Xceptional Leaders with Mai Ling Chan & Martyn Sibley

Xceptional Leaders with Mai Ling Chan & Martyn Sibley

Learn from disability-focused leaders about high profile topics and how they are truly making a difference. Mai Ling and Martyn give you front row access to intimate conversations that are shaping the way the world is supporting people with disabilities. If it's happening - it's being shared here.

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Utilizing Language to Communicate on a Deeper Level with Lateef McCleod
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Writer, poet, and podcaster Lateef McCleod joins the show for this episode to talk about communicating with the written word as a person with a disability. As an AAC user, Lateef has a unique life experience and perspective to share with our community. In addition to his own writing projects, he is also a contributor to the upcoming Xceptional Leaders book and he discusses what that process was like with Mai Ling Chan as well.

Selling a Disability-Focused Business with Mai Ling Chan and Martyn Sibley
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Our hosts, Mai Ling and Martyn, decide to give the guests a break and just share some valuable information with you from their personal entrepreneurial experiences. So in this episode they talk all about exit strategies. You’ll learn about some of the various types of exits, tips on how to navigate the process of selling your business, and why it’s important to set yourself up for a successful exit from the outset.

How Google is Addressing Accessibility and Inclusion with Kyndra LoCoco
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We are happy to be joined on the show today by Kyndra LoCoco. She is the Accessibility Partner Programs Manager at Google and she chats with Martyn about her work in the disability community. Kyndra shares her background, her journey to becoming a googler, and her personal connection to the disability community. They also touch on topics such as how Google addresses accessibility in their products, verbiage changes in the community and much more.

Managing Online Communities in the Disability Space with Deborah Jaffe
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Deborah Jaffe is our guest today and she joins the program to talk about the two disability focused Facebook groups of which she is the creator and admin. She talks with Mai Ling about how the groups got started and the steps required to manage them and keep engagement alive. Deborah also shares how she filters through news stories, helpful info, tips, etc. to find what is applicable to the members of the groups. This information is valuable to anyone looking to build a community in the disability space.

Sustaining Your Business Despite Adversity with Josh Wintersgill
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We’re joined today by entrepreneur, Josh Wintersgill. He is the founder of Able Move and creator of the easyTravelseat, an amazing product which makes it easier for wheelchair users to move from their chair to airline seats. Josh shares with Martyn about some of the highs and lows since launching his business, he talks about pivoting and diversification in product offerings, and how the pandemic has pushed his team to innovate.

Affordable Robotics for Accessibility with Harout Markarian
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In our first episode of 2021, we start off with a fantastic conversation with entrepreneur Harout Markarian. Harout is an author as well as the founder and CEO of Markarian Robotics. Mai Ling chats with him about his vision for creating efficient and affordable products for the mobility challenged using robotics. Harout’s goal is to make life accessible for all through this new company and he’s sharing this message via his book and podcast too.

Year End Special with Mai Ling and Martyn
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In this final episode of 2020, Mai Ling and Martyn take a few minutes to share some thoughts on the past year. They also also share a few thoughts on networking and then chat a bit about holiday plans. We hope you enjoy this fun, short, wrap-up episode of the show.

The Origins of Accessible Technology with Alan Brightman
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Today’s featured interview is an insightful conversation with Alan Brightman. Alan is a former executive of both Apple and Yahoo where he was a pioneer in the field of assistive technology. He talks with Mai Ling about the early days of developing accessible technology, the hurdles and challenges they had to overcome, and laying the foundation for the tools available today. This is a fascinating interview packed with information and insights.

Adaptive Clothing and Hidden Disabilities with Victoria Jenkins
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Today we’re sharing an important discussion about hidden disabilities with our guest Victoria Jenkins. She is a designer, garment technologist, and the creative director and founder of Unhidden Clothing. Martyn talks with her about the challenges of living with a disability that is not visually obvious as well as her work designing and altering clothing to make them suitable and comfortable for people with disabilities.

Spotlighting Lived Experiences From a Kids Perspective With Mathew Klickstein
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Today’s guest is prolific storyteller Mathew Klickstein. Mathew is a writer, speaker, and filmmaker; just to name a few. He talks with Mai Ling about his work with the Kids of Widney High, a group of young adults with developmental disabilities who formed a touring rock band. These experiences inspired Mathew to write the YA book titled, The Kids of Widney Junior High Take Over the World!, which imagines what the real-life kids might have experienced in Junior High.

