The Wonder Jam Cast

The Wonder Jam Cast

Allie and Adam Lehman of The Wonder Jam bring you interviews from small businesses, artists, friends, and thought leaders. Topics range from marketing, creativity, and business growth, to self-care, technology, and habits.

The Wonder Jam Business 56 rész Allie and Adam Lehman Talk Business
9.1.2020 - A Day of Sharing
91 perc 6. évad 1. rész The Wonder Jam

In this episode, Allie and Adam share some news regarding how The Wonder Jam is evolving. They share the thinking, plans, and what you can expect to see going forward.

They also introduce a new teammate that is going to be doing big things in The Wonder Jam's future; Ashli Nixon 

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Moving with Your Intuition / Simi Botic
32 perc 56. rész

Sitting down with Simi is always refreshing and in our conversation together Simi shares her observations as to what the current work-from-home environment is doing to our minds, how to move through it, and allowing ourselves to change and adapt. 

Simi also shares a bit more about her virtual barre membership called Unmeasured. You can learn more by visiting her site:

S5:E5 - Upgrade Your Side Hustle with Tasha Branham and Krystopher Scott
114 perc 54. rész

In this Episode, Allie is joined by Tasha Branham - CEO of naturally smitten, and Krystopher Scott - Creative and Co-Founder of Billion or Bust Media for an Upgrade Your Side Hustle event moderated by Adam. They discuss ups and downs early in their entrepreneurial careers and how they got to where they are today.

S5:E4 - STORYTELLING: How to Do it for Your Business
43 perc 53. rész

In this weeks episode, Allie and Adam tell some of their favorite stories, and discuss how to talk about your business in a way that catches peoples attention.

S5:E3 - CONFLICT in business and having hard conversations
36 perc 52. rész

This week Allie and Adam discuss dealing with conflict in the work place. They tackle challenges like handling relationships with clients when expectations change, or when your team changes and grows!

S5:E2 - ENERGY and How to Keep It
52 perc 51. rész

In this episode, Adam and Allie talk all about energy. They discuss not just how they find it, but how they keep it around as well! 

S5:E1 - 6 Year Recap!
51 perc 50. rész

The Wonder Jam just turned 6! In this episode Adam and Allie discuss what they have learned and how they have grown throughout The Wonder Jam's first 6 years of business.

S4:E13 - PROBLEM: Ups and Downs
34 perc 49. rész

Adam and Allie discuss the inevitable ups and downs that come with owning a business — the decline in event ticket sales during the summer, periodical complications with productivity, and the rise and fall of new client inquiries.

S4:E12 - BTS: Starting an E-Commerce Brand
30 perc 48. rész
S4:E11 - PROBLEM: What's the Next Thing
30 perc 47. rész

After we took an expected break from the podcast (travel! yay!), we're back. In this episode, Adam and Allie talk about how to figure out what to do next (in all areas of life). It's easy to feel stuck and they address this in this episode. They also talk about what's been Gilding the Lily : an eraser and good cocktails.

S4:E10 - BTS: Advice From Others
23 perc 46. rész

Adam and Allie discuss good advice and bad advice that they've received from others in the past. They discuss what advice to listen to and what advice to ignore. 

S4:E9 - PROBLEM: Pressure
20 perc 45. rész

Adam and Allie talk about their experiences dealing with pressure — all different forms of pressure coming from all different kinds of sources. Of course, they also get into something that they noticed this week that was doing the most in our segment "Gilding the Lily."

S4:E8 - BTS: Running a Studio Space
23 perc 44. rész

In this behind-the-scenes episode of the podcast, Adam and Allie talk about how their business changed when they transitioned from working from home to occupying a physical studio space. Adam breaks down monthly expenses and Allie talks about how clients' perceive your business differently once you have a brick and mortar location.

Of course, Adam and Allie also discuss what they thought was neat this week, in our segment "Isn't That Neat?"

S4:E7 - PROBLEM: Taking Your Own Advice
21 perc 43. rész

Adam and Allie discuss the challenges that go along with doing the work you do for others for yourself — designers building their own websites, photographers being in front of the camera, coaches taking their own advice.

S4:E6 - BTS: Launching a Website
26 perc 42. rész

The Wonder Jam has an updated website!

In this behind-the-scenes episode of the podcast, Allie & Adam discuss the process of updating and launching the TWJ's new website. They also share advice on what every small business owner should think about before getting their own site up and running.

S4:E5 - PROBLEM: Delegation
19 perc 41. rész

Adam and Allie talk about the importance of knowing when to delegate tasks as a small business owner.

