go on.  We also discuss whether we’d let our friends get busy in our room/bed and you know it’s time if your mom gives you her blessing to have sex...

Ep. 38 “Fun and Fertile” with Josh Accardo
51 perc 41. rész datingappdisasters

Our guest this week, Josh is the O.G. of online dating (all the way back to the AOL days). We also talk about the different obstacles between men and women on the apps, kink, and does sex=currency...?

Ep. 37: “Try it Before You Die” with Ian Fidance
43 perc 39. rész datingappdisasters

We delve kinda deep this week and get into all the conflictions with intimacy. Then we lighten it up a bit and discuss bi-sexuality, role play and prostitutes (haha). We’ve also come to the conclusion that IG is the #1 dating app-hands down!

Ep. 36: "Don't Tell Me What to Do!' with Lili Michelle
49 perc 37. rész datingappdisasters

Sarah's back with us this week just in time to get an important sex-ed lesson from our guest Lili. We also chat about matching with celebs, astrology, and if it's actually good to shit where you eat...?

Ep. 35 "Ewww conversation" with Lindsey Theisen
43 perc 38. rész datingappdisasters

We have the queen of Twitter on this week to talk about her pandemic dating life and her upsetting realization that her type looks like the guy who kills his wife on forensic files. Then we get into some new ways to make money including whether exorcisms could be a new side hustle...

Ep. 34: "Stats babyy!" with Amarie Castillo
43 perc 36. rész datingappdisasters

For our guest Amarie, it all comes down to sports in her dating life and she's got an active roster! We talk about surrendering to the pandemic in order to reinvent ourselves and become unstuck! Amarie also makes us realize there's nothing wrong with not wanting commitment!

Ep. 33: "Single and ready to mingle, maybe?" with Jacob Williams
45 perc 35. rész datingappdisasters

This week we try to teach Jacob how to be more confrontational and he teaches us how to stay so calm during a robbery that the robber eventually gives up! We also discuss his time on 'Wild N Out' and how a cop came and stole his date...

Ep.32: "Two girls, one little guy" with Christ Millhouse
52 perc 34. rész datingappdisasters

We have our second success story this week but poor Chris had to kiss many frogs first along the way! He had to deal with creepy ass women, chuckle fuckers and the occasional air drop dick pic! Oh and when your dates BFF tells you to run, you listen...

Ep. 31: "Uuuuuugghh monogamy" with Katie Boyle
46 perc 33. rész datingappdisasters

Our guest, Katie, teaches us how to treat tinder like a job and when she hits the 3 month mark, she’s out! Is real chemistry actually possible on the apps? And does “No” ever mean maybe...?

Ep. 30: "My parents are cousins, but like whatever..." with Nataly Aukar
52 perc 32. rész datingappdisasters

Before Nataly completely freaked out and deleted the apps she went on two HORRIFIC dates. We also take inventory of our many pet peeves. And what would you do if you had to be around your one night stand on a regular basis...?

Ep. 29: "Have it your way" with Alex Carabagno
43 perc 31. rész datingappdisasters

The catfishing continues this week but in a new place... Burger King! We also tried to give Tik-Tok a shot but realized it's just an underage strip club. Uuuuugh and the one thing we've all done that we wish we could take back - send the wrong text to the wrong person at the wrong time...

Ep. 28: "Gimme my hooker now!" with Krystyna Hutchinson
43 perc 30. rész datingappdisasters

This week we explore guilt-free sex (even though we're not having any), cucks and family trauma. And wait... Krystyna actually likes the pandemic?

Ep. 27: "Tinderversary" with Phil Duckett
48 perc 29. rész datingappdisasters

Phil definitely topped our WILDEST disaster this week! We also talk sex work, how ghosting is just part of the game and how to treat "it" like a Starburst...

Ep. 26: "Offer up dat ass!" with Teona Sasha
52 perc 28. rész datingappdisasters

This week Teona taught us quite a bit about E-Girls, Twitch, and the intricacies of E-Sex (we're clearly out of the loop)! Alyssa and Teona also teach Rachel how to mack dudes on IG and realize how much we'd kill for a catcall at this point...

"Full on fugazeball" with Fernando Mateo
51 perc 27. rész datingappdisasters

We decided this week that there needs to be a new dating rulebook for 2021! We also dive into how everyone is a fraud in zoom dates and the insane measures people will go to prevent google from watching you "handle your business"...

Ep. 24: "I'm kind of a horny bitch?" with Ashley Heinke
42 perc 26. rész datingappdisasters

Sooooo this week we talk about how important fashion (or lack there of) is on a first date. We also discuss sexual boundaries and fantasies turned reality... 

Ep. 23: "I Got a Poofer" with Meno Fernandez
43 perc 25. rész datingappdisasters

So we determine this week that you need to take off your mask for a least a second to make sure you're on the right date! We also talk about how cat calls have become a way bigger risk with the mask and why group profile pics are a Big No No...

Ep. 22: "PCP is not for me" with Phillip Hunt
50 perc 23. rész datingappdisasters

This week we discuss effective profile pics (Phillip used his credit score - genius!), the only time it's justifiable to be a "Karen" and whooooo will wind up being the leader of the cuck community...?

Ep. 21: "Meet me in a park" with Graham Kay
45 perc 22. rész datingappdisasters

We had fun chatting this week with Graham about cheesy pickup lines and weird forms of foreplay. We learn why you should never ever be the one kid with a broken arm at school...

