Religion & Spirituality Podcasts

Emmaus Road Reformed Church
Rev. Ryan Kron Religion & Spirituality 100 rész The newest sermons from Emmaus Road Reformed Church on SermonAudio.
The newest sermons from Emmaus Road Reformed Church on SermonAudio.
Sian Religion & Spirituality 1 rész
Hi everyone! I’ll be giving you Lessons about Christianity. Please listen to it Thank you.
Tok Ak SDA Church Sermons
Pastor Don Lee Religion & Spirituality 73 rész Bible based sermons by Pastor Don Lee
Bible based sermons from Alaska based Pastor Don Lee.
Tower of Pentecost
TOP Religion & Spirituality 2 évad 69 rész
Richland WA’s TOP church is so excited that you can join in on our church services! Our schedule is Sunday morning preachings and Wednesday night bible studies. We pray that you are blessed and encouraged by the messages.
By Kids, For Kids Bible Stories
AVEducation Religion & Spirituality 14 rész Bible stories for children, brought to life with a rich tapestry of sound, performed by kids, for kids.
Bible stories for children, brought to life with a rich tapestry of sound, performed by kids, for kids.
Made For This with Jennie Allen
Jennie Allen Religion & Spirituality 13 évad 197 rész Set free and running with God, this is what you were made for!
Jennie Allen is the 2x New York Times bestselling author of 'Find Your People' and 'Get Out Of Your Head'. She is also the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering. She is a passionate leader following God's call on her life to catalyze a generation to live what they believe. Jennie has a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, Zac, and their four children.


Two episodes release each week - one episode of Jennie teaching and one interview.
Center Of Praise Ministries
Bishop Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr., D.Min. Religion & Spirituality 320 rész
At Center of Praise Ministries you will discover a place of honor through real people who are dedicated to following Jesus Christ our Lord. Center of Praise Ministries was conceptualized by the divine directive given to our founder and visionary, Bishop Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr. While yet a student at Oral Roberts University, Bishop Lovelace was given the mandate to begin a ministry in his native home of Sacramento, California. The ministry has served to embrace people of all backgrounds with a message of unconditional love and abundant grace with core one goal: making disciples of Jesus Christ. Our Vision Our vision is to make full-circle disciples who embrace and respond to the nature of God. Because He's Here (omnipresent)... We Worship. Because He Knows (omniscient)... We Learn. Because He's Able (omnipotent)... We Serve. As disciples, we continue to embrace and respond to who God is, and we are continually transformed to become more and more like Christ. Worship, Learn and Serve!
My Bible Project- BIBLE READINGS NIV Ver
Child Of God Religion & Spirituality 83 rész Bible readings. NIV VERSION
Bible readings. NIV VERSION
The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast
George Lizos Religion & Spirituality 79 rész Fun and Soulful Interviews with Spiritual Teachers Aimed at Tuning You In and Lighting You Up!
You're an empath, lightworker, or spiritual seeker passionate about making a positive change in the world. The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast brings you fun and soulful interviews with spiritual teachers, aimed at tuning you in and lighting you up. George Lizos (@georgelizos) is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, the author of Be The Guru and the # 1 bestselling Lightworkers Gotta Work, chatting to thought leaders about their best tools to aid your spiritual growth. From intuition, to witchcraft, unicorns, and astrology, you'll get to fill up your spiritual toolkit with wisdom and guidance to help you follow your purpose and help in the ascension of the planet.
Rhema Apostolic Sermon Favorites (UPCI)
Religion & Spirituality 25 rész May you be blessed and encouraged in the Lord Jesus by these teachings in the word of God. Get your rhema every day.
It is essential that we maintain contact with the word of God every single day. The purpose of this podcast is to provide sermons/lessons which are an encouragement and a drawing to believers and nonbelievers alike. Visit my other Blog
Pretty Lit Podcast
Be Pretty Lit Religion & Spirituality 113 rész Pretty Lit the Podcast is a place where the Righteous, Ratchet & Real gather to have conversation about Christ & Culture. We give a look inside the minds of millennials who love God, but could easily
Pretty Lit the Podcast is a place where the Righteous, Ratchet & Real gather to have conversation about Christ & Culture. We give a look inside the minds of millennials who love God, but could easily rap the hottest song playing on the radio. Our Generation was groomed to think that you cannot love God and be aware of what is going on in this world. We are here to shed light on the myth. Listen & get Lit.
Faith Church Roc
Faith Church Roc Religion & Spirituality 1 évad 13 rész
Faith Church located in Rochester NY.
Bros Bibles & Beer
Jeff Scott Zack Andy Religion & Spirituality 139 rész Bros Bibles & Beer hosted by Jeff Scott Zack Andy
An echo chamber free podcast with honest, raw conversations on faith & culture. Usually with a beer or 3. Grace, Peace, Cheers!
