The Couch Bro's Podcast

The Couch Bro's Podcast

Four Bros(sometimes) hang out on a couch and argue about sports, anime, and whatever randomness that pops in our heads. Enjoy the ride.

The Couch Bro's Leisure 87 rész
Movie Review: Justice League(The Synder Cut)
61 perc 90. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros talk the good and bad from the Snyder Cut JL; The Warner dumpster fire behind the scenes; Movie streaming Vs Theater experience. ENJOY!! 

Dating, Relationships, & Life While Pregnant with Jeannie
85 perc 89. rész The Couch Bro's

We welcome Rod's long time friend the lovely Jeannie to the studio, to talk Teacher/Student scandals (2:00); Modern Dating etiquette (14:00); When you know the date is OVER (25:00); The Friend Zone & beyond (31:00); Trials of Relationships (36:50); Jeannie’s transition into Parenthood (51:50). ENJOY

Kyrie vs Kobe, The Unstoppable Nets, Zion's Ceiling, & LeBron's MVP Campaign
88 perc 88. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros have a conversation about some of the most skilled players in NBA History, namely Kyrie and Kobe; The Nets dominating and their championship outlook; Zion's first 50 games; LeBron's fraud MVP case; A conversation about Cam Newton and children disrespecting adults. ENJOY!

Is Tom Brady The Greatest Athlete Ever? Superbowl Recap & More
51 perc 87. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros break down their thoughts on SuperBowl 55; A discussion on how Tom Brady has reached the pantheon of great athletes. ENJOY

Tom Brady's Greatest Achievement, Aaron Rodgers worst moment & The Inevitable Chiefs
58 perc 86. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros give thoughts on the two championship games as well as discuss what the result means for Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady's  legacies. ENJOY!

NFL 2021 Conference Championships Preview
62 perc 85. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros talk the two big matchups in the AFC and NFC; We delve into Aaron Rodgers legacy and how he compares to the other all time greats at the position; The false narrative surrounding rookie contracts and team building. ENJOY!

The Harden & Nets Dynamic, The Tua Dillema, Devonta Smith, & Divisional Round Preview
58 perc 84. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros jump right into the insane Harden trade to the Nets and its intriguing dynamic; Dolphins players throwing shade at Tua; Devonta Smith and drafting receivers top 5; The Divisional Round matchups. ENJOY!

NFL Wild Card Preview Special
109 perc 83. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros talk about the Dolphins season and Tua's overall performance; Breakdown of all the games Wild Card Weekend; Worst Dope of the Year; You're The Worst top 10; NBA early season thoughts. Enjoy!

Tua Struggles, The Cowboys Reverse Tank job & Reacting To The Historic Clippers Loss & more
76 perc 82. rész The Couch Bro's
NBA Opening night, Patriots Dethroned, Josh Allens Ascent & More Week 15 reactions
56 perc 81. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros tip off with some NBA Talk on the Eve of Opening  Night; Dolphins ending Patriots playoff hopes; NFL Quick Bits; Josh Allen’s ascension; Matt Ryan’s losing legacy; Bad Dope of the Week; You’re The Worst. ENJOY

Chiefs keep rolling, The MVP Race, Herb's Bad Bet & more NFL Week 14 Reactions
73 perc 80. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kickoff with the Rams domination of the Pats; The Phenomenal Chiefs Vs Thieving Dolphins; Steelers are who we thought they were; Jalen Hurts Begins; Who are the Bucs really?; Bad Dope of the Week; You’re The Worst. ENJOY

NFL Week 13 Recap
79 perc 79. rész The Couch Bro's
The Unstopabble Chiefs, The Covid-Bowl, & More NFL Week 12 reactions.
60 perc 78. rész The Couch Bro's
Gucci vs Jeezy: Recap & Breakdown
80 perc 77. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros touch lightly on the Dolphins upset loss to the Broncos; Quick NFL Tidbits; And of course, we react to the Battle for the Soul of Atlanta and breakdown the Versus between Jeezy and Gucci Mane. 

62 perc 76. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros briefly discuss the trades in the NBA offseason. Then they breakdown the surprising VS's battle between legendary rap artist Gucci Mane and Jeezy. 

