Jam Crack - The Niall Grimes Climbing Podcast

Jam Crack - The Niall Grimes Climbing Podcast

Irish / Sheffield climber and author Niall Grimes in conversation with top dogs, cool cats and committed crag rats from the neighbourhood and the international climbing scene. Also classic climbing stories read aloud for your aural pleasure. Mmmmmmm! See more at http://www.niallgrimes.com

Niall Grimes Sports & Recreation 2 évad 100 rész
JCPC 098 Anita Aggarwal
78 perc 2. évad 98. rész Niall Grimes

Anita talks about some of the work she has been doing to encourage diverse groups into climbing.

JCPC 097 Natalie Berry reads A Scotsman's Duty
45 perc 2. évad 97. rész Niall Grimes

Natalie Berry reads Gordon Smith’s classic accounts of winter ice climbing on Ben Nevis and big routes in the Alps, both stories drenched in 1970s drizzle and hunger.

JCPC 096 Bob Smith
105 perc 2. évad 96. rész Niall Grimes

Achtung: Legend! The quiet king of the quiet kingdom. Seldom has an area been so associated with one climber as Northumberland is with Bob Smith. From the late 1970s Bob championed style, commitment and technicality to produce climbs whose beauty and challenge have diminished little over the years.

JCPC 095 Jude Spancken
102 perc 2. évad 95. rész Niall Grimes

Coach and climbing philosophy through lived experiences. This podcast won't make you stronger, but it might help you climb better and love it more. She's the boss.

JCPC 094 Karin Magog
71 perc 2. évad 94. rész Niall Grimes

In the 1990s she was at the top levels, redpointing 8b and flashing E7. Niall Grimes chats to Karin Magog about how she got there and what she's been doing since.

JCPC 093 Clare Sheridan reads Uncoiling the Ropes
25 perc 2. évad 93. rész Niall Grimes

Trailblazing Irish climbers reads from her autobiography.

JCPC 092 Ray Wood
99 perc 2. évad 92. rész Niall Grimes

North Wales based climbing photographer, Ray Wood, sits down and thinks about life over a cup of tea.

JCPC 091 Alex Megos talk 9c
34 perc 2. évad 91. rész Niall Grimes

Alex Megos talk to Niall Grimes about his new 9c, Bibliography, at Ceuse.

JCPC 090 Beastiality
29 perc 2. évad 90. rész Niall Grimes

It's a bit sweary, sorry. I read out my own story of training obsession and blurred boundaries. Sorry.

JCPC 089 Pete Robins
82 perc 2. évad 89. rész Niall Grimes

Driving force of North Wales bouldering exploration, master of cutting edge trad, sport and bouldering. Pete Robins sits down and blows his own trumpet.

JCPC 088 Winter 8000 reading
58 perc 2. évad 88. rész

Bernadette McDonald reads about the most Extreme arena in all of climbing, 8000m peaks in Winter from her new book, Winter 8000. The episode centres around the efforts to rescue Elisabeth Revol and Tomasz Mackiewicz on Nanga Parbat.

JCPC 987 Sam Whittaker
78 perc 2. évad 87. rész Niall Grimes

Sam Whittaker, the biceps behind Sheffield's Climbing Works bouldering centre, yarns on about setting up the Works, why it's special and how it's handled lockdown. Plus a journey through his life.

JCPC 086 Lewis Perrin Williams
95 perc 2. évad 86. rész Niall Grimes

Young North Wales based boulderer, trad climber, bassist and student Lewis Perrin Williams talks about some of the important stuff in his life.

JCPC 085 Seb Grieve
67 perc 2. évad 85. rész Niall Grimes

Star of Hard Grit, classic 1990s climbing vid, chats to Niall Grimes in a darkening graveyard.

JCPC 084 Rose Merrett
76 perc 2. évad 84. rész Niall Grimes

10-year-old and mad-for-climbing Rose tells Niall Grimes about climbing 8a, why she loves climbing outdoors, about Spain and plans to travel.

JCPC 083 Anna Taylor
71 perc 2. évad 83. rész Niall Grimes

Young Lakes-based trad star Anna Taylor in conversation under a tree.