Ep. 20: "Eeerggghhhh!!" with Neko White
49 perc 21. rész datingappdisasters

This week we talk dealbreakers and red flags and discover there's actually a dude out there who doesn't subscribe to double standards! Neko also learns he got some things from he pandemic he never knew he needed...

Ep. 19: "Sex Bubble" with Amy Shanker
49 perc 20. rész datingappdisasters

This week we discuss our least favorite body parts, where depression "really" comes from and what do a nazi, a child and a marine who couldn't fix anything have in common...?

Ep. 18: "Scratch and sniff" with Matt Pavich
41 perc 19. rész datingappdisasters

So this week we talk about if a$&-eating was the real cause of corona, if stalking ever works? (for Matt is does) and that the best time to tell your partner you're bipolar is right after you climax...

Ep 17. "I'm a cancer, my favorite color's blue and I'm racist..." with Adam Gulley
2 perc 18. rész datingappdisasters

Whhhoooo eee! This week we bring you a jaw dropping episode with Adam Gulley! We delve into stalkers, poop-playlists (yes) and what would you do if you suddenly found out your date is racist???

Ep. 16 "Fit what!?" with Jamie Wykes-Hobday
43 perc 17. rész datingappdisasters

Weeeeeeee're baaaaack. But still socially distanced with our guest from a cross the pond. This week we're attempting to get motivated to work out so we can join Jamie's fitness dating app FitFck. We figure out how to approach someone at the gym without being a creep and does working out actually prevent couples from arguing? It's also confirmed that Tinder is a nightmare in every country...

Ep 15. "Rock hard" with Alex Pavone
41 perc 16. rész datingappdisasters

The disasters seem endless this week for Alex... We learn how a bodega erection pill can land you in the hospital with a nail where it shouldn't be and why you should never bring a first date to your comedy show! (Trigger warning for those that gag easily at scatological humor).

Ep 14. "Threesome, anyone?" with Dave Sirus
59 perc 15. rész datingappdisasters

This week Dave teaches us how to not get robbed on Tinder, people's irrational standards and why someone would want to lose their virginity in a threesome??

Ep 13. "D-arranged Marriage" with Tuschar Singh
53 perc 14. rész datingappdisasters

We have our international DADPOD correspondent on to discuss arranged marriages. And it's probably not the best idea to have your Mom take over your tinder profile...

Ep 12. "I have a pussy, pay for something!" with Wendi Starling
52 perc 13. rész datingappdisasters

This week we got on an emotional rollercoaster and learn how to reel in emotional attachments, break down stereotypes of non-traditional relationships and Wendi gives us a lesson on how to get of a really bad situation...

Ep 11. "My cat needs therapy..." with Ayanna Dookie
64 perc 12. rész datingappdisasters

It only took 11 episodes but we have a success story! Ayanna's had some toxic relationships but she met her fiancé through the one and only, Bumble. There's hope yet so keep swipin'!

Ep 10. "What does love really cost?" with Victor Marinez
36 perc 11. rész datingappdisasters

Buckle up kids because this week we're getting into the actually dangerous side of dating apps. Cyber-security guru, Victor Marinez, calls in this week to discuss hacking threats and geolocation issues attached to apps. A PSA we didn't ask for but definitely need. Victor is a superhero trying to keep us safe out there while we swipe right.

Ep 9. "OMG you're gay right?" with Amy Cardinale
47 perc 10. rész datingappdisasters

This week Amy Cardinale joins us for a new version of Sex-Ed class... it turns out there is a lot we missed the first time! We also learn that straight guys don't know how to take hot pictures and how long is too long to be on the apps??

Ep 8. "Lick for a lick" with Vernon Payne
61 perc 9. rész datingappdisasters

With perhaps the craziest date we’ve heard so far, Vernon gives us a foolproof plan to get a free trip to Hawaii. And apparently eating a@$ is the norm now?

Ep 7. "I don't know what goes where" with Kase Raso
54 perc 8. rész datingappdisasters

Well... we found someone who's had even more horrific dates than Rachel! What is it like to have your white privilege checked when you're not even white? And is it better to just hook up than have sex?

Ep 6. "Oops wrong hole..?" with Brendan Sagalow
43 perc 7. rész datingappdisasters

We have Brendan Sagalow call in this week to horrify us... We also get into ye olde masturbation (or lack thereof)!

Ep 5. "How is this a disaster?" with Danny Palmer and Zach McGovern
44 perc 6. rész datingappdisasters

When Danny isn't trying to hit on Sarah, he and Zach get into monogamy, how sex stories can be embellished amongst friends and the possibility of a bald 12 year old kid running around in Brazil...?

Ep 4. “I’ll entertain crazy for a lil bit” with Tonael Joachim
50 perc 5. rész datingappdisasters

We get deep this week with TJ to talk about consent, how a date you thought went well can still come back to haunt you years later, and why he’s famous in Brazil...????

Ep 3. "Ghosted in Rochester!" with Maddy Smith
46 perc 4. rész datingappdisasters

Maddy Smith is here with us this week to talk about whether her date is still alive...? That she may or may not have modified her pics, and there’s no 'stroking' in Harry Potter.

Ep 2. "We're not gunna f*ck!" with Usama Siddiquee
41 perc 3. rész datingappdisasters

Usama doesn't have a bed. There's much more to this episode but that's the part that haunts me (Sarah).

Ep 1. "I'm a nice guy" with Chris Scopo
46 perc 2. rész datingappdisasters

This week Chris helps us understand why sharing is not caring when it comes to roommates and dates...

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