The Tua Takeover, Cam's Ceiling, Top Ten QB's, & Our Midseason Awards
82 perc 75. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros open up speaking on some funny travel stories; Cam’s influence on Pats and Ravens’ struggles; Dolphins and Chargers showdown in Miami; Magic Murray foils the Bills; And we cap the show with our Midseason Awards! ENJOY! 

GOTC: Tua's debut & more NFL week 8 reactions with Dom Spicy
79 perc 74. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros bring back the homie Spicy to the show! We dig into the Dolphins thrashing of the Rams & Tua’s debut; Cam & Patriots woes continue; Lamar’s recurring problem; Upsets and other Week 8 tidbits; ‘You’re the WORST’ is back. ENJOY! 



The Gutless Cowboys, Cam's worst day, Tom brady still has it, Tua's debut & more NFL week 7 reactions.
89 perc 73. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kickoff this week’s Sports Show with the tumultuous Cowboys season; Cam & Patriots being bad; The best moments and games of Week 7; Tua Time & new age QBs. ENJOY!!

Rodgers Struggles, Baker Gets Benched, Going For the Win, & More Reactions From Week 6
84 perc 72. rész The Couch Bro's
LeBron's Goat Resume, Dak's injury, Worst NFL fanbases & more week 5 reactions from the NFL.
91 perc 71. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kickoff this Sports Show recapping the NBA Finals and what it means for Lebron’s  legacy; A requiem for the Cowboys due to Dak’s Injury; BAD Adam Gase; Fitzmagic Strikes Again; Russell Wilson being great (again); Other Week 5 tidbits. ENJOY!!

NFL Week 4 Recap!
68 perc 70. rész The Couch Bro's
Scary Chiefs are back, The Same Ol' Cowboys, Fitzmagic Fever & More NFL Week 3 Observations. Plus Doc Rivers is finally gone
83 perc 69. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kickoff this week’s Sports Show discussing the MNF Game live; Talk the Great Fitzmagic and Cowboys being Russell Wilson’d; Week 3 tidbits; Lakers & Heat Finals thoughts; Doc Rivers leaving the Clippers

The Great Cowboys Comeback, The Same Ol' Dolphins, and More NFL Week 2 Reactions
78 perc 68. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros are back with NFL talk! We open the show discussing the improbable Cowboys comeback; Dolphins woes against the Bills; Tidbits of other games around the league including TNF; Why the hell did the Vikings pay Kirk Cousins?! ENJOY!

Scared Westbrook, Desperate Bucks, Steve Nash and NFL week 1 predictions
80 perc 67. rész The Couch Bro's
The Rockets Collapse, Chris Pauls Redemption, and Gianni's Disappearing Act. Plus More
66 perc 66. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros dive right into the debacle that was the Rockets game ending woes against the Thunder; How the layoff between the season and the bubble affected players; Bucks struggles against the Heat and Giannis' issue moving forward. Enjoy!

EMERGENCY POD!: Reacting to the NBA Boycott!
68 perc 65. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros tackle the current NBA playoffs boycott along with America's recurring problem; Thoughts on how the playoffs have unfolded so far; The faces of the NBA moving forward; We conclude with the discombobulated Sixers and their future. Enjoy!

The NBA Show: Game 1 Reactions, Luka vs Taytum and The Bubble
52 perc 64. rész The Couch Bro's

The Sports Bros are finally back and they break down all the opening playoff games, Herb and Gerson argue Luka Donic vs Jayson Tatum, and The Bros talk about the favorite things about the bubble so fa

Black Gamers Matter: Talkin' Racial Bias & Gender Stereotypes in Gaming
73 perc 63. rész The Couch Bro's

For this special edition of Guest on The Couch, Herb is joined by a collection of black Twitch streams to dicuss their various experiences in the gaming scene. 

GOTC: Talkin' Radio &The Pursit of Happiness
68 perc 62. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros invite our friend Binoj to the show! We delve into his background (1:55); His journey to LA (9:50); Beginnings in radio and country music (18:45); The era of streaming vs physical copies (30:35); "Never Overnight Podcast" (42:20); Differences between LA and FL (56:00). ENJOY

GOTC: Talkin' Broward life & Football with Dom Spicy
69 perc 61. rész The Couch Bro's

The Couch Bros present: The BROWARD BOYS edition of GOTC! Introducing the homie Dom Spicy, we jump into his Pompano roots (1:20); rapping stint with G-Block (14:15); Brotherly relationship w/ NFL CB Patrick Peterson (22:00); Owning Wise Guys Security (31:00); How he met Michael Jordan (33:25); Dopest places traveled (42:28); And we cap the show off with some anime (45:00) & football (51:00) talk. Enjoy!