JCPC 082 Slatehead by Peter Goulding
37 perc 2. évad 82. rész Niall Grimes

Peter Goulding reads extracts from his recently-published book Slatehead, which takes a personal look at the Llanberis slate climbing scene from the 1980s.

JCPC 081 Paul Pritchard remember Trevor Hodgson
54 perc 2. évad 81. rész Niall Grimes

Paul Pritchard and George Smith read their farewells to their friend and 80's slate legend, Trevor Hodgson.

JCPC 079 Me, in the Micks
65 perc 2. évad 79. rész Niall Grimes

I spend an hour playing other people's music and try to take credit for it. Yay!

JCPC 078 Jus me talkin shit
81 perc 2. évad 78. rész Niall Grimes

I ramble a few bits and pieces and tell a story about me n Brian Callen in Yosemite. And play some music.

JCPC 077 Nick Bullock
98 perc 2. évad 77. rész Niall Grimes

Top adventure climber Nick Bullock recalls tales of loose rock, looser friends and the loosest ethics. Funny as hell!

JCPC 076 Hazel Findlay
78 perc 2. évad 76. rész Niall Grimes

Top UK all-rounder Hazel Findlay talks about being a professional climber, Tsunami, Magic Line, coaching, social media and podcasts.

JCPC 075 Jesse Dufton
46 perc 2. évad 75. rész Niall Grimes

Blind climber Jesse Dufton talks about his starring role in the award-winning documentary Climbing Blind, culminating in his on-sight lead of the Old Man of Hoy. Awesome.

JCPC 074 Jim Pope
90 perc 2. évad 74. rész Niall Grimes

Jim Pope, "The Last Climber", does well at Grit headgames, international comps and sport climbing. He wants to tick Extreme Rock and climb in the Himalayas. He's a dude. Niall Grimes chats to him.

JCPC 073 Niall Grimes reads RedRaw
24 perc 2. évad 73. rész Niall Grimes

A story about a day of great pain in Red Rocks and Las Vegas.

JCPC 072 Ryan Pasquill
123 perc 2. évad 72. rész Niall Grimes

Ryan Pasquill loves doing 9a, flashing E9s, grit E8s, Font 8B, drinking beer and slagging James McHaffie. And he's a nicer guy than YOU. Hear his vibe.

JCPC 070 Emma Twyford Part 2
59 perc 2. évad 70. rész Niall Grimes

The second part of my Emma Twyford interview. So fab. We talk about Once Upon a Time in the Southwest, Indian Face, Free Solo, The Big Issue and Big Bang. 

JCPC 069 Emma Twyford Part 1
76 perc 2. évad 69. rész Niall Grimes

Emma Twyford is one of the UK's top climbers. Over the last year she has had an amazing run of achievements on top level sport and trad climbs. In this interview she chats with Niall Grimes about her journey on E8 and E9 trad climbs and 8c and 9a sport climbs.

We talk childhhod beginnings, school, Once Upon a Time in the Southwest (E9, Dyer's Lookout), Mind Control (8c, Olianna), Nightmayer (E8, Dinas Cromlech), not trying Indian Face (E9, Cloggy), The Big Issue (E9, Pembroke) and The Big Bang (9a, Pen Trwyn).

It's a long chat so I've split it in two. Part 2 to follow soon. 

JCPC 068 Helen Mort Black Car Burning
33 perc 2. évad 68. rész Niall Grimes

Poet and novelist Helen Mort reads some of her work based in the universe of climbing including extracts from her recently-published novel, Black Car Burning, Well good.

JCPC 067 Ancient Arts
36 perc 2. évad 67. rész Niall Grimes

Niall Grimes reads his own story - a trip to one of the world's most ancient climbing areas turns decidedly hairy

JCPC 066 Paul Dunlop part 2
83 perc 2. évad 66. rész Niall Grimes

Second instalment of Paul Dunlop chat yarning on about Germany, Elbesandstein, ghosts, being good at climbing, youth and travelling.

JCPC 065 Paul Dunlop Part 1
86 perc 2. évad 65. rész Niall Grimes

Paul is my oldest friend and the person I started climbing with. This is the first of two interviews. Some incredible stories in here. Then he had to catch a train.

