Rotten Mango

Rotten Mango

The mangos are back and this time they are a little rotten

Stephanie Soo True Crime 12 rész The mangos are back and this time they are a little rotten
Sex with Severed Heads
91 perc 12. rész Stephanie Soo

The title is NOT a lie. This serial killer is into having sex with severed heads. For some reason he doesn't like it when the head is attached to the body. 

One of the nastiest necrophiliacs I've researched. 
*Necrophilia [noun] sexual intercourse with or attraction towards dead bodies

Everyone Goes Missing In This Apartment Building (BAM #1)
72 perc 11. rész Stephanie Soo

She gets a job at an apartment building. 
Her boss gives her a list of strange rules to follow. 
DON'T BE NOSY is one of them.
But she can't help but notice that everyone is going missing in this building. 

Welcome to Baking A Mystery where I tell you guys the story of a mystery (fictional usually) that I've been thinking heavily about. This series started on my YouTube channel (MissMangoButt) and will be released here for the audio listeners! If you are interested in seeing me actually bake while telling this story the visuals will be on my YouTube! 

If you are just here for the true crime and no fictional mysteries that I'm obsessing over - those episodes will still be up every single Wednesday! 

The Dildo Submarine Murder
92 perc 10. rész Stephanie Soo

Remote-controlled dildos
Russian mafia
Columbian drug cartels
A strip club named Porky's
The $35 million Russian military submarine that was about to be sold to transport 40 tons of cocaine right under the nose of the FBI. 
I can't make this shit up.

Incest Murder Party
81 perc 9. rész Stephanie Soo

A 19 year old girl goes missing
Two days later her abusive uncle “commits suicide”
Then police arrest 11 family members

Coincidence? Or was the family hiding something as dark as an incestuous sex ring run by an uncle who wanted everyone to “swap children.” Warning - this story is really dark and triggering.

The Coca-Cola Torture Murder
99 perc 8. rész Stephanie Soo

On her stomach, she was branded with the words "I'm a prostitute and proud of it" 
She was tortured by Coca-Cola bottles and knives for months..

This might ruin soda for you forever

The Japanese Cannibal Murderer
73 perc 7. rész Stephanie Soo

He murdered a woman because he wanted to eat her bottom, breasts, and thighs. The police caught him but set him free. 

The free man who happens to be a cannibal + murderer then turns in an ADULT FILM ACTOR. 
I can't even write a summary without wanting to pull out my hair in confusion. 
And guess what? He's a free man today. 

The Killer Clown - Serial Killer
111 perc 6. rész Stephanie Soo

Are you afraid of clowns? Most clowns when they take off their makeup and costumes they're just normal people. But today's case is about a clown... when he took off his makeup he was something scarier... a serial killer. 

"Do you want to see a magic trick?" - it's about to get really creepy. 

The Hello Kitty Murder
61 perc 5. rész Stephanie Soo

The decapitated head of a woman was found sewn into a giant Hello Kitty doll... 
The rest of her body was missing.
A 14 year old girl claims to have been haunted by her ghost.

If you love Hello Kitty - this one might give you some nightmares. 

The Unabomber - Genius Serial Killer or Harvard Experiment Gone Wrong?
121 perc 4. rész Stephanie Soo

Not your typical serial killer case... you have a genius Harvard graduated mathematician inside a tiny wooden shed in Montana making 16 different bombs to ship across the nation. He terrorized America for almost 20 years and caused one of the largest manhunts in FBI history....

Honestly the scary thing is he might have gotten away with it if it weren't for... 

biss you better listen I'm not going to tell you in this box

Cannibalism- The Forbidden Meat
94 perc 3. rész Stephanie Soo

One man wants to eat human flesh with a glass of wine. One man wants to have his "eggplant" bitten off and grilled. They end up going on a deadly date and filming the 4 hour long deed. They called it the "slaughtering."

Is it murder if the victim got off to it and wanted it? 

Grab a plate of sausages and eggs and let's get cooking. I'm kidding. Just bring the sausages. 

44 Days Of Hell – The Murder of Junko Furuta
83 perc 2. rész Stephanie Soo

The darkest case I have ever covered 
44 days of the sickest torture... there's burning alive... and fireworks involved? It get's really dark. 

Toy Box Killer
95 perc 1. rész Stephanie Soo
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