S4:E4 - BTS: Membership
21 perc 40. rész

In this behind-the-scenes episode of the podcast, Adam and Allie talk about was going through their minds when launching The Diamond Membership. They also share what neat things caught their eyes this week in our new segment, Isn't That Neat?

S4:E3 - PROBLEM: Competition
20 perc 39. rész

Allie discusses how she looks at competition in her industry and offers advice on how to adjust your perspective to be as productive as possible. 

S4:E2 - BTS: A Photoshoot
25 perc 38. rész

In this episode of the podcast, Adam asks Allie to talk about what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot. A new segment "Isn't That Neat?" is introduced.

S4:E1 - PROBLEM: Perfection
23 perc 37. rész

Season 4 of the podcast is back and this season we're releasing 2 episodes a week! This episode tackles the problem with seeking perfection and introduces our new weekly segment Gilding The Lily.


S3:10 - The Last Episode of Season 3!?
35 perc 36. rész

In this Season 3 Finale episode, Allie asks Adam about what he learned from playing sports growing up, as well as what he’s noticed about female-owned businesses. He also explains the meaning behind the name of his side hustle, Ardor Coffee. Allie talks about how working within limitations can motivate creativity.

S3:09 - Some Thoughts on Re-branding, Teaching vs Doing, and Other Stuff!
34 perc 35. rész

Adam asks Allie to talk about how to know when re-branding is the right decision for a business or individual. They also discuss the balance between teaching vs doing, the new Black Panther movie and where in Columbus to eat if you have dietary restrictions. 

S3:08 - Why Don't We Talk About These Things?
44 perc 34. rész

In this episode of the podcast, Adam and Allie answer questions that most business owners don't want to address. They get into how to fire a client and the nitty-gritty of finances.

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Show Notes:

S3:07 - Are You Required to Have a Specialty?
47 perc 33. rész

Adam and Allie discuss how people with multiple skillsets can amplify what they want to be known for. 

They talk to The Wonder Jam's developer, Matt Hart, about specialization and balancing work with other creative passions. Matt also describes the benefits of being a member of a team, as opposed to working as a 1-person-operation.

S3:06 - Is Personality Testing Even Helpful?
35 perc 32. rész

In this episode Allie asks Adam to share some of his insight regarding personality testing. He describes some of his favorite tests and what the results have taught him about himself and how he works with others. They also talk about how personality test results can help employers build balanced teams.

Tests Mentioned:

S3:05 - How To Develop an Aesthetic and Deliver for Clients
35 perc 31. rész

This week, Adam asks Allie about how she balances having her own personal aesthetic as an artist while still delivering what a client wants. Allie explains how her fine art background plays into things and why it's important for her to remember that her work isn't just art — it has to be useful to a client.

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S3:04 - What Is a Sales Funnel and Why Is It Important?
37 perc 30. rész

Allie and Adam explain what exactly a sale funnel is and discuss why the process is important for business owners to understand. Adam talks about how he coaches his clients to widen their sales funnel and Allie weighs in on why taking on smaller projects can be especially helpful at times.

S3:03 - How To Handle Feedback
34 perc 29. rész

In this episode Adam asks Allie to talk about how she handles client feedback. Allie talks about how her reaction to feedback has changed since she first started presenting work, and why she prefers to receive feedback in person rather than over email.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

S3:02 - How Do You Handle Being Sick as a Small Business Owner?
27 perc 28. rész

Two weeks into 2018 and we're finally both back in the office for the first time since the New Year. After dealing with back-to-back illnesses that kept each of us out of the office, we decided to dedicate this episode to talking about how to handle being sick and running a business at the same time. From preventing getting sick in the first place to building a network of people to rely on when you inevitably do get sick, we cover it all.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

S3:01- How Do You Know You're Nearing Burnout?
36 perc 27. rész

We're back for Season 3 of the podcast! This season we're doing things a little differently — instead of interviewing different guests each episode, this time around it's just the two of us.

We'll be releasing shorter episodes focused on condensed topics we want to talk to each other about — topics we think our dedicated listeners want to hear our thoughts on.

This episode, Adam asks Allie about how she knows when she's nearing a burnout. Allie outlines the specific warning signs that let her know when she has to take a step back, and how she deals with balancing so much at once.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

S2 Finale with Allie & Adam Lehman
28 perc 26. rész

In this Season 2 Finale episode of the podcast, Allie and Adam reflect on the last 10 episodes, touching on their favorite interview moments and lessons learned. We also look forward to Season 3 and talk about our plans for how the podcast will be different starting in January.

