The Quiet Rebels™ Podcast

The Quiet Rebels™ Podcast

The Quiet Rebels™ Podcast exists to help create a safe space for conscious conversations to happen in both business AND life. We believe that we don't have to be the loudest voices in the room in order to be heard. Instead, we're on this journey together to help you find the courage to own the value in your voice. Because once you do? You'll be able to be the change to make a deeper impact on the world with your own Quiet Rebellion.

Mai-kee Tsang Business 88 rész Create the courage to own your voice, message and worth in both business and life.
#087: Service Beyond the Sale with Maggie Patterson
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We all know that we need to sell in order to run a business, so in our online space, we're inundated with the latest strategies to make sales our second nature. Awesome. 

But... have you given that same attention and care to the FULFILLMENT that comes after the sale as a service provider? 

That's what Maggie Patterson is coming onto the Quiet Rebels Podcast to talk about today my lovelies! In this conversation we cover:

- The 3 places to communicate your boundaries with your clients

- What to do and say in difficult client relationships

- The do's and don't of giving gifts to your clients

And so much more about how what should be common sense can transform into common practice.

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#086: Integrating Introvert-Friendly Marketing into Your Business with Emma-Louise Parkes
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This one is especially for - but not exclusive to - the introverted entrepreneurs out there!

This week, I'm delighted to have Emma-Louise Parkes on the podcast to share the underrated way to be CONSISTENTLY marketing your business without having to stretch yourself too thin.

We all have "all the things" to do, so, how can we do it all?

In this episode, Emma-Louise and I dive into introvert-friendly ways of marketing, and also how we can start integrating it.

In this episode we cover:

???? The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Develop a Marketing Approach That Works For YOU

???? Who Are These Mysterious "They's" We Keep Referring To & Why We Listen to Them

???? The Platforms We Choose (And Why I'm STILL Reluctant to Be Active on Clubhouse lol)

And so. much. more!

*This episode is brought to you by my 6 Month Sustainable Visibility Incubator! Doors only open once a year, so if you'd like to be the first to know when it opens, hop on the waitlist here:

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#085: Bio-Hacking Your Sleep For Increased Productivity with Tanessa Shears
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Do you know the difference between Brain Fog vs Genuine Tiredness?

I mean, I often make fun of myself for having brain farts, but I guess there's a point where it goes from a laughing matter to a sign of a deeper issue to focus on.

That's why I'm so excited to have Health Consultant, Tanessa Shears, onto the Quiet Rebels Podcast who came in to share about:

???? Knowing Your Chrono Type (i.e. Settling the Early Birds vs Night Owls debate)

???? How to Be the Scientist of Your Schedule (Being Aware of Your Personal High/Low Energy States)

???? 3 Areas to Improve Your Sleep So You Can Increase Memory Retention, Creativity and Reduce Your Cognitive Load

And so. much. more!

As entrepreneurs, we rely on our creativity to create innovative solutions, offers, and messages to change our corner of the world.

So... how about we help ourselves along by taking care of our health a bit more?

I'm right there with you ????

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#084: The Origins & Creation of My First High Ticket Program
31 perc 85. rész

I never thought I'd have a high ticket group program, ever. For the longest time, I wasn't sure how I could expand the impact of my experience and work into something that was *worthy* of one...

...that was until I couldn't feign ignorance any longer to the dominant dialogue that was negatively affecting our online space when it came to the concept of "VISIBILITY"

That's where it started, and I wanted to share another behind-the-scene-y kind of episode where I'm dishing all the deets of how it all happened.

And what this could mean for you when you birth an idea into existence, which is a literal extension of who you are as a human.

Stay tuned as I share:

- The lens I see visibility through (and why I call in a LOT of socially conscious entrepreneurs)

- How I started to turn the idea into action

- Trying out a brand new launch style (well, to me anyway!)

- Making a conscious effort to have a sales process that felt ethical, aligned, and encouraged my applications to make INFORMED decisions

- How my ego came into play during the launch (it wasn't pretty)

And so. much. more!

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#083: Behind the Scenes of My Scrappy Workshop Launch
28 perc 84. rész

All I had was a new whiteboard and a sudden brainstorm, then what came after was the scrappiest launch I've ever done for my Ultimate Podcast Guesting (UPG) Workshop.

And in today's episode, I'm sharing it all. The numbers, the why, the impromptu promos, the upsells, the debrief, and what's happening next!

To join the waitlist for the UPG 2.0 Workshop Series and get access to the early bird pricing, head to: 

Wanna listen to the BTS of my 3 Figure Launch? Click here >>>

#082: Uncovering Your Clients' Deepest Needs with Nicola Moors
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If you've ever crossed your fingers, hoping that your message is going to land when you're launching a new offer -- maybe we can help with that.

In today's super insightful and hella practical episode, I've brought on journalist-turned-copywriter Nicola Moors onto the show to share how we can help to uncover our clients' deepest needs *before* we launch.


In our conversation we cover:

- The 3+ different types of research to uncover your clients' needs, and how to remove confirmation bias in the process

- The logistics of *how* to set up market research interviews

- Actionable tips to conduct a rich research interview (even as an introvert!)

- A live demo of a short, but effective interview

- Nic's Personal PI Framework to help you research like Sherlock Holmes

And, so. much. more!

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#081: The E² Approach to Building & Sustaining an Aligned Team with Daniel Lamb
49 perc 82. rész

When it comes to running a team, it's not only about what they can do for you - it's also about what you can do for them.

This is far from a "how-to" approach when it comes to team building, and more so a transparent conversation about how we can humanise the process of bringing people onto your team, and why they would want to grow with you.

Join me and my special guest, Daniel Lamb, as he shares his signature E² Framework - covering the 2 most vital questions EVERY entrepreneur needs to ask themselves before they bring on a new team member.

This is how he's gone from being a struggling solopreneur to the CEO of a microagency for Copywriting & Design Strategy, Holland Creative, that is running from a place of purpose.

Here's what we're talking about:

- Why we need to throw out the notion: "It's not personal, it's business" ASAP

- The questions to ask prospective team members (which have nothing to do with their skills)

- How we can use our privilege to help POC

And SO much more!

To connect with Daniel and find the other links mentioned in today's episode, go to:

#080: Honing In On Your Intuition to Guide Your Business with Jo Chun Yan
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Has your following your head ever led down the wrong path for running your business...? Chances are, you've made some decisions that made complete sense on paper, but felt off with your being. 

That's why in today's episode, I'm joined by Jo Chun Yan, an Intuitive Coach, Brand Designer, and Creator of the Intuition Journal, who's going to be having an open conversation with us about:

- How we can balance our head and heart 

- Shifting or shedding our identities in order to move forward with our visions

- The difference between instinct, intution, and bias 

And SO much more!

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#079: Setting Healthy Boundaries & Cultivating Self-Worth with Tori Autumn
52 perc 80. rész

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Escaping from a toxic relationship has been - by far - the biggest lesson I've had to learn about self-worth and boundaries... and the heartbreaking thing is? I know I'm not alone.

In this episode, I'm joined by Certified Self Love & Relationship Coach, Tori Autumn, who has also been in similar circumstances - and we sit down to have an open and honest conversation about how our personal experiences can spill into our professional spheres.

In this episode, we're talking about:

- What Self-Worth REALLY Is

- How to Cultivate Self Worth

- What Boundaries Are and Aren't

- How to Create Boundaries (2 Way Street)

- Opening Healthy Lines of Communication 

And so much more.

Want to connect with Tori? Head here for the links mentioned in this episode:

#078: Rejection & Reconnection - A Journey Back to My Cultural Roots
23 perc 79. rész

Papa Tsang recently told me a gem of wisdom that struck me to my core: "You can't know who you are or who you're meant to be without knowing where you come from."


This was one of many signs I was receiving that maybe, just maybe, it's finally time to stop rejecting the very roots which rejected me back in my childhood. 

So, here it is my Quiet Rebels, a front-row seat to one of the most confronting journeys I've ever been on.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because as we're continuously confronted about the values we're upholding based on the words and actions we show, it's important to know where they may have originated from.

Let the journey begin!

#077: Taking 4 Months Off a Year Whilst Having a Thriving Business with Sage Polaris
58 perc 78. rész

I don't know about you, but being able to take some time off over the holidays was a huge eye-opener for me with the kind of lifestyle I would love for my business to support. 

That's why I'm excited to bring on Sage Polaris as our special guest today because she has been able to take 4 months off a year to make space for meaning in her life. (Aaaaaand she's been doing this for 5 years in a row).