Insight for Living Daily Broadcast
Chuck Swindoll - Insight for Living Ministries Religion & Spirituality 21 rész Insight for Living
Join the millions who listen to the lively messages of Chuck Swindoll, a down-to-earth pastor who communicates God’s truth in understandable and practical terms—with a good dose of humor thrown in. Chuck’s messages help you apply the Bible to your own life.
UnBroken Jars Podcast
unbrokenjars Religion & Spirituality 10 rész Offering strength and courage knowing all people have a story
“UnBroken Jars” is a podcast where we explore Real stories of Real Life and Real Faith. The light of Jesus shines through the darkness. We carry this light in “UnBroken Jars” of clay. We have a life story. In that life story is our faith journey. We are not struck down or destroyed. Our life stories shine the light on Jesus and his power. Jesus continues to use real stories of those around us to mold us into his image. Doug Smith and Randy Fowler dive into this world by investigating, interviewing and walking alongside real people who share their stories. These faith stories, of struggle, sin, joy and victory and how God is leading them will help shape your faith journey in “UnBroken Jars” of clay.
Kids Corner Terrene Episodes
ReFrame Media Religion & Spirituality 245 rész A radio drama for children ages 6-12.
This half-hour adventure for kids (ages 6-12) follows Lizarardo “Liz” Lacerta and his reptilian friends in the little town of Terrene. In the quest for fun, Liz and his pals often get themselves into trouble! With the help of their parents and other grown-up lizards like Grandpa Anole and Granny Gecko, they wrestle with the challenges and drama of childhood, finding real answers in the Bible. Designed to help children find their own roles in God’s big story, the program is supported by a lively website ( featuring audio Bible stories, episode devotions, and more.
Bible Stories My Kids Love
MB Linder Religion & Spirituality 25 rész Lessons for today from the Bible
Light Eyes
P Religion & Spirituality 1 évad 2 rész
Reflecting on my own personality and what it means to be me, and how others may take it.
What Time Was I Born?
Nadine Jane Religion & Spirituality 1 évad 8 rész
Astrologer, Nadine Jane, interviews people through the lens of their birth chart. Listen to astrology play out in real-time as we map the chart's story to the life story of the individual.
Man in the Mirror Bible Study
Man in the Mirror Religion & Spirituality 10 rész Weekly Men's Bible Study with Patrick Morley, Brett Clemmer, and Khayree Pender
Patrick Morley has been teaching a Bible Study for men every Friday in Orlando since 1986. Each week we try to see a larger glimpse of the God who is, invite men to jettison a little piece of the God (or gods) they have wanted, then show men how to transition to their everyday world. You know--it's 9:00 AM, the phones are ringing and the customers are complaining. How do you make that transition as a follower of Christ? Interested in applying the Bible to your everyday life? Check us out and subscribe to our podcast.
Al-Salah Min Kalami Ibn Al-Qayyim - Lahore 2018
Dr. Farhat Hashmi Religion & Spirituality 29 rész Al-Salah Min Kalami Ibn Al-Qayyim - Lahore 2018
Al-Salah Min Kalami Ibn Al-Qayyim - Lahore 2018
Eternal Party People
Mar Religion & Spirituality 1 évad 14 rész
Musings with Mar - where we experience together just how wonderfully strange life is when you see Heaven come down to Earth! Welcome to the end of time... where you find Miracles happen all the time! Enjoy... the beginning is near! ~And be sure to RSVP to the Eternal Party!
1 Year Daily Audio Bible for Kids
Brian Hardin Religion & Spirituality 122 rész Building on the popular 1 Year Daily Audio Bible, the community expands to provide the Daily Audio New Testament just for Kids. Hosted by the Daily Audio Bible's Brian Hardin and read by his daughter
One year through the New Testament with Daily Audio Bible host Brian Hardin and his daughter China, son Maxwell and wife Jill. Through the Bible for kids by kids. Come be a part. and
Fighting for the Faith
Chris Rosebrough @PirateChristian Religion & Spirituality 2461 rész A Pirate Christian Radio Production
This is a program that defends the Christian Faith from attacks from both inside and outside of the visible Church. Think of this program as theology on roller blades. We name names as well as expose errors and heresies. We also try to have a little fun along the way. Topics include, apologetics, doctrine, and the Good News that Jesus Christ is God in Human Flesh and that He Died for the Sins of the World.
Student Impact
Willow Creek High School Min. Religion & Spirituality 41 rész Student Impact is the High School Ministry at Willow Creek. Tune in for weekly messages, and whatever else we feel like posting. Check out our Instagram @studentimpact for more updates!
