Saturday Morning Serial

Saturday Morning Serial

Saturday Morning Serial is a companion podcast to The Mix Morning Fix. Each week, Jackson tells his co-hosts, Jon and Monroe, a true-crime story.

Broadway Media True Crime 57 rész Saturday Morning Serial is a companion podcast to The Mix Morning Fix. Each week, Jackson tells his co-hosts, Jon and Monroe, a true-crime story.
Mummies FINAL
23 perc 57. rész Broadway Media
This week we discuss cases in which modern people's bodies were perfectly preserved through natural mummification.
Spongebob Ninja Art Theft
23 perc 56. rész Broadway Media
Lead Spongebob character designer Todd White was one of the hottest up-and-comers in the fine art world, his painting fetching tens of thousands of dollars. Is that why 3 ninjas broke into an art gallery and stole $1 million in art? Or is there something way stranger going on?
Utah's P.O.W. Midnight Massacre
23 perc 55. rész Broadway Media
It's hard to imagine that once upon a time Utah was home to not only a Japanese internment camp, but multiple prisoner of war camps built to hold Nazi and Axis prisoners captured in battle. It was inside one of these camps in Salina, Utah where Private Clarence Bertucci committed the worst massacre in a U.S. POW camp, shooting nearly 30 sleeping prisoners, leaving 9 dead.
Baby Snatcher Lisa Montgomery
24 perc 54. rész Broadway Media
The U.S. government hadn't put a woman to death in nearly 70 years. That changed Wednesday when Lisa Montgomery died by lethal injection for killing a pregnant woman (Bobbie Jo Stinnett) and cutting the 7-month-old fetus from her womb.
Dumbest Criminal Alibis
17 perc 53. rész Broadway Media
Whoa! Look who decided to grace us with their presence! Jon and Monroe stopped by for today's SMS. So let's have a little fun. These are the dumbest criminal alibis ever.
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
30 perc 52. rész Broadway Media
This week we talk about the incredibly difficult topic of Domestic Violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Jackson shares the story of Terri who survived a horrifying attack by her ex-husband.

If you or someone you know is trapped in an abusive relationship, resources are available through the National Domestic Violence Hotline: | 1 (800) 799-SAFE (7233).

Story from 'I Survived...' S3E1 on Vice.
62 perc 51. rész Broadway Media
We are back! After weeks of no Saturday Morning Serial, Jackson has finally brought it back. And since he's made you wait so long, it only makes sense to give you a full hour of the largest mass murder of Americans in a single event until 9/11. This is the story of the Jonestown massacre.
The Cline Babies
28 perc 50. rész Broadway Media
This week we discuss the shocking case of Dr. Donald Cline and his over 60 biological children.
The Curse of 'The Little Rascals'
31 perc 49. rész Broadway Media
Over 200 'Our Gang' movies (also known as 'The Little Rascals) were made between 1922 and 1944. Over 130 children starred in these short films and many of them have met truly unfortunate ends. So many in fact, that many people believe a curse looms over the former child stars. Here are a few of those stories.
Craziest Death Row Inmates You've Never Heard Of
34 perc 48. rész Broadway Media
As of 2018, there are 2,721 people on death row in the United States. Today, we will cover a few of the lesser-known cases. From Phil Gibbon's Ranker article (, here are some of the craziest death row inmate stories you've probably never heard of.
The Attack of Brittani Marcell
35 perc 47. rész Broadway Media
17-year-old Brittani Marcell was attacked with a shovel, in broad daylight, in her own home while she waited to eat lunch with her mom. Miraculously, Brittani survived the attack, but with the severe brain damage that came with it, she may not be able to tell them who did this to her.
The Stonewall Riots
37 perc 46. rész Broadway Media
This week Jackson is sharing a story with us that holds a very significant place in his heart: The Stonewall Riots.

On June 28th of 1969, after decades of abuse and humiliation, the queer community finally took a stand. And the corrupt police who attempted to raid The Stonewall Inn (one of NYC's most popular gay bars) had no idea what was coming for them. In what would become the foundation of the modern queer rights movement, the story of Stonewall echoes the pain and turmoil we are facing as a nation today. SOURCES: |
911 Operator Horror Stories
28 perc 45. rész Broadway Media
After a quick break of easy listening due to COVID-19, we're back to the grim, the scary, and the unimaginable. This week, Jackson shares with us a collection of stories from 911 operators. They were asked to reveal their most horrifying stories... and yeah. They're horrifying.