76 perc 60. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros invite Mimi back on the couch! We follow up the previous situation from the revenge porn pod (1:30); Her career advancements in Law (7:30); Quarantine (15:50); OnlyFans (24:30); Dating Etiquette(38:30); Mimi being catfish’d(48:45); And we discuss platonic friendships and the friend zone (57:50)

Black Gamers Matter: Talkin' Sports & Games with Mixeual
38 perc 59. rész The Couch Bro's
GOTC: Anime with Chi-Town Kayla
43 perc 58. rész The Couch Bro's
58 perc 56. rész The Couch Bro's

For this episode, Herb invites fitness & Herbalife Advocate Jessica Alexandra to the couch! They discuss the beginning of Jessica's lifestyle change (4:40); Managing & movtivating a workout group (20:38); Jessica details how Herbalife has helped her with weight loss (37:49); Jessica's hardest moments (46:20); And the close the show they breakdown their favorite workouts (51:28); WE OUTCHEA!

Black Gamers Matters: The FoulestKoolKid
56 perc 55. rész The Couch Bro's

 The Bros invite up and coming mixer streamer Jonathan A.K.A The FoulestKoolKid on the Couch! We delve into Jon’s background (4:30); Games that got him into gaming (11:50); His aspirations as well as inspirations (23:23); The moment everything clicked (32:30); Experience vs Creativity (44:58); Favorite games growing up (48:40). WE OUTCHEA! 

GOTC: COVID-19, Society, Monogamy & Toxicity
92 perc 54. rész The Couch Bro's

 The Bros invite long time friends Krissy Kalypso and Mrs. T on the couch! We speak on the  impact of COVID-19 with “T” who dealt with it in NY (2:45);  Modern society and social media (19:00); Relationships in 2020 (29:00); Monogamy (49:05); And we conclude discussion with toxic relationships (74:45). LETS GET IT! 

Black Gamers Matter: SmittyChu
74 perc 53. rész The Couch Bro's

In this episode of guest on the couch, Herb invites twitch streamer and all around crazy person, Smittychu on to discuss a variety of topics ranging from gaming, to mental health, to life in general. They dicuss the George Floyd riots and protest (3:57); Then chat about Smitty's discovery of anime (16:31); Her start in gaming (34:02); Her experiences with racism within the gaming community (44:21); And how creating the MSCA, has helped her and others, with her battles with depression and relationships (53:50) 

GOTC: Devin's Story
63 perc 52. rész The Couch Bro's

Herb invites special guest and creator of 8954 media Devin on the show! The two open discussion with thoughts on the recent pandemic (2:20); Devin explains the origins of 8954 media (6:47); His early breakthroughs (17:45);  Life in prison (25:48); Adjusting to society and 69 release (40:45);  Ahmad Arbury shooting (46:25); And we finish out with how Devin got connected with MMA (58:01). ENJOY! 

The Last Dance: The Finale
48 perc 51. rész The Couch Bro's
NFL Draft Recap: NFC
71 perc 50. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros invite a friend of the podcast and Giants Superfan Chris! We get in touch with the origin of Chris’ Giants fandom (2:35); Star Wars media updates (7:15); The NFL schedule release and our fave team predictions (17:31); And we cap off with a few notes on the NFC’s draft (51:14). ENJOY!! 

The Last Dance: Episode 7 & 8 Recap!
60 perc 49. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros are back again after two more outrageously delightful episodes of The Last Dance! We delve into Jordan’s legendary drive and leadership tactics, MJ’s stint with baseball, the death of James Jordan, Scottie committing the worst of all fouls and just overall how great this series has been, especially now. ENJOY!

The Last Dance: Epi. 5 & 6 Recap
45 perc 48. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros reflect on episodes 5 and 6 of “The Last Dance” touching on everything from how Jordan interacted and garnered respect from his peers to his “competition problem.” ENJOY! 



The Last Dance: Epi 3 & 4 Recap
47 perc 47. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros cover the greatness and personality of Dennis Rodman and his relationship with MJ (2:04); The Bad Boy Pistons (29:31); And... why can’t MJ and the Bulls just let it go?! (41:15) ENJOY!

