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Life as Pro-Motorcycle racer #55
54 perc 65. rész Kalyna Xiong

A 15 year old teenager is set to make his debut as a pro motorcycle racer, less than one year after first getting on a bike.

Aden Thao hopped on a bike for the first time in his life just 11 months ago.

Life as a Pro-Gamer
37 perc 64. rész Kalyna Xiong

Started at a very young age and was introduce to gaming from his dad.  It lead him to be North America 2018 rank #1 League of Legend player.

How I met you pt3
4 perc 63. rész Kalyna

Happily married for 18 years, 3 beautiful kids and knowing from day 1 she was the one.  Also make sure to listen to the very end.   John share a romantic story about his 10th anniversary and making her go on a scavenger to find him. 

How I met you pt2
32 perc 62. rész sao

A young couple dating for 6 years and giving you all a love story on how we met. "I met her in college and ...." -Ju Xiong

How I met you
48 perc 61. rész sao

Married for about a decade, if she would of walk away I would of lost my chance.  A beautiful episode that is a much listen too.

Story of life
47 perc 60. rész sao

Hmong American band Paradise, the band is currently working on a new album due to be released in 2021.  They are  working on some acoustic versions of the greatest hits.

Finding inner peace
34 perc 58. rész sao

The Martial Step is about taking greater lengths beyond the unimaginable; making it a reality.

Language the gateway to culture
42 perc 58. rész sao

Lor Lee have over 18 years of experience in leadership positions with responsiblities for the development and implementation of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence initiatives within both education and health care institutions. He bring organization a vision of how to achieve diversity, inclusion and cultural competence while maintaining a sense of common purpose and shared values.  Lor a broad leadership experience includes successfully working with leaders around organization development efforts to achieve greater inclusive team and organizational inclusion. Lor is a strong advocate and compassionate mentor who demonstrates willingness to spend time in support of issues of diversity and inclusion by providing strong, creative, energetic leadership in the development and implementation of initiatives that are tied to the overall business goals of the organization.  He currently hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Saint John’s University and a Masters of Science degree in Organization Development from Capella University.

Dj to corporate
52 perc 57. rész sao&mai

After 20 years of deep hands-on technical and consulting experience, developing solutions that impact millions of dollars of license and service revenues, including working for the top enterprise software companies, I have learned that I am great at 3 things:

1. Developing relationships and teams that have a passion to changes the world.
2. Promote and engage customers, partners, and experts to stimulate, share new ideas to develop execution plans – bringing “What if” to “What is”.
3. Find the creativity, simplicity, and elegant ways to use technologies to enable humans to be more “human”.

My mission in life is to build, create and inspire others, and ultimately making the world a little better.

Climbing corporate ladder
46 perc 56. rész sao&mai

A passionate, driven, and genuine individual, I believe that the most successful businesses have the strong ability to maximize their greatest assets; that starts with their human capital.

This can be accomplished by creating a culture that is operationally nimble; fostering high performance teams; focusing on the customer experience; company financial performance; and technological advancements & investments.

With over 20 years of dynamic experience; advanced education; and certification, I have successfully supported organizations in meeting its changing business needs and to distinguish its brand in this competitive landscape through my dedication and work as a highly motivated transformational leader.

Coaching for high performance
52 perc 55. rész sao&mai

I will not only challenge you to show up as your best self but I'll also be your cheerleader.

I'll guide you through a series of tools and concepts to help you gain new beliefs and habits.

I've been a coach for over 10 years and have helped my clients overcome limiting beliefs,

create incredible change, and achieve their ambitious goals in all areas of their lives

Toom Stunt Team
26 perc 53. rész sao&mai

I believe that diversity should be represented in the film industry and television, not just through their films but their castings as well. I believe that in today’s age and time, having a different ethnicity playing a lead role would actually draw more audience and viewers to want to invest in watching a film. I mean let’s look at some facts here, minorities can play the lead role just as good as the little roles that are always given to them. Jackie Chan has definitely been a good example of it. Bruce Lee’s, Enter the Dragon is a prime example of leading a successful film debut. I believe that a good reason to invest in the importance of having diversity exists in films and television is to display the many great potential actors that we already have.