JCPC 064 Eddie Fowke
93 perc 2. évad 64. rész Niall Grimes

The Olympics are a-coming. Eddie Fowke has been on the scene for years, photographing the action and watching from the sidelines. He knows what's happening; I didn't. Eddie explains the whole shit show to me. Tune in, and you'll learn a lot.

JCPC 063 Chris Schulte
94 perc 2. évad 63. rész Niall Grimes

Chris Schulte, major US bouldering prospector and arête crusher, is one of the defining spirits of Jam Crack. You'll know his voice from great story episodes. Niall Grimes finally catches him in person over a couple of daytime pints in Sheffield's Broadfield pub.

JCPC 062 Moon, Megos, Yuji, Lucille and Me
38 perc 2. évad 62. rész Niall Grimes

Niall Grimes reads his own story about a trip to Kalymnos where he gets to hang out with some famous climbers: Ben Moon, Yuji Hirayama, Alex Megos, Jibe Tribout, Boone Speed, and some famous climbers he hadn't heard of before.

JCPC 061 Yuji Hirayama
70 perc 2. évad 61. rész Niall Grimes

Top climber, top guy, Japan’s Yuji Hirayama has pushed many of climbing’s boundaries in his day. An early master of comps in the 1990s, first on-sight of 8c, The Nose speed record, and still climbing at a high level today. Hear his vibe.

JCPC 060 Angus Kille reads Indian Face
35 perc 2. évad 60. rész Niall Grimes

Angus Kille reads his account of climbing Indian Face, the UK's first E9, and one of the most feared leads in the UK.

JCPC 060 Angus Kille reads Indian Face
0 perc 2. évad 60. rész Niall Grimes

Angus Kille reads his account of climbing Indian Face, the UK's first E9, and one of the most feared leads in the UK.

JCPC 059 Hannah Baldwin
73 perc 2. évad 59. rész Niall Grimes

Hannah Baldwin is one of the three British paraclimbers to win gold at the World Championships in Innsbruck this year. In this chat we talk about about one-legged climbing, Crohn's disease, climbing hard, dreaming 8a and her relationship with her coach, Be Fuller.

JCPC 058 Ned Feehally
108 perc 2. évad 58. rész Niall Grimes

He’s one half of the Beastmaker team, and one of the strongest climbers in the UK. Ned Feehally has added some of the country’s hardest problems, bouldered up to Font 8C, done well in comps and pushed the art of highball bouldering as far as it’s been pushed. Yet he remains backstage and keeps his climbing to himself. Let’s hear what this dark horse has to say.

JCPC 057 Shirin Shabestari (NEW UPLOAD)
79 perc 2. évad 57. rész Niall Grimes

Iranian-born Shirin reflects on early trips into her native mountains with her father, local mountaineering culture and how mountains returned in her later life to bring a new direction.


JCPC 056 Shirin Shabestari
79 perc 2. évad 56. rész Niall Grimes

Iranian-born Shirin reflects on childhood exploits into her native mountains with her father, and how mountains returned to point the way in later life.

JCPC 055 Gary Gibson
80 perc 2. évad 55. rész Niall Grimes

Britain's most prolific new router, most dedicated bolter and most obsessive Stranglers fan talks about life and near death.

JCPC 054 Johnny Dawes and Nick Dixon
104 perc 2. évad 54. rész Niall Grimes

These two are royalty  who have sailed the spaceship of trad climbing into outer space since the 1980s. Legends. We talk: Cloggy; Indian Face; morphic resonance; Gogarth; Nesscliffe.

JCPC 054 Johnny Dawes and Nick Dixon
0 perc 2. évad 54. rész Niall Grimes

These two are royalty  who have sailed the spaceship of trad climbing into outer space since the 1980s. Legends. We talk: Cloggy; Indian Face; morphic resonance; Gogarth; Nesscliffe.

JCPC 053 Ben Silvestre reads Gogarth
12 perc 2. évad 53. rész Niall Grimes

Ben Sylvester reads Student of Sand about doing Ludwig, E6 6b, on Gogarth's Yellow Wall, and a poem about living in a van.