Finding Your Voice Through Augmentative and Alternative Communication with Lydia Dawley
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Today Mai Ling sits down for a chat with Lydia Dawley, CEO of AAC consultation agency Click. Speak. Connect. Lydia has Mixed Cerebral Palsy, is a wheelchair user, and an AAC user so she brings her unique experiences and perspectives to the table. Listen in as she shares her journey and her passion for helping others with AAC devices reach their fullest potential in communication.

Virtual Occupational Therapy with Georgia Vine
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In this episode, Mai Ling and Martyn share a few updates with you and then Martyn sits down with occupational therapy student and disability blogger, Georgia Vine, for a conversation. Georgia shares some experiences with living with cerebral palsy, why she chose to enter the field of occupational therapy, and about her blog, NotSoTerriblePalsy.com.

Becoming an Exceptional Leader book: ​https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578736845/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_86QEFbT27QNKK

Unique Disability Industry LinkedIn Profiles with Rebecca Okamoto
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Communication consultant, Rebecca Okamoto, the self-described “20 word person”, is our guest today. Rebecca works with clients to confidently and clearly market their businesses in as few as 20 words. She worked with both Martyn and Mai Ling to upgrade their LinkedIn profiles and she walks through her process in this interview and explains how vital it is that your profile educates your audience. This is a great conversation that is full of valuable information for every professional regardless of industry.

Discovering and Nurturing Hidden Autism Talents with Swathi Chettipally
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Today Mai Ling and Martyn share some updates on what has been keeping them busy lately and then they follow that with a wonderful interview with Swathi Chettipally. Mai Ling talks with Swathi about her experiences as a mother of an adult daughter with autism. Swathi shares some very heartfelt stories of the struggles and triumphs their family has faced. She also gives encouragement to other parents of children with challenges. This inspirational conversation is one that you don’t want to miss.

Valuing People with Disabilities as Consumers and Employees with Shani Dhanda
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In the featured guest chair on the show this week is disability equality advocate, Shani Dhanda. Shani is the founder of the Diversability Card, a LinkedIn Changemaker, and a #WorkWithMe Ambassador at Virgin Media. Shani chats with Martyn about the spending power in the disability community that some businesses fail to appreciate. She also talks about the value of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and having a level playing field for all job applicants. Don’t miss this energizing and inspiring conversation with this exceptional leader.

Students Flourishing in Virtual AAC Classroom with Kate Ahern
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This is an exciting episode of the show today! Mai Ling and Martyn announce that the new book, Becoming An Exceptional Leader, is now available on Kindle! Additionally, Mai Ling shares a great conversation with educational specialist Kate Ahern. Kate talks about her personal experience with designing and sharing academically-focused group augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) online classes. You don’t want to miss this information-packed interview.

Evidence Based Design for Inclusive Home Products with Ed Warner
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Ed Warner is our featured Xceptional Leader today. Ed is the CEO and cofounder of Motionspot, a UK-based company offering products for people with disabilities that are designed with both form and function in mind. Martyn talks with Ed about how Motionspot began and how the company got to where it is since the founding in 2012. Ed’s passion for designing equipment that has all the necessary features to make them usable but are also stylish and aesthetically pleasing comes through in this in-depth conversation.

Leading Black Women with Disabilities with Zakiya Mabery
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Today’s featured guest is Zakiya Mabery, Founder and CEO of B. Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Planning. Mai Ling chats with Zakiya about the issues that are precisely what her organization specializes in; diversity and inclusion. She also talks about how vital networking has been to her career and the challenges she faces living with multiple disabilities herself. Listen in for this story of perseverance from this inspiring businesswoman and author.

Startup Funding and Employment Opportunities for Disabled People with Hardeep Rai
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In this jam-packed episode of the show, Mai Ling and Martyn share a conversation between Martyn and co-founder and CEO of the Kaleidoscope Group (Kg), Hardeep Rai. Through the various organizations that make up Kg, Hardeep and his teams offer a variety of services, tools, and resources for entrepreneurs with disabilities or someone who has a startup in the disability sector. Listen in as Hardeep shares some highlights from his story and how Kg can potentially support your business venture.

Online Entrepreneurship That Makes a Difference with Mark Esho
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In today’s episode, Martyn and Mai Ling talk about the things going on in the world right now and how they relate to the disability community. Also, Martyn interviews internet entrepreneur Mark Esho, to learn about his successful businesses and how they started. Mark also shares some insight into his newest project, an app for rating businesses on accessibility found at accessrating.com. And lastly, Mark gives us three tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Speech Therapy Apps are Back with Barbara Fernandes
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We’re joined on the show today by speech-language pathologist and founder of Smarty Ears Apps, Barbara Fernandes to talk about the recent resurgence in use of tablet apps in therapy sessions. Barbara shares how these apps are valuable tools that can have great results. She also talks about how important parental involvement can be when working with children. This is a very informative conversation that you don’t want to miss.