Student Impact is the High School Ministry at Willow Creek. Tune in for weekly messages, and whatever else we feel like posting. Check out our Instagram @studentimpact for more updates!
Life of Brilliance Podcast - Kingdom Entrepreneurship
Cub Kuker Religion & Spirituality 3 évad 37 rész
The Brilliance Mentor™ Podcast with Cub Kuker is dedicated to building strong Kingdom-driven businesses, churches, and organizations through social media marketing tactics that are ethical and highly effective. → Hi, ???????? I'm Cub Kuker. I'm a Social Media Marketing Coach for Entrepreneurs and Churches. I believe it is my mission to build God's Kingdom through successful people; one person at a time. ????
The Collective RDC
The Collective Religion & Spirituality 3 rész
Messages from our service's.
The Daily Still Podcast - Guided Christian Meditations and Devotions
Cindy L. Helton Religion & Spirituality 4 évad 96 rész 40 Days of Stillness
Welcome to The Daily Still Podcast - A Place to Pause. Here we create space to listen for the whispers of God. Each episode features a short devotional-style, guided meditation, offering room to “be still” in the midst of the busyness of life. We position ourselves to hear God’s Voice, allowing Him to bring alignment and peace to our whole being. Host Cindy Helton is a spiritual guide and coach for stillness gatherings and retreats. She has practiced and led guided Christian meditation for over a decade. Her passion is ushering people into the Presence of God.
Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast
Greg Koukl Religion & Spirituality 100 rész Helping Christians to think more clearly about their faith
Our purpose is to help Christians think more clearly about their faith and to help them make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity. Released every Wednesday and Friday.
Truth For Life Daily Program
Alistair Begg Religion & Spirituality 30 rész From Alistair Begg
Truth For Life is the Bible-teaching ministry of Alistair Begg. The ministry's mission is to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that unbelievers will be converted, believers will be established and local churches will be strengthened. Join us each weekday and on the weekend as Alistair helps us apply the Scripture to our daily lives. (518441)
Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast
Centered: Resources for the Asian American Church Religion & Spirituality 54 rész Centering is the Asian American Christian Podcast…
Centering is the Asian American Christian Podcast: conversations on Christ, the Christian life, and Asian American perspectives. Through our podcast seasons, as well as specially presented content, we dive into the reality and beauty of living out Asian American Christian faith. Centering is a production of the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary.
Bro Stan Daily
Kenneth Stanfield Religion & Spirituality 202 rész
The more content there is that uplifts, edifies, and speaks truth, the more opportunities are created for us to connect with God and each other. Every day I put out content that is a little bit of my perspective on the gospel of Jesus Christ, a lot bit doctrine, a little bit my life as a High School Seminary Teacher for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The words expressed are my opinion and not that of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Welcome to the experience!

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The Illuminated Woman with Amanda Marit
Amanda Marit Religion & Spirituality 66 rész
Welcome to the Illuminated Woman Podcast! I’m your host Amanda Marit, an International Coach, Speaker, and Intuitive whose soul mission is to help you become your highest and most expansive self. In the show, we’ll come alive together in our hearts, businesses, confidence, love, intuition, money, and in all areas.
Truth Seekers: Bible Stories for Kids
Sherilyn R. Grant Religion & Spirituality 128 rész Sherilyn R. Grant
"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Psalm 119:105
Kids-Min U
Tyler Scott Hodge Religion & Spirituality 1 évad 2 rész
Kids-Min U is hosted by Tyler Hodge and Kids-Min University to educate, inspire and challenge Kids Ministers so we can most effectively reach the children of our communities and our world! The podcast is geared toward all aspects of children's ministry: leadership, teachers, aides, bus workers, pastors and parents. Our goal is to provide Apostolic resources and inspiration to churches that want to grow their children's ministries as well as their impact on their community, children and families! Thank you so much for checking out the podcast!
NAK Ernest’s Podcast
Ernest Nana Agyei-Kwakye Religion & Spirituality 8 rész
Be greatly inspired and motivated by the grace of God that saved you, and enjoy your total liberty in Christ. Welcome to the official Podcast for Author and preacher of the grace gospel, NAK Ernest. NAK Ernest shares with you the gospel as it is. Without additions and subtraction. Get ready for a life changing experience.
Real Men Connect with Dr. Joe Martin | Marriage | Parenting | Leadership | Ministry
Dr. Joe Martin chats weekly with the country's most respected Christian men Religion & Spirituality 300 rész Helping Good Men Become Great Men God's Way
Get ready to receive wisdom and guidance from some of the country’s most respected Christian men on how to strengthen your marriage, be a better father, get control of your finances, heal the wounds from your past, be the spiritual leader of your family, and walk faithfully with God. Learn the things your dad should’ve taught you, but probably didn't. No judgment, no shame, just real answers for real men with real challenges seeking real change for God's glory.