Emperor Wu Zetian
22 perc 44. rész Broadway Media
Well behaved women rarely make history. That's true. But perhaps Emperor Wu went a couple of steps too far. However you slice it, you can't deny her importance as Imperial China's only female Emperor... Even if she had to kill a bunch of people to get there. MAIN SOURCE:
The Return of the Stupid: Sill Criminals Pt. 2
21 perc 43. rész Broadway Media
As we continue to social distance away from the horrors of the world, allow us to talk about our favorite thing: stupid criminal stories.
Iron Mike Malloy
25 perc 42. rész Broadway Media
When Tony and the boys come up with a get rich quick scheme, they never imagined they'd have to work this hard. This is the story of the nearly unkillable Iron Mike Malloy.
The American Squirrel Wars
25 perc 41. rész Broadway Media
The thought of doing yet another true crime story at a time where everyone is so stressed out was just too much for Jackson. Instead, he's taking a small detour from crime to history. When European settlers arrived in North America, they began a war that has lasted for nearly 500 years. SQUIRREL WAR! Find out how California enlisted hundreds of child soldiers to fight huge populations of ground squirrels.
Silly Criminals Edition
25 perc 40. rész Broadway Media
This week on SMS, we're doing things a little differently. The world is so negative right now, so Jackson thought it would be nice to shift away from murder into one of his other passions: stupid criminals.
37 perc 39. rész Broadway Media
As far as anyone could tell, Bernie Tiede was a model citizen. Everyone in the town of Carthage, Tx absolutely adored him. He was quick to help anyone in need, particularly the little old widows whom he met at the funeral home where he worked. It was simply impossible that he would hurt anyone... Until one day he snapped.

The Hinterkaifeck Farm Murders
24 perc 38. rész Broadway Media
This week we're talking about one of Germany's most notorious cold cases. The murder of the Gruber family and their maid at the Hinterkaifeck farmstead has been a mystery for nearly 100 years. Let's chat about what was going on around the farm before their murders and why it took so long for anyone to find them.
The Murder of Dorothy Jane Scott
21 perc 37. rész Broadway Media
This week, we discuss the disappearance and subsequent murder of single mother Dorothy Jane Scott. While her disappearance was strange enough, it's the anonymous phone calls before and after her murder that make this case extra horrifying.
The Charcuterie Board Episode
31 perc 36. rész Broadway Media
This week, due to the fact that everyone will be stuck at home (thanks, Coronavirus!), I thought it would be a good time for a Charcuterie Board episode. This is where I tell you a variety of true crime stories, like a sampler platter. You can pick your favorites and spend your downtime looking more deeply into them.

Episode Source:

The stories we touch on: MATTHEW HOFFMAN | Matthew Hoffman kidnapped a girl and locked her in his house full of leaves. KYLE MORGAN | Kyle Morgan lured a homeless man into his apartment and stabbed him. After, he painted demonic symbols on his walls in the victim's blood. ROBERT BERDELLA | Robert Berdella abducted, tortured, and killed young men in the '80s. His flea market store was called Bob's Bizzare Bazaar and it's theorized that he may have sold some of his victims' remains. JOHN LIST | After killing his entire family, he changed his name, remarried, and got away with his crimes for nearly 30 years. SHEILA KEEN | Sheila Keen Warren dressed as a clown and killed the wife of the man she was having an affair with. THE BRENDEL FAMILY | The Brendels were killed by their Sunday school teacher and their remains buried behind their house. WARD WEVER | Ward Wever killed two neighbor kids and buried their bodies in his yard. When interviewed by the local news, he pretended not to know where the girls were... while he and the news crew stood on the girls' graves.
The Smiley Face Killer theory
31 perc 35. rész Broadway Media
Since 1997, hundreds of white, college-age men have vanished all around the American Northeast in mysterious drownings. Sure, their deaths could very likely have been the result of a sad accident. But what if something more sinister is afoot? Two NYPD detectives have a theory that a team of serial killers is responsible.
Spider Man of Denver
23 perc 34. rész Broadway Media
After the body of an old man was found lying on the floor of his house, family and neighbors started to notice super weird things happening around the home. Things going missing, food disappearing from the kitchen, terrible odors... But nobody could find the source of the ruckus! Was Philip Peters killed by a ghost? Let's find out on today's Saturday Morning Serial.

The Lottery Killer
22 perc 33. rész Broadway Media
Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and what they would do with their insane fortunes. Sadly, things didn't turn out so well for Abraham Shakespeare after hitting a $30 million jackpot. Let's dive into the darker side of the lottery and the greed that comes with it.
Medical Oddities
24 perc 32. rész Broadway Media
In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we're changing gears just a bit. This week Jackson tells us about some of the strangest medical oddities: hairy eyes, salt overdoses... and you'll never look at a tennis ball the same way again.