On the other side
41 perc 54. rész sao&mai

We've all felt blue here and there, faced with moments that has deeply scarred us. Few people have not felt the pain of a job loss, relationship that's going downhill or the death of a loved one.  Heartache and grief are natural parts of life, but this sadness that persists and interferes with regular activities could be depression.

Bert Lee Speak
44 perc 52. rész sao&mai

Hi, I’m Bert Lee, a college speaker, graphic designer and dancer. I understand how confusing and scary it can be for College students to meet expectations and set themselves for success. 

As a Hmong American growing up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I’ve faced my adversities in project homes, the educational system and within myself. My identity was filled with self-doubt and expectations that I was afraid of. I felt powerless, loss of control over my life and who I was as an individual. This mindset deluded my attitude to think that my life and college experience sucked.

It takes courage, boldness and hours of self-reflection to become our best selves.

Good cop bad cop
46 perc 51. rész sao&mai

Efen is the Co-Founder of EnVision Growth. Efen is an Independent Agent with First Financial Security and a Certified National Financial Educators Council. He graduated from the University of Fairbanks, Alaska. Efen is married and has one child. In his spare time, Efen enjoys playing golf, basketball, and shooting. 


Before Efen entered the Financial Service Industry, he was a banker, Law Enforcement Officer, and a small business owner. 


During his service as a Law Enforcement Officer, Efen saw that he responded to more family domestic violence due to financial crises. Efen believes that providing proper financial strategy and genuinely understand their situation will have a more significant impact. 


Efen works mostly with families and business owners.

Yu so FAT
41 perc 50. rész sao&mai

Rocky Her is an actor, producer, director, fight choreographer and stunt coordinator most known in The Legendary Script (2006), Opposite Blood (2012)), and The Saving (2019).

With years of experience in front and behind the camera since 2006, Rocky Her, a film and martial arts enthusiast aims to heighten his talents and skills in bringing about various styles of filmmaking, specifically in the martial arts and action genre to a limit breaking capacity regardless of budget. Proficient in stunt and fight choreography, Rocky hopes to inspire new and hidden talents to emerge and extend into the light of media and show business.

10 perc 49. rész sao&mai

A former freelance League of Legends Head Coach who has done work with multiple Challenger/Master Tier rosters. I am now a variety streamer and commentator for LoL, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Tekken 7

Episode 48: Power Lifter
48 perc 48. rész sao&mai

Thinking back to all these times gave me a sense of strength, or at least, that was what I told myself to feel better about what was going on…but I mean, I just didn’t know how to feel back then. The two people who gave you your life and sacrificed everything they had to raise me. Literally, kids raising kids. The people who I wanted to want me as much as I wanted them. The people who cooked for me, changed my diapers, gave me this dream of becoming a Doctor, earning a PHD, and making them proud. 

Master hypnosis
40 perc 47. rész

I worked as a neuroscience research lab assistant for three years and I just realized that, you know, that's not the life I wanted to live, because at that point, a lot of the, the researchers were telling me that everything that all the experiments that were done within like a eight hour timeframe had already been maxed out. So if you wanted to establish yourself before to really make any groundbreaking discoveries you'd have to do two a or one week experiments where you're basically away from your family for a whole week, and it's just like, well, I want to be a family man I don't, I love it but not that much you know and so then I decided to do the most amazing thing in my life

39 perc 46. rész sao&mai

The mission of this is to provide insightful, impactful, spiritual, and educational information to individuals. The first hand experiences of what it means to be a Hmong shaman. These experiences are personal and I hope to shed light on our understanding of spirituality.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I have a B.A in Psychology and have a passion for mental health counseling and gender & identity studies. At the age of 22 I became a shaman.

66 perc 45. rész sao&mai

ChiaTalks was created by Chia Vang, an expert Realtor in the Sacramento area. It was created to be an educational resource for anyone in the Hmong community who has ever dreamed of buying or selling a home. Have you ever wondered if you have to have the “perfect credit score,” or how much of a down payment is necessary to get the ball rolling?