The Gift of Adversity with Henry Fraser
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Mai Ling and Marty share what’s been happening in their respective worlds and how things have been different during the current pandemic. Then Martyn takes the mic to have a conversation with visual artist, speaker, and bestselling author Henry Fraser. Henry shares the story of the accident which disabled him and how he overcame the odds and learned to make something beautiful from the tragedy. He talks about how his speaking led to a book deal, some of the writing challenges he’s faced, and his newly released book, The Power In You.

Accommodating Restrooms for ALL People with Christina Abernethy
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Our guest on this edition of the show is Christina Abernethy. Christina is an author and advocate for people with disabilities. She talks with Mai Ling about her experiences as a mother of a child with autism, her work heading the Pennsylvania chapter of Changing Spaces, and as the creator of the Love Hope & Autism website. Christina also shares about her passion for encouraging public venues to offer accommodating restrooms with changing tables for all ages, not just toddlers.

Spotlighting Uniqueness with Kendra Gottsleben
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Our guest on this edition of the show is author Kendra Gottsleben. Kendra has a rare disorder known as MPS VI and is a wheelchair user, yet she has not allowed this to prevent her from doing incredible things. She is not only an author but also a speaker and disability advocate. Listen in as she shares her story of becoming a published author and gives her tips to help you achieve your goals.

Opening a Special Coffee Shop (Part 2) with Karin York
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Mai Ling checks back in with Karin York to get an update on her progress with opening a coffee shop designed to employ people with special needs. Karin was our guest back in April of 2019 to share about the first steps in this journey. Now she brings us up to date on some of the challenges she’s dealt with since then and how things are going now that the shop is open for business.

Inclusivity for Disabled Actors in Film and TV with David Proud
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Actor, writer, and director David Proud joins the show today to chat with Martyn about disabled actors in the media. As a wheelchair user, David brings his unique perspectives to this topic. He talks about the importance of media to culture in general, why he feels more disabled actors should be cast in prominent projects, and shares some of his personal experiences in the acting industry in the UK.

Dating and Intimacy for Persons with Disabilities with Jennie Williams
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We are celebrating the month of love in this episode with our guest Jennie Williams, CEO of Enhance the UK. Martyn chats with Jennie on the topics of dating and intimacy for people with disabilities and the unique challenges that they face in the pursuit of romantic relationships. Jennie has tackled these subjects in her leadership role at Enhance the UK and she shares her thoughts, experiences, and observations on the issues in this very frank and open discussion.

Author Writes 15 Books AFTER Her Stroke with Chou Hallegra
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Today, Mai Ling and Martyn chat briefly about Martyn’s World Changers Academy launch and their current book project. Then Mai Ling shares a conversation with author and stroke survivor, Chou Hallegra. Chou is the founder of Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC and she talks about her life as a single mother of children with multiple challenges, the story of her stroke recovery, and how she came to write numerous books in just a few years. She also shares 3 tips for the listener who wants to write a book. Don’t miss this inspiring story of overcoming challenges.

Building a Global Business Around Solving a Problem with Rob Smith
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Martyn takes the helm in this episode and shares a conversation with internationally competitive wheelchair racer, Rob Smith. In addition to his racing, Rob is also the creator of Active Hands gripping aids, a line of products designed to assist people with disabilities or injuries that affect their ability to grip. Martyn asks Rob about his personal story that led to the creation of Active Hands, Rob walks us through his process of product development and how he moved from a personal solution to a global business.

XPN Holiday Show 2019
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The Xceptional Podcast Network hosts came together to record a fun holiday show for you! Matt Hott, co-founder and co-host of the Speech Science podcast leads this fun group through a little show info, 2020 goals, and lots of laughs.

Monetize Your Blog: 3 Speech Therapists Share Their Stories
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We return once again with Mai Ling and the Xceptional Podcast Network team to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association national convention. In this episode, Mai shares some great conversations that she recorded with ASHA19 attendees who write blogs in the SLP space. Featured today are Hallie Sherman, Kristin Cummings, and Whitney Smith.

Speech Therapists Create Podcasts to Educate, Support, and Connect!
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Mai Ling and the Xceptional Podcast Network team have once again taken their recording gear to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association national convention. In this episode, Mai shares some great conversations with ASHA19 attendees who are producing podcasts in the SLP space. Featured today are Michelle Dawson, Erin Forward, Ayelet Marinovich, Kelly Kleinhans, Ruchi Gadodia, Maria Kotsonis, and Deborah Brooks.