NFL Draft Recap: AFC
60 perc 46. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros open our 2 part draft series with the AFC! After some light conversation (1:50), we jump right into how the AFC East performed post draft (16:12); We talk about Teams drafts we liked (36:52); and those that weren't so hot (50:10). ENJOY!!

NFL Draft Round 1 Recap
37 perc 45. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bro's get together for an immediate reaction to round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft!

2020 NFL Mock Draft Extravaganza
60 perc 44. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros hold their first ever mock draft! They share thoughts and analyses on how the first round of the 2020 draft will unfold. Guest Starring: James B. 

The Last Dance Episode 1&2 recap
48 perc 43. rész The Couch Bro's
WrestleMania 36 recap and our favorite era of wrestling
66 perc 42. rész The Couch Bro's

 Desperate for live entertainment The Bro's decided to watch Wrestlemania 36. They breakdown the show (1:00); Herb makes his case for why he thinks the Ruthless Aggression Era is better than the iconic Attitude Era (20:50); And everyone gives their own personal mount rushmore of all time wrestlers (43:18); Enjoy the show.  

The NFL Show: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season Preview
50 perc 41. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros host friends of the show and Bucs superfans James & Greg to further breakdown the Tom Brady and get their perspective as Bucs fans (1:05); Discuss what TB12 can bring to the offense (6:29); Look back on the Jameis Winston years (12:31); Expectations for the team (); And recap a WILD free agency up until now ()! 

Tiger King Recap, Plus What to Watch During A Quarantine!
58 perc 40. rész The Couch Bro's

 The Bros are joined by long time friend Dom to breakdown Netflix's Tiger King, one of the wildest documentaries to come out in years (3:46); And discuss some of the shows and animes they've been watching during the pandemic (29:27); Free Joe Exotic!!!!

The Anime Show: 90's vs 00's Battle
79 perc 39. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros return with another anime drop! We geek out over how great My Hero has been; Breakdown notable anime from the 90’s and 2000's; And we cap off the show with a discussion about the best primary protagonists in recent shounen. HOLLA!! 

The NFL Show: 2020 Free Agency Recap
52 perc 38. rész The Couch Bro's

The Free Agency Bonanza has begun! The Bros celebrate the OFFICIAL end to the Brady/Belicheck Dynasty in NE (2:30); The Bizarro Bucs & Tom Brady (10:18); Dolphins gains and Cowboys losses (18:00); Tannehill getting paid over Henry & RBs dilemma (30:15); The ridiculous Hopkins trade to AZ (37:07); And we cap it off by listing other notable moves (44:45). 

The Sports Show: Playoff Mode
57 perc 37. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros tip-off with thoughts on the 3rd installment of the “Battle of LA” (1:23); Houston Rockets recent slump and expectations in the postseason (24:40); The Atkinson firing and the power of the Superstar (42:18). ENJOY!! 

The Sports Show: Beast of the East
74 perc 36. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros hop right into the slowly churned beef between Giannis and Harden (1:24); We talk the “Beasts of the East” Toronto, Boston, Philly and Miami (18:15); And we cap off the show with a fun game of Would You Rather (48:32). ENJOY!

The Sports Show: Damn Deontay
64 perc 35. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros tip-off the show reflecting on the Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder showdown(2:51); The Battle of LA between Lakers and Clippers (18:00); We talk the Rookie Kings Ja Morant and Zion Williamson (41:14). Enjoy!!

The Sports Show: All Star Weekend
86 perc 34. rész The Couch Bro's

It’s that time... the NBA Show begins! The Bros tip off the show with some All-Star Weekend recap (3:23); The dominant Bucks & Giannis the Conqueror (30:00); And we conclude things with each of us giving our Top 10 NBA players to the season up to this juncture (50:56). Enjoy!! 

The Sports Show: Trade Deadline Special
53 perc 33. rész The Couch Bro's
The NFL Show: We Love Kobe
60 perc 32. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros return from a short break to pay tribute to the late Great Kobe Bryant and reflect on what he meant to us both on and off the court (0:47); SuperBowl 54’s match up between Chiefs and 49ers (18:56); SB 54 prop bets (49:00); And we cap the show with our final goodbye to the legendary BLACK MAMBA (59:28). They say Legends never die because greatness is eternal.