ChiaTalks is here to answer all of your questions and to bridge the gap of turning your dreams into a reality. There is no catch, I am simply here to assist you with the process and to assure you that buying and selling homes is a goal that can be reached and it is not that hard.

Sudden Rush
52 perc 44. rész sao&mai

If you are starving to get up there my answer is, "commiment!"   You can't get there working one day out of 7 days, expecting you are gonna make it.  You gotta put sweat, blood, tears into it.  The band that made it didn't make it over night, it was many years.  -chee nou

50 perc 43. rész sao&mai

Fishing has always been a part of my family growing up my grandparents to my uncles and dad however my dad wasn't a huge fisherman. But my grandpa was he used to always take us out locally here such as Como Lake, Bailey Lake, Hudson or something like that. It a outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing so I grew into it, we just kind of follow the footsteps of my dad, uncles and my grandpa. -danny khang

44 perc 42. rész sao&mai

My name is Kevin Phoojywg Xiong. I am an artist, content creator, and 1/4 of HAIB.   My main focuses for this channel are music (covers & originals), podcasts, and voicing my thoughts/opinions on subjects that matter to me { in hopes of creating dialogue for my community }. As the new year is here, I will try to be a bit more organized and intentional about everything I do here on this platform. I want to thank you for your love and support that has pushed me this far to put myself out here like this. Forever grateful and speechless, but never silent - KPX

The Finisher
30 perc 41. rész sao&mai

Alot of them were really excited I know really appreciated like one of them came to me and said like. "Did you know you are my idol, I've never seen a actual Hmong dancer and teachers. I'm happy to be giving the opportunity to actually learn from someone that's been doing it."

Project sneaker giveaway
27 perc 40. rész sao&mai

My name is Mr. Hill and I am on a mission to make sure every student is being recognized for the amazing things they are doing at their school and for their community. What better way to recognize students than with a pair of sneakers?

34 perc 39. rész sao&mai

If I can give a advice to the 21 yr old Tre. I would definitely would of say, work harder. People are remember you by what you did today and working harder will put your career in a longevity. If you don't work hard someone is gonna catch up. -tre xiong

18 and alone
34 perc 38. rész sao&mai

Opening up is gonna be the biggest relief you will ever do.  Once you tell someone else you need help, people will come help you.  There are people out there that want to help you and there people who don't care and so the main thing is opening up first. Second is finding good people, trust worthy people to help you.  -kang

Dream givers
52 perc 37. rész sao&mai

Be proud of being Hmong, cause there was time when I was hesitant and not being proud of being Hmong.  Lastly know yourself worth and know that you have value because kids these days see what other people have and wants to look like them.  Also wanting others to like you, you gotta like yourself first!  -her vang

Is This Paradise
43 perc 36. rész sao&mai

I never knew it would become Paradise, it didn't start as a band.  It started as 2 individuals just messing around with their guitar and cords.  Trying to kill time. -phong yang paradise band

Hmong tuag nthi
40 perc 35. rész Sao&Mai

Have fun live life don't take thing over the top, nothing gets accomplish if you are not enjoying yourself.  I use to take my artistry so seriously, that it took the fun out of it!  -elvis thao

Cross Stitch
44 perc 34. rész sao&mai

Dan Yang, 27, is a proud alum of Columbia College in Chicago. There he majored in Cinema Science graduating with Cum Laude Honors. He also has close ties with Hmong FIlmmaking community, Dan has been on the committee board of the Qhia Dab Neej Film Festival for the better part of 6 years. He has help teach young students the basics of filmmaking and aiding the advancement of Hmong films. Dan is also one of the producers/directors for the first Hmong Anthology film Spirits Dawn, where he launched a successful Kickstarter Campaign and toured the film to 5 different states as well as raising over $1000 for multiple educational programs. Dan is also a proud recipient of  The Cultural Stars Grant Program, where he produce a film called Rice Street in 2020. 