As a Work Less, Earn More Mentor, she's going to be guiding us through:

  • What had to happen in order to start incorporating time off (and how she communicated this to her clients)
  • Aligning your work with your personal energy to tap into your flow (yep, we're also talking about menstrual cycles here!)
  • What she actually does with her time off (because when you love your business, it can be hard to not check in!)
  • How she's managed to double her revenue each year by finding her profitable sweet spots
  • 4 ways Sage is planning on launching her mastermind to double her revenue

And so much more!

*This episode is brought to you by my Ultimate Podcast Pitching Workshop Happening on the 28th January 2021, click here to claim your EARLY bird space:*

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#076: Personalising Your Productivity with Carina Lawson, Founder of Ponderlily
46 perc 77. rész

This is the episode where you’ll discover where ease and efficiency meet in your life, as you’ll learn a holistic method to personalise your productivity.

Our special guest today is none other than Carina Lawson, Founder, of Ponderlily which is a company that specialises in sustainable stationery.


In this episode we cover:

  • Taking the shame out of being a night owl (if you are one), and aligning your work with your own rhythm
  • 4 Ways to say no (without actually saying it)
  • Productivity Hacks to Be Aware Of, and Possibly Avoid/Reframe (*Cough, Morning Routine, Cough*)

And soooo much more (including why Carina doesn't like making almond, nor do I like making my own Oat milk)

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#075: Planning for Your Future Well-Being & Finances with Laurie Bodisch
42 perc 76. rész

For many of us, 2020 has been the theoretical monkey wrench that got thrown into the cogs of our lives this year. And when that happened, it became abundantly clear to us how strong our foundations really are (or rather, aren't).

That's why in today's episode, we venture into the much-needed conversations about how to plan for an uncertain future in our business. 

...and while no one likes to talk about this, my guest and I even speak about you MUST have in place for your family *if* something were to suddenly happen to you.

Today's guest is none other than Laurie Bodisch who is a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA™), and founder of Her Wealth Coach. 

In this episode, we talk about:

- How to seamlessly step into the state of abundance vs scarity

- Recommended ratios to divy up your finances for your personal and professional expenses (yup, that means taxes too!)

- What is a PDL and why we MUST have it to help our families 

And so much more.

To get access to the shownotes for this episode and to connect with Laurie, go to

#074: Prioritising Peace of Mind In Your Business with Nicolle Bennett
52 perc 75. rész

Do you ever get a twinge of guilt whenever you want to take time off in your business? I know I have. Even when I've actually taken the time off instead of just thinking about it, my mind is *still* in business mode.

That's why I've brought on my guest today, Nicolle Bennett. She's the creator of the "Create Your Day Planner", a Certified Yin Yoga Instructor, and an Advisor for Social Change Organisations to help them get out of survival mode, so they can set and fulfill their meaningful goals. 

And she's here to share with us how we can incorporate intentional peace of mind in our businesses as we round of 2020, and beyond.

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#073: Stepping into the Role of a Thought Leader with Danielle Cevallos
49 perc 74. rész

Y’know those “wheels” we’re always told to not reinvent? Well, they had to be created by someone at some point, right? And that someone… was a thought leader. 

As Quiet Rebels, many (if not all) of us already share the characteristic of a thought leader, and that’s by running our lives + businesses off the paved path. Instead, it’s one we carve for ourselves as we dare to discover what else can work - even if it’s something that’s never been done before.

That's why in today’s episode, I’m joined by our special guest, Danielle Cevallos - who has worked at the front lines with 7 & 8 figure thought leaders like Jasmine Star, Kelly Roach & Amanda Tress - and in our chat we cover:

  • What is Thought Leadership?
  • The key characteristics of ideal thought leaders 
  • The different levels of thought leadership

And so much more!

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#072: Owning & Leveraging the CEO Mindset with Maria Tan
41 perc 73. rész Mai-kee Tsang

The CEO mindset is exactly what it sounds - the beliefs, patterns and thought processes possessed by CEOs. And when starting a business, mindset is everything. Possessing the CEO mindset not only empowers you for long-term growth but also gives you the courage to face obstacles in the quest for success. When you become your own CEO, your forward movement and growth will happen with focus and ease.


In today’s episode, I speak with Maria Tan, the Business Coach for “Misfits”. Maria is on a mission to empower women across the globe to create successes tailored to their lifestyles. She’s been featured in several media like the Thrive Global, HuffPost, Elephant Journal, Pick the Brain and Addicted2Success. Maria shares about the mindset hack that one can use to do big things in their business, how the true abundance mindset kicks out the imposter syndrome, and why so many people haven’t embraced the CEO mindset yet. Tune in for a wakeup call to shifting from the employee to CEO mindset, today!


In a nutshell, we discuss:


- How to stay focused and the wonderful transformation that comes with the CEO mindset. 

- The limitations preventing you from being liberated and authentic.

- The level of responsibility that comes with the CEO mindset.

and so much more!


***Applications for my Sustainable Visibility Incubator Program are ongoing! To apply for your space, click HERE>>>***


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#071: Hidden Visibility: How My Business Thrives Without Having to Be Constantly "On"
17 perc 72. rész

Let's redefine visibility, shall we? 

I literally cringe every time I hear the advice to "put yourself out there" when it comes to increasing one's visibility.

There's absolutely more to it than that, and I wanted to share how I use hidden visibility methods to keep my business thriving so that you can start honoring yourself with what you already do so well.

This episode is sponsored by my Sustainable Visibility™ Incubator:

Enrollment closes on November 30th, 2020.

#070: My "Coming Out" Story
28 perc 71. rész

No description required for this episode :)

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#069: Getting Started with Showing Up on Video with Helena Bowen
47 perc 70. rész

Did you know that the average person ranks the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death? Truth is, this fear could hurt both your personal and professional life, especially if you are in business. It is important to be able to get your point across regardless of the environment in which you find yourself. Whether you are giving a formal presentation to an audience, sharing your proposal, or simply making a speech at a friend’s wedding, public speaking skills are essential in getting ahead.   

In this episode, I speak to Helena Bowen, a speaker coach & speechwriter. She has worked with 150+ TED & TEDx Speakers, Fortune 100 executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and thought leaders whose talks have gained 88+ million views online. Helena shares why public speaking is so powerful in regards to credibility, positioning and connecting with your audience. She also highlights a practical tip on how to get through the entry barriers when it comes to doing videos.

In a nutshell, we discuss:

  • Misconceptions about public speaking and how to overcome them
  • What makes content "bingeable" and relevant
  • How to be strategic in your video content creation efforts
    and so much more!

**Early Bird Applications are now open for my Sustainable Visibility Incubator Program. To apply for your space, click here >>>***

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#68: Sharing Your Stories as a Personal Brand with Cheryl Lau
61 perc 69. rész

Whether you are consciously doing it or not, everyone has a personal brand these days. And more than any other social media platform, Instagram gives you an opportunity to create a buzz with almost everything! That being said, it takes a skill to stand out from the potentially hundreds (or even thousands) of accounts that your fans follow. 

To help you know how to create an authentic personal brand, I talk to Cheryl Lau, an online personal branding strategist who is on a mission is to help those from academic or professional backgrounds show up online confidently, create value-packed content, and start building their personal brand or online business.

As someone who is generally perceived as calm and reserved but decided to show up anyway to create content and share her work, Cheryl is intensely passionate about seeing people step out of their comfort zones to pursue their big, audacious goals. 

In a nutshell, we discuss:

- How one can share a story that is true to themselves and still maintain their authenticity

-When it’s okay vs when it’s not okay to share something that could emotionally trigger someone

-How one can take a seemingly mundane piece of information and turn it into either an authority or a relationship-building message.

and so much more! 

**Early Bird Applications are now open for my Sustainable Visibility Incubator Program. To apply for your space, click here >>>***

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#67: How to be Authentically Influential on Instagram with Jess Jacobsen
82 perc 68. rész

The beauty of Instagram is that the platform is not reserved for any particular type of rand. Although it's billion user mark is just around the corner, the masses are still hopping on the bandwagon. This makes it the best time to build your Instagram presence, even if it means doing it from scratch. 

What's the secret to building an authentic presence, you ask. This is why I invited Jess Jacobsen to geek on all things Instagram! Jess is a Social Media Strategist who helps entrepreneurs create a kick-ass social media strategy that builds an audience of lifetime clients! She believes that every entrepreneur has a message that can change lives, and people are sitting waiting for you to get your business out there in a bigger way to help them through social media. 

In this episode we discuss:

- How to identify your ideal client

- Why Instagram and the types of leads on there

- How to turn cold leads into super-hot leads on Instagram

- How to identify the best content to post

- Reasons why people don’t buy from you

and so much more!

For all the links we mentioned in this episode to connect with Jess, head to:

#066: Leveraging LinkedIn to Attract Organic Leads with Michal Eisikowitz
47 perc 67. rész

It's time to rethink the way we use LinkedIn. You may (or may have not) noticed that LinkedIn has, over time, developed into a useful lead generation and relationship naturing platform for business owners and marketers. While using LinkedIn for lead generation can seem like a straight forward process, one needs to invest time and share quality content. 