Thank you to everyone who listened to the podcast this season! If our month-long hiatus is too unbearable, keep an eye out for Adam's podcast "Lehman's Terms" which will be launching this month.


S2:10 - Working With Your Spouse with Catherine & Bryan Williamson
95 perc 25. rész

In this episode, Catherine & Bryan Williamson sit down with us to discuss what it's like to own a business with your spouse. Catherine and Bryan, however, don't own just one business together, they own three: 

Mix Design Collective is their design-build company that specializes in interior design, old home remodels, and real estate investment.

Beginning in the Middle is the blog where they share renovation progress, updates on life & business, and DIY projects.

The Village Host is their company that offers furnished short-term rental homes in Columbus.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

S2:09 - Social Media, Literary Food & Marketing Small Businesses with Rebecca Ritchey
81 perc 24. rész

Rebecca Ritchey aka Eating Books is a digital media consultant and freelance writer. On Rebecca's blog she shares fictional food photography, literary musings, travel stories and business tips.

In this episode of the podcast we talk about how Eating Books came to be, and which social media platform is Rebecca's favorite. Allie and Rebecca share their experiences with Instagram comment pods, and of course we take listener submitted questions.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


Eating Books

Rebecca's Instagram

Rebecca's Twitter

Ohiyo Chocolate


S2:08 - "Hi Dad, I'm Going to Become a Blogger" with Jenny Sansouci
83 perc 23. rész

Jenny Sansouci, publisher of Healthy Crush started her blogging journey 10 years ago. After enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), she quit her digital advertising job and started focusing full-time on health coaching and blogging. 

In this episode, Jenny talks about figuring out how to make a living off of her blog, traveling the world and why she prefers blogging over Instagram. Later, everyone shares stories about their most interesting personal health/nutrition ventures.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


Healthy Crush

Jenny's Instagram

Jenny's Twitter

S2:07 - Building a Remote Team with Kate Finley
83 perc 22. rész

In this episode we sit down with Kate Finley, of Belle Communications, a digital PR agency that specializes in restaurant, lifestyle and non-profit brand marketing.

Kate talks about how she built her team without having an actual shared workplace, and how the remote team stays connected. She also discusses having to implement new policies as her company grows and the requirements a client has to meet before she is willing to work with them.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


Kate's Instagram

Belle Communications

Belle's Instagram


Leading Through the Turn



S2:06 - The Inner Workings of a Family Business with Deja & Chanelle Redman
65 perc 21. rész

In this episode, we sit down with Deja and Chanelle, sisters and founders of Replenish: The Spa Co-op.

We talk about their experience as owners of a brick-and-mortar business that recently opened a second location. Deja and Chanelle talk about expanding their team, what it's like working with family and how Replenish is so much more than just a spa.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


Replenish: The Spa Co-op

Replenish's Instagram (Deja)

The Yoga Carriage's Instagram (Chanelle)






S2:05 - Taxes, CFOs and Finding Your Financial Flow with Joe Hamgeri
84 perc 20. rész

Joe Hamgeri, a consultant and “CFO-for-hire” calls in to discuss how he started his own business and how he helps clients reach financial success. Joe discusses the importance of knowing the numbers behind your business, especially your profit margin. He also gives us recommendations of websites and tools he uses to increase his productivity. As always, Adam and Allie take listener questions at the end of the episode.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


Joe's Website

Meister Task





S2:04 - Trading in Knowledge for Learning with Josie Schweitzer
69 perc 19. rész

Josie Schweitzer aka Thank Yoga tells us about how she first got into the practice, and how she made the decision to leave her career as a hair stylist to start her own studio. She also tells us about how yoga is more than just physical exercise and how it informs her life. 

We talk about the difficult decision Josie made when she stepped down as Thank Yoga studio owner, and how she still maintains her involvement in the brand as a whole.

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


Josie's Instagram

Thank Yoga

Josie's Podcast

Josie's Spotify





S2:03 - Creating & Launching an Online Course with Hillary Weiss
84 perc 18. rész

In this episode we talk to Hillary Weiss, a “copywriter, ghostwriter, and mischief-maker.” 

Hillary talks about what it was like to start an online course, and how she assembled a team of creatives to make the launch happen. She also explains how she helps clients find their authentic voice through their original stories and unique experiences. Hillary tells us about how Kim Kardashian has informed her as a business owner - “she’s a branding master, she just is.”