Coach for growth
36 perc 33. rész sao&mai

Tou Ger's mission is to use art and ontological coaching to become a part of the cycle of inspiration; passing it on so that it can be added to by someone else's Being and forwarded until the cycle completes itself in a 360°. To share that inspiration from there once again, only now with more mass. To impact and support as many as possible with that ball of inspiration to pursue their passion with childlike wonder, because he is a firm believer that everyone's true passion + their authentic self will make the world a better place.

Drop the anchor
33 perc 32. rész sao&mai

He came to Atlanta from Norfolk-Virginia Beach, where he was a reporter/fill-in anchor. While in Virginia, Chenue was well-sourced in local and state government, breaking stories for WVEC. He also was on the front line of hurricane coverage, covered the Virginia Beach Municipal Center mass shooting on May 31, and reported on the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam blackface scandal which swept national headlines.

Lights, Camera, Action
54 perc 31. rész Sao&Mai

At one point I wanted to give up film making, I came so close because my parent both said "it's time to give up this foolishness, you been playing around for to long it's time to give it up." One day I had break down my dad said "If you wanted this to do what your doing this bad, me saying this to you wouldn't effect you!"

Cooking up a storm
53 perc 30. rész sao&mai

“Cooking outside is a big part of being Hmong. It’s how we’ve always come together. Cooking outdoors is something we’ve done for generations. It’s part of our shared experience, and that’s why we want to offer it at Vinai.” —Chef Yia Vang

Race Track
29 perc 29. rész Sao&mai

They are really good about teaching leadership, they instill it into you. Number, finance, management, cultivating, integrity, how to take care of your people and have a a can do attitude. It establish how to have your own vision, philosophy, pay it forward, teaching it forward and mentoring forward when you made it to the top. -leng xiong

How I met your mom pt4
47 perc 28. rész sao&mai

"For me I don't like drama in my life because when I was younger, we had friends. I prefer to be drama free, or maybe it just doing what I'm doing, you worry about what you can control. You worry about what you can do and there is always thing that happens in which you can't control unexpected. So what I focus on is what I can control or what I can change." - seng alex vang

How I met your mom pt3
28 perc 27. rész sao&mai

For the single guys out there, "ya'll don't ever give up, if someone like me can do it you can do it too." - dale

How I met your mom pt2
49 perc 26. rész sao&mai

Born and raised in Laos, my dad was the youngest of 5 boys. He has 4 older sisters and he currently lives in Milwaukee with his wife (my mom) and 7 children. My dad was a hard working man, gaining many talents and skills along the way. He was a great soccer player, drummer, and pianist during his period in Thailand. Now in the US, he spends his time jamming to songs on blast and sings on his free time.

How I met your mom
47 perc 25. rész sao&mai

I met her at the Hmong new year and now that women we speak of is my wife. She enjoy talking to me and she happy to talk to me. But we both we talking to each other for about 1 year, during that time there was friends and family said to me "don't marry her!"

To actor or not to actor
37 perc 24. rész Sao&mai

"I was sleeping on park bench, friends couches and theater. There was theater that I acted at and I slept there because it was a trade off by moping and sweeping. It was a life learning lesson thru survival knowing that this is my mission and this is what I want to do as a career in sacrifice to become something or at least I knew I try, if I failed."  -Doua Moua

The day I quit my job to travel
27 perc 23. rész sao&mai

I decided one day I'm gonna quit my corporate job and I approach my parents. My mom said "you know what go ahead travel, get all this life and experience out of your system. Right now you are 23, you have no kids, no girlfriend, no wife. Because I would rather have you do that now then when you are 29 or 30 and I have a family."

In a relationship with the credit score
52 perc 22. rész sao&mai

How important is a persons credit score to you before dating them? Listen on as we share our opinions on this new and trending quality

If there well there a way
44 perc 21. rész Sao&mai

A little frog was born and grew up in a deep well. He had never gotten a chance to explore the world outside of the place where he lived. The inside of the well was the only place he had ever known. The little frog never thought of the world beyond his well. His parents and grandparents also grew up and thought the same way as the little frog.