In this episode, I talk to Michal, the founder of, a micro agency that helps SaaS + B2B brands replace yawn-inducing website copy with engaging, data-driven messaging that resonates. She is also the founder of CopyTribe, a foundational mini-university for beginning copywriters that has trained 86 copywriters to date. Michal shares her thought on how business owners can leverage linked in to generate warm leads.

In a nutshell, we discuss:

-Who LinkedIn is for and who it's not

-The kind of content that gets you the most organic reach

- The 4 H’s that must be optimized if you’re getting started on LinkedIn now: Headshot, Header, Headline and Hook

and so much more!

**Early Bird Applications are now open for my Sustainable Visibility Incubator Program. To apply for your space, click here >>>***

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#065: Letting Go of Being Performative
10 perc 66. rész

Coming atcha on this fiiiiine Tuesday with this message to help you let go of being performative as you show up in your business (and life, even) my lovelies.

This is definitely a heart-share type of episode, so it goes pretty deep beneath the surface with a personal revelation I had a few weeks ago.

I hope that the story I share will help you see you truly aren't alone if you have fears holding you back with letting yourself be seen.

**Early Bird Applications are now open for my Sustainable Visibility Incubator Program! To learn more, click here >>> ***

In other news, if you haven't joined my Show Up & Be Seen Facebook Group, here's the link >>>

#64: How to Replace Your Monthly Retainers with VIP Days with Jordan Gill
69 perc 65. rész

As a business owner, you probably have considered integrating VIP days into your business model or even swapping the entire model altogether. It is no secret that VIP days allow you to spend dedicated time with your clients, allowing you to charge a fee that reflects the intensity and quality of work that you do. The best part about VIP days is that you get to spread your income over time!

Are you wondering how to offer VIP days to your clients? In this episode, I talk to Jordan Gill, an operations consultant and founder of Systems Saved Me. Jordan helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. Her jam is creating a cohesive operating system for managing your tasks, files and inbox. Tune in to hear Jordan share her love of replacing monthly retainers with one-day virtual intensives. The tips she shares will definitely save you as well!


In a nutshell we discuss:

- Who the VIP model is ideal for

- A comparison between virtual and in-person VIP days

- Why VIP days are better than monthly retainers

and so much more! 


For all the links we mentioned in this episode to connect with Jordan, head to:

#063: A Behind the Scenes Update - Changing Biz Models, New FB Group & My Upcoming Group Program
20 perc 64. rész

Things have been changing a lot behind the scenes lately, and I wanted to give you a glimpse into it today my lovely.

I've looked back in retrospect and I gaped at the realisation that in my last job, I earned just over 10k a YEAR -- and this past July? I had an 11k month.

And I wanted to clue you in a little about the journey of what's been happening lately, and what's to come in Q4!

#062: Practicing Online Safety & Security as a Digital Entrepreneur with Shannon Miller
58 perc 63. rész

Are you an online entrepreneur that's playing safe because you don't feel safe? Could this be the reason you aren't showing up and being more visible? As a podcast guesting strategists, visibility is one of the things I emphasize on. I understand that the more visible you are, the more risk you are exposed to and this is why I invited Shannon (a Security Specialist and Private Investigator) to talk about aspects that are hardly talked about as far as online security is concerned. Shannon helps to protect your privacy, profit & peace of mind.

Cyber thieves, scammers, and stalkers might not look like Darth Vader, but the damage they can do to your life, business, and brand reputation can be costly and irreparable if left untreated.

She started out in the security industry over a decade ago, as a government contractor, diplomat, and IT analyst. It sounds boring, but when you love what you do, it’s nerd-level exciting. Shannon’s goal is to help you simplify security, to save you buckets of money in security clean up costs, and to prepare & protect you when the worst happens.


In this episode we talk about:

- Why your online safety and security is important

- Whether or not we should disclose friends' and family's details (and photos) online. How much is too much?

- Being aware of where you are left unguarded and the steps you can still take to sow up online comfortably

And more!

For all the links we mentioned in this episode to connect with Tanya, head to:

#061: Making Peace with the Imposter Complex So You Can Make an Impact with Tanya Geisler
58 perc 62. rész

Do you ever doubt your capacity, feel alone and unable to take action even when you really should? Does this happen even with things you are really good at? Well, that's the imposter complex!

I know you may have been caught off-guard, but it's okay to experience this as it comes about because of your deep love for your work, your deep love for your mission, and the world you are about to change.

The interesting bit about the imposter complex is that it never wants you to rest. Neither does it want you to celebrate your achievements. So, how do you understand where it comes from and even make friends with it?

In this episode, Tanya Geisler (a certified Leadership Coach, TEDxWomen speaker, and writer who teaches high-performing leaders how to combat their Imposter Complex and lead with an impeccable impact so they can achieve their ultimate goals) and I discuss:

- The 12 lies that we believe and what their objectives actually are.

- The different ways in which imposter complex shows up in our lives

- The behavior behind which we hide to avoid feeling like imposters

And more! 

For all the links we mentioned in this episode to connect with Tanya, head to:

#060: Building in Authentic Automation Through Quiz Funnels with Zafira Rajan
46 perc 61. rész

Prepare yourself, this episode is overflowing with joy and infusing intention into your business my lovely!

I'm beyond grateful to be speaking with the amazing Zafira Rajan today, because her work as a Soulful Strategist & Copywriter actually ignited the fire in me to undergo my website rebrand (which, until this interview? I had NO clue about!)

And it all started from the moment I was in her orbit with her Authentic Automation process through the power of quizzes. So this is a totally meta-conversation we're having on the show today, and I can't wait for you to infuse all of Zafira's wisdom gems into your life + business today!

*Want to learn more about my VIP Spotlight Days, and to see if this is the right next step for you to amplify your voice? For more info on how this could serve you, click here - *

For all the links we mentioned in this episode to connect with Zafira, head to:

#059: The Behind the Scenes Journey of My Website Rebrand (Part 2/2) ft. My Brand & Web Designer Yevgeniya (Gigi) Davarashvili
78 perc 60. rész

Today I have my INCREDIBLE Brand & Web Designer joining me on the podcast today as we bask in the excitement of my brand new website launch! 

This is with none other than Yevgeniya (Gigi) Davarashvili, the powerhouse behind the conversion-led brand + web studio, One6creative. 

Aaaaand in this episode, we're feeling all the feels and talking about all the things that happened behind the scenes during the rebranding process. 

As proud as I am of how freaking beautiful my new website is, I really wanted to shine the spotlight on the process we went through to make it happen. 

This is to not only give you insight into my own branding, but to also inspire you to think deeper and show up bigger when you give yourself to discover who you are.

So if you're ready to hear:

- The ultimatum she gave me when I was on the fence to start my own business again (hah, I make her sound so mean - this was with utmost love btw!)

- The hidden side of me that can only be revealled to special souls who brace themselves when they challenge me to games

- What is REALLY means to rebrand, and all the things to make it happen...

And, you guessed it, so. much. MORE

We'd love for you to join us for this coffee-like-chat my lovely!

Here are the links mentioned in today's episode:

- Connect with Gigi on Instagram:
- Check out Gigi's Website:

#058: The Behind the Scenes Journey of My Website Rebrand
26 perc 59. rész

Oxygen tank? CHECK!

Get ready my lovely, because in this episode we're going for a pretty deep dive into the behind the scenes journey of my website rebrand.

I've chosen to share this experience with you because if you've ever been on the fence with making BIG decisions in your biz, I wanted to pave a possible pathway for you to take.

That's why in this episode I share:

- The truth behind why I was STILL hiding behind my old brand

- My low-key freak out when I was going through the rebranding process

- Which offers I let go of (even when they were my most in-demand ones), and the new ones I'm replacing them with

And so. much. more!

At the time of this recording, my website is in its final stages before it's released to the world.

So if you want to be the first to see it when it's ready, I'd love it if you could jump on the waitlist over at:

#057: Surrendering to Spirituality in Our Business with Ruby Lee
67 perc 58. rész

Sometimes, trusting in the things we can't see is what moves the needle for us. And in this episode, Ruby (an online business coach) and I get to demonstrate just that. If you have been wanting to be absolutely true to who you are and lean a little more into the spiritual modality that has been calling you, then this is an episode for you! Besides Ruby sharing a cool journal practice (The Triangle Journal Practice), I also get to share a little snippet of my spiritual journey. A journey that I have only shared with my closest family and friends!


