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WBUR Health 21 rész A daily dose of get-up-and-go
Magic Pill, Episode #21: Where Do We Go From Here?
10 perc 21. rész WBUR

In our final episode we lift the curtain a bit and talk about what motivates "lifestyle medicine" doctors like host Eddie Phillips, and offer resources for how to continue on your fitness journey.

Magic Pill, Episode #20: Looking Good Naked
7 perc 20. rész WBUR

Today's episode of Magic Pill is totally superficial: it's not about how we feel, it's about how we look.

Magic Pill, Episode #19: What Does Beethoven’s 5th Have To Do With Walking?
7 perc 19. rész WBUR

New ideas are likelier to occur to us when we're moving than when we're not. We take a look at Beethoven's daily routine as an example.

Magic Pill, Episode #18: Time For A Game Of 'Fitness Fact Or Fiction'
7 perc 18. rész WBUR

We take a small step towards combating all the the fitness misinformation that's floating around out there.

Magic Pill, Episode #17: Location, Location, Location: It Can Impact Your Exercise Habits Too
9 perc 17. rész WBUR

What do you do if where you live and work gets in the way of moving more? From biking to walking groups and other special programs, we look at ways to get around those barriers.

Magic Pill, Episode #16: Fighting Fear Of Death, Disease And Decrepitude
7 perc 16. rész WBUR

Fear -- of death, pain, disease -- isn't the best motivator. But for a lot of us, it's what keeps us committed to exercise.

Magic Pill, Episode #15: Pokemon Go And Beyond – It's Playtime
7 perc 15. rész WBUR

It's a whole lot easier to exercise if it's fun. We look at how the meaning physical activity changes as you age and how to reclaim the fun.

Magic Pill, Episode #14: How Exercise Can Help Manage Pain
8 perc 14. rész WBUR

From endometriosis to fibromyalgia to arthritis, exercise has been shown to help with all sorts of pain conditions -- and may even help increase pain tolerance.

Magic Pill, Episode #13: The Playground Workout: Getting Exercise Wherever You Can
6 perc 13. rész WBUR

The playground workout is part of the "lifestyle exercise" concept of fitting exercise into your life where and when you can.

Magic Pill, Episode #12: Getting Older Better
7 perc 12. rész WBUR

We don't stop moving because we age, we age because we stop moving. Today Magic Pill looks at how we can age better.

Magic Pill, Episode #11: Life Isn’t Fair But At Least Some Of It's Free
8 perc 11. rész WBUR

From walking to outdoor Zumba, super-cheap and free exercise options abound.

Magic Pill, Episode #10: 'Exercise Is Like Taking A Little Prozac And A Little Ritalin'
10 perc 10. rész WBUR

Magic Pill takes a look at how exercise can improve our mood.

Magic Pill, Episode #9: The Joy Of Lifting Weights (Really)
10 perc 9. rész WBUR

We look at how important strength training is to your overall fitness, and how building muscle mass can help you maintain weight loss.

Magic Pill, Episode #8: So Many Reasons Not To Exercise
9 perc 8. rész WBUR

Our minds can come up with so many reasons not to exercise. This episode offers a reality check on which reasons actually make sense.

Magic Pill, Episode #7: Peer Pressure — The Good Kind
7 perc 7. rész WBUR

In this episode we examine how social bonds can help motivate us to exercise.

Magic Pill, Episode #6: But What If I Just Don't Have Time to Exercise?
9 perc 6. rész WBUR

Your life may be so demanding that you really, truly have no time to get to the gym. But Episode 6 of The Magic Pill offers ways to move where and when you can.

Magic Pill, Episode #5: What To Do When You Fall Down
8 perc 5. rész WBUR

Chances are, whether now or later, you'll fall off your new exercise wagon. If/when you do, you might try a little self-compassion.

Magic Pill, Episode #4: The Big Reasons For Small Changes
9 perc 4. rész WBUR

You might want to sign up right now for a marathon, but in this episode we discuss the upside of slow, gradual change.

Magic Pill, Episode #3: Losing Weight And Keeping It Off
9 perc 3. rész WBUR

Exercise may not be a very effective way to lose weight, but there's solid evidence that it really helps keep weight off.

The Magic Pill, Episode #2: What Exercise Means To You
8 perc 2. rész WBUR

We look at what exercise means to you and how that meaning may have become polluted over the years.

The Magic Pill, Episode #1: The Rewards Right Now
9 perc 1. rész WBUR

The pilot episode of The Magic Pill, WBUR's new exercise podcast, focuses on the immediate rewards of moving more. Sign up and you'll get a Magic Pill in your email inbox for the next 21 days.

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