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Kids-Min U is hosted by Tyler Hodge and Kids-Min University to educate, inspire and challenge Kids Ministers so we can most effectively reach the children of our communities and our world! The podcast is geared toward all aspects of children's ministry: leadership, teachers, aides, bus workers, pastors and parents. Our goal is to provide Apostolic resources and inspiration to churches that want to grow their children's ministries as well as their impact on their community, children and families! Thank you so much for checking out the podcast!

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Ep. 2 - Seven Keys to an Effective Object Lesson
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In this episode you'll hear from my very first interviewee Bro. Philip Booker on "Seven Keys to an Effective Object Lesson."  Bro. Booker is the Sunday School Superintendent at the Inland Lighthouse Church in Rialto, CA, a dynamic children's evangelist, founder of, an out-and-out soul winner and my personal friend. I've labeled him as the King of Object Lessons and that is probably still an understatement. I hope your inspired, educated and challenged by this episode! This being my first interview, I went over my time-limit I've set for this podcast, but that will change as I get better at giving interviews. Thank you for listening! Would so appreciate your rating and sharing with other Children's/Sunday School ministers. Episode Highlights: "I'd rather have to reign in a noble steed than to prod a stubborn mule." "Don't let the activity steal the show. Remember you have a lesson to teach." "Adapt the lesson to your own style, your own audience and your own surroundings." "Prepare for the unexpected because stuff is going to happen. Just be ready to roll with the stuff." Never tell the kids how an object lesson is done. Episode Resource Notes/Mentions: Kingdom Minded Podcast --- Send in a voice message:
Ep. 1 - 4 Ways to Grow as a Children's Minister (Pilot Episode)
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Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the pilot episode for Kids-Min U podcast! Don't forget to subscribe, like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our website for some exciting updates and releases.

In this episode, you'll learn how educating yourself concerning your children's ministry can lead you to inspiration. Then how that inspiration should challenge you to act. Let's commit to impacting our churches and winning these kids to Jesus - whatever it takes!

Resources mentioned in this episode: (Kingdom Minded Podcast)

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