In a nutshell, we discuss:

- How to overcome the fear of exploring spiritual possibilities and going all in

- Where to start from if you have been thinking of exploring spirituality (especially for your business)

- How to manifest the things we desire

and so much more!


For links and resources mentioned in this episode, please head over to:

Why This Podcast STILL Exists | Our 1 Year Podcast Anniversary!
14 perc 57. rész

Hey lovelies! 

Today marks the 1st Year Anniversary for The Quiet Rebels Podcast, and I'm jumping in today to share a little behind the scenes of the lessons learned, where this podcast is going, and what it means for you to move forward with us :)

I'm SO excited for this podcast to continue to evolve, and for you to continue your journey to help you actualise your own Quiet Rebellion in your business.

One way I'd love to help, is by recording short 'n' sweet Q&A episodes, where I'll be able to answer YOUR burning questions!

If you'd like a submit your Q, leave a 60 second (or less) voice note over here:

If you love this podcast and would like to help us spread the word, please leave me a rating and review in your podcast listening app of choice. 

(For extra brownie points, send me a screenshot of your review on Instagram @MaikeeTsang - and you might just get a special somethin' somethin')

And if we haven't connected on Instagram yet, here's where you can find me:

Much love to you my lovely Quiet Rebel!

Peace out,

Mai-kee x

#056: Clearing Visibility Blocks and Beliefs Which May be Holding You Back with Wil Carlos
61 perc 56. rész

Have you been beating yourself up simply because you don't feel like you are good enough? Today is the day you get to finally put down that whip! Visibility blocks can greatly impact on our ability to put ourselves out there. It's just that we never get to realize how much weight they have on us. In this episode, Wil (a seasoned life coach) points out that the first step is becoming aware of the negative energies and beliefs that are getting in the way and systematically clearing them. I couldn't agree more! 

In a nutshell, we discuss:

- How to return negative thoughts and opinions to sender with love and consciousness attached.

- How to deal with negative energy coming from a place of not wanting to improve yourself.

- The four-step framework to clear visibility based on the four foundations of business

and many more!


For links and resources mentioned in this episode, please head over to:

#055: Nurturing Your Confidence and Creating Space for Growth with Belinda Weaver
45 perc 55. rész

Do you wish that your side hustle became your main gig but lack the motivation to make that happen? I know that striving to take your business to the next level during this pandemic might be perceived as being opportunistic, but you could be doing a great injustice to yourself (and your business). If you are genuinely coming from a place of helping people and sharing your influence, then you have to catch that voice that's trying to prevent you from being the best you can be. 

In this episode, we discuss:

- What you absolutely must let go of in order to make it.

- How (and why) you need to create space for the next stage of growth, otherwise, it won't happen. 

-  How to step into the new version of yourself without losing yourself in the process.

and many more! 


For links mentioned in this episode, please head over to:

#054: Anti-Racism, a Work in Progress ~ Dedicated to # Black Lives Matter
25 perc 54. rész

This episode is dedicated to the #BlackLivesMatter cause, and to my friends who have inspired me to do and be better:


Resources Mentioned:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu - “If you’re neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

Martin Luther King Jr - “In the end, we’ll remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Maya Angelou - "Do the best you can until you know better, and when you know better, do better." 



#053: Managing Your Cashflow During a Pandemic with Isaiah Goodman
53 perc 53. rész

Covid Cashflow. Have you been wondering where your money goes? Well, you are not alone! Right now, with all that's going on, your cashflow can be a bit unstable or unpredictable, and if you aren't able to pinpoint exactly where your money goes you could be setting yourself up for tougher times. Join Isaiah (a financial advisor with over 9 years experience) and I as we discuss what one should do in order to be financially prepared for such uncertain times.

In a nutshell, we discuss:

- How to handle the financial uncertainty that has come with the pandemic by planning ahead

- How to make friends with your budget, especially if you are a business owner

- How to track your spending habits so that you are able to project the amount of money you need in the subsequent months.

and so much more!


For links mentioned in this episode, please head over to: 


#052: Essentials for Solid Contracts with Autumn W Boyd
44 perc 52. rész

Did you know that contracts are the ultimate sign of trust? They set things up on an even playing field, assuring the client that you are a legit business owner and that you are going to deliver on your promise. While at it, it is important to realize that contracts are a two-way street; protecting both parties that involved.

So, if you are scared that contracts will scare away potential clients, or you are a service provider, or have a group program that requires a contract in place for you and your students, you might want to listen to this episode! Don't worry if you are on a budget and can't afford to hire a lawyer to draft one for you, as Autumn shares a resource that can get you started right away.

In a nutshell, we discuss:

-The 5 fundamentals that an epic, high-level contract must have

- How to know the areas that should be covered by your contract (especially if you are selling a high ticket product).

- The red flags that can't be ignored when signing up a client

and many more!


For links and resources mentioned in the episode, head over to: 

#051: The Anatomy of Persuasive Organic Content on Facebook with Sarah Sal
50 perc 51. rész

Posting content on your Facebook page is like talking to a friend. Is your content attractive enough to keep the reader glued? Facebook posts are an underutilized asset that if used well, are a strong tool that convert prospects. But what does it take to come up with a post that performs well organically? Must a good ad look exactly like an ad? Join Sarah (a Facebook Ads Specialist at Hootsuite & AdEspresso) and I as we dive deeper into this.


In a nutshell, we discuss:

- The anatomy and psychology of Facebook Ads that actually work and resonate with your audience

- Whether your communication on your FB professional page should be different from that on your fan page

- The three steps for writing highly converting social media posts that create rich conversations

and many more!

For the links mentioned in this episode, please head over to:

#050: Permission
9 perc 50. rész

This is a secret episode that no one can see except for you, my dear Quiet Rebel! 

I felt drawn to record this quick message for you to check in and see how you're doing, and... to let you know that you do have permission right now.

Whether it's permission to try something new, to not be perfect, or even to take a pause.

I've got you :)

P.s: Would you like to submit your #QuietQuestion for a potential mini bonus episode on the pod? Click here to submit via Speakpipe:

#049: To Launch or Not to Launch with Dani Paige
49 perc 49. rész

Launching a business differently doesn't mean not launching at all. The current turbulent times around the world may leave you wondering whether you should even be thinking about launching. Is there a way that one can still put themselves out there in a more conscious way? Is there a way that one can add an extra layer of empathy and sensitivity for those who may not be extra receptive due to the ongoing pandemic? Yes, there is!

Dani Paige, an expert launch copywriter, and I provide answers to these questions in detail. 

In a nutshell, we discuss:

- Ways in which one can discover the best way forward and still carry on with their launch without seeming opportunistic

- The actionable tips one can implement right now to prepare their business for success during and after the pandemic

- The shift one can embrace in their business such that they get to meet the needs of their current and potential clients where they hang out

and many more!

For the links mentioned in this episode, please head over to:

#048 [#AskMK]: Crafting My Topics to Pitch to Podcasts After a Business Pivot
43 perc 48. rész

Podcast Pitching. Many business owners are finding this to be an uphill task even though podcast guesting is one of the proven ways of establishing online authority. It is even harder if you've just pivoted yourself. If this is you and you aren't sure of how to communicate your value to a podcast, or are simply looking to guest on more podcasts and aren't sure of how to position yourself, you'll definitely love this episode. In addition to tackling the above, Christina and I go through a couple of live pitching catches so that you get an idea of how to go about it.


In a nutshell, we discuss:

- How to encapsulate your unique value and how to effectively communicate that through a pitch.

- Tips on how to create a logically flowing lead magnet (by combining a pitch suite and a pitching catch).

- The differences between an Online Business Manager (OBM) and a Virtual Assistant (VA) (you definitely should take a listen if you've never heard of these terms before).

and many more!

For links mentioned in this episode, head over to

#047 [#AskMK]: How Can I Make My Offers Unique and Differentiate Myself? with Barbara Joergensen
42 perc 47. rész

Surviving and thriving during uncertain times calls for showing up where your target audience hangs out. What if you are just transitioning from a traditional 8-5 to an online business and aren't sure of how you should align your products and services with your ideal audience? As if that's not enough, is this even the right time to launch your online business? These are some of the questions Barbara has been asking herself. This week, she was lucky enough to have these and many other questions answered in my coaching session with her. 


In a nutshell, we discuss:

- The challenges that one may face when transitioning from an ordinary job to the online world and how to overcome them

- The three (absolutely must ask) questions for business owners, especially virtual assistants, that are looking to implement a visibility strategy that will see their businesses expand

- The three things one can change in order to overcome the fear of transitioning

And many more! 

For links mentioned in this episode, head over to

#046 [#AskMK]: Taking Corporate Experience & Pivoting to Launch an Online Business with Michelle Newell
39 perc 46. rész

Are you courageous enough not to know something perfectly but still go for it anyway and figure out a way to serve people that need your service?

