The Birth Talks

The Birth Talks

The Birth Talks is an intersectional feminist podcast on pregnancy, birth and parenting. The idea was conceived by host Mai Ngo, an Ottawa based doula and birth advocate. If you like feminism, intersectionality and reproductive justice then this podcast is for you.

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S6E5: Feminist Birth Talks! The New Decade Part 5
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"Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come." Rumi It is with a full heart that Mai thanks all those who listened to the podcast, all those who shared their stories, and all those who supported her in this creative project. May we never forget to strive for the freedom of all.
S6E4: Feminist Birth Talks! The New Decade Part 4
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In this episode co-host Leyla and Mai stir in their favourite flavour of gender equality: intersectionality. They hear from gender equality advocate Amy Grant and Indigenous midwife and assistant professor Karen Lawford.
S6E3: Feminist Birth Talks! The New Decade Part 3
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We continue to ask gender activists and advocates in Canada "Where does Canada need to go in 2020?" Mai meets up with 83 year old Rosemary Ganley at Women Deliver 2019 for a late night rum and coke to talk feminism. Rosemary is a Canadian educator, journalist, activist and lifelong feminist. She shares her intergenerational wisdom on the future of gender equality in Canada. We also check in with Greg LaForce, ex-military turned advocate against gender-based violence. He sheds light on what role men can play in advancing gender equality.
S6E2: Feminist Birth Talks! The New Decade Part 2
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It has been a long time coming but Mai finally gets to interview Joyce Arthur, Executive Director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC). In this eye opening episode, Joyce reminds us why gender equality still matters especially in the context of COVID 19. She shares her lifelong dedication to advocating for abortion rights in Canada, and where does Canada still need to go in 2020 when it comes reproductive justice.
S6E1: Feminist Birth Talks! The New Decade Part 1
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Mai hosts her final series with co-host Leyla Shahid. They tackle the ambitious question of "Where does Canada need to go in 2020 when it comes to gender equality?" Dear Friends, These are crazy times. So much has (rapidly!) changed and the COVID 19 pandemic has taken full control of life in Canada. This series teases out intersectionality and the privileges and injustices that are affecting so many people in so many different ways in Canada when it comes to reproductive justice. Despite the onslaught of the coronavirus taking over our daily interactions, gender equality is as important as ever. We talk with some incredible gender equality advocates such as Rosemary Ganley, Dr. Karen Lawford and Joyce Arthur. And there are a few things that have become more clear amidst the chaos: 1. Gender equality is more important than ever. We can see this as the COVID 19 crisis unfolds. While the impacts are felt by everyone, it is still vulnerable populations who remain most at risk. 2. When it comes to action governments can and will make change. Large change can happen on a grand scale. There is no excuse when it comes to universal health care, universal child care, and equal access to rights and opportunities. Everyone, regardless of gender, sex, class, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, abilities, culture, age or socioeconomic status deserves human rights. 3. As ordinary people we can and need to do better. Let us make sure our governments remain accountable to what the people really need.
S5E5: The Embodiment of Choice
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As we wrap up the series with The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, we go on an audio tour and get to know the inside operations and philosophy of what makes this centre the embodiment of choice for Ottawa's community.
S5E4: The Choice to Love
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In this powerful and moving episode, we connect with Rachel and Rob, parents who experienced pregnancy loss and embarked on a journey of profound love with their son Aaron. They push us to re-think what it means to be parents, and the strength and love that we carry for our children.
S5E3: She Rises
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In this episode we get real with Member of Parliament Niki Ashton about the challenges that she faced while running in the NDP leadership race. We talk about the everyday challenges, stereotypes and biases that women in Canada face when it comes to parenting and working. You will not want to miss this! Despite the challenges that women in Canada still face today, "she rises" with dignity, strength and determination.
S5E2: The Access to Choice
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What does it mean when government supports access to choice? In this riveting interview we get close with the Hon. Minister Karina Gould and her journey to becoming a mother while working as the Minister of Democratic Institutions. We talk about what it takes create a space that supports women.
S5E1: The Choice of Birth Place
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We are back in a brand new series: Feminists Rise Up in partnership with The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. The next five episodes explores the question, "what is choice?" in many forms, and features this rad feminist midwife-led organization that has a client-centered approach when it comes to building community.
S4E5: The Birth Talks Presents! Suzanne and Claudette
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Suzanne is the director of City for All Women Initiative and mother two adult twins. She is a feminist, free spirit and poet. Claudette is an Algonquin grandmother from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation. She is also the executive director of FNCCEC.
S4E4: The Birth Talks Presents! Aysha and Andrea
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Aysha is a birth worker, full spectrum doula and mother of two. She is dedicated to improving the lives of women and families and has spent her career utilizing her skills in supporting big ideas and building community. For over 10 years, Andrea's been on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Living with and managing complex mental health challenges, Andrea started sharing her story to help others understand they are not alone and to teach her children to stand up to the stigma of mental health. Andrea is an entrepreneur, yoga teacher and a mental health peer supporter. She lives with her husband and her two amazing daughters Anna and Amelia.
S4E3: The Birth Talks Presents! Jacqui and Irene