An Innovative Approach to Designing Adaptive Clothing with Samanta Bullock
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Our guest today is wheelchair model Samanta Bullock. Martyn interviews this amazing inclusivity advocate turned fashion designer about her efforts to make adaptive clothing that meets the needs of those who need accommodations but also fits well for those who are able-bodied. Samanta talks about why she started on this journey, shares some of her biggest challenges, and expresses why she feels it important to have both able-bodied and disabled people model the same ensemble in the marketing of her fashion line called SB.

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Inclusion in the World of Acting with Danny Woodburn
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Actor and comedian Danny Woodburn is our guest today on the show. In addition to his acting work, Woodburn is a disability rights activist and serves on the Performers with Disabilities Committee for SAG-AFTRA. He talks with Mai Ling about the importance of inclusion for actors with disabilities, holding the film entertainment industry accountable for making auditions and jobs accessible to everyone, and his one-on-one chat with Bryan Cranston regarding these issues. Don’t miss this insightful and informative conversation with a Hollywood insider.

Building a Company around Accessible Accommodation with Srin Madipalli
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Our new co-host, Martyn takes the lead and interviews his friend and co-founder of Accomable, Srin Madipalli. Accomable was an accessible accommodation website that Martyn and Srin later on sold to Airbnb. Through late-night coding, angel investors, and many trans Atlantic flights; Srin pulled off the impossible. Learn how he managed such a progressive achievement in this insightful and inspiring conversation.

Martyn Sibley Joins the Show: New Format, Same Great Information
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This episode is the first with our new format and new co-host. Martyn Sibley joins Xceptional leaders as our regular co-host so today we spend a few minutes getting to know him. He shares a bit about his background with Disability Horizons and Accomable and then he and Mai Ling tease the new format for the show.

Why Podcasting? With Mai Ling Chan
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This week, our host, Mai Ling Chan, is in the hot seat. The roles are reversed as fellow Xceptional Podcast Network host, Matt Hott of Speech Science takes the mic to interview Mai Ling. She talks with Matt about what prompted her to start this podcast, gives insight into what keeps her going, and shares some news about the future of the show. In addition to all this valuable info, Matt digs into just what makes Mai who she is as a person.

Strong Foundations Build Leadership with Sara Simpson
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Xceptional Leader Sara Simpson is our guest on this edition. As a person with physical challenges, Sara has nevertheless led a fulfilling life and achieved many goals that are remarkable. She shares about how she has excelled in corporate America with a disability, gives her personal story of hardship and how she turned it into a speaking career, and talks about her special heart for reaching out to children.

Autism Parent Takes Advocacy to the Next Level with Catherine Hughes
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Catherine Hughes, aka The Caffeinated Advocate, is our guest today. She has been advocating on behalf of those with special needs for many years and she brings a wealth of knowledge on the advocacy space to this conversation. Catherine talks about the nitty-gritty of advocacy work, strategies for reaching out to politicians for advocating, and some of the things that drive her in her work.

Mom Writes the First Autism Sourcebook with Karen Siff Exkorn
32 perc 50. rész

We are joined by Karen Siff Exkorn, bestselling author of The Autism Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know About Diagnosis, Treatment, Coping, and Healing--from a Mother Whose Child Recovered. Karen shares with us why she wrote the book and how she approached the book-writing process. She also gives some tips and encouragement for someone who wants to write a book, and even talks a bit about the controversial topic of autism recovery.

An Exceptional Teenage Life with Cassidy Huff
35 perc 49. rész

We are joined on the show today by the multi-talented, young Cassidy Huff. She is a singer/songwriter, musician, and a voiceover artist for Dreamworks and Amazon. Cassidy has a rare disease which has resulted in her undergoing dozens of surgeries, yet this encouraging teenager is constantly giving back to others in the same condition. You don’t want to miss her sharing her inspiring journey on this episode.

Special Speech Therapy Nonprofit with Amanda Charney
31 perc 48. rész

Speech-language pathologist, Amanda Charney, is our guest today. Amanda founded Small Steps in Speech, an organization that provides grants to families with children with speech and language disorders who are either not covered or not fully covered by their health insurance. She tells the story of what led to the creation of the nonprofit, shares tips on how to select board members for a nonprofit, and explains the importance of building relationships and partnering with others in your field.

Special Education Coaching Online with Catherine Whitcher
33 perc 47. rész

IEP Coach and international speaker, Catherine Whitcher, is our guest today. Catherine is an expert at helping educators and parents create IEPs that fit their specific needs and she teaches others her methods through online and in-person training. She shares with us about building an online brand, challenges with setting pricing for online resources, and reminds us that not everyone in your niche is a potential client. Don’t miss this informative conversation.