The NFL Show: 24-0
53 perc 31. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros return with another playoff special! Joining us is our long time friend and Titans Superfan Birdman AKA Brendan! We dissect the epic comeback KC had against Houston (2:12); The Ravens upset at the hands of the Titans (12:53); Brendan cooks a bit on being a Titans fan (19:10); The dominant 49ers (30:15); We finish the show discussing some of the deep rooted issues behind the NFL’s hiring process including race and nepotism (38:35). ENJOY!! 

Mandalorian Season 1 review: We Have Spoken!
42 perc 30. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros sit down to breakdown Season 1 "The Mandalorian"

The NFL Show: So Long, Farewell Patriots!
40 perc 29. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kick off this Wild Card special edition by laughing and poking fun at the once mighty Patriots for taking an L to the Titans; Kirk Cousins getting over the hump & Saints woes; Bills and Texans with Josh Allen & Deshaun Watson comps; The Seahawks beating the Eagles and their path going forward. ENJOY!

Can I Date Your Ex Pt 2(Girl Code)
92 perc 28. rész The Couch Bro's

   The Bro's welcome friends of the show and certified QUEENS Mystique & Mocha onto the couch to get their take on dating exes amongst friends as women. To start the show everyone gives their new years resolutions. (1:22); Discuss why men and women view dating a friends ex differently. (9:05); And how to a approach a friend that you know is getting cheated on. (29:06); Then the ladies breakdown core "Girl Code" values. (41:12) Define "Taking One for the team" (56:30) And explain growing to love vs being in love. (1:08:30)

The NFL Show: Happy New Year!
82 perc 27. rész The Couch Bro's

Happy New Year from the Couch Bros! Did the Pats REALLY take an L to the Phins?! (2:54); The biggest surprises and disappointments of the season (13:39); Our favorite games of the decade (28:28); 10 year League Leader comparison (39:03); Bad Dope and you’re The WORST of the Year (54:40); And then we top it off with Wild Card Weekend previews (1:13). Enjoy!

The NFL Show: May The Force Be with You
84 perc 26. rész The Couch Bro's
(Why)We Love STAR WARS...Sort of
79 perc 25. rész The Couch Bro's

A short time ago in a galaxy very very close by... comes The Couch Bro’s Star Wars Podcast! Joining us is long time friend, comedian and resident Star Wars aficionado Dustin! We open up with how Star Wars took our souls (1:59); Why the new movie franchise has brought indifference to the fandom (9:21); The epic and expansive lore that stretches beyond even Disney’s canon (40:00); And have an improtu Mandolorian series review (57:26) May the force be with you.

The NFL Show: Why Patriots?!..Why?!
76 perc 24. rész The Couch Bro's

Joining us on the this episode is Bucs Superfan James! We jump right into the latest Patriot “gate drama” and talk about their history of shade (1:58); Ryan Tannehill balling in Tennessee and how Miami fucked up (AGAIN) (17:56); James gives us some insight into being a Bucs fan and talks Famous Jameis (28:14); you’re The WORST (59:57); And we finish off the show previewing the division showdown between Titans and Texans (1:04:04); And break down Bucs-Lions (1:10:49) ENJOY! 

The Video Game Awards: Preview Show
121 perc 23. rész The Couch Bro's

In this episode Ivan, Herb, Sol, and Kristian preview the upcoming 2019 Game Awards Show airing Thursday, December 12th and discuss which of the nominees deserves the prestigious title of "Game of the Year" among other nominations. Also, They each share their personal gems of this past year and decade; Discuss the biggest flops; And the games they were most disappointed with. Log off your fantasy football site and pick up the controller, let's nerd out. GEEK SQUAD ASSEMBLE!!

Can I date your ex?(Bro Code)
46 perc 22. rész The Couch Bro's

Inspired by Omarions pettiness The Bro's got together for a discussion to figure out who's off limits when it comes to dating, amongst friends. And in typical Couch Bros fashion the that question was barely answered. Enjoy the show!