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Jacqui is a full time performing artist, an entrepreneur and single mother of one beautiful 8 year old. Irene was born in 1966, the youngest of nine children. She wanted 10 kids, to beat her mother’s record, but she stopped at one. Irene is a human rights worker and a straight cisgender white settler.
S4E2: The Birth Talks Presents! Mai and Naomi
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Naomi is a mother of two and founder of Branch Out Theatre. She directed and facilitated the group of women in a six week program that led up to the performance. Mai is the host and producer of The Birth Talks podcast. At the time of the recording Mai had recently given birth to her third baby.
S4E1: The Birth Talks Presents! Fiona and Emily
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Fiona is thrilled to be soon birthing her and her wife's first baby. She is also a potter, author, athlete and pathworker. Emily is a mom to two little people. She is a community development activist and feminist who has worked in Canada and abroad.
S3E5: The Intersectional Feminist Birth Worker
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In this special series three finale, Mai puts together a montage of guests who have appeared on her previous series, as well as clips from her appearance on CBC All in a Day and the Femmy Awards from International Women's Day. With music performed at the Femmy Awards by King Kimbit (
S3E4: Self-Care for Parents and Birth Workers
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Trish Frempong, like a lot of parents, wears many hats: mother/micro blogger Instagrammer extraordinaire/yoga queen and future midwife. We talk about the notions of self-care for healers and community workers from an intersectional perspective while having a few laughs! Check out her blog "Confessions of a Hustling Mama" on Instagram where she creates space for other mamas to be inspired.
S3E3: Doctors Without Borders, Life of a Midwife Part II
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The conversation continues with former midwife Sam Jennings (Perkins) as we ask more questions about her experience in the field, as a mother and zero-waste parenting blogger.
S3E2: Doctors Without Borders, Life of a Midwife Part 1
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Sam Jennings, former midwife with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and mother of four gives insight into her life in the field as a life saving healthcare worker.
S3E1: Full Circle Doula
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Cassandra Thompson, found and owner of Crystal Root and Conjure, shares what it means to be a full circle doula for Indigenous and Black communities.
S2E5: Zero Waste Parenting
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Join Mailyne Kilantang Briggs, a former solo mother and owner of A Dream Lived Greener on her determined journey to become a zero-waste parent while raising her son.
S2E4: Black Parents Matter
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In "Black Parents Matter" LeRoi Newbold, Director of Black Lives Matter Toronto Freedom School shares his opinion on why black children need afro-centered curriculum to heal from the unacknowledged effects of slavery that took place in Canada.
S2E3: Parenting Beyond the Binary
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Full spectrum doula Giselle Johnston and Black Lives Matter Toronto parent LeRoi Newbold engage in a captive back and forth about what LGBTQ-centered support looks and feels like.
S2E2: How to Be a Feminist Dad
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Michael Wodzicki, father to three shares his experience on how he raises his sons and daughter to embody the values of gender equality and feminism.
S2E1: How to Raise a Feminist
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How do parents raise kids with feminist values in a time when patriarchy is being challenged? Ottawa Councillor Catherine McKenney shares her perspective as an openly gay feminist councillor and parent.
S1E5: The ReProductive Ally
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Bitch Media's sexual politics writing fellow Vanessa Borjon joins Mai Ngo to co-host the series finale of The Birth Talks. They chat about reproductive justice, looked at through an intersectional lens in the context of contemporary Canada. In the era of Trump with a world gone mad, what does it mean to be an ally as we move forward with what we have learnt?
S1E4: The Politics of Birth
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In episode 4: The Politics of Birth, Professor Candace Johnson from the University of Guelph leaves us with questions on the north south politics of birth. What does it mean to support every person's right to self determine in their reproductive health choices?
S1E3: Feministing Birth in the 21st Century
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Krysta and Denise, two Indigenous Full Spectrum Doulas based in Toronto, challenge what it means to feminist birth in the 21st century.
S1E2: If These Uteruses Could Talk Part II
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Mikki Bradshaw's shares with us what his uterus would say if it could talk. He takes us on a thoughtful yet profound intersectional journey into gender, sexuality and race all with a sense of humour. (Warning: explicit content).
S1E1: If These Uteruses Could Talk Part I
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The Birth Talks interviews 10 Canadians from all walks of life with the question "What would your uterus say if it could talk?". 

Guests: Chelby Daigle Muslim Link Editor, Christelle Thibault Francophone queer, Doan-Nghi Dam Le university student, Julie Howes new parent, Mai Dam Vietnamese mother, Naomi Tessler founder of Branch Out Theatre, Nicole 6 year old, Shani Robertson student midwife, Wendy Lanouette Ottawa Aboriginal Coordinator and Zara Ansar founder of XOVelo.

1000 Day Journey Part II
17 perc 29. rész The Birth Talks
The first 1000 days of a baby’s life is often the most challenging. The same goes for the first 1000 days of becoming a parent (whether it is the first, second, third .. or sixth time)! In this special series parents from all walks of life share what it was like for them in the initial two years of baby’s life and love and support they received to get them through the ups and downs. Find out more at
1000 Day Journey Part I
32 perc 28. rész The Birth Talks
In a special series, parents across all walks of life share the love and support they received to get them through the ups and downs of pregnancy and birth.
Bonus Episode
20 perc 7. rész Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
The Birth Talks partnered with Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights to produce a bonus episode to raise awareness on how mental health and sexual health intersect.
The Birth Talks trailer
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An intersectional feminist podcast on birth conversations that matter.
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