Building and Nurturing Life Through Community with Kenny Salvini
34 perc 46. rész

Kenny Salvini is our guest today to share about his journey since a skiing accident made him a quadriplegic as a young adult. After a meeting with other individuals with similar disabilities opened his eyes to the importance of community, Salvini took it upon himself to make the same thing happen for others. He founded the Here and Now Project to meet that need for those in the Pacific Northwest and he shares the story with us today on the show.

Independence and Universal Design with Todd Stabelfeldt
36 perc 45. rész

Entrepreneur, computing technology expert, and universal design advocate, Todd Stabelfeldt, is our guest today. Todd is a C4 quadriplegic who is passionate about discovering new ways for disabled individuals to gain more independence. He shares the story of the accident which caused his spinal cord injury and talks about gaining as much independence as possible through the assistance of technology. Todd is a business owner and in recent years was a keynote presenter at Apple’s WWDC.

Breaking All Gaming Barriers with Steven Spohn
32 perc 44. rész

Steven Spohn is our guest today and he began his journey in the world of accessible gaming as a gamer with disabilities himself. He’s now an author and the Chief Operations Officer and Community Outreach Director for the AbleGamers Foundation. Steven shares his thoughts on when “gated communities” for gaming are appropriate, advocates for insurance companies to cover gaming as social therapy, and much more in this engaging conversation.

Game-Based Learning with Steve Isaacs
28 perc 43. rész

Steve Isaacs joins us today to talk about using gaming in the classroom. He clarifies the difference between gamification and game-based learning, shares his insights as a game design and development teacher, and speaks about his involvement with Minefaire, the #1 Minecraft event in the United States.

Social Research Related to Neurodiverse Gaming with Dr. Kathryn Ringland
32 perc 42. rész

Dr. Kathryn Ringland joins Mai Ling to share with us how she used the Autcraft Minecraft server as a research environment to learn first-hand how it was benefitting autistic kids. In addition to sharing what she learned from the research project, Kathryn tells how she is using the data she collected and how others can use it as a resource for similar efforts. She also talks about the recent founding of her own non-profit and gives us 3 tips that we can take action on in our own projects.

Dad Makes Gaming Safe AND Fun with Stuart Duncan
35 perc 41. rész

Stuart Duncan runs the Minecraft server, Autcraft, and he is with us on the show to share his experiences with us. Autcraft is a Minecraft environment created especially for kids of all ages with autism to play the game in a safe setting. Stuart tells us the origin of the idea for the server, a bit about his background, and the volunteer team he’s put together on the server. He also explains how running Autcraft led to him giving a TEDx Talk and he also talks about his approach to preparing for it.

Adaptive Gaming with Erin Hawley
35 perc 40. rész

Blogger and gamer Erin Hawley is our guest today. Erin has muscular dystrophy which can inhibit her gaming so she shares with us her strategy for choosing new game titles, the story of how she began working with Microsoft on an adaptive controller for the Xbox, and the origins of her blog, The Geeky Gimp. She also talks about how she overcame her reservations about hosting an audio podcast.

Journey to 10M Non-Profit with Abigail David and Erin Nealy
37 perc 39. rész

Abigail David and Erin Nealy are the co-founders and co-executive directors of Bridgeway Academy in Columbus Ohio and they are our guests on today’s episode. Bridgeway is a non-profit educational institution created to serve children with autism and developmental disabilities. Abigail and Erin talk about the secrets to building a successful partnership, delegating and successful division of duties, and the importance of listening to constructive criticism.

Writing and Producing Disability Focused TV Shows with Peggy Lane
31 perc 38. rész

Our guest today is television and film actress, Peggy Lane. Peggy is the creator and director of the web TV show, Donna On The Go, which highlights the struggles of a person with disabilities in a comedic way. She talks with Mai Ling about the inspirations for the various issues addressed in the show and where the idea originated from. Peggy also shares three tips for someone who wants to start a similar type of project.

Jazz, Autism, and Life Skills with Ifunanya Nweke
31 perc 37. rész

Ifunanya Nweke is our guest today. She is the founder of Jazz Hands for Autism, an organization that works with musicians who are on the autism spectrum to help them hone their skills and find work doing what they love. Ifunanya talks about the origins of the idea for the nonprofit and really shares her heart for the students they’re working with. She also talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who share the same vision and the value of constructive feedback from your team and clients.

