The BBall Index

The BBall Index

Cranjis McBasketball, Tony East and Jacob Goldstein dive deep into the data and analytics to provide detailed and contextualized analysis of the broader

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The LALBP #1 - Lakers/Nuggets WCF Preview
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Player Profiles, Badges, & Game 7!
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Cranjis walks through the 3 talent grades the BBall Index team has revamped, what they and their component ratings say about Houston and OKC ahead of game 7, and introduces talent badges as well.
WNBA Draft Preview
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Tim and BBI WNBA writer Ben Dull discuss the upcoming WNBA draft, top team storylines to watch, and players to keep an eye on.
Optimizing NBA Lineup Fit
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This episode, Tim introduces some of the key concepts from a recent article and sets the stage for conversations around optimizing lineup fit.

Optimization: The Final Frontier
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This week, Tim breaks down some of the ways we can try to capture optimization of players and win more games.

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To help equip you to win your debates during the off period for the NBA, Cranjis shares a series of stats that help add clarity to the DPOY debate. This pod is brought to you through our partners at Untuckit and
Key Questions
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This week, Cranjis works through a mailbag of key questions to help you have the best fun facts this NBA season. Who are the most talented players and teams? Which role changes haven't worked? Find out here, with this episode brought to you through BetOnline and UNTUCKit

Clutch is Real
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Nathan Walker joins Cranjis to chat about Stable SPR, Predictive Win %, Replacement On/Off, and how each of those can be used by fans to learn more about the NBA. The duo also discusses Nathan's research around showing how clutch is real and can be predicted.

How Coaches Use Data
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Cranjis is joined by Brazilian 2nd League Champion and Unifacisa coach KJ Smith to discuss what US basketball can learn from int'l basketball, and KJ's relationship with data as a coach for a championship contender.

DARKO Introduction
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Cranjis chats this week with creator of the DARKO projection system, Kostya Medvedovsky. They cover how DARKO works, what it tells us, and what it says about some key players this season.

Watching Film with Tim
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This week, Tim takes us through how he watches games live and on film, pointing out what he looks for on offense and defense, what sources he uses for his film, and what stats he mixes in to stay sharp. Special thanks to our sponsor, Roman. Go to to get a FREE online visit and FREE two-day shipping.

Jacob's Process
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This week Jacob takes you through his process for watching film, watching a game, and what tools he uses to get into advanced information.

Mailbag with Cranjis
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On this week's pod, Tim answers your questions to talk through shooting variance and teams hot from 3, how basketball styles of play may impact injury frequency, the real ways to apply lessons from the 3s vs 2s debate, and which teams to expect the most positive or negative regression from moving forward.

Oasis or Mirage in Phoenix?
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This week, Mike Vigil from the Timeline Podcast joins Tim to talk about the white hot Suns, why their early season start isn't a mirage, and what the new expectations should be for Phoenix. Be sure to go to and use code BLUE at checkout and check out and use promo code BLUEWIRE, both for 20% off your orders.

Rookie Extensions
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Tim and Jacob are joined this week by Eric Griffith to discuss Eric's upcoming BBall Index article on rookie extensions and dive into what Jaylen Brown will need to do to provide value on his new deal. The guys also touch on several players who didn't get an extension figured out by the deadline, along with a quick state of the battle for LA.

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Measuring Zion
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This week, Tim and Jacob share the results of a study estimating the 2019-20 talent grades for Zion Williamson, what those say about his most effective roles, and the likelihood of the Pelicans using him to his peak impact. Thanks our partners for this week, Shipstation & Roman. Try Shipstation free for 60 days by going to and entering promo code Blue and go to to get a free online visit & free two day shipping.

Preseason (Sort of) Matters!
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This week, the guys break down which preseason data is predictive of future performance in real games, walk through some of the players and teams that have stood out to them so far, and predict what sort of role Zion Williamson will see in 2019.