Show Notes & Links:

Hillary's website

Hillary's Twitter

Hillary's Instagram

Hillary's copywriting course

Kim K - Interview magazine

S2:02 - Organizing a Conference & Building a Community with Melissa Alam
74 perc 17. rész

In this episode we talk to Melissa Alam, the founder of FearlessCon — a conference "for women who get shit done."

Melissa talks about what inspired her to create FearlessCon, the importance of giving women of color a platform and what it's been like building a community of female business leaders.

To enter to win 2 tickets to FearlessCon in Philadelphia (Oct. 13-14) go to

If you have a question that you want Adam & Allie to answer on the podcast, send us an email at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


Show Notes & Links:


FearlessCon's Instagram

Melissa Alam

Melissa's Instagram


Femme & Fortune

S2:01 - Growth, Mistakes & Craft at The Wonder Jam
54 perc 16. rész

The Wonder Jam Cast is back! Season 2 of the podcast is all about the nitty gritty details, we’re calling it Below the Surface: The Secret Lives of Business Owners.

In this episode, we answer listeners’ questions, telling them everything they’ve ever wanted to know about what goes on at The Wonder Jam. Questions range from “Who is your dream client?” to “How are things changing internally as TWJ team grows?”

We even explain how to make the perfect office playlist.


Show Notes & Links:

Blue Zones

Rumors - Lindsay Lohan

Adam's Playlists

Michael's Playlists

Conference Room Renovation

Mix Design Collective

Beginning in the Middle

S1 Finale - What We Learned with The Wonder Jam Team
76 perc 15. rész

In this season finale episode of the podcast, we sit down with The Wonder Jam's entire team to discuss what everyone has learned this summer. 

We talk with Annie Webster, Erika Strohecker, Olivia Jocson and Michael Tedesco about the individual projects they've been working on, and of course to analyze a wide variety of celebrity headlines.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast this season, the response has been amazing! 

Be on the lookout for Season 2 of The Wonder Jam Cast, coming soon!

S1:12 - Full-Time Freelance with Vanessa Wade
68 perc 14. rész

Vanessa Wade owns a design studio in San Diego called Noirve, which focuses on brand development and web design for small businesses. 

In this episode, Vanessa describes what it was life to transition into working full-time as a freelance designer, including the time that she sold her car to ensure she had an emergency fund. 

Vanessa also talks about how her business has survived because of referrals from other designers, and the network she's worked to create. 

Celebrity headlines include stories about LaVar Ball, Blac Chyna, and Aaron Carter, as well as the Kardashians' support of FitTea.

S1:11 - When You Aren't Your Customer with Malika Jacobs
82 perc 13. rész

Malika Jacobs never set out to open a board game parlor, but that's exactly what she did. Kingmakers Board Game Parlor was founded in Columbus in 2014, and just recently opened its second location in Indianapolis.

In this episode we talk about Malika's journey; moving multiple times throughout her childhood, getting her MBA at The Ohio State University and where she got the inspiration for Kingmakers.

We also dig into what it's like for Malika as a woman of color in an industry dominated by mostly white men. 

Of course, celebrity headlines are also touched on, including Rihanna's new man, Cher's twitter account and Steve Carell's glow-up.

Appetizer Crawl with Adam and Allie Lehman
13 perc 12. rész

We're back!

In this pop-up episode we fill you in on everything we've been busy with since we last posted an episode. We talk about the gallery we recently hosted which showcased pieces from Allie and Erika's 100 Day Project, as well as some upcoming events at The Wonder Jam.

Adam and Allie discuss the latest celebrity headlines that caught their attention and also describe their most recent conquest: an appetizer crawl all over Columbus.

S1:10 - Working as an Artist with Danielle Evans
104 perc 11. rész

In 2013 Danielle Evans combined her love of lettering, design, photography, and eating to create food typography. 

In this episode, Danielle discusses the courageous move to become a full-time artist in a niche field. We also talk about knowing your worth as an artist and being comfortable charging for your work and time. Danielle also describes her recent experiences working for clients like John Frieda and McDonald's.

In a bonus segment, we discuss The Babadook's role as a gay icon and Kimora Lee Simmons' taste in men.

S1:09 - Investment is Key with Alex White
95 perc 10. rész

DISCLAIMER: If you hear sirens in the background of this episode, you (probably) aren't getting pulled over - there just happened to be some police activity going on in Grandview while we recorded.

Alex White is the head strength coach at Peak Human Performance, a training center here in Columbus. Alex designed Peak to be a community for passionate, educated and experienced trainers who believe in creating an environment where anyone willing to put in the work is welcome.