All Roads Are Open with Ian Mackay
27 perc 36. rész

Our guest this week is outdoor accessibility advocate, Ian Mackay. He founded the nonprofit organization Ian’s Ride which helps bring awareness to the issue of outdoor accessibility and advocates for support services on behalf of those with mobility impairments who still want to experience nature. Ian shares the story of his spinal injury, what he’s done since, and how he lives independently day to day with the assistance of smart home technology.

Building Strong Foundational Employment Skills With Angela Mahoney
36 perc 35. rész

Our guest this episode is Angela Mahoney, a Special Education teacher, author, and creator of the I Can Work educational curriculum and training program for children and young adults on the autism spectrum. Angela talks with Mai Ling about the importance of starting to build life skills early on and how to equip young people with special needs to choose a career path that is suited to their unique abilities.

Everything Is Possible with Martyn Sibley
38 perc 34. rész

Blogger, speaker, author, and world traveler, Martyn Sibley joins Mai Ling on the show today to discuss what it’s like to travel with a disability that requires a wheelchair. Sibley also talks about launching his blog, creating an online space called Disability Horizons for people with disabilities to share their stories, and how he started a company that he exited with a sale to Airbnb.

Inspiring and Encouraging Through Children’s Books with Simon Calcavecchia
38 perc 33. rész

Children’s book author and motivational speaker, Simon Calcavecchia, is our guest on the show this episode. He tells about the challenges he’s faced as a quadriplegic and how he has turned his attention and energy toward encouraging and inspiring others through his speaking and books. This is a heartfelt and encouraging conversation that you don’t want to miss.

Designing Creative Housing Solutions with George Braddock
50 perc 32. rész

George Braddock joins Mai Ling on this episode to talk about his work designing homes for persons with disabilities in mind. George is the president of Creative Housing Solutions, LLC, an engineering company that uses person-centered planning principles to design and build homes that fit the specific needs of the people who live in them. His passion for the work and the people it benefits shines through in this informative conversation.

Spotlighting Black Women with Disabilities with Heather Watkins
29 perc 31. rész

Our guest today is blogger and disability advocate, Heather Watkins, a woman of color who wants to remind the world that disabilities also affect minority groups. She is a co-founder of the Divas with Disabilities project and she joins us to share her personal story and give some tips for how you can raise awareness for an issue in your disability niche.

Styling with Adaptive Clothing with Mindy Scheier
35 perc 30. rész

Our guest today is Mindy Scheier, a fashion designer and mother of a child with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. She is a TED speaker and the President and Founder of Runway of Dreams, a nonprofit organization which works with top clothing brands to develop clothing designs that are made specifically for people with disabilities that make dressing themselves a difficult task. Scheier talks about her journey and also shares her Top 3 tips for launching an organization.

Producing, Modeling, and Living Fully with Andrew Pilkington
40 perc 29. rész

Filmmaker and entrepreneur, Andrew Pilkington is our guest for this episode. Andrew was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as an infant and lives every day with the challenges that come with such a condition. He shares how he learned to use what strong motor skills he has to compensate for the ones that are lacking and other methods he uses to overcome obstacles that stand between him and his dreams.

Opening a Special Coffee Shop (Part 1) with Karin York
31 perc 28. rész

Today’s guest, Karin York, shares about her journey as the mother of a son with Down syndrome and her work with special needs children in the Arizona school system. She also expounds on what led her to start a coffee shop designed for persons with special needs as both employees and customers. Karin invites you to participate in a menu taste test at the site of the soon-to-open coffee shop on April 13, 2019.

No Limits in Acting and Speech Pathology with Andrew Manardo
36 perc 27. rész

Actor and SLP student Andrew Manardo is our guest today. He talks with Mai Ling about the challenges he had growing up with TAR syndrome, his experiences in LA as an actor with a disability, and the story behind his drive to become an actor in the first place. Andrew also gives some insight into his relatively recent decision to pursue a career as a speech-language pathologist. (Please Note: We had some audio issues in the beginning, but it clears up after just a few minutes so please stick with us.)

Embracing Leadership in a Family Established Foundation with Ariel Sansom
26 perc 26. rész

Our guest today is Ariel Sansom. She is the Director of Development and Programs for DSNetwork Arizona, an organization which offers resources, support, and advocacy to families touched by Down syndrome. Ariel shares her journey to stepping into a full-time role at the foundation years after it was launched by her parents. She also talks about her experiences of growing up as a sibling of an individual with Down syndrome and she explains what DSNetwork is and how they can be of service to those with Down syndrome and their families.

Mom Creates Autism Careers in Digital Arts with Yudi Bennett
41 perc 25. rész

Today’s guest is Yudi Bennett, the Secretary of The Uniquely Abled Project, an organization which works to provide vocational opportunities for uniquely abled individuals. She is also the co-founder of Exceptional Minds, a Visual Effects and Animation Studio as well as vocational academy that trains individuals on the autism spectrum to hone their artistic and design skills and achieve the career of their dreams. Bennett talks with Mai Ling about the missions of these organizations and the impetuses for their creation.