JCPC 052 Michael Duffy
81 perc 2. évad 52. rész

Irish bouldering pioneer and 8B+ crusher talks teenage climbing, training, partying, bouldering, mental aspects and sport climbing.

JCPC 051 Story - In Fairness
20 perc 2. évad 51. rész Niall Grimes

Andy Moles reads his own story about Fair Head.

JCPC 050 Mick Fowler
90 perc 2. évad 50. rész Niall Grimes

Britain's most celebrated adventure mountaineer of the last decades talks about loose seacliffs, Scottish winter, the London scene, expeditions and cancer.

JCPC 049 Calvin Torrans
97 perc 2. évad 49. rész Niall Grimes

The godfather of Irish climbing yarns on about: Belfast, the Mournes, Fair Head, the Troubles, climbing equipment, the folk scene, ethics.

JCPC 048 The Right Thing by Mark and Gus
22 perc 2. évad 48. rész Niall Grimes

A dark tale of gritstone, of people doing the right thing for the right reasons.

JCPC 047 Natalie Berry
67 perc 2. évad 47. rész Niall Grimes

Scottish-based crusher Natalie Berry gives her thoughts on the world of climbing as seen through the lens of her competition experience and role as something to do with UKClimbing, exactly what, I can’t remember.

JCPC 046 Jim Herrington
79 perc 2. évad 46. rész Niall Grimes

American photographer Jim Herrington talks about getting the images for his book, The Climbers. Yarns about Ricardo Cassin, Warren Harding, Jeff Lowe and Dolly Parton.

JCPC 045 Paul Pritchard Totem Pole
48 perc 2. évad 46. rész Niall Grimes

Paul Pritchard reads the opening chapter from his classic book, The Totem Pole.

JCPC 044 Mina Lesle-Wujastyk
72 perc 2. évad 44. rész Niall Grimes

Top-flight boulderer and sport climber, 31-year-old MLC sit down to talk about projecting 9a, giving up comps and life as a pro climber.

JCPC 043 Nick Bullock - Tides
34 perc 2. évad 43. rész Niall Grimes

Top UK adventurer, alpinist and rock climber Nick Bullocks reads a selection of passages from his new book, Tides. Nick's a gas.

JCPC 042 Steve McClure
74 perc 2. évad 42. rész Niall Grimes

Britain's best sport climber, Mister 9b, remembers the old school, looks at redpoint philosophy and what the future holds.

JCPC 080 John Allen's Routes and Me
108 perc 83. rész

Gritstone master and pioneer of many of grit's finest Extremes died in a climbing accident last week. Niall Grimes remembers his experiences of some of JA's routes, and plays some music.

JCPC 071 Dave Birkett
88 perc 74. rész

Lake District legend Dave Birkett sits down with a beer, a guitar and a packet of crisps and talks climbing, music and rounding up sheep.

Warmup mix for ElementOne gig
68 perc 42. rész

I'm doing a set at a night called ElementOne, Club dB, Bangor, Gwynedd on 21 April. Here's a taster.

JCPC 040 Andi Turner reads The Magic Flute
29 perc 41. rész Niall Grimes

Andi Turner reads his own story, The Magic Flute.

JCPC 039 Katherine Schirrmacher
86 perc 40. rész Niall Grimes

Climber, coach and mum Katherine Schirrmacher sits down and chats about: chatting; The School; Broomgroove Wall; female climbing; freedom; the future.

JCPC 038 Andi Turner
81 perc 38. rész Niall Grimes

Staffordshire local Andi Turner wags his chin with Niall Grimes about black dogs, fairies, stars, sandstone, Staffordshire Nose and many other things.

JCPC 037 Maddy Cope reads Freerider
37 perc 37. rész Jam Crack - The Niall Grimes Climbing Podcast

Crackanory. It’s a story episode. Maddy Cope reads her account of her ascent of El Capitan’s Freerider. Badass.

JCPC 036 Mark 'Zippy' Pretty
86 perc 36. rész Niall Grimes

Mark Pretty has spent three decades at the heart of British climbing. Hear his tales of: Himalayan epics; Stoney woodshed; the 1970s;  the birth of sport climbing; the great climbers; the birth of sport climbing; coaching; Raven Tor; surviving.