In this episode, we talk about being invested in at a young age, as well as the impossible act of balancing one’s work and personal lives. Alex also highlights the importance of giving everyone on a team the freedom to make their own choices.

S1:08 - Scaling with Steve and Gretel Adams
94 perc 9. rész

Steve & Gretel Adams put their entire lives into creating and building Sunny Meadows Flower Farm. Steve and Gretel have created a strong business built on treating people well, working hard, and continual investment into their business (and themselves).

In this episode, Steve and Gretel share how they've managed to continually grow for 6 years, how they plan their planting schedule, and tips for building and managing a team.

S1:07 - Started Off As A Project with Nate DeMars
84 perc 8. rész

Nate DeMars started Pursuit because he was annoyed. Big box suit shops had pushy salespeople, too many options, and weren't for him. In this episode Nate shares inspiration behind Pursuits early days, the struggles, and hurdles he bumped up against. Also Nate shares a fun story about sleeping on the ground so the Pursuit truck didn't get towed.

S1:06 - You'll Figure It Out with Geri Peacock
87 perc 7. rész

Geri Peacock started Cherbourg Bakery 8 years ago by following her curiosity, saying "yes," and figuring it out as she went. And today she's growing the bakery using those same principles. In this episode, Geri talks about her humble beginnings, her next stages of growth, and how she works to keep the Cherbourg team full of happy and awesome people. Geri shares of wisdom, tips for new business owners, and funny stories. 

Show Notes & Links

Celebrity Headlines with Adam and Allie Lehman
38 perc 6. rész

Adam & Allie sit down to discuss some important questions like "What Celebrity Headlines Have Caught Your Attention?" "What Have you Learned from the 100 Day Project?" and "What Would You Do If You Were Started Another Business Right Now?"

This episode also reveals the voice of producer Michael Tedesco. 

ps. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us while we'd continue to work through audio issues. We've got a shipment of audio gear heading our direction, which should help! Thanks for all the support and love! 

Show Notes & Links

S1:05 - Intuition with Simi Botic
78 perc 5. rész

Simi Botic is a corporate attorney turned Certified Holistic Health Coach and co-creator of the Finally Free Program. Simi works with women, empowering them to feel confident in their bodies and to trust their intuition. In this episode, Simi discusses shifting careers, following her intuition and how having a baby changed her as a self-employed business owner. 

The secret power of Simi’s mole, as well as her crush on Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio are also topics that might’ve come up. 

Show Notes & Links

S1:04 - Choose Your Own Adventure with David Sherry
88 perc 4. rész

David Sherry was a college kid who didn’t act like other college kids. He ignored conventional wisdom and traditional “career paths” to turn a project into a business. In 2013 he founded Death to Stock. After a bunch of failed attempts to get larger companies to buy into a creative road trip, he decided to just share with his own audience. David talks diet, investing in yourself, and unlearning.

Show Notes & Links

S1:03 - Community with Olivera Bratich
68 perc 3. rész

From Women's Studies to karaoke to opening her own shops, Olivera Bratich has had a journey! Olivera is the founder of Wholly Craft and SURPRISE!

Wholly Craft is a feminist gift shop in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio and SURPRISE! is a modern party supply store in Columbus' Short North Arts District.

Olivera is an OG of crafting. With a nationwide reputation of running quality stores and a local reputation of community involvement and treating people well, Olivera is impressive. Olivera talks about positivity, her education from women's studies to karaoke to crafting to opening her own shop. 

Show Notes & Links

S1:02 - Career Shifts with Chris McAlister
60 perc 2. rész

Chris McAlister has authored five books, spoken to groups large and small, and built himself a six-figured business all while spending loads of time with his family and investing into his friends. But this wasn't some sort of instant success. It took loads and loads of lessons-learned, pivots, and career shifts.

On a personal note, Chris has invested in The Wonder Jam's growth in super-human doses. He helps organizations grow and still be "human." We sit down with Chris and talk about SightShift, career shifts and - at one point - a 4-armed woman. 

Show Notes & Links

S1:01 - Our First Two Years In Business with Adam & Allie Lehman
23 perc 1. rész
Allie and Adam Lehman of The Wonder Jam share the origin story of The Wonder Jam Cast. We recorded this episode to just set the stage for Season 1. In this season, we interview 12 business owners and discuss lessons learned during their first two years in existence. Entrepreneurs sharing stumbles, accidental success, and comedic missteps always leads to an interesting chat! Thanks for all the support and to all the folks who worked their butts off to help make this happen! 
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