The Zion Society Cult
29 perc 31. rész Broadway Media
Have you ever wondered what's happening in the house directly behind yours? Could be nothing. Could be something HORRIFYING. As was the case in a small Ogden neighborhood. A cult known as The Zion Society owned an entier cul-de-sac and what happened there is difficult to stomach.
The Icebox Killings
23 perc 30. rész Broadway Media
How did the bodies of 2 elderly people end up in their fridge? We may never actually know, but we're always excited to speculate! This week we're talking about the Icebox Killings, one of Houston's most notorious cold cases.
La Mataviejitas (The Old Lady Killer)
29 perc 29. rész Broadway Media
We're back with more crime than ever! Welcome to season 2 of Saturday Morning Serial. Our story this week takes place in Mexico City during the early 2000s. Dozens of old ladies were being strangled in their homes. But with very little to go on, police are unable to apprehend the killer for years.
Wash Your Hands, Mary!
43 perc 28. rész Broadway Media
Potatoes, civil war, & bad hygiene?! This story has everything! Gather 'round while Jackson tells us all about Typhoid Mary!

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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder
29 perc 27. rész Broadway Media
Tis the season to be a murderer, FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!

That's right! Christmas is just around the corner, so let's strike some fear into your heart with this collection of yuletide murders.
The Stayner Brothers
28 perc 26. rész Broadway Media
This week, we are discussing the Stayner brothers, Cary and Steven. Steven was kidnapped and molested for 7 years before he finally broke free from his captor. All in the name of rescuing a fellow captive. Steven's brother Cary, however, took a very different route in life.
Murders in the Wild
40 perc 25. rész Broadway Media
There are plenty of things to fear in the wilderness: bears, mountain lions, falling from cliffs, fires, perhaps even alien abductions (if you believe in that sort of thing).

But if you’re like Jon, perhaps you never considered the truly terrifying possibility that the monster in the woods isn’t a monster at all. On this week’s Saturday Morning Serial, we talk about several different cases with the same theme; people enjoying the great outdoors, murdered in cold blood. You’ll never want to leave your house again (which is fine, because it’s cold and there’s no internet out there).

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The Richardson Werewolf Murders
27 perc 24. rész Broadway Media
What caused a 12-year-old girl to team up with a 300-year-old werewolf to kill her family? This question has haunted the town of Medicine Hat, Canada for years. Let's dive into the Richardson Werewolf Murders.