Sometimes, it can be hard to encapsulate all of your knowledge and expertise from one area to another. It's even harder if you are thinking of launching a business. This episode is uniquely designed to help you move forward and inspire you along the way. Just so you know, it is a #AskMK coaching session!

In this episode, Michelle and I discuss why brand stories are important and how one can tell them in an authentic way. Towards the end of the episode, I give her a practical tip on how she can promote her business even before launching (you may want to implement this tip as well so be sure to check it out).


In a nutshell, we discuss:

- How to value the skills one brings to the table and how they can be courageous enough to ask for what they are worth.

- How business owners can find their authentic brand story so that they are able to genuinely connect with their audience.

- Some of the misguided pieces of advice given to female entrepreneurs.

And many more!

For links mentioned in this episode, head over to


#045: Why Your Message Matters (& 3 Steps to Discover it) with Dre Adison
58 perc 45. rész

Now, more than ever, is the time to show up and own your voice. But how do you find the self-belief that what you do matters and how do you get to prove it? Because it really does! Sometimes, when everything is up in the air (like it is right now), priorities may change, causing us to lose sight of who and what we are. During such times, it is important to dive into deep reflections as to what is your driving force. In this episode, Dre and I walk you through his 3 step framework that will help you establish whether you have a story that needs to be shared.


In a nutshell, we discuss:

- Dre's 3 step framework in detail. This is a method that can be used by online entrepreneurs to deeply connect with their tribe.

- The biggest injustice you could be doing to yourself by playing small.

- How to communicate your purpose effectively and create value for your audience.


To connect with Dre, head over to:

#044: Surviving the Juggle and Struggle of Working from Home with Eman Ismail
42 perc 44. rész

With so many people working from home lately, entrepreneurs have had to adjust to a new way of living. You probably are wondering how possible it is to make it work and stay sane especially if you have children that also crave your attention. If you are feeling like things have gotten out of hand and you are no longer in control of your time, then this episode has come at the right time! Join Eman Ismail (an email strategist and talented copywriter) and I as we talk about the necessary adjustments that we may be forced to make if we are to remain as productive as we initially were. You’ll be surprised that she took this interview in her car! Yes, you read that right.


In a nutshell, we discuss:

-How to maximize your style of productivity and get the most done

-Creative ways of creating packets of productive time so that you are able to manage your time better

-How to enhance your productivity by allocating different days of the week to different tasks (theme days)


This episode is sponsored by my LIVE group program, From Pitch to Podcast Guest™ to help you get booked on your next (or first) podcast in 30 days. 

Book your chat to apply for a spot HERE

To connect with Eman + join her email list, head to:


#043: Selling Ethically (Especially During Sensitive Times) with Erika Tebbens
58 perc 43. rész

During these extra sensitive times (i.e. the coronavirus era), the last thing you want is to feel sleazy and pushy, right? At the same time, you know that you are providing value, and you are a little guilty of asking people to pay for it...

So, how do you strike a balance between the two? How do you qualify your leads way early in the pipeline so that the prospect is able to tell whether they are in the right territory to benefit from your product or service?

In this episode, my special guest Erika Tebbens and I discuss the No-Sleazy Selling Method. A method that helps you warm your way into your prospect's heart during (and after) sensitive times.


In a nutshell, we discuss:

- How to get over the scarcity feeling and avoid overselling even when there are bills to pay

- Mindset shifts that can help you avoid sabotaging yourself in your business launch strategy.

- Whether or not you should put pricing on your website and why.

And much more!


This episode is sponsored by my LIVE group program, From Pitch to Podcast Guest™ to help you get booked on your next (or first) podcast in 30 days. 

Book your chat to apply for a spot HERE

To connect with Erika + download her free resource, head to:


#042: Connecting Deeper with Your Social Media Followers by Amping Up Your DIY Brand Photos with Amy Eaton
60 perc 42. rész

Did you know that the term “photography” is a Latin word meaning “drawing with light”? If you are an online entrepreneur, you might know that photos are a key tool when it comes to connecting with your audience. This is why in this episode, Amy (a gifted product photographer turned educator) and I discuss in detail how one can DIY their brand photographs to make them authentic and realistic. The tips on mindset shifts that one needs to embrace in order to take their brand photos to the next level will surprise you.


In this interview, we discuss:

-Tips on how to make styled photos look super dynamic

-The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY photography

-The 5 different types of brand photos and how to mix and match them for a dynamic feed

And much more!


For the links and resources mentioned in today's episode, head over to:


#041: How to Stay Consistent When You Launch a Podcast with Krystal Proffitt
54 perc 41. rész


Did you know that consistency beats perfection all the time?

In episode 25, Krystal Proffitt and I discussed how to start a podcast confidently. Today, we are topping the icing on the cake! We are talking about how to beat perfectionism and stay consistent at creating your podcast content. If you believe that podcasting can be a way for you to leave your legacy and would like to start one or stay consistent at churning out great content, then the practical tips that she shares come right on time!


In a nutshell, we discuss:

Mindset shifts that need to happen in order to consistently podcast

Why you should stop obsessing over perfectionism and just have fun during  the content creation process

The marathon versus sprint mindset and the importance of consistently showing up

And SO much more!


For links and resources mentioned in today's episode, head to:

#040: How to Be a Daringly Great Introverted Leader with Teresa Kwon
49 perc 40. rész

Are you an introvert and in doubt that you can lead powerfully in a loud extroverted world? I know that feeling, because I have been there.

Interestingly, a leader is not someone that’s the loudest in the room, at the front, the strongest, has the title, or ranks above you. These are just societal constructs of what leadership is. Leadership is about influence. It is the ability to influence minds and hearts towards taking action in the right direction.

So, if you have been wondering whether you could ever make it to becoming a great introverted leader, you are going to love the tips that my guest, Teresa Kwon shares today!

Teresa transitioned from being a painfully shy introvert to being an executive leader for change at organizations and boldly addressing thousands of people. She is an award-winning high-impact leadership coach and Growth strategist and Founder of Daringly Great Leadership. Her mission is to redefine leadership for a new generation by raising-up a host of transformational leaders and cultural architects who will re-shape and heal a broken world to be whole and better for the generations to follow.

In a nutshell, we discuss:

  • How to embrace your introverted strengths that may be perceived as weaknesses
  • Introverted strengths that make introverts better leaders
  • Mindset shifts that introverts can make today in order to help them leap into leadership shoes and wear them with pride

And SO much more!


For links and resources mentioned in today's episode, head over to: 

#039: How to Discover and Own Your Brand Personality with Megan Otto
35 perc 39. rész

Ever wonder how personal is TOO personal for your business branding? 

Should you, or should you not reveal every detail of your life? Or is it okay to have a private life outside of your business, and still be personable? 

Alllll will be answered by my special guest, Megan Otto. She’s a brand Strategist & a serious popcorn lover </div>
</div><div class=

#038: Making a Bigger Impact as a Small Business Owner with Matt Hall
49 perc 38. rész

Do you sometimes feel pressured to call yourself ONE thing when you tell people what you do in your business? Yeah, me too. Here's the thing, for the longest time, being a Jack of All Trades was deemed as something bad. But y'know what? It's actually a brilliant strength.

And my special guest on the show today is a perfect example - his name is Matt Hall, and by day he's a conversion copywriter at Kajabi. By night, he combines copy, visual design, and tech to deliver high converting websites at Common People Web Design with his wife.


In this interview, he talks about:

- How bringing together your experience, strength and skills from many areas of your life can help you make a BIGGER impact as a small biz owner

- What we have in common with the amazing folks working at Disney

- How understanding the 5 levels of market sophistication will enable us to create transformation for our clients & customers from within

And much more!


For the links and resources mentioned in today's episode, head to:

#037: How to Network Authentically and Build Genuine Relationships with James Turner
50 perc 37. rész

“…what do I actually say!?!??!” <— does this thought ever plague your mind when you see someone you want to connect with?

You’re covered in this episode my friend!


I have Conversion Copywriter & Naturally Authentic Networker (the latter is his unofficial title) James E Turner - CRO Director of SNAP Copy - on the show with me today, and we’re actually going to be running through 3 different scenarios of meeting people IRL:

  • Scenario #1 - Meeting a prolific person who you know (ISH) (this is where he critiques my first time meeting Laura Belgray)
  • Scenario #2 - Meeting a prolific person who you don’t know
  • Scenario #3 - Meeting a peer, hot or cold style.   


So think of the person you most want to meet at a conference that you might be headed to this year, and try hypothetically applying one of the scenarios to your sitch, and see what happens!