Thrive Forward Together
52 perc 20. rész Sao&mai

The last name culture is very close however we divide each other because of it. For example: Hmong Yang can't eat heart base on myth. If you unify the whole Hmong thru culture, religion and love. I think it's the first step you have to do. Then you unite everyone together there is no more last name. Because there is no more my religion is better then yours, there is none of that. It's more of hey your my brother, my sister you need my help I'm there.

Hmong tinduh
56 perc 19. rész sao&mai

When I see a pretty girl, I get nervous just as much as anyone else. I still get the butterfly, no one really believe that.  I hardly approach girls at all or anywhere, unless we have some sort of connection or eye contact.  My rule of thumb is when I approach a girl is, I assume she is taken.

41 perc 18. rész sao&mai

Luas tsaaj yug tsi rug luas tsaaj, luas tsaaj taag yug le ua dlev nuam yaaj (People are busy yet you remain still, like a curious dog you are later triggered by people's stillness)

Yearning for HOPE
40 perc 17. rész Sao&mai

"I was looking for hope." He needed to understand his purpose in life. At almost rock bottom, he deviated from what he knew and found his OWN path.

My Disease Did Not Stop Me
49 perc 15. rész Sao & Mai

If you never take a shoot, you will never score! It can be dangerous, it can be scary, for me? However it's a no brainer I'm gonna do it because it's something I want to conquer in life.

My daughter & I
21 perc 14. rész Sao & Mai

I only stayed for my daughter! To this day my daughter ask me "why can't we be family?" My answer to my daughter "I'm in tears but mommy didn't see daddy like that."

Understanding Hmong tradition wedding proceeding
60 perc 16. rész Sao&mai

Folktale says, bride price and where it came about.  It said that you are not gonna love, cheerish our daughter well.  So with that being said you must pay.  In some conclusion it is possible she probably gonna get mis treated and death, so it was a way to pay in advance to a possible funeral fee.

Balance in my life
39 perc 13. rész Sao&mai

"I was seeking meaning and purpose....everyday I wake up, I want to give balance, joy, happiness and meaning to the world."

The Good Man - Flipped
49 perc 12. rész sao&mai

It was hard for me to deviate away from being a good son.....there was alot of pressure....there were many times I wanted to run away.

Saving myself from him
56 perc 11. rész Sao&mai

"My son said softly, "Mom, hurry before dad comes into the room." She took her kids, left, and never looked back.

Understanding Hmong marriage tradition
53 perc 10. rész Sao&mai

Trying to understand tradition; especially with marriage and weddings, can be overwhelming. What is right and wrong, what needs to be changed? There is a saying, "Qhov zoo yuav, mam la yuav. Ohov tsi zoo yuav, muab pov tseg."

Older men dating
27 perc 9. rész sao&mai

LOVE is wanted at any age! But what kind of love and with whom? As he age and have more experience, what is his desire?

Raw truth about Domestic violence
53 perc 8. rész Sao&Mai

Domestic Violence and hurts and affects everyone around especially the victim and children, if any. Let's understand the raw truth about domestic violence and what it looks like and what a support system should be like and bust the mythbusters !!

Remove the stigma on suicide
37 perc 7. rész sao&mai

We must work together to lift the stigma on suicide. With the rising numbers of suicide...the time is NOW. Tune in, listen, and lets heal together through asking the right questions for the answers, so that we can help each other and those in dire need.

Man in the mirrors
42 perc 6. rész sao&mai

Who is a Hmong man? There is no one answer. When you look in the mirror...who do you see looking back at you? That should be the only person defining you. What defines you?

Many faces of mental health
33 perc 5. rész Sao&Mai

Mental health, mental illness. Either we are one or we know of one. How can we as a community...specifically our Hmong community...encourage a safe and healthy discussion about mental health? Listen as we take a deep dive into the sea to get some answers.

Dear Men
42 perc 5. rész

Do you see her? Your potential wife. Go ahead and approach her. You are enough. 

Are guest is a producer/director that happen to be a dating coach but we saved the best for last because it his personal story.

The Better Half
42 perc 4. rész
Erectile dysfunction
35 perc 3. rész
Cultivating Healthy Relationships
21 perc 2. rész
Hmong men talk Intro
7 perc 1. rész
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