JCPC 035 Andy Cave: Distilled
57 perc 36. rész

A portrait of British mountaineer and rock climber, Andy Cave. This episode was produced by UK-based outdoor folm-makers, Hotaches Productions. That's what it sounds better than your usual Jam Crack Podcast.

JCPC 034 Molly Thompson-Smith
66 perc 35. rész

London-based Molly Thompson Smith is one of the hot tickets on the competition circuit. Tune in to hear about her experiences, and lots more besides. 

JCPC 033 Yuri Kruglov
51 perc 34. rész

Niall Grimes has a chat with Russian / Crimean climber, Yuri Kruglov, about life and climbing in Yuri's homeland. In this interview the interviewer reveals his lack of any real knowledge of Russia beyond its space ships and the odd battle in WW2.

JCPC 032 John Allen
103 perc 33. rész

The Boss. A conversation with John Allen who, as a teenager in the 1970s, revolutionised gritstone climbing with a near-endless string of first ascents of the finest routes.

JCPC 031 Ruth Jenkins
84 perc 32. rész

Ruth Jenkins pushed British female standards in the 1990s, with ground-breaking ascents of 8a+ and 8b routes. Hear her recollations of the time as she sits down with her early climbing inspiration, Niall Grimes.

JCPC 030 Niall Grimes reads Grit
26 perc 31. rész

Niall Grimes reads his own account of Seb Grieve's ascent of Parthian Shot and his own short story, The Medium.

JCPC 029 The Greatest Climber in the World
64 perc 30. rész

American climber, friend of the show, Chris Schulte reads Bernard Amy’s classic tale, The Greatest Climber in the world. Deep shit.

JCPC 028 Maddy Cope
77 perc 29. rész

With a free ascent of El Capitan via the notorious Freerider, sport redpoints up to 8b, Maddy Cope is among the most accomplished all rounders in the land. Yet you don’t hear much about this young gun. Perhaps this young gun has a silencer fitted? Let's hear her story.

JCPC 027 Joe Healey
64 perc 28. rész

Liver of life Joe Healey lays down down the arc of his story so far.

JCPC 026 Wideboyz
85 perc 27. rész

The world famous Wideboyz, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, talk dodgy websites, wide cracks, cellar sessions, training plans and forgiveness.

JCPC 025 Mark Leach
71 perc 26. rész

Top 1980s sport climber, author of some of the hardest sport climbs anywhere at the time, recalls Lancashire, Malham, Sheffield, the Peak, France and Lycra.

JCPC 024 Andy Parkin
73 perc 25. rész

Top Chamonix-based alpinist Andy Parkin, author of cutting edge climbs on the Alps and bigger mountains, talks about early art, big fights with skinheads, approaches to climbs, Nepal and climbing highpoints.

JCPC 023 A Short Walk with Whillans read by Rab Carrington
50 perc 24. rész

Scottish climbing legend Rab Carrington reads two stories: His own An Early Ascent of Raven Gully, about a winter ascent of the classic line on The Buchaille and Tom Patety’s A Short Walk with Whillans, in which the fondly-remembered Tom Patey recounts a typical attempt on The Eiger in the company of Don Whillans.

JCPC 022 Jen Randall
58 perc 23. rész

Multi-award-winning outdoor film maker Jen Randall discusses the creative process involved in making her films such as Operation Moffat, The Bothy Project and Project Mina, as well as her next venture, working with Andy Kirkpatrick on the film versuion of his autobiography, Psychovertical.

JCPC 021 Alex Megos
61 perc 22. rész

Alex Megos, the 23-year-old Übercrimpenkranker, and the first climber in the world to onsight 9a,  is coerced into a small art room at the Kendal Mountain Festival. Here he tells Niall Grimes loads of really important and interesting stuff.

JCPC 020 Ben Silvestre reads Helmet Boiler
38 perc 21. rész

Sheffield-based rock climber and alpinist, Ben Silvestre, reads Helmet Boiler, a story about a Gogarth choss-ride, and a poem, My Darker Self.

JCPC 019 Lucy Creamer
70 perc 20. rész

Lucy Creamer, one of the UK's greatest female climbers, gives the lowdown on her highlife. 