Partnership Leverages Creativity and Value with Kelly Ott and Dr. Lara Wakefield
34 perc 24. rész

Our host, Mai Ling, is joined by two guests on this episode. Kelly Ott and Dr. Lara Wakefield are the creators of the SMARTER Steps program and the company of the same name, both of which are designed to assist caregivers and professionals in creating more effective Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). They share the story of their beginnings, how they complement each other in their work together, and some tips on how you can be successful in your business partnership.

Empower Women with Disabilities with Celine Osukwu
36 perc 23. rész

Celine Osukwu joins Mai Ling to share about the work she is doing in her native country of Nigeria as a leader for disability rights and women’s rights. She is the founder of Divine Foundation for Disabled Persons, an organization which offers, among other things, employment training for persons with disabilities. Celine also opens up about some of the struggles she’s personally faced as a woman with a disability and how she has overcome them.

Produce and Represent a World with Disabilities with Nic Novicki
40 perc 22. rész

In this final installment of our Hollywood series, our guest is actor and comedian, Nic Novicki. Nic chats with Mai Ling about the importance of not overlooking hard work, how comedy and drama are connected, and empowering people with disabilities who are working in the entertainment industry. He shares his passion behind the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, an annual competition focusing on promoting films using people with disabilities, both in front of and behind the camera.

Start Casting People With Disabilities with Paul Ford
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Continuing our series of interviews with Hollywood actors, today’s guest is Paul Ford. Paul shares about his experiences with auditioning and landing on-screen roles in the entertainment industry, his early days as a guitarist in a band, and also why he feels it is so important for more persons with disabilities to be cast in TV and film. He also talks about his recent project, “Time to Start Booking PWD” which is working to assist actors with disabilities in their efforts.

Extreme Life Experiences Deepens Acting with Eileen Grubba
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As we continue our series of episodes spotlighting Hollywood actors, our guest this week is Eileen Grubba, who has had roles on the stage and the screen. She talks with Mai Ling about her extreme life experiences, the challenges that they posed for her, and how she didn’t let them deter her. Grubba explains why she’s in favor of getting rid of the labels society places on people and shares her story of overcoming cancer and a severe spinal cord injury. You don’t want to miss this inspiring conversation.

Become a Disability Actor with Tobias Forrest
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In this first episode of our Hollywood series, we are joined by actor Tobias Forrest. He shares some of his experiences being an actor in Hollywood with a disability, he talks about others who have helped to pave the way for him and future actors with disabilities, and he also gives us his 3 top tips for someone who might wish to follow the path that he has gone down in the film industry.

Dog Creates Foundation to Love Kids with Pam Gaber
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Our guest today is Pam Gaber, Founder and CEO of Gabriel’s Angels, a non-profit organization which pairs up loving pets with at-risk children to help better their lives. Pam shares about transitioning from a corporate job to starting a non-profit from the ground up, the importance of making sure your mission is greater than you, recognizing your skillsets and your limitations, developing systems and workflows, and much more.

Make a Difference Through Volunteer Leadership with Fe Murray
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Fe Murray is our featured guest on this week’s episode. Fe is the President of the Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ArSHA) and she shares valuable leadership insights including how to empower other team members to use their talents, the importance of volunteerism, 3 things to consider before taking a volunteer leadership position and more.

Life Awaits for Adults with Autism with Denise Resnik
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Our guest on the show today is Denise Resnik, founder and CEO of First Place Apartments, a housing solution for adults with autism. Denise is also a co-founder of the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC). She shares her experiences as the mother of a son with autism, her inspiration for First Place and SARRC, and encourages us to dream big.