For show notes and links to the resources mentioned in this episode, head to:

#036: Connecting with Influencers & Creating Valuable Content with Peter Kowalke
53 perc 36. rész

Have you ever wondered how to reach the seemingly unreachable influencers in your space before? (I'm talking about the Marie Forleo's of your industry here). I certainly was curious how to do so as well, and I wanted to learn how to do this in a very genuine way so that it wouldn't be a transactional thing - instead it would be the start of a relationship.


As luck would have it, my special guest today - Peter Kowalke - has shared his insiders journey of connecting with influencers and sustaining the newly formed relationship in a somewhat surprising manner - through content creation!


What the whaaaat? "How is that relevant?" you ask?


Think about it, your influencer of choice became that way because they showed up consistently for their audience to make a difference, come rain or shine. So it's only natural that they'd want to connect with someone who's been in their past shoes, right? And believe it or not, consistent and quality content creation is how you can get there.


But for many of us solopreneurs, the ideas for the content well can become DRY veryyyyyy fast, so how can you easily handle the upkeep without dropping in quality? The answer is inside this episode my friend!

So if you want to feed 2 birds with one scone (mhmm, this version of the phrase is way friendlier to animals!) when it comes to both connecting with influencers AND consistently coming up with new content ideas to continually show up, be sure to tune into this one!


For all the links and references in this episode, head to: for the show notes.

#035: Systems Made Simple with Stacy Coyle
47 perc 35. rész

This Episode is Sponsored by My Podcast Guesting Program: Show Up & Be Heard.

If you want to expand your reach, grow your business, and make a bigger impact this year by guesting on podcasts, be sure to check it out before the doors close TOMORROW (Friday 31st Jan 2020)

To see if it's a good fit for you, head over to:


Systems. We all know we need them, right? But when it feels like your plate is already filled to the brim - from running the day to day in your business - where on earth do you find the time (and money) to start?

Well my special guest, Stacy Coyle from Workplace Lemonade, as got you COVERED my friend!

In this interview Stacy walks us through:

- Demystify the scariness around systems (i.e. how much time and money they actually cost)
- Focus on the FIRST area we should prioritise for our systems
- Learn the simplest tweaks to take your client/customer onboarding process from "meh" to "WOW!"

And sooooo much more!


If you liked this conversation, be sure to screenshot this episode and tag us in your insta-stories @WorkplaceLemonade and @MaikeeTsang!

Loved Stacy too? Connect with her over at her website:!

#034: 3 Essentials to Writing Successful Pitches to Get Booked on Podcasts
19 perc 34. rész

This Episode is Sponsored by My Free LIVE Podcast Pitching Masterclass!

You’ll learn the do’s and don’t of podcast pitching with some live breakdowns and demos.

This is time-sensitive, so if this would be valuable to you, click here to save your seat on the class here:


"But like, what do I ACTUALLY put into a pitch??" <-- This is the #1 question I get asked around the podcast guesting process (or some variation of it). And for a good reason!

Pitching yourself takes courage fo' sure, and it's my mission to help you get as many yeses as possible to help you get booked on brand-aligned podcasts to grow your biz!

That's why in this episode, I'm covering the 3 ESSENTIAL things you must have to create a successful pitch!

#033: 5 Steps to Get Started with Guesting on Podcasts
24 perc 33. rész

This Episode is Sponsored by My Free LIVE Podcast Pitching Masterclass!

You’ll learn the do’s and don’t of podcast pitching with some live breakdowns and demos.

This is time-sensitive, so if this would be valuable to you, click here to save your seat on the class here:

So, nowwww you’re on board with the power of guesting on podcasts… but you’re probably thinking: “Where do I even start???”

This episode is answering that Q for you today, as I’m pretty much giving you a backstage pass into my process when I work with my 1-1 clients for podcast guesting.

These are the 5 things you need to think about FIRST before you even think about hitting that send button on your pitch. That’s if you want to reap the benefits of podcast guesting of course :)

#032: 7 Effective Ways You Can Grow Your Business by Guesting on Podcasts
39 perc 32. rész

This Episode is Sponsored by: Show Up & Be Heard - my signature podcast guesting program which teaches you the complete system of getting yourself booked on podcasts as a guest expert to grow your business.

To jump on the waitlist when the doors open at the end of January 2020, click here >>>

It’s no secret that getting in front of the right people can do wonders for your business.

Whether you call it visibility, exposure, authority building etc - earning the opportunity to show up as an expert on other people’s platforms can allow you to spread your message and impact much further than you could do on your own.

This is why I want to highlight how one of these visibility methods has been the one thing that’s catapulted my business in many areas.

So in this episode of the podcast, I’m going to be sharing with you the 7 ways you can grow your business through the power of podcast guesting!

#031: Playing a Bigger Game When it's Easier to Play it Small
22 perc 31. rész

"Be realistic" <-- Eurgh, this is a piece of "advice" I'd get from so many naysayers when I'd actually talk about my ambitions, dreams, and goals.

With 2020 here, I'm willing to bet that at some point in all that excitement and enthusiasm to see what's possible... there's gonna be some naysayers and doubt goblins along the way.

That's why in this episode, I wanted to walk you through my signature coaching exercise to help you navigate through the naysayers, the doubt, and the fears that may grace your journey to greatness.


Episode Sponsored by my "Show Up & Be Heard" Podcast Guesting Program

> Join the waitlist for the doors opening in late January by clicking here <


For the full episode shownotes and resources mentioned, head to: for the links

#030: Your One Word for 2020
10 perc 30. rész

I'm willing to bet that most of the people you follow online have already shared their version of how to prepare yourself for the New Year.

And instead of adding too much to your already-filled plate, I thought to keep the process simple for you by introducing what's worked for me over the last few years: "Your One Word".

Instead of having a hyper-specific goal which feels nearly impossible to meet unless you're on your game 24/7, 365 days a year-- I've always found "Your One Word" to be my guiding star.

And today, I wanted to share that with you if wanted to spruce up your routine for preparing for 2020 :)

#029: Digital Minimalism for Entrepreneurs
17 perc 29. rész

Thinking of slowing down before speeding up - but you don't know where to start?

Digital Minimalism is a concept I've learned of in the last few months, and it's coined by Cal Newport who wrote a book on the topic to help us live a focused life in a noisy world. And as entrepreneurs, it's SO easy to be a digital maximalist because we often feel like we have to be switched on 24/7 - because we can these days.

But, there's a cost to this addiction, right? And as many of us wrap up our businesses for 2019, I wanted to bring this episode to you before we're in the heart of the holiday season.

#028: An Insiders Look into Interviewing the Right People to Join Your Team with William Laitinen
58 perc 28. rész

Thinking of hiring a new member to join your business, but you’re not sure how to screen for the right people to join your team?

Whether it’s your 1st or 100th time hiring someone, knowing how to spot valuable character traits in candidates will save you a lot of time, money and energy in the long run.

That's why my special guest today is none other than William Laitinen! He's the Managing Director of Exige International, and he's been in the recruitment industry for over 20 years. And so, he knows wayyy more than a thing or two when it comes to placing the right candidates in the position where they will thrive.


In today’s interview we talk about:

  • The 4 values to look for in potential team members during the interview process
  • The kinds of questions to ask to unveil those 4 values in action
  • The internal shift we need to make in order to step into the leadership role


And so much more!


(Plus, he’s got a pretty impressive fact to share about himself at 53:46 in the interview!)


For the episode show notes and resources mentioned in this episode, head to:



***To join my Podcast Guesting VIP Waitlist, join the list by clicking here >>> ***



P.s: To help us spread the word, please screenshot this episode and share on LinkedIn! Don’t forget to tag us @William Laitinen and @Mai-kee Tsang!

#027: Overcoming Adversity as an Ethnic Minority in Business with Eman Zabi
42 perc 27. rész

Have you ever had someone doubt you as a business owner because of how you look?

Today, I’m bringing on a special guest, Eman Zabi, who is the go-to person I think of when it comes to building resilience as an online business owner.

Why? Because she’s had to dodge the curveballs and leap over the hurdles placed in her path by people who see her colour before her brilliance.

Yep, today’s conversation is a little different than what we’ve spoken about on the podcast so far, but I believe that it was an important one for us to tune into.


Listen closely as Eman shares her story of how:

  • She wrote 6 sales pages for only $500 (altogether, not each!)
  • She handled project rejections after prospective clients learned about her ethnic background
  • She incorporates martial art mentalities into her business

And so much more!


If you liked this conversation, please screenshot this episode and tag us in your insta-stories @Eman.Zabi and @MaikeeTsang!

For the full episode show notes of where to find Eman and the other podcast episodes she’s been featured on, head to

#026: Pricing Your Offers Based on Value, Not Self-Worth with Lisa Mullis
54 perc 26. rész

Thinking of raising your prices in 2020, but you’re not sure how to do it or how much you should raise them by? 