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Offensive Role Ladders and EDD Injury
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This week, the guys discuss what EDD's injury means for the WNBA Finals, and also introduce Offensive Role Ladders to more clearly outline how players grow and what role jumps for players are likely this season.

Optimizing Opportunity Cost & Averaging Stats
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In this pod, Cranjis shares some of the players who BBall Index's data said were misused this past season in their deployed roles and are primed to break out, and then chats about the idea of rating player overall defense and what to be careful about when averaging different stats together to come up with a rating system.

Overall Talent Grades
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This week, the guys showcase the brand new overall offensive and defensive grades the team developed for the NBA. Players who made role changes that helped or hurt are touched on, along with role changes that could help unlock the potential of specific players.

Ranking Players & We Lost!
35 perc 12. rész Blue Wire

Jacob and Tim talk through SI's top ranked players compared to how the guys would (or wouldn't) order players, then mourn the USA team's losses in the FIBA World Cup, and discuss what future implications could be from the US's quick exit in the tournament.

FIBA World Cup & WNBA Playoff Preview
33 perc 11. rész Blue Wire

Tony joins Tim and Jacob this week to discuss the FIBA World Cup's best teams, how they'd stack up as NBA teams, and cover the WNBA teams poised to make title runs in this year's WNBA playoffs.

Off-Screen Shooters & Basketball Analytics Career Pathing
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This week, Tim and Jacob discuss a next-level application of the NBA player talent grades along with other data sources to identify players in a niche skill set, then talk about their journeys to data analytics and recommendations for others interested in the field.

Pickup Comps & International PIPM
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This pod, the guys share whom the math says each of them play most similarly to in games of pickup, then introduce PIPM data for international leagues and what it means for a couple of the top international draft prospects from this past draft.

Gravity & Lineup Spacing
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This week, Jacob and Tim welcome new BBall Index data contributor, Andrew Patton, to the pod to discuss his player gravity data and the site's new lineup spacing ratings derived from that baseline data.

Win Totals & Free Agency Ratings
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In episode 7, the guys discuss which team season win totals grade out as best bets based on the site's projections, as well as what the math says about which teams made out best and worst with their free agent signings.

Player Development Ratings & Mailbag
41 perc 6. rész Blue Wire

This week, the guys break down the site's Player Development Ratings, discuss how to best apply that math to analysis on players and coaches, and answer your burning questions on the next market inefficiency, using PIPM for players changing teams, and more!

Playmaking and Offensive Roles
42 perc 5. rész Blue Wire

In episode 4, Tim and Tony are joined by Alex Regla to introduce BBall Index's Playmaking grades and some of the best and worst playmaking teams of 2018-19, discuss the 11 offensive roles the site uses to categorize players, and square off drafting this week's game. For more podcasts like this, check out

Free Agency Reactions and the Importance of Rebounding
50 perc 4. rész Blue Wire

This week the crew reacts the first wave of free agency signings, including Kawhi's absence from signing. They also discuss how players earn grades based around offensive and defensive rebounds.. You know what they say, "Board man gets paid." For more podcasts check out

Free Agent Bargains and Defensive Grades
54 perc 3. rész Blue Wire

In episode three, the crew breaks down their top value free agents, the biggest projected overpays, break down the site's defensive grades, and Cranjis attempts to end Jacob's undefeated streak of winning the episode. For more podcasts, check out

AD Trade Reactions with Flea
43 perc 2. rész Blue Wire

In episode two, the crew reacts to the Anthony Davis trade with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, talk optimization ratings, introduce the idea of roll gravity, and Jacob and Tony compete yet again- this time as matchmakers.

Talent Grades and PIPM
43 perc 1. rész Blue Wire

In the podcast’s first episode, the crew introduces player talent grades and PIPM, the idea of “luck” in data and matching players with roles, and Tony and Jacob square off in a competition to name the league’s best shooters. For more podcasts, check out

Blue Wire Intro
1 perc 0. rész Blue Wire

Tim introduces you to the BBall Index Podcast. Listeners can expect a unique perspective based around statistics. For more podcasts, check out

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