Grow Your Business in 2019 with Chris Widener and Nathan Hirsch
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Our host, Mai Ling Chan starts off this year of the show with interviews with two successful entrepreneurs who have some great information to share. We start with a chat with speaker, best-selling author, and leadership coach Chris Widener who shares valuable business principles and encouragement to help you launch or grow your business. Following that, Mai Ling is joined by entrepreneur Nathan Hirsch, co-founder and CEO of Freeeup, to share some tips and specific examples of how you can outsource tasks in your business to freelancers allowing you to make the best use of your time.
Behind the Mic with Xceptional Podcast Network
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For this special holiday episode, Mai Ling Chan sits down for a fun, lighthearted roundtable conversation with the other hosts of the Xceptional Podcast Network. She is joined by Matt Hott of Speech Science as well as Chris Bugaj and Rachel Madel of Talking with Tech. The four discuss the challenges and benefits of creating a podcast in the special needs market. They also talk about how they first got into an SLP career, staying focused while interviewing guests, their favorite holiday films, and more.
SLP Podcasters Live at ASHA18
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Once again we bring you some great interviews from the 2018 ASHA conference in Boston. In this episode, we feature interviews with other podcasters in the SLP space. Mai Ling Chan talks with the SLP Happy Hour hosts, Erik X. Raj, Chris Bugaj, Lucas Steuber, Ayelet Marinovich, Venita Litvack, and Jenna Castro-Casbon.
Take Your Idea Global with Phyl Macomber
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Do you have a great idea but don't know the next steps to take to have the most impact on the world? Phyl Macomber shares her journey of moving beyond the borders to impact the world with her ideas and how you can too. She talks about mastermind groups, using your skills in diverse applications, the essentiality of being profitable as an SLP in order to continue helping people, the value of knowing when you need to learn more to improve your effectiveness, and much more. We also spotlight Jenn, our 2nd place winner live interview at ASHA 18.

SLP Bloggers Live at ASHA18
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Our host, Mai Ling Chan, attended the ASHA18 conference in Boston and had the opportunity to interview several SLP Bloggers on the show floor. These short conversations are full of insights from these talented professionals who are working hard to impact this field. Also included in this episode is a featured interview with Summer Loehr, live from the XceptionalED booth.
Subscription Business Models with Marisha McGrorty, SLP
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Marisha McGrorty is the founder of SLP Now®, an SLP resource website built on the membership model. Marisha talks about running a startup, drawing motivation from others in a co-working space, and why she chose a subscription model for her products. She also shares some of her mentors and how she zeroes in on the specific needs of her community and then solves their problems with her product offerings.
Podcasts and SLPs: Perfect Together with Matt Hott
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Speech language pathologist and podcast producer, Matt Hott, is one of the hosts of Speech Science. He joins the program to talk about what led him to launch the show and he also discusses not discounting the small beginnings, personal branding, and being genuine with your audience.
Success Takes More Than Vision with Bruce Hall
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Legally blind photographer, Bruce Hall, is our guest today and he shares the story of creating the book, Immersed: Our Experience With Autism, which he created with his wife, Valerie. Bruce talks about raising twin boys with autism, the value of capturing memories, the importance of a mentor, and the challenges of running a Kickstarter campaign.
Everyone Can Dance with Melissa van Wijk
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Founder and Executive Director of Born Dancing, Melissa van Wijk, joins Mai Ling Chan to discuss the ins and outs of launching and running a non-profit organization. Melissa shares how she mapped out the steps to launch her vision, some of the legalities of running a non-profit, and why a can-do mentality is important.
Political Campaign Journey with Speech Therapist Kathy Hoffman
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Speech Therapist Kathy Hoffman shares her decision to run for public office and how that has affected her life. She talks about obtaining campaign funding, work/life balance, how running for office changes one’s life, and some of the sacrifices she’s had to make.
Funding Your StartUp with Brett Heising
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Brett Heising, CEO of brettapproved.com, joins Mai Ling to chat about starting his company. Brettapproved is a website which reviews businesses based on accessibility and Brett talks about launching the startup, emotional and business challenges he’s faced, obtaining startup investment, and the importance of having a passion for your idea.
Creating and Branding Speech Therapy Apps with Dr. Erik X. Raj
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Speech-language pathologist, Dr. Erik X. Raj shares his experiences developing speech therapy apps for the iPhone and iPad. Erik talks about some of the challenges he faces in the app development process, making apps that are enjoyable to use, and how his rock band experience helped to develop his app brand.
3 Biggest Mistakes Owners Make in Private Practice with Brandon Seigel
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Brandon Seigel shares valuable tips and information for the private practice owner. Brandon touches on employment tax issues, handling complicated insurance situations and shares the 3 biggest mistakes that private practice owners make in their business.
Laugh, Learn, and Have a Good Time with Avi Golden
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Avi Golden is a former paramedic and current stroke champion who shares his message with others. He shares his story, struggles, and triumphs with us and helps us to take those next steps in embracing life to the fullest.
"When I Stutter...": Documentaries and SLPs with John Gomez
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John Gomez is a Speech-Language Pathologist who has seen the way that stuttering can profoundly impact one's life. John discusses the making of his documentary "When I Stutter...", which features the true impact that stuttering has on one’s life.
Intro Episode: What's this all about?
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Welcome to the Xceptional Leaders podcast. Find out how we can help you help more people.
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