Whenever it came to pricing my offers in my business, I have to be honest and say I’ve always struggled with it. Why? Because for the longest of times, I used to take the “Charge what you’re worth” advice literally.

And whenever I did follow that advice, I always found myself super burnt out for doing so much work and charging so little…

In other words, I'm a chronic undercharger. 

Can you relate to this? Because if you can, I have got you oh so covered in this episode with my special guest today - Lisa Mullis.

In this interview we’re going to dive into:

  • Why “overdelivering” can be the wrong badge of honour to wear as an entrepreneur
  • Whether you should put your prices on your website or not
  • How to detach “self worth” when you’re pricing your offers

And so much more!

For the full episode shownotes and resources mentioned in this interview, be sure to head to:

#025: Starting a Podcast with Confidence with Krystal Proffitt
53 perc 25. rész

Has the idea of a starting a podcast kept you on the fence for quite some time? When it seems like there are people right, left, and centre starting a podcast, it’s easy to take yourself out of the podcast game before you start.

That’s why I’m bringing Krystal Proffitt onto the show today. She truly lives and breathes her work of helping entrepreneurs to start, launch, and market their podcasts with absolute confidence, so they can truly make the difference they were born to make.

So if you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for quite some time now, or this has caught your attention today — you’re in great hands my friend!


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#024: Knowing When to Pivot in Your Business
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Is something in your business not lighting you up in the way it used to? Maybe, you feel compelled to "see it through" because you've built some momentum already... and yet, you can't seem to quiet that voice within you that something has to change.


Today's episode is like a finale of my impromptu 3 part confessional series on the podcast (for reals, this just happened! Totally not planned), where I talk about how I chose to specialise in the PRE-Launch area of launching - instead of being in the trenches of the launch itself.


This was a totally unplanned pivot in my business, but it came about so organically from my most recent challenges and September launch. And after pushing through the resistance to make the change, I've decided to share this with you today of how I now specialise in pre-launching for my clients, by ramping up their Value-Driven Visibility through guesting on podcasts.


Links mentioned:

- Want to work with my 1-1 to guest on podcasts?* Click this link:

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- Episode #023 - Behind the Scenes of My 3 Figure Launch:

#023: Behind the Scenes of My 3 Figure Launch
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Okay, we’ve got another “Confessional” type of episode coming your way today, and this one is all about the in’s and out’s of my most recent launch.

I’m a true believer that we need to see the blooper reels a bit more in online business, not just the shiny and polished highlight reels. Which is why I thought to bite the bullet and share with you things like:

  • My email list size (shocking) - before and after
  • How many students I enrolled in my program
  • How much I earned in $$$
  • The emotional rollercoaster before, during and after the launch
  • Responses from my post-launch feedback surveys

And, the journey of how this program even came into existence by accident.

This episode is for the launchers out there who haven’t quite talked about their results because it didn’t hit the 6 figures straightaway. And, for a reality check for the people who have yet to have their first launch.

Here's to you my friend!



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#022: Showing Up - A Work in Progress
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This episode is unlike anything you've ever heard before on this podcast, and... for a good reason. It's scary.

But I'm going to do it anyway as I've decided to share what's really been on my heart with you... and how I hope this will serve you by helping you show up in the way you know you need to.

This is me.

From my heart to yours.


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#021: Casting Your Vision with Elizabeth Hartke
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Can you believe we’re already in the final quarter of the DECADE!? I know, crazy right? It’s like New Years Day on steroids here, because it’s around this time of year where it’s really the time for us to sit back and reflect on what matters to us in our lives and businesses.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to bring on my guest today, Elizabeth Hartke, who is going to walk us through her 5 step system to help us Cast Our Vision for 2020 and beyond. This is something she does quarterly in her business, and I love how she breaks it down for us in this episode.

So if you want to get a head start into planning what’s next for you, this is a must listen episode for sure!

For the shownotes and links mentioned in this episode, head to:

#020: Pitching Yourself to Sponsors Without Selling Yourself Out with Jenny Melrose
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Sponsorships. Let's demystify this seemingly out of reach arena, shall we? In this episode, I've invited on Jenny Melrose to speak with all on all things sponsorships to supplement (or in her case, fully replace her day job) income for your business using - you guessed it - SPONSORSHIPS!


In this episode, we'll be covering:

How much of an audience you REALLY need in order to make a pretty substantial ROI (and, it’s probably not as much as you think!)

- How to structure your pitch, with a handy dandy formula on the kind of subject line to write to help you stand out

- Tools to help you create pricing in alignment with your current audience size

and sooo much more!


Links mentioned in this episode:

#019: Launching a Physical Product with Hannah Ashton
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Thinking of launching a PHYSICAL product for your business but you’re not sure where to start? Oh my oh my have I got you covered today friend! In this week’s episode of the podcast, I’ve invited Hannah Ashton onto the show to walk us through her journey of launching a physical planner “The Dream Achieve Workbook”.

She generously shares the in’s and out’s from every developmental stage of the process - from the initial idea, finding manufacturers, and even how much she had to invest to make her idea a concrete reality.

So if you’re thinking of starting a physical product range for your biz, don’t miss this episode!


Links Mentioned in This Episode:

#018: The Role Content Plays in Conversions with Tamara Glick
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Content vs Conversions— which is more important?


Okay, that’s kind of a trick question because they’re literally like the sun and rain in a business— BOTH are needed for something to grow (in this case, your business).


My guest star today is none other than Tamara Glick— she’s a Content Strategist and Copywriter by trade, and in this episode we’re geeking out over the role that content plays in the final conversion.


We’re no longer looking at R.O.I (Return on Investment) alone. Now, we’re also looking at the R.O.E - Return on EXPERIENCE! This speaks to the market sophistication of consumers today who are looking for something beyond a simple transaction - they’re looking for relationships.


So, tune in to this ep to learn how you can get started with your R.O.E for your consumers, and how you can get started with a stellar content strategy for your own business!


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

#017: How to Confidently Build Your Brand with Suzanne Chadwick
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At first glance, we look at the visual appeal. But really? It’s all about the EXPERIENCE you provide to those who interact with you at any touchpoint in your business.

And so, if you’re struggling to align what you WANT people to experience, with your current actions— you’re going to love the step by step actions that my guest, Suzanne Chadwick has to share with you today!


In a nutshell, we discuss:

The biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make with their branding

  • The #1 thing that’s holding people back from fully expressing themselves
  • How to Engage & Attract the Right Clients

And SO much more!


Links Mentioned in this Episode:


*Special Announcement for the Show Up & Be Heard Incubator Program for Pitching to Podcasts:



#016: A Before, During & After Walkthrough Experience of a Podcast Interview (Part 3 of 3)
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Soooo you got a YES for your podcast pitch, yayyy!

…Now what?

In order to deliver on your promise you laid out in your pitch and for you to best leverage this opportunity as a podcast guest - you need to be PREPPED.

Which is why for the final episode of our 3-Part Podcast Series all about Guesting on Podcasts, I’m going to be walking you through what happens just before, during, AND after an actual interview.


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll be learning:

  • The Ramp Up Routine I personally use to help ease my nerves before going live
  • My little-known-secret weapon that keeps me calm whenever I have a brain fart moment during the interview
  • The Golden Question to ask AFTER an interview

And so much more!


This episode is sponsored by my Show Up & Be Heard Incubator Program

This is my 4 step podcast pitching system, so you can land effective podcast interviews to attract quality clients + subscribers into your business.

The doors are closing soon, so if you’re interested in learning more, head to:

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#015: How to Craft a Yes-Worthy Pitch to Guest on Podcasts (Part 2 of 3)
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So you’re super excited to add guesting on podcasts to your overall marketing plan to attract quality clients to work with, and subscribers to your email list.

But… what do you actually say in a pitch?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to be covering in Part 2 of 3 in this bonus “Guesting on Podcasts series. Today I’m going to sharing all about how to create the “WIIFT” pitch - aka, the Yes-Worthy pitch.

This is something that I’ve learned first hand after personally reaching out to 101 podcasts in 30 days, and I wound up getting a yes in 1 of every 3 pitches I sent.

And I’ve boiled it all down into 7 Key Elements, with some extra insider tips in there!

This bonus series is sponsored by upcoming LIVE masterclass all about: “How to Become a Guest Expert on Podcasts So You Can Attract Quality Clients & Build Your List.”

I’ll be breaking down my own pitches that worked (and didn’t work) - so you can learn first-hand what to do. And I’ll also be sharing 3 Insider tips to go from being confused to confident when you send your pitches.