The NFL Show: A Super Bowl in November
76 perc 21. rész The Couch Bro's

The games get more and more crazy as the season draws to a close... and The Bros are capitalizing on ALL THAT! We open the show recapping the epic MNF showdown: Hawks/Vikes (3:14); Texans FINALLY beating big brother Patriots (10:28); The potential Super Bowl preview with Ravens/49ers (19:22); The CowBROS cook the BOYS for after losing to the Bills (29:21); RodMan roasts the pitiful Eagles and talks Dolphins and Tank Wars (43:00); We break out the All Decade QB, WR, TE selections (56:31); you’re The WORST (1:02:20); And we conclude the show with rapid fire previews (1:06:45); ENJOY! 

The NFL Show: The Cowboys are Broken
88 perc 20. rész The Couch Bro's

After another kick ass weekend of football, The Bros hop right into recapping the best games, starting with the annihilation of the Rams by the Ravens (1:24); The Packers thrashing by the 49ers (14:40); RodMan has questions for the CowBROS after a flaccid performance in Foxborough (22:28); And dicuss the competency (or lack thereof) of team franchise structure when drafting(36:02); You’re The WORST (53:45); Then preview (potential SB matchup)49ers-Ravens (58:36); Texans-Patriots (1:07:19); And talk Browns-Steelers for no reason (1:16:02); Y’ALL ENJOY

The NFL Show: Oh No Tua!
63 perc 19. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kickoff the newly formatted show with a recap of Sunday’s best games (1:23); How the Tua Tagovailoa injury affects the Tank Wars (21:15); This weeks "You're the WORST" (31:33); Then they preview the week 12 matchups of Eagles-Seahawks (36:26), Ravens-Rams (40:32), Packers-49ers (46:52), and Cowboys-Patroits (55:35). Enjoy the show!

The Anime Show: The Tournament of Tournaments
58 perc 18. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros open up the show talking about about some of the new (and old) anime they've been watching over the year (2:37); They dig into some of their personal favorite Tournament Arcs (13:28); Then the fellas discuss some classic Tournament sagas such as Naruto’s Chuunin Exams (17:32) and YuYu Hakusho’s Dark Tournament (33:32) Then Herb has some choice words about the Tournament of Power [and DB Super fans] (43:37). Enjoy! 

62 perc 17. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kickoff off the show discussing the instant classic MNF showdown (4:47); We talk Sunday’s epic slate of games (10:27); The newest development in the Tank Wars (22:10); And we conclude the show with our Post Midseason Awards!! (30:57) Enjoy the show!

NFL Week 9 Recap!
60 perc 16. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bros kick off the show with the COWbros relishing in a division victory (1:59); Sunday’s wild action including the epic prime time showdown between Pats and Ravens (10:40); The Tank Wars crisis at hand (31:15); Would You Rather with a football twist (41:18); And as always you’re The WORST!!! (52:08)

Your Job sucks, It's Toxic: Guest on the Couch
81 perc 15. rész The Couch Bro's
The Bros are joined by the lovely duo of Mocha & Mystique, and the group kicks the show off discussing marijuana (4:22); Which leads to a discussion about Atatiana Jefferson's murder and the tension between African Americans and the police (7:41). Then everyone shares their worst experiences from a toxic work environment, starting with Mystique's job from hell (23:42); RodMan's missing paycheck (29:32); Herb's sexual harassment accusation (36:40); And Nick's epic 30 minute long story that ends with someone catching on fire, to close out the show (45:55).
NFL Week 7 Recap!
58 perc 14. rész The Couch Bro's

The CowBROS open up this weeks show to bask in the glory of destroying the Iggles[Eagles] (0:24); We talk MNF and the historic greatness of New England’s defense (15:20); The surprise upsets of the weekend (26:46); Coaches boarding the hot seat bus (36:28); The weekly “Tank Wars” update (46:46); And of COURSE... BDotW and you’re The WORST!!!(50:34)...Enjoy the show!

NFL Week 6 Recap!
63 perc 13. rész The Couch Bro's

On this latest edition of the NFL Weekly Recap show, The Bros invite resident Washington Redskins Superfan Steve, on the couch as we delve into the Cowboys embarrassing loss to the Jets (3:40); The topsy turvy Monday Night game(13:20); Houston beating the Chiefs and their glaring issues(21:48); The surprise Jalen Ramesy trade(29:52); Steve talks about his Redskins fandom (34:46); The pivotal Tank War matchup between Skins and Phins(43:16); And OF COURSE... BDotW and you’re The WORST!(55:19)

Movie Review: Joker
51 perc 12. rész The Couch Bro's

On this debut episode of our new series “Blerd Talk!” The Bros tackle the new Joker film by Todd Phillips. The fellas give a general overview of the film (2:12); We tackle the many influences from the comics and classic cinema the movie took from ( 21:19); We talk Joaquin Phoenix (27:23); And we end the show with a serious discussion on mental health and illness(30:56); If anyone ever needs any help or someone to talk to you can contact any of The Couch Bros. Enjoy! 