SOURCES: Wikipedia - | Boredom Therapy - | Murderpedia -
Cyntoia Brown
50 perc 23. rész Broadway Media
Cyntoia Brown was just 16 years old when she was picked up and turned into a child of sex trafficking. She was brutally beat, raped, starved, and forced to perform sex for any man who paid her captor. It wasn't long before she ended up turning on these men. She shot and murdered one of her attackers. Unfortunately, she was tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison. After a recent outcry on social media, the Tennesee Governor commuted her sentence. Now on the outside, Cyntoia has published a book about her experience called "Free Cyntoia" and will join us after the show to talk about more details.
The Casanova Killer
32 perc 22. rész Broadway Media
This week, we discuss serial killer Glen Rogers also known as the Casanova Killer or the Cross-Country Killer. Make sure to stick around for the crazy twist at the end!
Cold Case: Christine Gallegos
24 perc 21. rész Broadway Media
Our friend Jason Jensen from the Utah Cold Case Coalition joins us to discuss the case of an 18-year-old murder victim. We are so close to figuring out who was responsible. We just need the last couple missing pieces. Does anyone know Tree or Squirrel?
Bella in the Wych Elm
35 perc 20. rész Broadway Media
After a woman's skeleton is discovered jammed inside a tree, police do everything in their power to identify her. However, due to poor records keeping and the violence of World War 2, her identity remains a mystery to this day. Could she have been a Nazi spy? Or perhaps a victim of dark magic
Texarkana Moonlight Murders
39 perc 19. rész Broadway Media
This week we discuss the story of a lesser-known Serial Killer who brought chaos down on the small town of Texarkana in 1946.
Hot Dog Napkin
23 perc 18. rész Broadway Media
This week, in honor of Salt Lake City Police Department's Forensic Science Week, we will discuss how a hot dog napkin closed a 26-year-old cold case murder.
Body Snatcher Carl Tanzler
30 perc 17. rész Broadway Media
This week, we discuss the strange case of Carl Tanzler who snatched the body of a young woman out of her grave and kept her in his house for 7 years.
Cold Case: Rosie Tapia
35 perc 16. rész Broadway Media
Rosie Tapia was just 6 years old when she was abducted from her bed, sexually assaulted, and drown in the river next to her apartment. The case has been cold for nearly 30 years, but our friend Jason Jensen from the Utah Cold Case Coalition joins us to discuss how you can help bring peace to the family.
The Circleville Letter Writer
33 perc 15. rész Broadway Media
When the citizens in the small town of Circleville, OH start receiving threatening letters, nobody expected it to turn out quite like this.
The Manson Family Cult
60 perc 14. rész Broadway Media
The 60's brought about an era of peace and love... oh, and bloodshed. On this episode, we will explore life in Charles Manson's cult through the eyes of one of his followers. Diane 'Snake' Lake, the youngest member of the cult, joins us after the show to talk about her experience with this deranged man.
The Tamam Shud Cold Case
41 perc 13. rész Broadway Media
A clean, well-dressed body found lying on an Australian beach turns out to be one of the most compelling mysteries ever. Found folded up in a secret pocket, a paper with the words "Tamam Shud" written on it, a Persian phrase meaning "finished." Though this case is over 60 years old, the man's identity remains a mystery.
Body Snatcher Ed Gein
34 perc 12. rész Broadway Media
Ed Gein, the ultimate mama's boy, has become a pop culture phenomenon. His crimes have inspired such films as 'Psycho', 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', and 'Silence of the Lambs'. You should have a bucket or a bag near you while listening to this episode because the list of body parts found in Ed's house is horrifying.
The Lafferty Brothers
36 perc 11. rész Broadway Media
You know how much Jackson loves a good cult. And one that's right in our backyard? Even better. The Lafferty brothers, raised in a horribly abusive household, continued this cycle of violence well into their own marriages and parenthood. But when one of their wives leaves, Dan and Ron Lafferty seek revenge in the most horrifying way possible.
Survivor Mary Vincent
32 perc 10. rész Broadway Media
As a 15-year-old runaway, Mary Vincent was trying desperately to return home to her family. She hitched a ride with a grandfatherly guy thinking that everything would be fine. Several hours into the road trip, however, she was brutally raped, tortured, and left for dead. Miraculously, she survived to tell the story.
The Wrongful Conviction of Jamal Trulove
27 perc 9. rész Broadway Media
In many ways, our criminal justice system in the United States needs reform. One prime example of why is the story of Jamal Trulove who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 6 years in prison. Jamal joins us on this episode to discuss his sentence.
Serial Killer Isreal Keyes
32 perc 8. rész Broadway Media
Isreal Keyes may have been one of America's most terrifying and prolific serial killers, but you may have never heard of him before. He was convicted of 3 murders, but may have committed dozens more all around the U.S. and beyond.
Billy in the Bowl
16 perc 7. rész Broadway Media
You're going to feel like a really bad person for laughing at this. But also, it's kind of funny. This is the stranger than fiction story of Billy in the Bowl.
Amy Lynn Bradley's Cruise Ship Disappearance
25 perc 6. rész Broadway Media
Nearly 165 people have gone missing from cruise ships since 1995. Amy Lynne Bradley was one of those people. After graduation, she was looking forward to a family cruise. She went out dancing one night and never returned.
SLC Library Hostage Situation
32 perc 5. rész Broadway Media
It's terrifying to think that a simple day at the library could turn into a literal nightmare. But that's exactly what happened at the Salt Lake City library in the 90's when a man strapped a bomb to his body and held a room full of people hostage.
Kalamazoo Uber Murders
24 perc 4. rész Broadway Media
As if 2016 couldn't get more terrifying, one rogue Uber driver took it to the next level. A violent shootings spree would leave the town of Kalamazoo in shock.
The Family of David Cult
28 perc 3. rész Broadway Media
Nearly everyone in Northern Utah grew up hearing the tale of the woman who threw seven of her children off the roof of the Shilo Inn. But the story leading up to that night will also blow your mind. This is the story of The Family of David Cult.
Jvdge Building Bombings
30 perc 2. rész Broadway Media
In October of 1985, Salt Lake City saw a string of violence beyond comprehension. A series of bombings left several dead and one very sketchy guy hospitalized. Finding out who was behind the bombings was just the first in a series of wild twists and turns leading all the way to the highest levels of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
The Tale of The Bloody Benders
29 perc 1. rész Broadway Media
Imagine wandering around unfamiliar territory. You're tired, dirty, hungry, and desperately in need of sleep. That's when you happen upon a small general store offering warm meals and a place to take shelter for the night. Things quickly take a dark and unfortunate turn suggesting you might have been better off in the woods. This is the gruesome tale of The Bloody Benders.

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