Jars of Clay Official Podcast
Alexis Murphy Religion & Spirituality 2 évad 13 rész
Busyness is the devil's playground. With our planners filling up with engagements from dawn to dusk, it is very hard to find time to soak in Truth. Yet, without God's word constantly penetrating our hearts and minds, we will not be able to navigate through life's tough challenges. I want to invite you to abide with me as I abide in Jesus. That is the only way to stay alive and bear good fruit.
Kids Bible Stories
Jessica White Religion & Spirituality 4 évad 136 rész Kids Bible Stories Podcast
I hope you enjoy these engaging and fun Bible stories. We will learn through captivating stories while using our imagination. My hope is that your kids love them and that the application section helps you sow seeds that can be watered and grow into something beautiful in your children. The Bible teaches that "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:27. May your children hear the word through these enjoyable podcasts. While you're driving to the grocery store, preschool, or attempting to cook a meal as your toddler runs circles around you, let your little ones have a good time listening. Here is an opportunity to decrease screen time while still teaching and entertaining your child. Let their imaginations run wild with informative yet wondrous Bible stores. May hearing these words inspire you and your family. Enjoy!
Il Padre Nostro: sette passi per parlare con Dio Religion & Spirituality 7 rész Connettersi al Padre attraverso la preghiera del Figlio
Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast
Joyce Meyer Religion & Spirituality 21 rész Enjoying Everyday Life® is a daily TV and radio broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Enjoying Everyday Life® is a daily TV and radio broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Rush: Holy Spirit in Modern Life | A Practical & Prophetic Podcast for Men and Women
Gather Ministries Religion & Spirituality 100 rész Holy Spirit in Modern Life
Holy Spirit in Modern Life
The Jar Community Church
Chris Bunch Religion & Spirituality 582 rész The Jar Community Church…
The Jar Community Church
The Water Jar: Conversations from The Well
The Well: An Encounter for Women Religion & Spirituality 54 rész Faith, Friendship and Fun
The Water Jar is the podcast for The Well women's ministry based out of Des Moines, Iowa. Tune in and enjoy conversations from The Well about faith, friendship, and fun.
Melaninated Xpressions
Mel Religion & Spirituality 10 rész
Welcome to Melaninated Xpressions where you can find advice on love, money, success. This is a place of positive vibes, inspiration and motivation to becoming a better you..Peace reflections i love mycelf. Do you?
Be Mai Guest Podcast
Christian Mai Religion & Spirituality This is a podcast where I hope you as my guest, feel at home. In our home is often where the most love is shared, and for some it’s also a place of brokenness, pain, and division. I hope this podcast
This is a podcast where I hope you as my guest, feel at home. In our home is often where the most love is shared, and for some it’s also a place of brokenness, pain, and division. I hope this podcast is a place, where like our homes - we can have those conversations, bring all of that to light and out of love! Where you feel welcomed and know that you belong! Sharing what I love with the people that I love. Be Mai Guest and make yourself at home.
New Spirit & Energy Healing Radio with Darius Barazandeh
Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual healers, teachers and energy experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your life, health and spirit. Every episode contain POWERFUL energy he Religion & Spirituality 100 rész Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual healers, teachers and energy experts
Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual and energy healers, teachers and experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your BEST life, health and spirit. Every episode contains POWERFUL energy healing work - so catch them all. Be sure to visit to get your Free 3-Step Energy Awakening Kit to continue your journey to your best self and life!
Brin Bon and Justin Yawn Religion & Spirituality 1 évad 23 rész A podcast about life, liturgy, and the pursuit of holiness
Welcome to Lit, a podcast dedicated to life, liturgy, and the pursuit of holiness. I’m Brin, and I’m Justin, and we’re coming to you from beautiful Austin, TX where each week we’re talking about liturgy in everything from daily living to following Christ, and all the places we strive (and sometimes struggle) to find God in our common life.
Top Recommended Washer Sermons on SermonAudio
Grace Community Church Religion & Spirituality 8 rész The latest podcast feed searching 'Top Recommended Washer Sermons' on SermonAudio.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Top Recommended Washer Sermons' on SermonAudio.
Undone Redone
Tray and Mel interview Philip Yancey, Randy Alcorn, Steve Brown, Dan Allend Religion & Spirituality 9 évad 250 rész Life is Messy. Bring Your Boots!
Welcome to Undone Redone, the podcast that talks the messiness of life…addiction and infidelity…grace and reconciliation…marriage and family…authenticity and faith. Tray and Mel are a couple that know a thing or two about messy and who are thrilled that their divorce did not work out! Let's talk about scandalous grace! All show notes and more of their story at
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