NFL Week 5 Recap!
55 perc 11. rész The Couch Bro's

DISCLAIMER: The Couch Bros do not endorse any of Gerson’s off the wall statements! On this latest edition of the NFL Weekly Recap, the bros tackle the MNF game (1:24); Our thoughts on Colts surprising KC (10:31); This season’s surprises and disappointments (18:42); We have a heavyweight bout between Gerson and The Cowbros (27:53); The QB Controversy scale (36:24); And of course we supply you every week with YOU’RE THE WORST (50:20)

A Stripper's Chronicles: Guest on The Couch
40 perc 10. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bro's are joined by blacktrepreneur "Zoey Benz" as she hits the couch to share her story on how she got into exotic dancing (1:40), how the job has changed her perspective of people (5:23), systemic racism she's faced within the profession (10:22), weird customer festishes (12:14), the unwritten rules of a strip club (21:32) and how the job has affected her personal relationships (29:44) and more. 

NFL Week 4 Recap!
54 perc 9. rész The Couch Bro's

On this latest edition of the Couch Bros NFL Weekly Recap, the fellas and friend’s brush through MNF (1:30); Tom Brady vs Father Time (10:00) ; Cowboys loss to Saints (20:30); And we introduce a new element, The Tank Wars (30:55); Bad Dope of the Week and of course (44:08)... YOU’RE THE WORST (48:10)

NFL Week 3 Recap!
56 perc 7. rész The Couch Bro's

The Bro's recap week 3 of the NFL season and in this week's episode they're joined by fans and friends of the show Ivan & Sol to help breakdown some games. To start the show they recap MNF (2:06). Then the Bro's share their thoughts on how the Browns have looked so far (17:06), and discuss Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes II (25:32). In the second segment Rod defends his Dolphins against a trio of Cowboys fans (37:37). "Bad Dope of the week" and "You're The Worst" (44:40) and to close the show The Bro's preview the Eagles vs Packers Thursday night game (51:25). 

Revenge Porn: Guest on The Couch
71 perc 6. rész The Couch Bro's

In the debut episode of their new podcast "Guest on The couch" The Bro's are joined by special guest Mimi & Dede to discuss how women view dating in 2019. Mimi's starts the show by sharing her story on how she was(almost) a victim of revenge porn (4:50) and her inability to pick the "right guy" (12:57). Then Dede spills the beans on her side nigga drama (23:45). Then everyone discusses bedroom conversations (32:32), going 50/50 on bills(38:11), slavery vs the Holocaust (46:24), and dating etiquette (51:42). 

NFL Week 2 Recap!
54 perc 5. rész The Couch Bro's

In this episode we discuss the abomination that are 2019 Dolphins (2:18). We also discuss Dak Prescott's growth as a QB (18:17), Antonio Brown farting on ppl (25:18). Patrick Mahomes dominance (30:25), and the rest of the NFL (39:42). And ofcourse the top 5 bad quarterback performances of the week with "You're The Worst"(47:15). Enjoy!

NFL Week 1 Recap!
42 perc 4. rész The Couch Bro's

Week 1 of the calendar is down in the books and The Couch Bro's are here to recap all of the action (2:25). We also debut two new segments for the show "Bad Dope of the week" (32:00) and "You're The Worst" (37:08). Enjoy the show! 

The Antonio Brown Saga!
42 perc 3. rész The Couch Bro's

In todays episode we discuss the Antonio Brown saga in the only way we know how (0:24). Plus we pick some games against the spread (32:42). Enjoy the show!

THE 2019 NFC Contenders!
63 perc 2. rész The Couch Bro's

On this epidsode we reflect on Andrew Luck and his sudden retirement (1:00). Then we predict who the 6 contenders will be in the NFC this upcoming season with a unique question for each team (8:08). Enjoy the show!

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