JCPC 018 And Then It Hit Me
24 perc 19. rész

Niall Grimes reads his own story, And Then It Hit Me. Also Brick Edge Cruiser; competition.

JCPC 017 John Redhead
87 perc 18. rész

John Redhead, author of many of the bigges, baddest leads of the 1980s talks to Niall Grimes about: septic tanks; sonic archaeology; Indian Face; North Stack Wall; Cloggy; The Bells; The Queen; Paul Williams.

JCPC 016 Glenn Robbins
67 perc 17. rész

NG talk to Australian climbing photographer Glenn Robbins who produced many iconic images in the 1980s and since. Topics include Arapiles; photography; arseless leather chaps; Wolfgang Gullich; Sheffield; Gogarth; Paul Pritchard; depression.

JCPC 015 Martin Boysen
86 perc 16. rész

Niall Grimes chats with top British climber from the 1960s, 70s and beyond, Martin Boysen. Topics include: mental training World War 2; the Rock and Ice Club; Joe Brown; gritstone; sandstone; Clint Eastwood; Cerro Torre; development of gear; Trango Tower.

JCPC 014 The Pitter Potter of Massive Feet
31 perc 15. rész

Niall Grimes reads his own story about a chance meeting with the late Dean Potter.

JCPC 013 Alex Honnold
87 perc 14. rész

Alex Honnold, the world's most celebrated free soloist, sits down for a chinwag with Niall Grimes.

JCPC 012 The Only Blasphemy
20 perc 13. rész

John Long reads The Only Blasphemy, his near-leethal encounter with the ropeless Najinski, John Bacher

JCPC 011 The Highliners
66 perc 12. rész

Getting the lowdown on the highline, Niall Grimes talks to a group of highliners about their obscure activity.

JCPC 010 Paul Pritchard reads Rubble Merchants
36 perc 11. rész

In this episode Paul Pritchard reads his own story, Rubble Merchants, Slate Heads and Others from his book, Deep Play.

JCPC 009 Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll
70 perc 10. rész

In this episode Niall Grimes has a chinwag with Irish / Belgian A-list, globe-trotting, seaboat-sailing, shanty-singing, rock-lubber, Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll. We talk about Patagonia, Greenland, Ireland, the Atlantic, sexual predators and hitch-hiking.

JCPC 008 Dermot Somers reads Dark Mourne
55 perc 9. rész

In this episode Dermot Somers reads his own short story, Dark Mourne.

JCPC 007 Catherine Destivelle
91 perc 8. rész

In this episode Niall Grimes chats with the leading female climber of the 1980s, Catherine Destivelle, about childhood, the Verdon Gorge, competitions and late-night poker sessions.

JCPC 006 The View From Dead Horse Point
39 perc 7. rész

Chris Schulte reads Chuck Pratt's legendary account of desert climbing exploration in the 1960s, The View From Dead Horse Point.

JCPC 005 Michaela Tracy
47 perc 6. rész

In this episode Niall Grimes interviews British climber Michaela Tracy about growing up through competitions, Word Cup experiences, training, health issues and the discovery of trad climbing.

JCPC 004 Niall Grimes reads You've Been Popped
17 perc 5. rész

In this episode Niall Grimes reads out one of his own stories, You've Been Popped. It concerns a day out on a wet gritstone crag, an awkward roof crack, a mysterious American climber and a huge cam.

JCPC 003 Tommy Caldwell
59 perc 4. rész

In this episode Niall Grimes interviews US climber Tommy Caldwell about his childhood, early climbing, getting kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan and the Dawn Wall.

JCPC 002 Niall Grimes reads The Dimmest Glimmer
31 perc 3. rész

In this episode Niall Grimes reads out one of his own stories, The Dimmest Glimmer, set in a climbers' hut at the edge of Ireland's great, dark crag, Fair Head. Also music from www.dobdobdob.co.uk

JCPC 001 Chris 'Gus' Hudgins
80 perc 2. rész

In this episode Niall Grimes talks with Sheffield climber Chris 'Gus' Hudgins about early climbing, life in Sheffield, the Climbing Works and their notorious parties and about his own techno DJing.

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