This is a time-sensitive masterclass which is happening on Tuesday 17th September, so if you’re interested in learning more, follow the link below:

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Other links mentioned in this episode:

Part 1 - How Guesting on Podcasts Can Help You attract quality clients into your business:

#014: How to Build Your Authority by Guesting on Podcasts (Part 1 of 3)
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Today I’m SO excited to give a backstage pass to the core lessons I’ve learned from my personal challenge of pitching to 101 podcasts in 30 days.

There were so many things I’ve learned first hand, which is why I’m super excited to be breaking it down into a 3-Part Podcast Series.

Part 1 is where we’ll be speaking all about the power of guesting on podcasts to position yourself as an expert, as well as accelerate the “Know, Like & Trust factor” in your industry as a whole.


This series is sponsored by my FREE upcoming LIVE Masterclass all about:

“How to Become a Guest Expert on Podcasts So You Can Attract Quality Clients & Build Your List” 

Register here:


This is where I’ll be sharing my 3 Insider Secrets to go from being confused to being 100% confident when you send your pitch.

And, I’ll also be doing an actual breakdown of my own pitches that worked (and ones that DIDN’T work) - so you can learn first hand of what to do.

To save your seat on the masterclass, follow this link to register now:

#013: How to Fill Your Client Pipeline Using Cold Emails with Laura Lopuch
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If the words “Cold Email” give you the heebie-jeebies like it used to do for me, you’re going to LOVE this episode with my special guest, Laura Lopuch.

When Laura was just starting out in her business, she had 0 leads and NO network to count on for referrals. And so, she knew she had to take a proactive role in building her business - so she started sending out cold pitches to potential clients. Her biz grew a whoppin’ 1400% and she managed to close a $20,000 client through JUST cold email!

Which is why I knew had to get her onto the podcast to share her secrets - from researching potential clients, how to structure a pitch, how to follow up and SO much more.


Links + Resources Mentioned:


- Laura’s 2 Pitch Templates:

- Twitter: @waitingtoberead

#012: Identifying & Overcoming Your Money Mindset Blocks with Janet Whalen
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Money. It’s either a topic that people LOVE talking about, or avoid like the plague. Why? Because of the stories we have attached to them.

Today on the podcast, I have Janet Whalen who specialises in helping women to identify and overcome their money mindset blocks. And it all first starts with UNDERSTANDING why they’re there in the first place.


So, we’re geeking out over:

- The Common Money Blocks between men + women

- Aligning a NEW money story and replacing the one that no longer serves you.

- 8 Different Money Archetypes and their Characteristics (this is uber fun!)

Annnnnnd how to PRICE your offers accordingly in your business.


Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:

Take the Money Archetypes Quiz Here:


- Website: 

- Podcast:

- Instagram:

- Twitter: @BeAmbitious4Her

- My Episode on She Breaks the Mold Podcast:


#011: Scaling Sustainably with Prerna & Mayank Malik
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Today, we have our first power duo on the show - Prerna & Mayank Malik from Content Bistro! We're digging into all things "Scaling":

- What is it really?
- Who is it for?
- Which type of scaling method to use

And so much more!

So if you're thinking of scaling your business to a new level and you're not sure where to start, or you're looking to explore new scaling options - be sure to tune in!

Resources Mentioned:

- Mayank's Blog post for completing online courses:

- Website:

- Profits on Tap Waitlist:

- Instagram:

- Twitter:

Personality Tests to Work to Your Strengths:

- Enneagram:

#010: Staying True to Your Brand Voice with Gigi ft. One6Creative
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Today we're speaking with Brand Strategist + Conversion-Led Website Designer, Gigi from One6Creative (her real name is actually Yevgeniya Davarashvili - buuuut can you imagine typing that into your search bar?)


And we're geeking out over the topic of "Brand Voice":

- What is it really?

- How can you define yours?

- Why it matters

And why most Brand DIY-er's wind up creating a "Frankenstein Business" - a mash up of everyone else's stuff but your own.


Resources + Links Mentioned:

- Get on the VIP List for One6Creative Template Shop for 15% off with this link:

- Website:

- Instagram:

- Ideal Customer Avatar Blog Post:

#009: Coaching The Conversion with Ry Schwartz
50 perc 9. rész

Today we’re talking with a living LEGEND in the launch space today, Ry Schwartz. He has been deep in the trenches of over a dozen 6-7 figure launches with top entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, and Jasmine Starr, just to name a few.


And, he’s taking us behind the scenes of his signature method which has been responsible for record breaking launches called Coaching the Conversion™.


This is a new evolution of marketing which focuses on an intuitive and empowering approach - allowing us to connect deeply with our prospects, and “coaching” them into being a perfect buyer.


Resources + Links Mentioned:

- 10x Launches Course:

- Copyhackers:

#008: Confessions of an Online Course Collector
26 perc 8. rész Mai-kee Tsang

Are your online course purchases also gathering digital dust? In this episode, I'm revealing the what, why, who, and how much I've invested in online courses.


If you're also a recovering course collector, tune in as I share my secret method of decision making from a place of alignment and integrity-- NOT from guilt.

#007: When Should You Go from 1:1 Work to an Online Course?
23 perc 7. rész Mai-kee Tsang

Thinking about making the transition from 1-1 client work to a group program, digital course, or membership site?




There IS a time and place for this, and I'm going to tell you what can happen if you jump the gun too soon.


And, I'll also introduce you to a handy framework to follow to help you decide when it's time to make this business transition.

#006: Should You Ever Fake It Til You Make It?
28 perc 6. rész Mai-kee Tsang

Eurgh. There's nothing I deteste more than anything that's fake.


So, you can imagine how it felt to be told during the early stages of my business to "Fake it til you make it"!


Now that it's been 5 years into my entrepreneurial journey, I've learned the real reasons why this is such a conventional piece of wisdom - and it's probably not what you think it is.


Plus, I venture into sensitive territory as I discuss the ONE occasion when it might be worth "faking". Trust me, it's a goodie.

#005: Does Getting a Day Job Mean Your Biz is Unsuccessful?
22 perc 5. rész Mai-kee Tsang
Do you ever feel guilty to admit that you're either: currently in your day job, or you feel the need to get one in order to pay the bills this month?
There's an underground group of entrepreneurs who put their best foot forward when they're showing up - but behind the scenes? They're struggling to make ends meet sometimes.
I mean, running a business isn't always profitable - ESPECIALLY at the beginning when you're learning the ropes and investing in courses, masterminds, and the tools of the trade.
And so, to help you if you're in this situation, I want to flip the switch and share 5 amazing ways a day job can HELP you in biz - and it's not just about the money.
So, does getting a day job mean your business is unsuccessful?
Absolutely NOT. And let me prove it to you.
#004: How to Network as an Introvert
25 perc 4. rész
As the great saying goes: "Your NetWORK is Your NetWORTH" - meaning? The people you know and the people who know you is pretty damn important.
Buuuuuut, what if networking is something that doesn't come naturally to you? When I started out in business, I was one of the shyest people EVER - and the thought of networking with strangers gave me huge anxiety.
And over the years of forcing myself to go to networking events, I've discovered 5 steps to help me make the most of my efforts without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.
So, whether you're an introvert or not, these 5 steps will be your foundational sequence to help you network with intention and build LASTING relationships in your business.
#003: Discounting Your Services for Friends and Family - Yay or Nay?
13 perc 3. rész Mai-kee Tsang
Today we have a juicy topic for this episode which is all to do with answering the question: "SHOULD you offer a discount to your friends and family when you're in business?"
There is no black and white answer for this, as everyone has different business models and beliefs. And so, this episode will help you to put things into perspective to see if this is the right thing for YOU.
I'll walk you through scenarios I've personally experienced in my business when discounting has been a big fat NAY, and another that was a complete YAY.
Then I'll walk you through a 3 point mental checklist to help you determine whether it's a good fit for you to discount to friends and family.
#002: How Much of Your Personal Life Should You Share Online?
19 perc 2. rész Mai-kee Tsang
Whether you're a personal brand or not, stories are one of the fundamental pieces of the puzzle to ramp up your "Know, Like and Trust Factor" - which is our goal to move a prospect through the customer journey process.
Buuuuuuut, how much should you REALLY reveal in your stories?
In this episode, I'll walk you through a mental checklist I go through before I unleash a personal story to the world - which is something that I had to learn the hard way after an incident in 2017 when my story-sharing all. went. wrong.
So, let me help prevent you from causing any unintentional hurt to you, and those who you love.
Links mentioned:
My website:
My Instagram:
#001: Why This Podcast Exists
15 perc 1. rész Mai-kee Tsang

Welcome to The Quiet Rebels Podcast!

In this episode, I'm going to walk you through the reason why this podcast exists, and what it means for you if you decide to stick around.

Before I go into the real reason why this podcast exists, I'll first define what exactly a "Quiet Rebel" is and where the origins of this Quiet Rebellion came from.

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